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Happy New Year! (and is WHO’s gay?)

newyearGood morning and a Happy New Year to all!


Quite honestly, this is about the last thing I’d thought I’d have been doing right about now but it snowed all night…it’s still snowing more and is sposeta continue though tomorrow. You “right-coasters” up around New England beware. This is a lefty-loosie heading across us hicks out here in the hustings and a-headin’ your way. Anyway, when I arose from my brief slumber…with a headache due to all those snacks MBH had served…uh-uh, shots and beers don’t have anything to do with headaches…it’s all snacks I tellya…the snow seemed to be abating some. So, I figured I have a cup o’ joe and head out. Thankfully, the snow went unabated to the quarterback and is still falling. Still, one of my neighbors is out doing his corner, though I can barely see him through the snowflakes. :-) So, I’m a-waitin’.


Found this on YOU Tube and thought I’d start things off with it. It’s my fave of the three “Wabbit Season/Duck Season” cartoons and is only a snippet but as an old English Teacher, well, you’ll figure it out:



Am leavin’ politics alone, today. They’re too painful, stupid, dummasserized, whatever, to begin the new year. I figure having a hangover’s enough.


That said, we can take a look at what says happened on New Year’s Day in…

1500,   Brazil was discovered and claimed as Portugal’s by Pedro Alvares Cabral. As I will be in Espana on Saturday, I don’t think I’ll mention that. However, Brazil may have about as easy-on-the-eyes Soccer fans as anywhere.


1735,   The inspiration for the name of one of the most popular rock ‘n’ roll groups of 1966, “Paul Revere and the Raiders”, Paul Revere was born.


1752,   Elizabeth “Betsy” Ross was born. The seamstress who sewed the first American flag, which became so revered groups of men organized themselves to protect it from any kind of desecration…excepting when it is worn as a string-bikini by buxom women.


1808,   A U.S. law banning the importation of slaves went into effect. As anyone with any sense or knowledge of history may infer,

it wasn’t much enforced.


1863,   55-years after the above-mentioned law, and in an an ironically, ironic, irony, Abe Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.


1891,   Ellis Island opened to help handle the YUGE influx of immigrants flocking to the United States. One can only wonder if Lou Dobbs’ grandfather opposed it, stating “We MUST  first secure our borders!”


1919,   The man who so captured teen-angst in the 1950s with the character of Holden Caulfield in ”The Catcher In The Rye”, J.D. Salinger, was born.


1937,   Unwittingly, grist for the mill of Monty Python’s Flying Circus came to be with a guest at the Hormel Mansion winning $100.00 for naming Hormel’s newest canned-meat product, which the Pythons would memorialize with the line, “Well, I don’t know about you, dear, but I’m having Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam!”


1959,   As further grist and background for the entertainment industry, with Michael Corleone’s kissing of his brother Fredo and saying, “I know it was you, Fredo.”, Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba. Nine months or so later, the Chicago White Sox won the American League pennant.






-Beginning at 7 Central tonight, TCM  is having a mini-dinosaur-movie-marathon beginning with “Journey to the Center of the Earth”; followed by “The Lost World” at 9, then “The Valley of the Gwangi”. ChiTown north-siders may recall seeing these works of cinematic art at the old Bugg Theater on Damen Avenue, just south of Irving Park Road, which is now a parking lot.


-SyFy is showing “The Shawshank Redemption”, also at 7 Central. They have rather artfully, found a way to fit it into a 3-hour time slot.


-FX has “Superbad”. Trouble is, it’s on FX, so all the good scheiss will be bleeped out.


-TNT takes the cake, though. Beginning at 6 Central and ending at 10, they will feature “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”.


-Fans of “Revolution” who are so devoted they’ll watch reruns should enjoy tonight’s offering by NBC.


-The same for fans of any regularly-scheduled network shows, as all are showing reruns.





For some dummassed reason, he felt it was necessary to state that on ESPN radio, yesterday. Well, the dummassed reason was, some masters of dummassery, apparently, started a rumor that he was gay just because he’s the anti-Tony Romo. By that I mean, he doesn’t walk around with a babe on his arm for all to see. Like that means anything anyway. That said, I don’t believe I just typed that.



It seems when the Packers were allowed to sell playoff-tix, quite a few Packers fans figured A-Aron wasn’t going to play, so they did NOT buy tickets for the game. Originally, there were around 20,000 available.


Here’s the thing…as many of you may have guessed…I get their weekly newsletter. Earlier this week, I got a notice telling me I could get tix for the game. Normally, I’d give that a couple nanoseconds of thought but as I will be snoozing in Espana at kickoff, I ignored it.


Here’s another thing…in the tiny hamlet that is Green Bay, Wisconsin, population: 104,868, Lambeau Field seats 72,928 fans, or 69.5% of its population. However, here in moi’s hometown, ChiTown, population 2,714,856, its NFL entrant, DaBears’s stadium, Soldier Field has a seating capacity of 61,500, or 2.2% of its population, by direction of DaBears’ owners, The McClutzkeys. Why would the do that? Afraid not enough fans would pay to see their team?



As mentioned here as Black Monday took its toll on NFL coaches, both ESPN and The NFL Network announced the Hav-A-Tampa Bay Buccaneers are very interested in “…putting the band back together…”, with LuveeKravezit as H/C, along with Jerry “The Geniosity Man”, Angelo as GM and others, getting back together. Normally, what happens in Hav-A-Tampa, means less than nothing around here. BUT, recalling that a year ago, yesterday, Luvee was scheiss-canned with an aftermath of angry Bears “D” guys saying how wrong that was. Kick-return specialist, Devin Hester even said he was considering retiring.


Fast-forward to the summer when it was revealed DaBears had 28-guys playing in their “walk-years” of their contracts, among them were: LB Lance Briggs, CB Peanut Tillman, CB Tim Jennings and kick-return specialist, Devin Hester.


Fast-forward to now. DaBears “D” had about as bad a year on defense as they’d ever had before, allowing an average of 381.8 yds/game. League-wise, that wasn’t THAT    bad, as the ranked 8th. However, in a town which eats, drinks and exists on defense, uh-uh. Part of that was due to the absence of Briggs and Peanut due to injuries.


Ya get where we’re a-goin’ here?

Phil played the “Play to get paid” card with 28-guys. So far, he’s re-signed kicker Robbie Gould and reserve FB, Tony Fiammetta. Now, he’s not going to “overpay” those 4-guys I’ve mentioned….all of whom are LuveeDudes, who compraise 27% of the defense. And, why would they want to stay here? They’ve all received neg-press, with little to no support from the team. So, why stay here when they can play out whatever time they have left on the shores of The Gulf of Mexico, literally, in Luvee and Jerry’s “warm and fuzzy nest”?


What I’m getting at for those o’ yuz who don’t get it is this. DaBears’ “D” may go the way of the BohicaCubs, next year, what with Mel Tucker, (if he’s still here), possibly installing a 3-4 instead of Luvee’s Cover-2. Whether he is or not, the possibility exists that three starters or 27%+ of the defense could be gone-zo. Which means Mel better be the 2nd-coming when it comes to D/Cs or man, will they take it up their heinies next season.


Phil and MarkyMarc’s press conference is tomorrow at 9:30. Those of us who are off can watch it on Comcast SportsNet. It should be interesting.


OK, I’ve about run outta stuff that occurred to me, so will take my leave by wishing you all a very happy, healthy, non-stressed New Year.


Remember any day we can look down at a rosebush…even if it’s covered by snow…instead of up at its roots, is a good one.






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