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Illinois Pensions & The Asshats In Control

Got my stuff done and being that MBH is in the midst of transitioning the “holiday décor” from Halloween to Thanksgiving-mode, I have been de-roomed, as, well, er, she’s decorating…or redecorating. Anyway, I have the afternoon and figured why should I put the BFW Finals and DaTwacks both on one day. Besides, if I’m in here, I won’t get “drafted” into any activities in which I’d just as soon not be involved. I know…very MCP of me. I am what I am. What can I say?


OK, let’s find Sherman and head to The Wayback Machine and see what we can see that happened on this date in…


644,    Caliph Umar of Arabia was assassinated and replaced by Uthman. Doncha just love those names.


1677,   William III married Mary on his birthday. What? Why no “Happy Birthday to William”?


1798,   Congress agreed to pay a yearly tribute to Tripoli, seeing it as the only way to protect U.S. shipping. Obviously, the U.S. Navy was not then what it is now.


1842,   Abe Lincoln married Mary Todd. No, it was NOT his birthday.


1918,   Ed Norton, aka, Art Carney was born, “Hellooooo, ball!”


1922,   The Postmaster General ordered all homes to install mailboxes or lose their home mail delivery. Nowadays, it’s Congress which seems hell bent on stopping home delivery.


1952,   The prophet who accurately warned us all of the “military-industrial complex”, Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected as our 34th President.


1980,   Ronald Reagan was elected as our 40th President. Didn’t like him as much as some; didn’t hate him as much as others, neither.


1992,   Carol Moseley Braun became the first female, African-American Senator.


2008,   Barak Obama was elected our 44th President.




Not too much today, nationally-politically speaking. After all, the BarryBashers are out in full force as are the BarryBasherBashers. Same scheiss; different pile.


That said, we did have another shooting; with an assault rifle; this time at an airport, LAX. The shooter seems to be some kind of nut-case who somehow got his hands on an AR-51-Assault-type, rifle. Fear not. In the “Through The Looking Glass” world of the NRA, since there is no law that is 100% certain to stop this kind of activity, just sell more guns to more knuckleheads and let the “good guys with guns” stop them. Which worked, as they did; after the shooter, Paul Ciancia, murdered one TSA official and wounded several others whose crimes were that they – either – worked for TSA or happened to be at LAX while this dipshit decided to go out and kill himself some people.



-Y’know, this guy’s just too-effin’ much. In a letter he gave to a German politician, he tried to make his case for “clemency”

from the U.S.


As have said before, what the NSA’s done and may still be doing, isn’t something with which I agree. However, for this clown to take the position that “Speaking the truth is not a crime”, is asinine. “Speaking the truth” when your wife, girlfriend or sig-other asks if what she’s wearing makes her look fat and you say,  ”Yes”, while dangerous, is not a crime. Releasing government secrets, premeditatedly, after taking an oath to never do so? Dude, that’s not only criminal, stupid and – could be - deadly.



-Local readers may find this interesting.


It’s ass-clowns like these guys who make people think everyone getting a pension in EllaNoise is doing this. Not hardly. Most get around $20K. Yet they’re the ones who’ll get hosed.


What else is new, right?



-We’ve been hearing this on almost a daily basis for the past few years. Even yesterday’s Sunday edition of the Sun-Times was almost “Advertiser”-like in its brevity.


It’s all blamed on the Internet and the ubiquitous electronic-wireless devices which will soon make Capt. Kirk and Spock look as dated when they use their communicators as Star Trek looks now.


So, you’re asking, FatRats, what’s your point? On Page-2 of today’s Sun-Times, the following appears: “At, which redirects you to more items.


Have you ever watched a news show on which they have a cursory report which is followed by, “If you’d like more information, just go to our website”? WTF? If I wanted to “go to their website” I would have.


In a way, print news; TV and radio outlets all seem to be Yosemite Sam; perched on a tree limb; feverishly sawing away while on it; complaining all along that the Internet is destroying their bidniss. OK. That makes sense, right?





-”Promised Land”. This is one of those “little pictures” that don’t get a whole lotta ink; videotape, whatever, as it’s well, one of those “little pictures”. It centers around Matt Damon and Frances McDormand who work for a natural gas conglomerate; signing up farmers to lease their land for natural gas exploration. Trouble is, the “exploration” is “fracking”. Those of you who are unaware of this, you can look on the “net” for details. (Gee, ain’t, I just like major network TV or newspapers?). The screenplay was written by Matt Damon and John Krasinski, “The Office”. It reminded me quite a bit of “The Company Men”, in that it makes ask ourselves just what price do we put on our humanity?


