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How stoopid is the GOP?

Good day, all.


The frost is on the pumpkins on this sunny October morn. Unseasonally cool temps have us feeling a bit more November-like, which is a mere 8-days away. However, by then, it’s sposetabe warmer. Go figure.


Funny thing. As I checked my calendar this morning, I see we have as many days left in this year as Tiger Woods’ favorite golf score…69. Sorry…could not resist.


OK, let’s get started much as we do each time we get together with a look back to see what happened on this date in history from, shall we?


Sherman! To the Wayback Machine and make it quick, as our friends want to know what happened…


Yesterday in…


1962,   The U.S. blockade of Cuba began over Soviet missiles being brought there. It is noted as the closest the world came to nuclear war. Ah, yes! Remember those “good old days”? This is one thing which crosses moi’s mind when I get one of those, “…it was so much better when we were kids…” emails.


…and Today in…

4004 BC,   In the 17th Century, James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh and Dr. John Lightfoot, of Cambridge, decided the world was created on this date in 4004BC….at 9:00 AM…on a Sunday morning. All together now…”Happy birthday, to World. Happy birthday to World. Happy birthday to Wor-ald! Happy birthday to World!


This might be dismissed as flighty…silly…totally off-the-wall, if not for the fact that there are folks…read that, The Religious Right…who actually believe this. But how do we know they didn’t just use their version of 17th Century Google and check it?


1861,   Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus in military-related cases.


1869,   John Heisman, after whom the trophy awarded to the “best” college football player each year, was born. As with many other things which began well, it became basterdized into a money-making venue.


1925,   TV Legend, Johnny Carson was born.


1929,   Transcontinental air service between N’Yawk and Lala, began. Unlike Messrs. Ussher and Lighfoot, no time was given as undoubtedly there was a delay in its departure.


1942,   One of moi’s fave authors, Michael Crichton, was born.


1959,   Musical satirist, Weird Al Yankovic, was born.





-Under the following headline from yesterday’s S-T, “POOR PROGNOSIS FOR HER FUTURE”, S-T columnist, Michael Sneed reports that the weak rollout for BarryCare, i.e., the computer glitches, etc., HHS Sec, Kathleen Sebelius is on her way out.


This would mark two stumbles on  her part which have given her boss, POTUS-Barry, pause. The first was the – seeming – unnecessary mentioning that abortions and birth-control were covered under BarryCare, at the beginning of 2012, an election year, which touched off a fiery-shitstorm, no sitting POTUS needs in an election year.


Monday’s Rose Garden address was not something Barry wanted nor needed. It’s now being reported that “unrealistic” deadlines were part of the reason for the website’s problems. And, we all know that scheiss rolls downhill and when you’re the one responsible for anything that is any POTUS’, pet-project, it had better work.


Sneed says she, Sebelius, will resign but Barry don’t want her resigning just when BarryCare’s problems are most manifest. Moi’s guess is she’ll stay on long enough for things to get smoothed out; then resign. Probably to “spend more time with her family”.



-This is not meant as a rip-job on the least favored political party in the country. Nope. They’re doing such a great job at that, on their own, no reason to. However, what they did; are doing and promise to continue bears some scrootnin’. (A Daleyism for those not from ChiTown.)


Let’s begin thusly…

“Of adages, axioms aphorisms and things; of common sense musings; of cabbages and kings.”


With the above-captioned ACA rollout-fiasco in mind, let’s set the Wayback machine to a few weeks ago. When the zealots who run the GOP decided to shut down the guvment over BarryCare, one must ask, “Why?”. Anything this complex is/was bound to have problems. Why not let it begin; then as these occur, THEN, “I-told-you-so”? Nope. They didn’t and because of that, other than their cadres of followers, no one really cares to hear from them. 63% of the country blames them for the shutdown…AND…that’s not a nomination for MVP, (Most Favored Politicians).


So, what happened? Permit me to use adages, axioms and aphorisms to elucidate ferya.


1. “Look before you leap. ”

Obviously, this was never part of their thinking. They leapt, alright. Right into the arms of their base, which seems to be ever-waning in the wake of this, their latest debacle. Here’s the thing, they had no plan, other than the shutdown as their threat. See how well that worked?


2. “Don’t pick a fight unless you are sure you will win.”

