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The Hypocrites is Me…



It’s HOT ‘N’ STICKY, again! Forecast high in the 90s with humid sub-tropical humidity levels for today, with a break tomorrow; more Sunday and then, on the 2nd day of meteorological Fall, we begin a week with temps in the 70s. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah. How nice THAT will be. Of course, no more seersucker suits, white shoes, belts or purses, as well, hey, it’s FALL!


Gonna really try to be major FEEL-GOOD, t’day but there are a few things that if not covered now, will be off the boil by our next encounter on Tuesday…taking Labor Day off, if y’all don’t mind.


Ok, let’s see what tells us happened




1957,   After the longest filibuster in the history of the US Congress by Dem. Sen. Strom Thurmond, The Civil Rights Act of 1957 was passed. This led to Thurmond’s eventual defection to the GOP…which became one of many of the so-called, “Dixiecrats”.


1964,   Mickey Mantle tied Babe Ruth’s career strikeout record of 1330.


1966,   The Beatles made their last public performance, appearing at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.


1968,   DaDems nominated Hubert H. Humphrey as their presidential candidate, who went on to lose to Trick M. Nixon and his “Secret Plan to End the Vietnam War”.


1977,   Former Cub, Lou Brock broke Ty Cobb’s stolen base record of 893, while playing for the St. Louis RedTurds, then went on to the Hall of Fame, leading to one of the worst slurs to describe a baseball trade, “Brock for Broglio?”.




30AD,   Cleopatra committed suicide to avoid being put to death by Octavian.


1797,   Mary Shelley, the sister of Percy Byssche and author of “Frankenstein” was born; later to be parodied by Mel Brooks in “Young Frankenstein”, with the memorable lines: “Put the candle BACK!”…”It could be worse. It could be raining.”…and…”He vass my boyfriend!”.


1918,   The Splendid Splinter, Ted Williams was born.


1932,   Hermann Goering was elected President of the Reichstag. Nothing to see here, folks. Keep moving. Keep moving.





-In Woden’s Day’s edition, I referred to Twacker Brewski’s old schoolmate from Von Steuben and S-T columnist, as Fran Spielman,

whom Brewski told me she was not. His old pal was Lynn Sweet, D.C. columnist for the S-T. I like her. She’s solid and no nonsense. Da Twacks done been straightened.


-In her column today, she indicates how Ella Noise’s members of Congress from both sides of the aisle, are calling for a vote on intervening in Syria. Moi agrees, based on the fact that we have no discernible leadership among the opposition which may be friendly to us. In other words, do we want to get involved and by doing so help Syria’s version of the Mujahideen; which spawned Osama bin Laden; which became The Taliban in Afghanistan?



-Some may recall about a year ago when I mentioned my neighbor’s son, who was just turning 30, had to have a heart-transplant. Saw his dad the other day and, he did. So far…so good. The thing is, this kid’s a good kid. Not meaning to sound, I don’t know, off base (?) but he’s is the kind of person who deserves a second chance. Good for him.




“Are there enough singles in this town to support pricey matchmakers AND free dating apps?”


“Feds won’t stop pot use in states”. Far Out! Sorry, couldn’t resist.


“IRS to allow gay couples to file joint federal tax returns”.


“Hot, dry spell brings back drought worries.”


“Study: Financial stress can impact your brain”. No schit. Sorry. Again, couldn’t resist.


“”Subway service stopped for 2 missing kittens.”




-If you have central air, here’s something you can do to lower your electric bill. On your thermostat, there is a selection which will say: “Fan Auto” or “Fan On”. When it is this hot, above 90,  and humid set it to “Fan On”. This will run your furnace fan constantly; circulating the cooler air around the house, which in turn, will keep it cooler which in turn will make it less necessary for your compressor to go on and run your A/C unit.


Also, if you have ceiling fans, run them on low with the direction set from floor to ceiling. That will also “move” the air and keep you comfortable without having to set your thermostat really low.


We all know what a wind-chill factor is; or in simpler terms, when there’s a nice breeze, we feel more comfortable. Thing about this is, these artificial breezes are much cheaper to create than running our A/C units.


That said, next week promises to be an “Energy Holiday Week”!


“PATHS OF GLORY”, the Stanley Kubrick classic, masterpiece will air in TCM, tonight at 7-Central. No, this is NOT Feel-Good. However, it is a powerful film about war and how some put their personal glory/position over others’ lives. If you have a DVR, record and watch on a not-so Feel-Good day. It’s from 1957 and still packs a wallop.



-Sorry, but that’s where we are. Schools are back in…or are about to be back in…session. The new series or repeats from last year, don’t begin for a month and there are no “Summer Blockbuster” movies being offered.



-Six Flags Great America has announced it will build, the “tallest, fastest, steepest, wooden roller coaster” in the world. It will feature a 180-foot drop at an 85-degree-angle…that’s just about straight down…at 72 mph.