It takes place over a few days in a small farming town where Damon’s and McDormand’s Steve and Sue are sent to get as many farmers as possible to sign away their rights to explore for the gas below their land. In exchange they will receive $5K/acre and a % of whatever comes out of any well(s) on their land. Most of them…the farmers…are impoverished. They’ve fought the good fight but just don’t seem to be able to take much more. In one scene in which Steve is confronted by some locals who don’t like what he’s doing after an environmentalist, John Krasinski, told them about what happened to his family’s farm after signing up with “Global Resources”. Steve asks them if they knew what, “Fuck you! Money” was?

He explains: “Bank note? Fuck you!”; Car payment? Fuck you!”. While that resonated with some residents; it didn’t with these guys.


The cast includes Rosemarie DeWitt as a teacher who at one point is taken a bit by Krasinksi’s Dustin; Hal Holbrook does what he does best; dispensing sage advice from one who knows better. Titus Welliver does a commendable job as the proprietor of a local general-type store which has on its sign: “We Sell: Gas; Groceries; Guns; Guitars”. It fit, perfectly.


I’m giving it 3-1/8 stars only because I felt they could have done a bit more with Damon’s “Steve” and his background. I mean, it was explained in about 2-1/2-sentences…maybe 3…maybe 4. There could have been a bit more “fleshing-out” of Steve’s character. Actually, Sue’s too.


Warning…do not expect a denouement…not even in those captions they like to tack on at the end of some films. It is left for us to decide what happens.


It’s worth the watch.



Only three-episodes left. Last night’s was par for the course, with the requisite killings/beatings/betrayals/sex. However, there’s a new twist that Ron Livingston’s Roy Phillips maybe ain’t such a great guy after all. Also, conveniently, Richard asks Nucky if he can have a job…just when the impending gang war between Chalky and Dr. Narcisse is set to begin.


This is almost a 1930s version of “Game of Thrones”.



You’ll hafta wait till Woden’s Day as will be a-watchin’ DaBears meet moi’s Green Bay Packehs, tonight, in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which will bring us to…






-Before I forget, here’s a link some may find interesting regarding how a $9,000,000,000.00/year business is considered, ahem, a “non-profit” corporation. Even non-football fans should find this one interesting.





-Received an email from T-Joe asking me what I thought of his Yets! Quite honestly, I didn’t think they’d do much of anything this year, what with their coach – seemingly – on his way out. We ChiTowners saw it with Ditka; Jauron and Lovie. Like a bad relationship, it gets to be time to move on.


OK, fine. But 2 of their 5-wins were against New England and New Orleans…sandwiched around an embarrassing butt-kicking by Cincinnati. Are they destined for the Super Bowl? No…not hardly. However, in a season when I’d venture to bet that most Yets! fans had their expectations lowered…severely so…this has to be a kick and a-half.


For many a year, I have told Joe that as a lifelong Cubs fan, I fully understand the help of lowered expectations.


-Washington, which beat the Bears a couple weeks ago but couldn’t stop them…even when they lost Cutler…somehow beat San Diego? Again, WTF?


Last year’s S/B champs, Baltimore, took it in their heinies from Cleveland…yes, you read that right…C-l-e-v-e-l-a-n-d. They are now, 3-5.


-But wait! There’s more!

The Iggles went to Oakland…cross-country…and won 49-20?But wait! There’s morer! Their rookie QB, Nick Foles tossed 7-TD passes?


-And, as much as I hate them, the SheHawks get taken to overtime; at home; by the winless TampaxBoys?


-Indy outlasted the Texicans, whose head coach, Gary Kubiak, collapsed as he was leaving the field at halftime.


-But, tonight! Tonight! Won’t be just any night! Uh-uh.


Ladies and gentlemen your Chicago Bears travel to my Green Bay Packers for the Collective’s Monday Night game on ESPN or for those sans cable, CH-26.


Unlike all the sports scribes in the Sun-Times; on the radio, TV and anyone you can ask, I do not think this will be a lead-pipe cinch for my Packers. One thing everyone seems to be forgetting or ignoring is despite the injuries to Briggs and Cutler, they’ve had two-weeks off. That gave them an extra week to retool whatever they need to do to compensate for their not being available. They got Tillman back and though the Pack’s WR James Jones practiced last week, he still may not play.


I expect them to win but I expect that every week, so nothing new there. I just do not think this will be any kind of cakewalk as is being voiced locally. Hopefully, their ground game, which has been pretty effective so far, remains so. Especially being that it may be windy and rainy.


I wish all my Bears fan-friends out there all the luck in the world next Sunday when they host the Detroyit Lions at Soldiers Field.









-Francisco Franco is STILL dead and they STILL do NOT have a manager. Oh yeah, Brad Ausmus, one rumored-candidate, just signed with Detroit. The Nationals and Mariners are also looking.


They’re toast.



OK, time to go.


Remember, any day we can look down at a rose instead of up at its roots, is a good one.





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