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We’re Having a Heat Wave!

I can just see Marilyn Monroe gliding across the screen, singing “We’re Having a Heat Wave”, as our temps soar to near 20-degrees, today. Some of our neighbors are without water as a water main broke, right where Peoples Gas’ contractors had been working for 3-months. Hmmmm, a coincidence? Maybe. At least the City Water guys go here at 7:20. Hope they can get it fixed as it’s causing an ice-floe to form.



Speaking of the cold. Was outside yesterday, albeit just to take out the garbage but it wasn’t THAT cold. Don’t get me wrong, it was but it wasn’t. The wind-chills the media had been croaking about weren’t that bad. Monday? Yes. I felt the cold through a Carhart insulated jacket; a sweatshirt, long-sleeved thermal t-shirt and an undershirt. By the way, nobody confused me for Bruce Rauner.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is – and I don’t want to sound like the old farts who regaled us with their tales of plowing through snow, sleet and wind – I’ve been out in worse weather. That’s all.


Oops. The forecast is for warmer temps, bringing more snow. Ahhh, winter!



- I have no opinion as, well I didn’t watch a minute of any of it nor the Mad Hatters’, read that Tea Party, response; nor DaGOPers. I did not, as quite frankly and as RNCC Reince Priebus said, it’s the same old same old…with this exception: I include his party, where he did not.

This morning I saw a Dem and a GOPer review the SOTO. Guess what? I could almost complete their sentences. That’s where things are.

I also have to say that our trip abroad changed me…at least for a little while. What I mean is, it was sooooo nice not to awaken to partisan bickering over – not necessarily – unnecessary things but thgose which directly affect peoples’ lives. It’s like watching a feud between neighbors. It may have begun over something of some kind of substance but it’s devolved into penny-ante-picayune-bit of stoopidity. A-Holes!





-”Gordon Tech name could change to DePaul Prep”. Wow! I’ll bet that’s a kick in the kimono for Twackers John and Tom, both members of GT’s Class of ’66. Gordon opened in the early-’60s just about two blocks west of ChiTown’s biggest public high school, Lane Tech. Like many private schools, it’s had its problems the latest solution of which was thought to be aligning itself with DePaul University.

Some alumni don’t think so. Sorry guys. At least it’s still open. Mine closed last May.


-”UIC continues own Obama library effort”. Really glad to see UIC…University of Illinois at Chicago…tell Rambikins to stick it in his ear. That said, does anyone really think they’ll get it over U.C.? I mean really, he taught there and U.C. has a global reach. No slap at UIC. One of DaWatettes is an alum and she got a great education there. Am only referring to tangential-issues here.


-”‘Divvy will continue to be there,’ Rahm says”. “Divvy” is the “bike-share” program Rahmbikins has brought here to help make Chiberia more of a world-class city. As we have several non-native-Chiberians, perhaps they could lend their thoughts to us on Rahmbi’s “bike lane” efforts. Would this be a reason you’d like to come visit us here in ChiTown? Of COURSE it would. Why did I even ask?

By the way, this is no – nor is it meant as any kind of – slap at bike-riders. uh-uh. It’s directed at a guy who’s, ‘…already invested $18 million in federal funds and $4.5 million in local matching funds, (that $22.5 million)…”…he’s still hoping to use $7million in additional fed funds and $1.75 million from Chicago taxpayers..”.


Didja do the math? No worries. I did. That’s $31,250,000.00 for BIKES! Yet he has no $$$ for cops; firefighters nor teachers, neither.


Yes, I understand fed-funds have to be spent on projects that DaFeds say. I get that. But I’ll betcha dollars ta donuts that Uncle Sam’s intent wasn’t necessarily for that much money to be spent on bikes.


-”Gas cheaper on weekends”. Now that’s a surprise! That said, I have seen that. It used to be that the best day to fill-er-up was Wednesday but never on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Go figure.


-”McCain: Censure from conservatives ‘ridiculous’.” What? Anyone surprised? If not for the fact that he introduced Caribou Barbie to the world, I might have a little more respect for this man.


