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It Is Feel – Good Friday!


What a difference  day makes! So far, it’s nice for an 11/7. Though, there is snow in our forecast for next Tuesday/Wednesday but hey, it IS Feel-Good Friday, right?

Don’t have much to go into newswise, so decided to try a little, “…now for something completely different…”, sort of.

But first, let’s do our usual…

                                                             WABBIT STHEASTHON

Hey, kids! What day is it?


“National Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day!” Really? Yes, really. Really! Yes, really. I mean, REALLY? Uh-huh. Jeepers! They have a “national” day for THAT? Uh-huh.

Also 11/7 has some historical significance as our friends at let us know, like what happened in…

1814,       Andy Jackson, aka, “Old Hickory”, defeated the Spaniards and drove the Brits outta Pensacola, Florida. This item took me back to the early ’60s and this…


 1867,   Sheldon Cooper’s “gal-pal” pre-Amy Farrell Fowler, Madame Marie Curie, was born.

1900,   The eventual leader of Uncle Adolph’s SS, Heinrich Himmler, was born…and a good time was had by all good National Socialists.

1917,   Led by Vladimir Illich Lenin, the Bolsheviks took power in Ruckin’ Fussia…and a gooder time was had by all.

1918,   Besides the Chicago Bears, the lone person who can get 60,000 people to stand-up, en masse, and scream, “JESUS CHRIST!”, Billy Graham, was born.

1921,   Not to be outdone by Vlad, Benito Mussolini declared  himself  the leader of the National Fascist Party in Italy…and an even gooder time was had by all.

1940,   The Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed. This may not mean much but THIS may assist your recall of it…

1944,   “DEWEY DEFEATS ROOSEVELT”…not really, but on this date, Roosevelt did defeat Tom Dewey, whose name lives in infamy, thanks to the Chicago Tribune headline 4-years later: “Dewey Defeats Truman”.

1967,   LBJ signed the bill establishing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, aka, PBS. “Can you say, ‘Thank you?’”. “Doin’ the uh-uh, pigeon!”  “And…if you subscribe for $150.00 right now, we’ll give you CDs of the show you’re watching for free”

1972,   As a precursor to this week’s election, the nation re-elected Tricky Dick Nixon, heeding the election poster’s admonition that: “Ya can’t change dicks in the middle of a screw”.

2000,   This was THE election day which ended with Al Gore and George W. Bush tied. Sorry. I know.  This is sposetabe Feel-Good Friday.


-FYI…Home Depot has announced that besides credit card info being obtained when they were hacked earlier this year, email addresses were obtained as well. Accordingly, be wary of any emails from them, as they may be phishing.


-Stockholders of Abbott Labs and Boeing, should be. Their companies have been chosen as being among the 100 most innovative companies in the world; and among the top 35 in the USA. Nice.

-The USPS has announced there will be Sunday delivery this upcoming Chrismukkah Season, to keep up with the increased % of online purchases. has announced it will use taxis to deliver some of its packages during the Chrismukkah Season, as well.


-Yesterday, GuvBrucie said he didn’t want the Legislature to renew the 5%-income tax. Guess he REALLY has a plan, huh? I gotta dime that says it starts with pensioners and union members getting screwed over. Sorry. Not FGF.

                                                         DUCK SEASON


-It seems one can’t open a paper; turn on a computer/TV/radio, without hearing something about Donnie or Mark…or is it just me?

Anyway, as noted in the S-T, there’s going to be a remake of “The Six-Million Dollar Man”, called “The Six-Billion Dollar Man”, starring Mark as, “Steve Austin”, of ABC-TV fame.

-CBS has announced that Jeri Ryan…”Seven-of-Nine”…will ppear as Jethro Gibbs’ ex, staring in January. Apparently, all but one pf Jethro’s exes came from Texas…no…sorry…had been accounted for but one. Well, now she will be.


-”Big Hero 6″, from Disney animation. It gets 3-1/2 stars but I’ll wait for it to hit my premium cable stations.


-It took awhile but…finally…a milk-through-the nose-snort-snorkeling-spit-laugh inducing Big Bang Theory hit the air last night! It even introduced a new way to tell your sig-other that you love them. It has to do with nothing but love. You had to see it. This show had the inventiveness; innocent-double-entendredness and whatevered “-nesses” one can imagine, which have become the hallmarks of this most inventive comedy. I put it a half-step ahead of “Modern Family” as “M/F” has been really spotty lately. Yes, it’s inventive, sophisticated/slapstick. But unlike TBBT, it seems to have faded a bit. At least around here it has. If not, why the intro of Steve Zahn’s “family” as Phil and Claire’s neighbors?


