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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Howdy. Having taken a look at my TWC app, it seems the crappy-azzed weather us ChiTowners have been experiencing’s decided to head east, affecting the whole east coast with snow; freezing rain; black ice; white ice; and just plain miserable weather conditions. We’re only sposeta be in the high-teens, t’day; an inch or so of snow, t’morra, but by Monday…wait for it…upper 30s and mid-40s the rest of next week! All the while, our left-coasters are experiencing just about what we’d think they would and MBH ‘n’ my fave USA-destination’s, Lost Wages, in the upper 70s. But it’s Feberwary 14th, Valentine’s Day…more on that later…which means only two more weeks and a day, till meteorological Spring!


More seriously, here’s hoping none are adversely affected by anything more than inconvenience. Once again, though I very much enjoyed what I did for a living, getting to work and back was a monstrous-hemorrhoid. Hmmm. Never thought of retirement as some gigantic tube of PreparationH. Not bad, though.










“Big Pile of Money: City Has Already Drained Budget For Snow Removal”. Here’s a quote from the story: “Emanuel’s mistake was in assuming that the $20.5 million that got Chicago through last year’s breeze of a winter — with just 19.6-inches at O’Hare — would be enough to plow city streets again this year.” Do the name Michael Bilandic strike a familiar note? No? Thus far we’ve had over 60-inches of snow.

“Ban Traffic on Magnificent Mile?” For non-Chitowners, “The Mag Mile” aka, Michigan Avenue is our “Vegas Strip” or  N’Yawk’s 5th Avenue. There’s some group of knuckleheads who tried to compare it to our Navy Pier, the #1 tourist attraction in the state. One problem…Navy Pier is just that; a pier jutting out 7/8ths of a mile into Lake Michigan. Michigan Avenue is a bustling boulevard, stretching from Oak Street Beach on the north to Sibley Boulevard on the south…about 17-miles long.

The group said they just wanted to “start a dialogue”. OK, you did. You’re a buncha idjits.


“Paul sues over surveillance”. See next.


“Rand Paul uses plagiarized data in his lawsuit”. Nuff said?




“Buried Treasurer Report”. GOPerGuber Hopeful Dan Rutherford’s investigative report into sexual-improprieties alleged he committed, in a lawsuit will not be released as his office claims as since there is a lawsuit, he is prohibited from releasing it. Oh yeah, this report was done on the taxpayer’s dime.


Y’see, one need not be biased. These guys just keep pullin’ this stuff. And, they all happen to be in one, political-party, as opposed to t’other.


“City Hall: ‘Doesn’t make sense’ to keep cars off Mag Mile”. Busted clock time :-)


“Shooting at senior citizen social club”. Here’s the thing, the name of the place isn’t, “I like it like that”. Uh-uh. It’s, “Safe and Sound Senior Citizen Club”. Draw your own inference.


“Industry watchers wary of Comcast-Time Warner deal.” Now what could go wrong with merging the two, biggest cable TV companies in the country, when one of them already charges the highest rates? What” I’m some kinda pinko-commie fer askin’?


” ‘Who’s God but us?’ Sister tells it like I is”. This is from Neil Steinberg’s S-T column on Sister Mary Connelly, who runs Misericordia on the grounds of the old Angel Guardian Orphanage on ChiTown’s far North Side, not far from some Ts’ old haunts. Rahmbi was once quoted as saying to her, “Sister, you scare me shitless”. Gotta love her. Here’s the link



So, here we are on St. Valentine’s Day. Note, I said, “Saint”. The first entry in t’day’s almanac will explain that. However, on ‘GN Morning News, t’day, 5-models in bustiers, corsets; garter-belts and thongs all commemorated the martyrdom of a man who died of his religious convictions.


OK, let’s see what’s happened on this date according to, among others, in…


197,    According to Wikipedia, sometime in the 2nd-century the beheading of Valentine of Rome for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians. While he was in prison, prior to his execution, he supposedly healed his jailer’s daughter. Then, before he was executed, he’d sent a letter to her and signed it, “Your Valentine”. It then made its way through the ages from Chaucer to the Edwardians, to the 1800s, when “Valentine’s Day cards” became commercialized, to now. More on t’day’s date later.


1349,   2000 Jews were burned at the stake in Strasbourg, Germany. No reason is given. Could there be one?


1859,   Oregon was admitted as the 33rd state of the Union. Leading the way for an old-neighborhood acquaintance to set up his “medicinal pot” bidniss, whih was anything but “medicinal”.


1876,   Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell each applied for patents for the telephone. Since we don’t refer to “Ma Gray” we all know who got it first.


1894,   Jack Benny was born.


1920,   The League of Women Voters was formed in Chicago. Never knew that.


1924,   IBM was incorporated. Think about that one.


1929,   At 2122 North Clark Street, several of Al Capone’s goons, dressed as ChiTown coppers, gunned down several members of rival, Bugs Moran. Moran was the main target but was not there. This has since been replaced by the “drive-by”. I’ll have a Google Maps for you under separate cover. It’s a vacant lot.


