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Hawks Win First, Rangers Press On… and Godzilla!

Good Monday morn to you!

Go Sharpey!

Go Sharpey!

Had a bit of a wrench tossed into the gears with a “activation call” to resume my position as Capt. Nemo, subbing several days…maybe..this week. As it was, I was going to have a shortened schedule but with – possibly – 3-days affected by my call-up…and even though I’m not…I’m going to put out the “Gone Fishin” sign for the wek, save a few thoughts of the sporting variety, t’day.


First, as this’ll probably be it for the week, let us all remember that the Memorial Day Weekend is not only significant in that it represents the first weekend of the summer. It was, is and should always be a time to remember those who have died in defense of our country. We all know someone who had. Let’s not forget them.


OK, on to Sports, right quick.


Joe’s and Whitney’s Rangers did a whup-ass on the Habs, 7-1. Nice win. Hope they won’t be wishin’ they’d “saved” a few of those extra-unnecessary goals.


DaHawks prevailed over Rene’s scrappy Kings, 3-1. This may prove to be an outstanding series, what with DaHawks’ ever-pressing “O” against the Kings scrappy, in-your-face, “D”. Should be a good one.


Oh yeah, Toews was tripped by the Kings. The goal shoulda stayed. Oh well.

What’s a Twacks without BOHICA time?

DaFlubs did win their series against the CheeseHeadBrewFarts. Still, I cannot recall a time when I’d seen as many empty seats as this past weekend and the one before it, when they hosted the RedTurds and BrewFarts! I mean, these are their two, closest, geographic-rivals.


The Rickettses are risking the one thing they cannot allow to happen…and perhaps did not count on happening…Cubs fans not showing up to the ballpark, due to a collective ennui with their sub-standard product. Oh well.


We’ll see when Whitney’s YankMes pay us a visit, tomorrow and Woden’s Day. Ah, that storied Cubs/Yankees rivalry! It may outdo Bears/Packers!


OK, have to get to some stuff on my “List” which I thought I had all week to do and now may have as little as half that time, so take care and have a great weekend, if I’m unable to get back to this before next week, Tuesday.


Just got back from watching the “Big Guy” and have some mixed feelings. I’m going to do a “split” grade on it…you know like your old English teachers would…one grade for content and another for spelling and grammar…with this one involving “monsters/CGI/F/X”, etc., and the other, general content.


I have read many reviews; some of which I agree and others, not so. Then there’s me.


To begin with, no spoiler alerts will be issued as anything I mention about the film has appeared in the trailers or have taken place in previous Godzilla flicks over the past 60-years. And, if you don’t understand Gojira, well…


Let’s get the “iffy” stuff out of the way.

It has a 2-hour, 3-minute running time. Now MBH disagreed with me and you may too. Fine. I just felt they – easily – could have shaved 20 to 30-minutes  from the story without harming the narrative. However and because of this, like a fully-loaded semi, it takes quite awhile to get moving. We muddle along through an exposition which, again, could have been shorter. (There’s a sequence in the middle of the film which could have achieved the very same effect in about 5-minutes. Instead, it dragged on for nearly 10.)


Juliet Binoche was wasted, as she was hardly in the film. (It’s in the trailers on TV.)


Bryan Cranston did well, as did the real “star”, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, a Brit who seems to have used the same dialogue coach as Aussie, Hawaii 5-0-star, Alex O’Laughlin. Most of the first part of the film involves his trying to get home from Japan to San Francisco, where the M.U.T.O. and Godzilla are headed, and where he left his wife, Elle, played by Olsen twins’ sister, Elizabeth, and toddler-son, Sam, to go help his dad, Cranston, in Japan. This underscores another criticism…not just mine…that it takes too long for the Big Guy to make his grand entrance.

Ken Wattanabe is Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, who lends some gravitas to the film, as well as David Straithairn as Adm. Stenz, whose performance some critics have described as “wooden”. I’ll bet you a stack of hundreds that anyone who said that, never had a C.O., nor had to deal with one. Unless they ask for input, they give orders and expect them to ecarried out expeditiously. (I know. Ticky-tacky but I had no problem with him.)


Now for the good stuff. Remember that fully-loaded semi? Well, once they get going, it’s hard to stop them and the same goes for our hero.

GODZILLA KICKS ASS! The Big Guy is just that. The biggest-baddest-meanest-mofo-walking-in-the-valley-of-death-which is why he has no fear.


As in most, post-1954 Godzilla films, the world is under attack from seeming, indestructible-undefeatable-screw-the-whole-world-monsters…the M.U.T.O., (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism)…which as soon as they say that, they correct themselves as it then sprouts wings. We get the usual feeble attempts by earthlings to stop-defeat-whatever the “bad” monsters, which as we know, all miserably fail. That is until…GODZILLA hits the beach…literally.

By the way, there is a scene where you may mentally hear Roy Scheider saying,  “We gotta get a bigger boat”.


Once the Big Guy lands – and as expected – it’s an all out brawl between he and the M.U.T.O. The filmmakers  pay homage to the old flicks as well as add some of their own stuff. I found myself “sparring” as G-Liz did his thing with M.U.T.O….fairly representative as any one of many “bad” monsters from films gone by. Their battle does not disappoint. Some of you will have the same reaction as me while it goes on. Be patient. It’ll happen. No, I won’t say what “it” is. You’ll know.


As is also expected, the Big Guy beats them. There are enough “hints” dropped that there will be a sequel that if there is not, I will be surprised.


I’ve read that some thought it was the “best horror film since Jaws”. Well, if they meant it took half the film before we meet him, yes, otherwise hmmmmm.


The CGI were great. By all means, see it in IMAX for the picture and the audio. The sound when he first roars made MBH jump in her seat. By the way, while it is similar, that roar is not the same. Don’t worry. It’s still blood-curdling. Our theater did not separate IMAX from 3-D,  which you don’t need as it really adds nothing to the film, so if you don’t have to see it in 3D, don’t.


Final thoughts. This is a Godzilla movie. It is about as far from “high-art” as were The Three Stooges. The Marvel and DC Comics films are more sophisticated. We watch these because we want to see him kick ass against Ghidra; Rodan; The Smog Monster; MechaGodzilla; Space Godzilla, etc. That said, pay attention to the very beginning of the film, which takes us back 60-years to the mid-’50s with clips of the “tests” we ran with nuclear weapons back then…which in some instances were really stupid.


And, the original made for Japanese release, did not present us necessarily as ”good guys”. Recall, we did “nuke” them, granted a long time ago but “nuke” them, we did.


On the Big Guy, M.U.T.O. and the attendant CGI, I give this 3 and 3/4 stars. On the rest, well, it was too wordy and dragged on a bit too long for me,  so 2-stars for that. Like I said, MBH disagreed, so you may too. That said, if you’re a Godzilla fan, it IS worth  the price of admission, including the IMAX upcharge.








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