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Teachers get a background check, Indiana gun buyers don’t?

Howdy! It’s one of those days where MuthaNaycha…think about that…say it ta yerselfs…just can’t seem to decide if she wantstabe Summer or Fall. It’s going to be pleasantly warm…possibly 80…but cloudy. Oh well. Still beats the crappola outta having to run the A/C or furnace.


As I have received so, so, so many emails from Twackers, I’m gonna be short ‘n’ sweet, t’day and forward their emails for your entertainment/edification/enjoyment, post-posting.


Let’s begin as we usually do with a trip to the Wayback Machine and see what’s happened “Yesterday and Today” as shown in, shall we?




1630,   The town of Bahstehn was founded, leading to Bahstehn baked beans; Ben Affleck; Sam Adams beer and “wickit ahsem”.


1947,   As Buck reminded us, the Army Air Force was renamed the United States Air Force.


1962,   Freakin’ Pinko Commie U.S. Justice Dept. filed the first suit to end desegregation in public schools.


2011,   The “Occupy Wall Street” movement began.



…and TODAY IN…

1758,   James Abercromby was replaced as Supreme Commander of British forces after losing the battle at Fort Ticonderoga. Did his descendants, possibly deciding war may not be the best business, change the spelling of the family name and begin a haberdashery?


1830,   The first locomotive built in the U.S., “Tom Thumb” lost a 9-mile race to a horse, prompting what passed for “The Religious Right” on those times to “Praise the Lord”!


1850,   Congress passed the second Fugitive Slave bill, which required any runaway slaves to be returned to their masters.

After all, a man’s got a right to what’s his…right?


1939,   1960′s bobby-soxer, heartthrob, Frankie Avalon was born.


1960,   Fidel Castro arrived in N’Yawk to address the UN. No word if demonstrators called out: “Yanqui, Si! Cuba, no!” Nor were there any reports of his being pelted with raw eggs as Cubans did to US VP, Nixon. Though, that may have had its own subtext.


1961,   Tony Soprano, aka, the late James Gandolfini was born.


1971,   Possibly the world’s biggest pain in the hindquarters, Lance Armstrong, was born.


1973,   East and West Germany as well as The Bahamas were admitted to the UN. Just in time for some bier, bier-brats, knackwurst, jerk chicken  and rum, mahn. Iree! Iree!






“Bill Daley Drops Out”…referring to his run for Goober of Ella Noise.


“Man’s defense: I sell drugs, not guns”. Works for me.


“Rahm defends school spending”…this being t’day’s ironically, ironic, irony.


“Mixed reviews for new teacher evaluations”. Speaking of Rahm, his has not been altered. The election is still scheduled for February, 2015.


“RTA board members squabble, miss funding deadline”. That collective sigh of derision you just experienced would seem to indicate a total lack of surprise.


“Navy Yard gunman was hearing voices”. Too bad the Navy was not hearing those of Rhode Island police indicating the guy was not one who should have access to a military facility not continue to carry a Secret clearance.


“Iraq attacks kill 31″. See? See how we changed things there? See? See? Saddam ain’t a-killin’ nobody no more.




-After I had mentioned LBJ’s request for gun control legislation following the sniper-killings of 15 innocent people in Austin, TX in 1966, T-Joe sent a copy of the headlines of the Navy Yard shooting. Judging by the next-to-no movement since then; almost incalculable numbers of deaths due to gun violence in this country; the knuckleheadedness of a small but well-funded minority of Americans; it seems we shall continue to experience this.


There is a multi-billion-dollar industry; backed – mostly but not solely – by one political party, which act as its toadies; carrying their water to the Congress, session after session; Congress after Congress; decade after decade; century into century. And why? So some “over-compensators” can go and buy – just about – any kind of weapon they want?


The second “headline” above involves the Feds going after a guy for buying guns under Indiana’s super-lax gun laws and then re-selling them to ChiTown area gangbangers. Five weeks ago, today, MBH ‘n’ me were at CPS, where she was getting re-hired. While we sat for some 6-1/2 hours, we met a young man, fresh out of college, who was applying for his first teaching position.