1939,   The Germans launched the battleship Bismark, which launched the eventual film, “Sink the Bismark”.


1957,   Georgia outlawed interracial athletics. Now how’s THAT for progressive!


I would be remiss if I did not mention the passings of Shirley Temple, Sid Caesar and Ralph Waite. They spanned eras from the ’30s through the ’80s. Shirley Temple’s main claims to fame were her films as a child star in the ’30s, which most of us saw in an entirely different set of circumstances than when they were released.

However, many of us watched “You Show of Shows” with Caesar, Carl Reiner, Howard Morris, (Ernest T. Bass), Mel Brooks, not to mention writers such as Wood Allen, (I know. A pedo but talented as a writer.)

Ralph Waite played “Pa” on “The Waltons”…no not those skivers down in Arkansas…and most recently as Jethro Gibbs’ dad on NCIS.


-WARNING? Not sure about this one but am passing along just in case. Was cleaning out my SPAM folder the other day when I spotted one title that caught my attention. No, not that I could “lengthen” anything. It said it was from Costco regarding a “Problem with a home delivery”. Here’s the thing. We didn’t order anything from them for delivery.


A word to the wise.



TODAY’S SECOND CARTOON:  This one might be considered a bit more in tune with today.



-Saw that “Ben-Hur” is sposetabe on TCM one night next week. Hafta try and see if I can isolate the “Chariot race” like I did the car chase from “Bullitt”, as the whole film’s too long to keep on the DVR. More on that next week. Our DVR doesn’t just record the scene when you start it. It will record whatever parts of the film ran prior to starting to record.


-John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden” starring James Dean is on TCM, tonight at 7 Central. It’s followed by Ernest Borgnine’s Oscar winning performance in “Marty”. It seems like TCM’s into their “pre-Oscar-fest run. Can’ beat that.


-In honor of romance and Valentine’s Day, here are some of the other offerings on the tube for t’night:


“The Hangover”…”Roofies? They oughta call ‘em floories”, now if THAT ain’t romantic, what is?




…and a three-episode mini-marathon of “Hawaii Five-0″


FX does have the Steve Carell/Tina Fey, “Date Night” which ain’t half-bad.





-At least they did in Mesa, Arizona, which isn’t saying much.


“Wait a minute, Wat! That ain’t so feel-good!”, you may say. Sadly, when referring to my fave baseball team which has not won more than 75 — outta 162 — games in the past 5-years, it’s like the guy sittin’ in a women’s prison who couldn’t get “any” despite having a stack of pardons next to him.


All’s we have to go on, as had been previously-repeatedly, mentioned are those “prospects”. Y’know, in sales, the difference between a “prospect” and a customer is money in your pocket. So far, all’s us BOHICAs have in ours are an old button; some lint and maybe a few pennies.


OK, I’ll try to get a bit F-G. According to the S-T’s Gordon Wittenmyer, Javy Baez is expected to be up with the big club sometime this season. However, as SS has been given to Starlin, (Why, I don’t know.), he’ll hafta learn ta play 3rd or 2nd. Wait a minute. Didn’t they just sign 2nd-sacker, Barney to a long-tem contract? Uh-huh. Will he be another of those, sign-and-trades these guys have become so famous for?

Anyway, Baez’s in AAA, so should be up for us to see, sometime, this year.


Will tie-up this for BOHICAs with t’day’s headline: “No Escaping Gloom & Doom”.


-Sox players report t’morra.


-I think Joe said DaMutts do, too.


-Don’t know about the Braves, Bosox, Giants or Doyers.


-Still, my memories of the rattle of wooden bats; the smell of neatsfoot oil in my mitt; feeling the dust I used to cover my hands and forearms with , a la Santo; the smell of the  cheap cigars they usedta smoke at Wrigley Field and yes, Virginia, Spring’s around the corner.



-As we head to the NBA All-Star break, our horney-guys have climbed to a 27-25 record; two-over .500; despite losing Rose to injury and Deng to a trade.


I’m no member of the NBA-literati. I’m just a fan. I get all the BS about how playing at this level does them no good as far as draft-position is concerned. Too bad. I want to see a team that plays its heart(s)out; game in and game out. Lottery picks are fine but isn’t there a reason they have a GM…and he has scouts..and they have a scouting staff to back them up? Of all major, pro-sports, the NBA fields the fewest players at any time, 5. Compare that to the SFC, where there are 22-starters!



-Anyone notice next-to-nothing being said about all the stray dogs that were in Sochi? Hmmm. Anyone besides me wondering if Vlad the Impaler made a deal with Kim Jung Un?


OK, gonna close as Led Zeppelin pipes me over the side with “Good Times; Bad Times”.


Remember…even you right-coasters…even though we can’t look down, directly, at a rosebush, it still beats looking up at its roots.




Happy Velentine’s Day!




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