Again, somebody convinced these folks that the American people would be behind them 100%…or more. Not hardly. Since the Fall of 2008, we are tired…make that, bone-weary…of having to deal with craziness. I only go back to then, as even though this has been going on for 20-years or so, or more, these past five have been disastrously deletrious to – just about- all of us, non-1%ers.

Not only did they need to “win” but they needed “style-points” as well. In other words, they had to win; then present something that was far and away, better. Anyone see anything like that? If you do, let me now, please. Thanks. As from where I sit, there’s nothing out there being offered as an alternative.


3. “When you find yourself down in a hole; stop digging.”

The past week or so, has been a trip through the “looking glass”. Up is down and down is up. Ann Coltaur, (she’s a centaur. I’m sure. Notice how we never see her from the waist down? She HAS to be a centaur! She just HAS TO BE!), was celebrating the “great victory” for the GOP. This on the same day where they are posting…sit down…hold on to your butts…a 28% approval-rating!


But wait! There’s more!


The idjit from Tejas says he doesn’t care what D.C. thinks. He cares about the folks in Tejas. OK, that’s understandable. Trouble is, their Canadian-born Senator seems to have forgotten that there are 49-other states in our Union. That there are 330,000,000 folks, minus those who voted for him, who live in this country who were made to have to deal with the shutdown…many of whom may now face even worse financial situations, through no fault of their own, than before.

That’s a winning move??????


This is nothing new in politics. Recall “Mission Accomplished”?


There is a cure for this dis-ease with which we deal. It’s the election. The ToiletPaperers feel safe. Fine. The only thing sane, reasonable folks can do is vote in their opposition in so-called, “moderate” districts, thereby marginalizing them.


Last thing on this. The other day, FiveDefermentDick Cheney, was interviewed and in doing so, embraced the TPers. Wouldn’t have anything to do with his daughter being one, would it?


Thing is, he went on to rip Barry’s economic policies. Not that there isn’t room for that…but only by folks who actually understand economics…not the Vice President of the administration which came into office with a budget-surplus but exited with our economy in its worst position since the 1930s! Sorry, Dick…head.


-Oops! There’s also this. The IRS, a fave target of TPers, has advised the early tax-filing date has been pushed back two weeks because of the shutdown. A victory, if nothing else for the TP, right? Well, not for those who need to file for  financial aid for their kids going to college. Any and all grants, scholarships, etc., are based on, you guessed it…completed tax returns, the forms for which will now be delayed until January 21st. Oh yeah…April 15th is still the tax deadline.


See? Easy-peasy!



-Rahmbo’s budget’s out. In it, he wants to double the tax on a pack of cigarettes. If adopted, ChiTown will have the highest taxes on a pack of cigs, $7.42, in the country.

Fine with moi.



-Remember how he denied his “speed-cameras”, which will give out tickets for speeders going as little as 6-mph over the limit, were being installed as a revenue source; rather, as “safety measures”? Yeah. Me too.


Funny thing. According to Fran Spielman’s column in t’day’s S-T, he’s, “…counting on $120,000,000.00 in fines from red light and speed cameras – and $10,000,000.00 more from higher parking fines and impounded vehicle storage fees – to balance his…2014 budget…”.


As T-DaveK might say, “LLPOF!”



-Locally, our State Senate President, John Cullerton, D. ChiTown, has asserted our state’s “pension crisis” is not a crisis.

Guess thatcredit agencies have continued to downgrade Ella’s credit rating must be a fig newton of our collective imaginations.


Not unlike “Chicken Man” from late-’60s radio and to paraphrase, “It’s everywhere! It’s everywhere!”






Well now, that was more like it. Won’t go into details but I you’d decided after last week’s episode to skip watching, don’t. It’s on, like forever, so you can get “caught up” and will be glad you did.


I’ve decided Claire Danes is a pretty good actress, as I doubt any real person is as screwed up as her “Carrie” character.



CBS keeps spouting off as to how they’re THE #1 Network”, with “THE #1 SHOW, ‘NCIS’”.

So far, it’s been so-so, at best. DaRat’s “rule-of-claw”, is, any time a series has to “go back to some time in any characters past, which was seldom-to-never-before mentioned on the show”, the writers are running out of ideas. That said, with its competition being “The Voice” and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, they seem to get away with it.