-Lest we forget, this weekend ain’t just for union members. It’s for everyone who has to work for a living. We’re combining my birthday with it; with some grilled Itralian Sahseege ‘n’ peppers; beer brats; burgers; chicken and all the sides you can imagine…along with plenty of cold beer, wine and whatever other libation anyone cares to bring.




-Jazz aficionados will be flocking to Millennium Park for our annual, free, Jazz Fest.


Hope you all have an enjoyable – and safe – holiday.





-No, NOT, directly speaking…but…there are Twackers old enough to recall Barry’s Daddy, Bobby. He was a 5-tool player early in his 13-year career in MLB. However, after  the first 7 with the Giants, where he was a true force on the field; hitting; hitting with power; stealing bases; fielding and throwing; he suddenly became a wandering nomad bouncing from the Yanks to the Angels, to the Indians, to the RedTurds to, ahem, finally, Da Cubs. I recall reading or hearing a sports scribe answer the question, “If this guy’s so good, why is he traded so much?”, with, “Well, some guys are THAT desirable or can get good returns in a trade”. Perhaps yes but, Bonds was not known to be a great team guy. He was blessed with unbelievable baseball talent. Here are  some lifetime stats: 332 HRs; 1024 RBI; 461 S/B; .824 OPS. So, why would teams trade him? That’s where moi makes the Brandon Marshall connection. Here’s another guy blessed with unbelievable football talent. I’d love him as a complement to James Jones with the Packers. Two big, fast, strong wideouts, who can catch – almost – any ball thrown their way. But, again, if this guy’s so good, why is it he doesn’t stay with any team more than a year or so? Is it his borderline personality disorder? Recall the new H/C of the DollFins was the O/C for the Packers. If he thought the guy could help them win, don’t y’all think he’d have fought to have kept him? He ran Mike McCarthy’s pass-oriented “O”.


I know this isn’t necessariloy FEEL-GOOD but by next Tuesday, it may well be off the boil. For you Bears fans, I hope not. For the McClutzkyeys, I do.



-Yerztruly is glad this has been accomplished but methinks the SFC got off cheap. 4500 plaintiffs settling for $765-million isn’t that much when we factor in the League will make…repeat, make…$9,000,000,000.00 this year and by 2025 is projected to take in, ahem, $27,000,000,000.00.



-As much as I can’t stand the SFC owners; coaches and whomever instills the players to go out and sacrifice, sometimes literally, life and limb for a game, I will tune in to watch the Bears host the Bengals and my Packehs at the Niners on September 8th. Why? Because I enjoy the game, which entails men going out and sacrificing, sometimes literally, life and limb, just for a game.


Speaking of which…



-If you have not yet joined but would like to, here’s the link: Once there, go to “Join a group”. Our group # is:39011 and the password is LKB4ULP. It’s called, ta-DA, BFW FOOTBALL. You’ll be asked to give a nickname. Mine is “rogersbadstash”, which I wanted to be “rodgersbadpornstash” but it was too long. Once you’ve joined, please let me know which name is yours along wit your email address, (personal if you prefer instead of your work email), so you can be included in the weekly blood-lettings on Tuesdays. The more the merrier.


Yahoo! will send out its 1st reminder next Tuesday as the first game will be next week Thursday night.


Yes, I am a hypocrite. The NFL has been hard-wired into my psyche since I was a little kid. Just like my being a CubsCrackBaby.



-Totally agree that DaFlubs did Ryno a favor in NOT hiring him to manage the team. He’d have a better time managing explosive, runny, diarrhea than the teams he had asked to manage. Maybe when/if they ever get respectable, yes. But now? Uh-uh.


I always liked him. He was a class act. A guy who respected the sanctity of a contract and didn’t bellyache like some brat on a playground when things didn’t go his way. Many folks recall that NBC Game of the Week when he took Bruce Sutter downtown in the 9th and then won the game in the 10th or 11th. I remember a smooth and steady presence in their infield and a force at the plate. In ’84, he had 200 hits; 19-homers; 19-triples and 32 S/B…not to mention a vacuum cleaner for a glove.


Hopefully, one day he’ll return to the Cubs when they’re far less painful to watch. Until then, we’ll have to watch him as the manager of the Phillies this weekend as he/they visit Wrigley Field.



-Our sout’siders believe with their starting pitching and bullpen, they can do some tweaking; trading an developing to bring them back to respectability in a year or two. For Arnold, Bill and Nick, I hope so. I also wish their nort’side brethren would think a bit like that. Oh well.


OK, I have some errands to run and want to get them done before the heat sets in and the lunatic-fringe drivers are out in force.


Take care. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend. Enjoy your BBQ…or takje out…or whatever…and I’ll see y’all next Tuesday.


Remember, any day we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots, is a good one.






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