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Hey! What’s That? Da Twacks? Holy $#!T!

Howdy! Have a 1 PM appointment with Doc Feel-Good, so as that pretty much ruins the day, decided to ruin yerz with some rambling musings.


Before getting started, one of our crew who’d been having some difficulties is better, which is good news. Let’s hope it stays that way.


OK, let’s get to it.






“National Ice Cream Pie Day”. Guess the middle of August’d be a good time for that, huh?




“National Mail Order Catalog Day”., anyone?


But wait! There’s more! We have our date-data from and for what’s happened on this date in…


1872,    Montgomery Ward issued his first mail-order catalog.


1920,    Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify the 19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote. Yep. There they went again, that bunch of lefty-pinko-commies in “The Volunteer State”.


1934,    My #2, all-time-best baseball player, Roberto Clemente, was born.


1936,    The Sundance Kid, aka, Robert Redford, was born. Really like him. A very versatile and talented actor.


1939,    “The Wizard of Oz” opened in New York City.


1940,     ’60s Teen Beat-fave, Frankie Avalon was born.


1942,    Japan sent a “crack army”…that’s verbatim from the site…to Guadalcanal to oust the US Marines. Damn, Sam! A “crack army”. Far OUT!


1956,    The earth was shaken. “Hound Dog/Don’t Be Cruel” hit #1.


1965,    The first major ground operation in Vietnam, “Operation Starlite”, began. Thanks, Lyndon.


1973,    Hank Aaron got his 1378th extra-base hit, which took him past Stan “The Man” Musial, on MLB’s all-time list. Some guys would like to get 1378-hits in their career.



Don’t worry. Not much. Just some observations in general.


-Is it me or what? While it may be a given that  by-and-large, 50 or 60-something-year-old pols aren’t anywhere near as tech-savvy as younger-folks, when it comes to the current ability for anything…literally, ANYTHING…to be transmitted worldwide at an unbelievably short amount of time, thanks to social-media and the 24-hour-news cycle, fueled by cable TV news outlets.


So, Wat, so what?


OK. Those pols have those tech-savvy youngsters on their staffs. They have to know that whatever they say of any kind of minor-insignificance is going to hit the fan; many times with comments from folks who have no idea of what’s going on, attached.


There was a time when a pol could go to one the rural-part of their state and promise things to those constituents, which would cause him to take things from his urban constituents and vice-versa. Back then, mostly, only reporters from local news outlets would cover the appearances, with the non-involved areas, relying on their reports. So, if they don’t mention those promised “pots of gold” at the end of his rainbow, he’s home free. And, even if they do, he explains it away with a non-denial-denial.


So, Wat, so what? OK, I’m a-gettin’ there. Now, if that pol goes anywhere, they have their very own press-retinue, following them; recording their statements, etc. And, even if they’re not at a specific event, a la Mitt Romney’s “47%-dinner-comment”, just about everyone who has access to the event carries a recording device. Remember that?


So, Wat, so what? So, how is it they keep making stupid comments? Ya got me.



-DaGuvster, aka, The Emperor, aka, CEO Carhart’s realized he ain’t wearin’ no clothes. Well, not any working-man’s clothes, i.e., that Carhart jacket. Why? He finally came out and said, “Hey! You union-types! It’s all yer fault! Wit’out yuze, we’d all be just fine and dandy.” Never mind that pols of all stripes in Ella Noise have abdicated their fiscal-responsibilities of the last 45-years, by skipping pension-payments…some actually declaring, ahem, “pension-holidays”…in lieu of letting lucrative contracts to their BFFs. Of course, with no thought(s) as to how this may affect the future.


I will never cease to be amazed at the number of people who will vote against their own best interests and keep sending these guys back. Oh well.


Taking some kind of positive out of this, at least the “Emperor” has finally quit the BS and has admitted what most knew was in his heart all along. He doesn’t give a $#!t about people who have to work for a living. “Turnaround Guys” never do.



-I’ve heard some rumblings about how we need a “Transportation Bill”, i.e., to get our Interstate Highway System updated. I don’t know about our Ts in Atlanta, New Yawk, Bahstehn, San Fran or LalaLand but around here, you can’t go 10-miles without seeing those “orange-barrels”; “construction zone speed limits”, et all. BTW, how’d ya like to be the guy who invented those things – the orange barrels? So, with all that going on, why would we need a bill, anyway? I’m open for edification.







“True Detective”, HBO. OK, so I half-defended the show, stating – repeatedly – to let the story flow. Well, instead of flowing in to some kind of lake, sea or ocean, it wound up at a sewage-treatment plant. I waited and waited for the climactic-episode, which turned our to to be, well, anticliamctic, at best. A half-hour in, I turned to MBH and said, “Well, they all ain’t gonna live.” I didn’t think I’d have been THAT prophetic. Besides, that they needed to move the closing-scenes ahead almost two-years; using “news-footage” of the same corrupt group, succeeding despite the efforts of Ani, Frank, Paul and Ray, without missing a beat, as a denouement, which while close to reality, was very unsatisfying from the storytelling aspect.


