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Hawks Win! Hawks Win!

Good morning to all gatherers of all species of all forms of fauna in order to continue life on postdiluvian earth. Here in Da Nest, we’ve had 3-inches of rainfall since around midnight…with more forecast later today and throughout the rest of the week. It would seem safe to say – at least for this year – that the drought is over. Based on Skillful Tom Skilling’s figures and today’s rains, we’re right around 30″ of rainfall for the year…and it’s STILL June! Our fishing spot, where we visited Sunday and caught several     “Ernest T Bass”, quality, largemouths, is just northwest of Lake Zurich, which they just announced had received 5+” of rain! hawkswin

The Edens Expressway is closed in both directions at Pratt, due to flooding. Am also hearing about serious flooding in the north and northwest ‘burbs. I know of two Nesters who are in Elk Grove Village right now and am hoping for no such problems, there.
Will begin with apologies to Nester Buck about the Hawks. More on them, today. Monday, I was too hung over and had stuff I needed to get done. So, appy-polly-logies for that. But first, let’s see what’s happened yesterday and today in history.
On June 25th in:
841, Charles the Bald and Louis the German teamed up to beat Lothar at Fontenay. Am including that as it made me laugh to read it. I mean, these guys’ names are like something out of some Wiseguy TV report.
1868, Congress enacted legislation allowing for the eight-hour workday for federal workers. Damn, pinko-commie-basterds!
1876, At Little Big Horn, when George Armstrong Custer first uttered those famous words, “Where the hell did all those Indians come from?”
1903, George Orwell was born. A novelist or prophet?
1962, The Supremes banned formal prayer in public schools. More effin’, pinko-commies!
1986, Congress approved $100,000,000.00 to aid the Contras fighting in Nicaragua…which somehow found its way to the Iranians who had held U.S. Embassy personnel hostage; whom we never-ever-ever would negotiate with nor pay anything to…at least directly.
Today, June 26th in:
1026, Peter the Hermit’s Crusaders forced their way across Sava, Hungary. Again, just liked reading about a leader who calls himself a “Hermit”. Wonder if he knew “Herman” or sang in his band? ”Mrs. Brown, you’ve got a lovely DaowTeh”.
1908, Shah Muhammad Ali squelched reform efforts of the Persian Parliament…leading to his eventually becoming the Heavyweight Champion of the Worldand becoming the most famous draft-dodger in U.S. history!
1971, The Justice Department issued a warrant for the arrest of “leaker”, Daniel Ellsberg, who unlike Edward Snowden, had the balls to do so here, not in China, and deal with the consequences.
But Wait! There’s more! It’s a FEELIN’ GROOVY KIND OF DAY, TOO!
We begin with Nester Buck’s lament that more was not said or done about our Hawks WINNIN’ THE EFFIN’ STANLEY CUP!
This, really was great!  Inasmuch as,
1) For us in “The City of Big Shoulders” where we can count our (recent) sports champions on one hand!
2) For a sport which began its lockout just about a year ago, causing many to react with a yawn and a whimper, more than anything else, we now roar like lions in heat!
3) For those of us who enjoy being able to feed copiously, large slices of crow-filled, humble pie, to those who scoffed at our Hawks. Yes, that is nice, isn’t it?
Began watching but as I did, saw what seemed to be a much more focused group wearing Bruins’ unis. Yeah, they faced elimination but the Hawks just looked lethargic. Then I thought, well, they’re tired. But so were the Bruins! Then, BANG!, the Bruins scored. I switched the channel, mentally promising to watch Game 7, come hell or high water. But the lure was too great, so flipped back to see it was 1-1, thanks to a goal by Toews, so left it on. Unfortunately, Boston went ahead 2-1 on a goal by Lucic, which pissed me off. Again, the Hawks didn’t look like they were, well, the Hawks. Couldn’t score on a power play, AGAIN, and it seemed like they figured they’d do what they could and win it, if they could or come home; rest and win it, here, in Game 7.
With around 1:30 left, I said to MBH, “Looks like it’s another game on Wednesday, when BAM!, Bickell scores and ties the game with 1:16 left! I’m watching and say, “Looks like another overtime”, when…AGAIN…BAM!…this time Bolland taps in a rebound
to take the effin’ lead…and eventual win!
