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Is the bloom coming of the (D) Rose? (and WHO just “came out”?)

Good morning on this the 30th and last day of April; 120th day in the Year of Our Lord, Zeus Almighty, leavimg us a mere 245 till its end.
Are you ChiTowners enjoying these early non-energy-days as much as me? I just love the fact that I can open the windows to enjoy the fresh air and balmy temps. We have a forecast high of 82 today with 60, overnight and another 83 on the morrow. Too bad I’ll be cooped up inside playing Captain Nemo. Until then, I’m doing this; then going about my bidniss…outside! AND, all with my thermostat turned off.
Editorial note…I have a few things I’ve received from some of you and others I’ve gotten on my own, which I’ll be sending today and Thor’s Day as our substitute-FEEL-GOOD editions, as – again – I’ll be spending my time on The Mysterious Island on Friday. The Heckler will follow this posting.
OK, let’s get to it, shall we.

Double Standard?

Double Standard?

It seems the most aggervatin’ part of The Daley Legacy, that infernal parking-meter fiasco, may be softening just a bit for most ChiTowners…as long as we’re not parking east of Halsted; south of North; north of Roosevelt and west of the Lake. Well, it’d be pretty hard to park “east” of the Lake now, wouldn’t it? Anyway, Rahmses is a-tryin’ to get the “deal” – read that, screw-job,
Daley got us into – altered to let those of us who park outside the aforementioned area “Free Parking” on Sundays. I can just see the top of Melina Mercouri’s “cheeks” as she sashays away from us to the tune of “Never On Sunday”…in black and white, of course.
Was Crestwood’s former Water Department head set-up? Hearing her talk, she was. But then again, she says she started there at the age of 18; progressed to that position and is now the town’s Police Chief. To have made that kind of progress and then act naïve as to the inner-workings of the town’s politics doesn’t jibe.
Am guessing there are those who occupy positions higher and lower on the town’s “flow-charts” who were involved in this and she’s the one who, proverbially, got caught.
The S-T’s Mary Mitchell’s actually NOT blaming the parents of the Payton College Prep baseball players for not wanting their kids playing a night game at Brooks College Prep on Da Sout’ Side. She says, “Yet, I can understand where some of these parents are coming from. I’m not proud to admit it, but I don’t travel certain streets at night when I have my grandson in my car. Crime can happen anywhere. But by now, I have a good idea where I run the greatest risk.”
She goes on to say, “Unfortunately, because of the increase in homicides that we experienced last year on the South Side, the entire area must seem like one big shooting gallery”.
Here’s the deal. About all North Siders really know about the South Side is Hyde Park, The Cell, UIC and Maxwell Street…or whatever they drive through on the Ryan or “by” on LSD. Is it fair? No. Is it right? Again, no. The fact is, though, perception is reality and the perception is what it is.
My question is this. Why in the hell are they scheduling a night game on a Saturday night? Couldn’t the game have been scheduled to start earlier than 7:00 PM at night?
New Jersey Guv, Chris Christie said that Barry, “…has kept every promise he’s made”…about helping New Joisey recover from Superstorm Sandy. Imagine that! A GOPer giving credit to Barry. Will wonders never cease?
So, after amassing enough moola to live a life of luxury, Angus T. Jones, the “Half” of the show’s title, has been adiosed. You really didn’t think he’d be back, did you? If you went public and said things as he had about his “job”, would your boss welcome you with open arms? Maybe, if only to get you close enough to knee you in the coconuts.
We don ‘t watch it anymore as it seems more like an exercise in punching through the raunchy d-bag it has become. Yes, it always was somewhat. However, not only did they lose Charlie’s character but they also lost Holland Taylor’s, Vivian, who brought her droll delivery to the show.
Unfortunately, Two Broke Girls seems to have sunk to 2-1/2′s level and it’s only halfway thru its second season.
-AlGoreZeera’s $500,000,000.00 sale of his “Current” network to Al Jazeera has moi totally jazzed. I mean, really. We all will have the opportunity to get firsthand reporting as to what interests folks in the Middle East sometime this summer! Can’t hardly wait! Mustaffa’s Figs are $2.29/lb. YowzaJaaaaazeera!
Missed it last night as MBH wanted to watch that CBS high-drama, Hawaii Five-0. She likes 5-0; I don’t. She also likes Rev; which I do too, so had to DVR it.
Things seem to be getting underway for the boys on the Bering Sea. I’ll be otherwise occupied so will hafta DVR this, too. T.G.F.DVRs. (Thank God For DVRs.)
Channel-11 is showing the for-real version of “The Grapes of Wrath”, tonight.
Robin Williams’ Napa Valley estate is available for the aforementioned figure. Hey, don’t scoff. It was put on the market last summer for $35-million. Chump change
So, there was a blind taste test of packaged mac ‘n’ cheese mixes in which that old stand-by, Kraft came in 2nd to some off-the-wall brand of white cheddar-flavored. Here’s what caught moi’s attention. The winning brand sells for “only” $1.29/box, while Kraft’s sells for $1.39/box.
While moi toiled away at the old Treasure Island Foods on Lawrence @ Rockwell, Kraft’s Mac ‘N’ Cheese was one of the products in moi’s “aisle”. I clearly recall stamping those boxes…there were 96 in each case…”2/$.39″, or 20-cents apiece, for
8-ounce packages, while these are 6-ounce packages. If anyone thinks there’s no “inflation”, the math shows otherwise. No complaint…just an observation.
                                                          AND NOW…SPORT