-”Oprah Winfrey to have ‘quiet’ 60th birthday”. So, she announces that?


-”Men took $60,000 of laundry detergent, police say”. Go ahead, make of that one what you will. I can just see it. I’m walking down Irving Park Road; some guy calls out, “Hey buddy!’ I got somethin’ here you want for your wife”, while he opens the trunk of his car revealing innumerable bottles of Tide! “Only $5.00″ sez he. “No, thanks”, sez me.




TODAY’S ALMANAC…Let’s all go to the Wayback Machine and see what says happened on this date in…


1813,   Jane Austen published “Pride and Prejudice”. As a former Lit-major, I am embarrassed to admit I’d never read this. I did do the “Cliff’s Notes”, though. Sorry but I had like three Lit-classes each trimester. No, I wasn’t preggers. My school was on a trimester schedule as opposed to quarters or semesters.


1861,   Kansas was admitted as the 34th State. This brought us much wheat and of course, “The Scopes Trial”.


1929,   America’s first school for training guide dogs for the blind, “The Seeing Eye”, was founded in Nashville. No, no smart-assed remarks about this. This is a good thing.


1942,   German and Italian troop took Benghazi. Benghazi! Benghazi! Guess Winnie didn’t wanna say it was a front for MI-6.


1944,   The greatest warship in history, the battleship U.S.S. Missouri, was launched. MBH wants to go to Hawaii. I agreed but insisted that I take the tour of this ship.


1945,   Magnum, P.I., was born.


1967,   37 civilians were killed in a helicopter attack in Vietnam. Keep moving, folks. Nothing to see here. Keep moving.


1984,   Ronald Reagan announced he would run for a second term. Not surprisingly, Orwellian references to the year and his policies proliferated.



TODAY’S CARTOON. Hoppe there are “Thunderbolt Grease-slapper fans out there.


DIDN’T KNOW WHERE TO PUT THIS, SO AM PUTTING IT HERE. Last week, we had a bit of “Circle of Life” in our own backyard…or shall I say “over” our back yard. There’s an old maple tree which hangs into our backyard about 15-feet or so from the City parkway; with its branches about 15 or 20-feet from the picture window in our kitchen. MBH called me to come and see “Gary” our resident Coopers Hawk. (Get it? Gary Cooper?) Anyway. So’s I go out there but can’t see him. He musta flown away, thinks me, when out from nowhere, here he comes; making a beeline…or should I say, “hawk-line”…for a mourning dove roosting at the tip of one of the maple’s branches; wings back; talons extended; only to miss the dove as it flew away; evading him.

Recall, please that I am in the big city, not the country nor even the ‘burbs. Yes, our neighborhood’s referred to as a “suburb in the city”, which it may be. Still, for this to happen right in our own backyard, literally, was totally cool. The other reason I make mention of this is, as often as I have been fishing…and that’s out in the country, folks…I ain’t never seen anything like that.



-”The Blacklist”. An interesting plot for this week but a bit of a reach. Of course, most of them are, aren’t they? That said, the performances of the main characters are enough to keep me/us watching. Hadn’t been much of  James Spader fan with the exception of “Stargate” but I am now.


-”Intelligence”. Now, THIS was quite a stretch of a plot. Really. It was. Sending a former-President along with Gabriel and Ryan on a hostage-rescue mission? I can just see war hero-Dub doing that.


-”Hannibal”. Speaking of stretches heavy-dose of creepy thrown in, “Hannibal” returns to NBC at the end of next month.


-There’s a new “Revolution” running opposite of the “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials”, tonight. DVR time?


-Conspiracy-theorists might enjoy the Frank Sinatra/Laurence Harvey 1962  political-thriller, “The Manchurian Candidate”, on TCM, tonight.


-For those who prefer Kate Beckinsdale in skin-tight leather, FX has “Underworld: Awakening”, tonight.


-”Modern Family is a rerun. Sorry.