What we’ve found out in the aftermath is the injuries with which so many of them had played, i.e., Hossa. Playing with a bulging disc in his back, which left his right leg numb, which basically made him play as if he were on ONE-FREAKIN’ LEG! I kept saying, ‘There’s something wrong with Hossa.” “He’s not skating with his usual speed”. And,  Bickell. He’s had knee-trouble since the first-playoff series, I believe.
I’m going to leave room for your comments as I am certain you have them.
Was particularly happy to see that the “Sea of Red” that was Hawks fans swarming on Clark Street, were – fairly – well-behaved. At least they were better than those idiots in Miami.
The bad news is, due to the lockout and the reduced Salary Cap, we may see another decimation of our Hawks as several are free agents or may just become victims of the new Cap, which is dropping from  $70.2 million to $64.3million. Today’s S-T lists: Bickell, Handzus, Bolland, Leddy, Stallberg, Emery, and Rozival, as possible losses due to F/A or salary issues. That’s the problem with winning nowadays…in any sport with any kind of “Cap”.  Once you do, win that is, you can’t afford to keep some of the folks who put you there. Let’s hope it’s not really bad.
Sorry. That wasn’t really, FEEL-GOOD.
Don’t know what took them so long. Really, I don’t. The guy just hasn’t had it. You can say it was “overuse” by Piniella; that his slider didn’t slide as much and coupled with losing a foot or two off his fastball, well, that’s a death-knell.
I don’t know and what I say here is pure speculation and will seem to be all over the place. What I mean is this.
Could it be that once he got “booked” by pro-scouts, he just wasn’t able to readjust and remain effective?…OR…Once he was booked, did the Cubs “eff” him up by over-coaching him?…OR…he was a fluke who once he got “booked”, he just didn’t have the necessary talent to readjust and remain successful.
Whatever, one thing IS obvious. He had become the bullpen-equivalent of an old pair of gym shoes…the kind with holes in the sides; worn soles and frayed shoelaces that you’d put on to walk through mud or something that you didn’t want on your feet but also didn’t want to ruin a pair of shoes you gave a damn about.
Who knows whom they’ll bring up but after getting flounced by the CheeseTurds, 12-3, last night? Really, who cares? At least, if they have a lead late in a game, we will not be forced to watch this guy come in and give it away any longer.
Being that this was a BOHICUBS-move. What I mean is, I will not be a bit surprised if he winds up closing games somewhere’s else…and effectively, too. Oh well.
The Cubs also cut their ties with Patrick Stewart’s “love child”, Ian….the hirsute, left-handed 3rd-baseman, who couldn’t hit water falling out of a boat. If “grand theft” laws applied to sports he, most certainly, would be serving 30-to life at a Club Fed for stealing his “pay” from DaBOHICUBS.
What this move shows is this. Theo does not speak “Ex Cathedra”, which means infallibly. Stewart was a bust in Denver. DENVER,
a hitters paradise! They fell for the same thing I once heard Johnny Bench refer to as a team believing they possess the equivalent of an “Oral Roberts Uniform”, meaning once they get a guy one “their” team and “their” guys get to work with him and “their” fans start cheering for them, well, how could the guy fail? Well, he did…and they did. So, it follows that we must wonder if all their other moves will be successful?
But wait..there’s more.
On a NOT-SO-FEEL GOOD side, with the recent success of Garza and Feldman, will we see the backs of their jerseys as they leave for winning teams in exchange for those teams’ “prospects”, all of whom we hope will be nothing like Patrick Stewart’s son he’ll never acknowledge? Oh well.
New England Patriots TE, Aaron Hernandez was arrested at his home in connection with the death of Odin Lloyd, who was found dead in an industrial park, last week. Charges were not disclosed.
The Supremes have struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act and also decided it cannot take up the challenge to California’s Prop-8, which makes gay marriage now legal in The Golden State, once more.
Yes, these are narrow FEEL-GOODS directly for only a few Nesters but FEEL-GOODS nonetheless. If we are all equal under the law; then we must be treated as such…equally.
Ok, I’m going to hit the road…or water…or whatever for now.
Hope you all are safe, dry and without any h20 anywhere you don’t want it.
Take care and remember, any day we can look down at a flower instead of up at its roots is a good one.

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