“Mike and Molly”.

It seems the quick demise of CBS’ “The Men”, has brought one of their better shows back earlier than planned. Their show is due to commence on November 4th, which I will miss as I will be watching my Packehs host DaBears. Which brings us to….






-MLB’s “Fall Classic”, begins in Bahstehn, tonight. This is pretty much a foreign concept to ChiTowners, despite the White Sox winning it in 2005. Probably as once it happened, their GM decided to totally remake his team, which since then hasn’t done much. Too bad.


As far as Flubs fans, well, hey. They’re on the road to nowhere, with apologies to The Talking Heads. They are still without a manager and with Jim Leyland retiring from the Tigers, their chances of landing a good one with real bona fides have been pared down considerably.


Theo and Ted’s job has just been made so much more difficult with Leyland’s retirement. No? Ok, let’s take Theo’s “pitch” on his team: “We are so close; with so many great prospects…yadda-yadda-yadda”.

Now, let’s take a look at Detroit. Besides the fact that they’re in Detroit, they’re like a big barbershop, “6-chairs. No waiting”, except in their pitch, it’s “best pitching in MLB; hitters, too. Perennial playoff contender…no waiting”.


Or, two guys are selling used cars. One has a Yugo and says, “with a little TLC, you just might get this baby to run real nice in a few years”.

The other has a Caddie and says, “It’s loaded; dealer-maintenance, only; low-mileage”. Who sells his first? Oh well.



-Before getting into our local teams, I promised T-Joe some nice words about his “Yets!”. Quite honestly, I figured to be taking whichever team they played in my BFW Football’s Confidence Pool. As it turns out,  they are 4-3 with an overtime win over the Patriots last week. Their prognosis was nothing near this and quite frankly, may still hold through the season. That said, right now, they’re playing better and have become a harder pick for me…and others, I’d wager. That their fans didn’t expect much this year, this has to be a great deal of fun for them.


-Thursday Night Football and Bye Weeks.

Many years ago I had felt the Thanksgiving Day Games in Detroit and Dallas were unfair, in that whomever they played, was at a distinct disadvantage. In no other sport is home field more of an advantage than in the Commune, which in recent years added a Thanksgiving Night game; and now the weekly, Thursday Night games.


Think about it. The day after game day is usually a day for teams to review Sunday’s game; do some light workouts, maybe some rehab, with Tuesdays being a day off. Wednesday they go back to practice, through Thursday and Friday.


Yes, both the home and visitors follow the same shortened schedule for Thursday games. However, the visitors must allow a day for travel, etc.


As far as Bye weeks are concerned, if I were King of the Commune, Bye-Week-teams would only play other Bye-Week teams. They would never…ever…be allowed to be the home team against a team which played the week previously.

I fully understand this is most likely impossible.


-Injuries are replete in the Commune.


Much of the reason for the Bears loss in D.C., were the losses of Cutler and Lance Briggs, added to the others they had going in.


However, much like Evita, don’t cry for them. They aren’t the only team with injuries. All y’all know what’s going on up in The Northwoods, which is more like a M.A.S.H. unit. The Rams lost their  QB, Sam Bradford; the Texicans’ Adrian Foster’s hurt and their starting QB’s on I/R.


Yes, you can argue that Rodgers is still playing as opposed to the Bears having lost Cutler. OK, point taken. However, he has been playing without his receivers as well as his running backs being sidelined…not to mention they lost their starting OLT

in the pre-season. Won’t go into their “D”, as time’s a-runnin’ short.


What it will boil down to is simple. Whichever team(s) in the Commune soldier through their injuries, will prevail.



-Did NOT tune in till the game was over as, well, every time I have; they’ve lost. Last night, the won in a shootout in Florida.




-The Poodle’s getting all sorts of raves which he should. He is one of the most exciting players in the NBA to watch. Wish I could get past last season.


That said, they’re looking pretty good. Yes. I know. It’s still pre-season.


OK,  time to go. Take care and I should see you for FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY, unless my subbing-schedule changes. Hopefully, it will not as Friday is a date of celebration of something with which we are all well acquainted.


Remember, any day we can look down at a rose instead of up at its roots, is a good one.





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