As he related his having to fill-out a 29-page application; get fingerprinted; and pass a criminal background check, the news of the Georgia shooting, which fortunately had no casualties, was on the tube. It was at that point that I asked that young man if he appreciated the irony of his having to do all that he had, just so he could “help” kids, but, if he wanted to buy a gun in Indiana, all he had to do was show a valid Drivers License? He did. Yes, it is important that future-teachers pass those checks. But, potential murderers do not?


Last thing on this. Saw this question on a Cable News Show: “Is there any act that will bring about gun control legislation?”

It appears after Sandy Hook, the Washington Navy Yard and all that went on in between, the answer is a resounding, “NO”.

After all, even when St. Ronnie went down from an attempted assassin’s bullet in 1981, little occurred.





Somewhere, Raj Koothrappali is smiling.





CBS’ “Big Brother” ends its season tonight. CBS’ “Survivor” begins its new season tonight. “Duck Dynasty” has a newbie episode, tonight on A&E. You decide.



A weekend ago, whilst enjoying a Rolling Rock outside of DaWat’sNest, a GoogleMap vehicle drove by, twice. Am wondering if it caught moi’s savoring that RR to its last drop?



-”Ray Donovan”. Wow, a whole buncha stuff came out in this week’s episode. One very important thing was kinda previewed throughout the story. We’re wondering what’s gonna happen with their last episode.


-”Under the Dome”. Man, talk about a cliffhanger-ending. Guess CBS picked it up for another season. If not, may do a Sheldon

over that, just about everything’s been left hanging…hence, “cliffhanger”.






How far must some football fans stick their heads up their heinies to still be able to call Talk-Radio stations?

I ask this as I hadta switch to music from The SCORE, this morning and after Packehs games, as the people calling all seemed to be bereft of any kind of football knowledge; much less any recollection of past-history. This is not a knock on the Bears. They’ve pulled two games out in the 4th, which just has not happened much around here, lately. That said, even Lance Briggs said they are the thickness of 3-credit cards from being 0-2.


I listen to The SCORE during football season as that’s about the only time it’s worth listening to…until they open the phone lines. This also applies to Packehs fans calling WTMJ’s post-game shows. I swear, I’ve heard some real stoopidity on the parts of fans of both teams. Oh well.



Former Bears fullback, Rick Casares, passed away over this past weekend. He was a bull. He played for the Bears from ’55 to ’64, straddling  the old 12-game season, which transitioned to 14 games from ’61, through ’77, due to expansion. Thus, his 1231 yards in ’66 works out to 87.9 yds/game, as opposed to 76.9 yds/game had  they played 16. Unfortunately, while not counting post-season yardage, the SFC also does not differentiate from 12-game; 14-game or the present, 16-game, schedules. One need not be a math major to realize the “1000-yard season”, which was the yardstick in the ’50s, ’60s and even the ’70s, is quite diluted when compared to 12-games, e.g., 1000-yards = 83.3yds/game as opposed to 71.4 yds/game to 62.5 yds/game over 16. That’s an 11.9 yd-diff for 14 but 20.8 yds/game difference for 16. Which is why we old-farts look back at guys like Casares, Jimmy Taylor, Gale Sayers and/or Jim Brown, et al, in comparison to today’s, “where’s-the-sideline” style runners and just sigh…excepting Walter Payton.



This will not be a time for sadness. Rather as Archangel Gabriel I bring you news of a glad times and great joy, in that the MLB-regular baseball season will end on September 29th.


It will be especially joyful for BOHICUBS fans in that we all know they are far more interesting from October to April than from April to October.


Probably not so for Sox fans in that Paulie may…he really should…retire. He’s a class act; always was; always will be but the years are showing.



-DaBulls and DaHawks’ seasons are right around the corner.


-As much as I have derided “The Poodle”, I also hope he is completely healthy and comes back full-bore.


OK, remember any day we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots is a good one.






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