If there is a new season, next year, I will be far, less patient with it. I may DVR all of it and then, after the reviews, etc., possibly “binge-watch” it…or not at all.


“Ray Donovan”, Showtime. Okey-dokey. So Ray did his “Tom Walker” and signed that contract with Ian McShane’s “Andrew Finney”/Mr. Scratch, (to get his bro, Terry, out of prison to save his life),which ain’t working out real well for Ray, after all. There’s that slimy-priest-in-abusee’s-clothing, Fr. Romero, played by Leland Corser, complicating things with Bunchy. And then, Ray and Abby seem to be reconciling. Yeah! Ray pushed Katie Holmes’ Paige Finney, away, when she tried to bed him after securing the rights to purchase the San Diego Chargers and bring them to L.A. She even told Abby, “Your husband’s very devoted to you.” Abby’s face just about fell off! It was like, “Holy $#!t!, My Ray not acting like some alley cat? It’s been good. It’ll be interesting to see if Ray finds his own “Daniel Webster”.


SPOILER ALERT. The show’s been renewed for a 4th-season. So, no matter what happens, Ray will survive…as he always does…which may be why we like him.


“Mr. Robot”, USA. Well, this one began with some promise. Its premise surrounds the life of a screwed-up; drug-addicted “vigilante-hacker”…I guess some kind of 21st-century,”Robin Hood”…who meets with a guy who wears a jacket which bears a “Mr. Robot” patch, who becomes something of a mentor/threat/aide-in-vengeance to him against  “Evil Corp”. Yes. That’s the name.


It was interesting and even OK for awhile but lately, I dunno. They spent nearly an entire episode with Elliot being wasted on some kind of drug-induced trip. But we stayed with it. However, last week’s pretty much bent us viewers over the bar and screwed with our senses as if it were we, who were the drug-addled, not Elliot. Thing is, it’s just about done, so we’ll see where it goes.


“The Last Ship”. A year ago, we watched this show, attentively. However, in its last episode of the season, it took on a surreal “Soylent Green” tone and timbre, which pretty much turned us off.


If anyone’s watched this season, feel free to let us know if we are missing anything.


-THE BIG SCREEN. We haven’t been to the show recently.




“The Drop”.James Gandolfini, Tom Hardy.


Watched this one on HBO. It featured two, excellent actors in James Gandolfini and Tom Hardy, who each seem to take on differing roles like ducks to water. We all know about the late-Gandolfini from “The Sopranos” and his films. But Tom Hardy seems to be taking his spot with his almost chameleon-like ability to to take on varied and versatile roles. He was the masked “Bane” in “The Dark Knight Rises”. The new “Mad Max”, which I plan on seeing and the -seeming – slow-witted, averse to reacting, “Bob” in this one.


“The Drop” is a bar in Brooklyn where local gangsters “drop” all the money their bookies collect each week. Some do small time stuff. One, is deemed “safe” enough to be used as “The drop” for all the $$$ collected on Super Bowl Sunday. That bar is “Cousin Marv’s”, owned by Gandolfini, who employs his cousin, Bob, as its manager/head bartender. They deal with Chechen mobsters after they’d been robbed and must come up with $25K, which was stolen, to ameliorate them. What they do…there’s some shenanigans going on…gets the Chechens their $$$, as well as their choosing Cousin Marv’s as “The drop” on, you guessed it, Super Bowl Sunday. There are some plot twists, none too convoluted, which keep us interested, with a pay-off that’s worth the wait. It is hinted at early-on. It’s a tad over an hour-and-a half, which is nice and worth the time. Is it the best of its genre? No. That, however, does not disqualify it from being worth watching. Hope you enjoy it as we did. It’s still showing on HBO. Oh yeah. Its genre should tell you NOT to wait for it to hit “censored” TV channels.







Yes, I refer to the Chicago National League Ball Club, but will begin with the Sox. As usual, I’ll leave the minutiae to the ABDN-quartet. Just some musings gleaned from this past weekend’s games.


-Holy crap! I’ve seen Sale in highlights; marveled at his K-abilities and general abilities, but I’ve never watched him pitch. He made Chris Denorfia look like a kid fresh outta T-ball. Not to mention the 14 others he k-balled. As I mentioned on Facebook, IMHO, the highest compliment a fan of one team can pay a fan of another, is to wish his team had the other’s guy’s/guy(s). I wish to hell the Cubs had Sale. There’d be no doubt as to their making the playoffs via the Wild Card.


OK, on to DaCubs. They are 18-over .500 after 116-games; which leaves 46 to go. That puts them on pace to win 93-games. That’s 9 or 10 -more than I’d originally projected prior to the start of the season. Obviously, I believe they’ll win more than that, now. But 93? It’d be nice but they still need to play the RedTurds, Pirates, Giants and Doyers, a total of 17 of those 46 remaining games. That’s better than 1/3rd. Can they do it? yes. The question is, will they?