-The cold has had its effects on our big-screen visits to the point that we haven’t made any since early-December. That’ll change, soon.



-Have decided to re-read “The Catcher In The Rye”. I’ve found doing this at this point in my life gives me perspective on myself, some of which, at times, is not satisfactory, while reaffirming at others.





-After the Wrigley Roofies filed suit against the Cubs, the Cubs applied for a permit to install one of their proposed signs on the ballparks’ outfield walls. This is the smaller, 650/s.f. “sign” in right field. The Biggie has yet to get started. That’s in left and will house a Jumbotron and is much YUGER.


I’m all for this. I know the Tribbies signed that stupid contract and their guy is still the team’s Pres. of finance; that it’s a valid contract, etc. I know. I get it. I dealt with this crap for nearly 40-years. But there comes a time when someone hastasay, “That’s it”, to a deal with a bunch of thieves who somehow convinced the theftee that they’d give them some of their ill-gotten-gains back in exchange for being able to continue to steal product. Yes, I know, as it’s with permission, it’s not theft.


I’m just sick and effin’ tired of the entire situation. This isn’t a couple guys taking lawn chairs; a cooler full of Old Styles and some sammiches to the roof of the building where they live to “watch” a game. The nearest anyone is to the field is some 500-feet from home plate! And, it ain’t like these guys give anyone a break. Uh-uh. It’s primo-dinero there, too.


The deal celebrated its mid-point this past Monday and has 10-years to go. The Rickettses ain’t goin’ nowhere; not with an $850,000,000.00-investment in the team and ballpark. So, maybe the Roofies should play nice(r) as if they think acrimony is the way to go, now, do they really think that agreement’s being extended or renewed? If they do, I have some bridge property they might be interested in buying.


The shame of this is, this is the most interesting thing about the Cubs that’s going on.



-Former NU QB, Kain Colter is at the forefront of a new movement to unionize NCAA athletes. Their mission is to even things out a bit for them and the NCAA, as the NCAA is a multi-billion-dollar institution, the financial benefits of which are generated by the

athletes, mainly when it comes to injuries/eligibility, etc. I know I’m glossing over a lot but you get my drift. He, Colter, acknowledges that as “student-athletes” they do receive compensation in the form of a college-education. (Anyone check out what NU’s tuition is? DePaul’s?)


This doesn’t turn me off at all. But as Mark Lazerus, an NU-alum, said on CSN/STL, last night, there are hundreds of “grey-areas” being opened. Football and basketball generate the $$$ for all the non-money-generating sports, like golf, tennis; gymnastics, baseball, la crosse. So, a kid on a golf scholarship tweaks his lower back and can’t play anymore…or at least not as well. Will they cover that?


How about this? What about a kid whose family happens to be a bunch of opportunists…an entourage, if you will…and the kid gets hurt?


This could get really ugly, which is why I’m up in the air with it.


One good thing is, this should shine a spotlight on the NCAA and the way it comports itself, especially when it comes to the money it gets through its sports-programs but really does little to share with those responsible for brining it in. Just wait about 5-weeks for “March Madness” to get going.



-Lost their 4th in-a-row. Am mentioning this in the hope that they continue in doing the opposite of what I write…like winning.



-Can we drop the Carmelo-talk, please? It’s nothing but prattle, anyway. And, didn’t ChiTown sports scribes learn with the LeBron ridiculousness?



-It’s Sunday and unless you’ve been living in a cave, I’m reminding you. Honestly, other than BFW Football, I couldn’t care less who wins; though I do have a hoped-for-loser. That said, I must view it as I won’t  be able to comment on the commercials…or the game, either.


OK, time to go. It’s warming up by the hour and have some drifted snow to clear, so will leave you with our mantra: Any day we can look down at a rosebush instead of up at its roots it’s a good one. This is especially for an old business friend who gave me a call the other day…just to talk. He related to me that a year and a half ago, he was taken, unconscious, to the hospital where he was resuscitated, not once, but three times. Good for him. I was glad to have heard from him.





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