Here’s a link to the Yahoo! Sports review of the Draft:
They also rate DaBears, Packehs, Niners and even that domed-team down south where MattyPuddles plays and NesterBuck resides.
Bears got a C+; Packehs, B+; Niners, A+ and Domers, A-.
Almost forgot…the “How’BoutThemCowboys” got an “F”. I am so delightful!
-CUBS WIN?!?!?!?!?
Parkay pitched OK but not well enough to get the win. He was a tad wild. I mean, really, walking two, then allowing the first run to score on a wild pitch on a 3rd-Strike! His pitches were moving but not well within the strike zone. But hey, why beyatch? They’re up to .400 @ 10-15!
If the Sox don’t win in Tejas, tonight, guess what? They’ll be tied with Da BOHICUBS!
The playoffs begin in earnest at the UC, hosting The Wild, tonight. Corey Crawford’s in the nets. Ray Emery’s out with the ubiquitous “upper-body” injury.
As I have with our other playoff team, I am not “planning” any “appointment-TV” to watch the game(s), as, well, it seems every time I do, they lose.
Go, Hawks!
They lost, badly, in Brooklyn, last night. They were without Hinrich due to a bruised left-calf and rebounded poorly. Again, I “flipped” back and forth as, well, you know. This loss brings them back home to ChiTown for Game 6; at the UC, Thor’s Day evening, leading the series 3-2.
Go, Bulls!
I’ve been all, over the place with this kid, I know. Perhaps because of the way his injury and subsequent return have been handled by all involved…DaBulls; him; his idiot-brother; Adidas, etc. That and the near-miraculous return from the same injury by Adrian Peterson, who nearly broke the single-season SFC-rushing record after a much shorter convalescence. Yes, two different people; two different sports. Still…that doesn’t help Rose.
Noah’s played with plantar fasciitis almost all season. Any who’ve had to have dealt with it know how excrutiatingly-painful that is. Believe me, it’s like walking on knives. What’s worse, the only “cure” is rest. But did he? No. He played and played like a beast.
Deng’s played through the wrist injury he’d had last year.
Taj was hurt and on and on and on.
The whole team’s given every ounce of effort anyone could expect…and then some.
Last week,  Rick Telander had a column on how Bears fans and others would be reacting to Jay Cutler if he were on the field prior to a game; tossing 30-yard outs with pinpoint accuracy, then stood on the sideline, wearing suit and tie; not playing. That he’d be roasted alive, with a spit up through his heinie and out his throat; ever so painfully slowly.
Rose’s teammates have “had his back” publicly but human nature being what it is, a rising tide of resentment in the locker room may not be surprising. No? OK, let’s think about our jobs…or former jobs for our retirees. We all knew folks who took longer to do things; always had an excuse; perhaps found themselves in a newfound “comfort zone” for whatever reason, causing their co-workers to have to do more for the success/survival/profit of the department/division/whatever…successfully…AND THEY DO! All the while, the one prima-donna sits on the side; receiving the same material rewards as his/her co-workers, while they did all the shedding of the blood, sweat and tears.
Only Rose knows when he’ll return. That said, his stoopid brother should keep his Tweets to himself and just shut up. I’m betting his teammates are about as tired of this as we are. After all, it’s their blood; their sweat and their tears which will decide if they win or lose…not his.
It’s time for him to grow a pair; stand up and just say whether he’s playing or not. He was cleared by team docs to play, supposedly, 3-months ago!
It’s about time. An active player, though a 34-year-old journeyman, who may be at the end of his career, announced through a Sports Illustrated article that he is gay. At first, I thought, “So what”. I really don’t care what an athlete wants to do in his bedroom. All I’m interested in is how well he shoots/rebounds/hits/fields/runs/tackles, etc.
Then I recalled how a very good friend acted when he “came out”. There was a group of friends with whom I would get together every so often, of which he was one. When he came out, he allowed how scared he was; that he feared we’d turn our backs on him. Apparently, we surprised him as we pretty much told him he was our friend…period…end of sentence and story. But we knew how difficult it had to have been for him…to take the risk that he might lose our friendship, which he did not. He…and a relative of moi’s…receive The Nest when posted. I often wonder how they dealt with their situations when facing the bias concomitant with their orientation. It’s about damned they are treated just like everyone else…as people just trying to get through their days as they come.
So, how many other professional-athletes will come out? Who knows but a little math may shed some light on the subject. There are 3460 rostered-players of MLB, the SFC; NBA and NHL. If gays were to comprise 10% of those rosters, there would be 346…if we use say, 3%, we’re looking at 103.8…let’s just say 104. In the Type-A; Alpha Wolf; competitive-mentality of professional sports, that’s a lot. That said, again, so what? What SFC fan cares what a guy does in his bedroom as long as he hits like a thunderbolt when making a tackle? It transfers to all sports. Who the eff cares? Playing well is all that matters; not sexual orientation.
Is there/will there/could there still be a sense of discomfort with “flamers”? Yes. But they ask for the attention. And, as Fleetwood Mac once said, “Don’t ask what I think of you; I might not give the answer that you want me to”.
Peace, Nesters. HaGooDay and remember, any day you can pick a flower is better than looking up at its roots.

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