-So, as we hit the sack last night, I tuned in the news to get the last weather forecast. After getting it, I set the sleep-timer and then cast about the Guide to see what might be inductive to falling asleep. In doing so, I recollected that “Bullitt” had started at 9, so decided to tune in. Y’all will NOT believe me but ’tis trus….’TIS TRUE…THIS is what I tuned in to …

William Friedkin, directror of “The French Connection”…more on that later…said THIS is/was and always will be THE car chase scene as there are no CGI. Yes, you can see that some of the shots are the same scenes taken from different angles but still, if there’s a more testosterone-pumping car chase, I have yet to see it.

That thudding- pounding bass and bluesy horn section’s background music totally set the mood for the “bad guys” to decide to “make their move”. Enjoy.

Oops…I’ll still take that Charger every day and twice on Sunday. What an effin’ bad-assed-balls-out-monster of a street machine! If I ever win the lottery, I’m gettin’ one.

And now for “…more on that later…”

Friedkin said that when he did “The French Connection”…which for some strage-reason doesn’t ever seem to be on TCM…he couldn’t do a “car cahse” scene as, well, see above. So, e did a semi-car chase scene which is just as exiting and testosterone-pumping as Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle, Gene Hackman chases a drug-runner, through New Yawk. Popeye’s driving a ’71 Pontiac LeMans, which while no Charger 440 or Mustang 350, it had some guts of its own, sporting a 326-V8. Again, enjoy…

…then again…

What’s a double-feature without a cartoon? Here’s Bugs and Yosemite Sam in: “Buccaneer Bunny”. Enjoy…

Doncha just love how the ship sinks when Sam catches the anvil Bugs dropped from the crow’s nest, then rises to the surface when he tosses it overboard? And those “gun-ports”!

Hope these help/helped you through your day. I may try to do something like this on Fridays from now on. We’ll see.

-Almost forgot…HBO’S “The Newsroom” debuts Sunday night. Too bad as I…and many o’ yuze…will be otherwise occupied. See below.

                                                         AND NOW…SPORT


-I had been cautiously ostimisty this week that my guys will prevail Sunday night. Thing is, a year ago, facing similar circumstances…similar, not the same…DaBears rolled into Green Bay; Shea McClellin made his sole-fan-happy play in knocking Rodgers out for – almost – the rest of the season.

Then, last night in Cincinnati, the Browns rolled in to town and stuck it up the Bengals-heinies so far, it came out their ears, 24-3. Or as the saying goes: “That’s why they play the games”. In line with that sentiment…

Joe’s Yets! host the Steelers.

Bill’s Niners host the Ain’ts. YUGE game for both. Niners to keep pace with Cards; Ain’ts, well they’re in the worst division in the Collective, so….

Bears/Packers/Vikings fans are all Dolphin fans this weekend as they travel to NFC North division-leading Detroit.

Buck’s getting Hotlanta in Hav-A-Tampa. Heard an oddsmaker this morning say that this may be the only time the rest of this year that Atlanta lays any points. They’re favored by 1.5. What does that say about Luvee. He’s starting McKown. Guess he feels he needs to get some bang for those millions of bucks they’re paying him. Good for Josh.

Rene’s Iggles, sans Nick Foles, host the Panties on Monday Night.

Whitney’s and Emmanuel’s Pats have the week off.


-MLB’s “Silver Slugger” awards were announced yesterday. Among them were the Sox’ 1B, Jose Abreu and S, Alexi Ramirez. here are links to the AL: and NL award winners…

Embrace the dinger glory of the 2014 NL Silver Slugger winners through the magic of GIFs

Long gone. View on by Yahoo


Let’s break out the GIFs to celebrate the 2014 AL Silver Slugger winners


-As badly as the Bears have played and as well as the Hawks and Bulls have, they – each – get a one-page article and that’s mainly as they both play tonight.

The 3-5 Bears at Green Bay? They get…are you ready…6-pages; 4, columnists and a Pro Football Focus item…+ six columnists’ picks in the Bears/Packers game. Though, if the Bears fail to win…and do so unconvincingly…they may see their coverage diminish as the Bulls are really looking strong. I know, it’s only 5-games. But they have a three-headed front-court that’s looking really tough.

OK, that’s about it for this week. One…or many…of us will be happy or sad, Monday morning.

Go, Pack!

Go, Dolphins!

Please let me know if you like this new format…or not. I’m a big boy and I understand that one man’s pleasure may be another’s dung-heap.

I’ll sign off for now. In the meantime; in between time…remember that any day when we awaken and are not staring up at daisy roots, it’s a good one.


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