-Some individual thoughts…


Joe Maddon. I’ve said this repeatedly and will continue to say that anyone who thinks they’d be in this position with Ricky Renteria managing, is high on something unknown in the civilized world. Would he have benched Fidel Castro? Doubt it. Granted, he didn’t have Bryant, Russell, The Schwarbernator. He did have Soler.


That doesn’t mean I agree with everything he does or has done. Like Jason Hammel, I don’t get the quick hook he’s used on him in his last, two outings, where he’d been pitching well. I know, a quibble, maybe. There are other “quibbles”, which are overlooked as they are winning. If this were two-years ago, as neat and cool as he is, he’d be getting ridiculed.


Fidel Castro. All y’all know I’ve been saying I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded him, while not advocating that. Now, I will be surprised if he is not traded, 1. By season’s end; 2. In the off-season. 3.During Spring training. I do not see him on their roster much beyond early-April next year.

The problem is his bat. Just like winning covers a multitude of sins, so do 200+ hits in a season. He stayed with the team because of his bat. His glove and mental-preparedness were negs for as long as he’s been here. I was a big supporter of his but when it seems he can’t play a game without making an error…mental or physical…a .237 B/A doesn’t help. While Javier Baez only hit .169 with 95-Ks in 52-games, his glove is a nuked-up Dyson. NO, I’m not advocating a .167 hitter being used as a starter. However, under Maddon, he could blossom into a .240 or so-hitter, with that nuked-up Dyson in his mitt.


Jorge Soler. Well, one good thing from Sunday’s game was his breaking out of being “stuck-on-5-homers”  since whenever. He hits the ball so hard, it’s like that “screamin’ liner” in “Baseball Bugs”. I swear, it goes out with a flat-side to it. I hear Len and JD talk bout how he needs to learn how to “elevate”. I also recall Billy Williams counselling Cubs hitters to concentrate on hitting line-drives. That when they do, the homers will follow. He was a line-drive-hitter, who also happened to  have hit  426 homers in his career.


The Schwarbernator. What a nice hitter is he. He has that short, compact swing, resembling a lumberjack’s in that the power comes from those thunder-thighs and Popeye-forearms of his. If he has a hole in his swing, it’s a shoulder-high fastball. Once he learns not to chase that, he should only be better.


What position? Yes, it’d be nice to have a lefty-handed, power-hitting, catcher. However, he seems to be able to make the plays in LF; has the arm and after all, at one time or another, we’ve watched the likes of Walt Moryn, Bobby Thompson, Dave Kingman, “MoistHands Alou”, and whomever they’d had out there over the past 5-odd years or so. If they put him behind the late, his legs’ll tighten and he’ll wear out. Check out HOF catchers. There aren’t many and few with high B/As. This kid has too much potential at the plate to wear out his heinie playing behind it.


Jake Arrieta. This is no BS. The first time I saw this guy pitch, I wondered why the hell the O’s let him go. Really. I mean it. Lester got the big bucks but if they need one-game, he’s my starter. He’s actually in the conversation for the Cy Young. Think about that, with guys like Greinke, DeGrom, Kershaw, Scherzer, et al. Guys. When’s the last time we saw this?


Almost forgot, Sox fans may become Cubs-fans tonight and tomorrow, as they host the Tigers, who are a half-game ahead of the Sox in their division and the Wild Card race.


By the way. I have not been a fan of Pud Selig. Didn’t like the intro of the Wild Card; much less a 2nd Wild Card. That said, it sure is nice that so many teams have a shot making the playoffs, including both of our teams…the Cubs having a bit of a better shot.


-Cubs fans need to get to a game in order to see what’s going on there. Yes, you can see it on the tube but as is often said, you hafta see it to grasp the reality of it. If you do, take a stroll over to Clark and Waveland, where the new clubhouse is going up. Last time I was there, it was framed out for a two-story-structure. Not sure if it’s going up from there. Many sports-scribes have belittled the team’s efforts at making what they refer to as a “Cubs Theme Park”. OK, but here’s what it means. They are doing this with their own money…no city/county or state money…some zoning and tax-concessions, yes. So, in order for what they are doing to be “sustainable”, (I hate that word), and “Wrigleyville”, (another despised term), to be an ongoing success, THEY HAVE TO WIN…WIN CONSISTENTLY and in doing so, become an annual CONTENDER. If they are not, all that work’s for naught. Like I said, it’s the team’s money. They can’t sell “baseball,in the sunshine” anymore. Beanie-Baby days or American Girl days won’t bring the fans out as they did for the Trib. Why not? It’s been done before.


I’ll be at Thursday night’s game with T-Tom. We’re 3-1. Hoping to make it 4-1.



-It’s pre-season. Doesn’t mean much.


Will say that when I get to Vegas, a certain team’s getting a “C” dropped on them to win SB50.


OK, time to go. Hope all’s been well with all of you and remains so. Every day is a gift. Never forget that.


Seeya whenever,




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