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Happy Monday, Everyone!

WHAT GLOBAL WARMING? I know. I know, what we are experiencing is just a sliver of the global situation. Still, when it’s this cold…for this long…for another year…well….

By the way, am I the only ChiTowner wondering why CPS’ kids went to school today? It’s as cold or colder than it was last Tuesday. Just askin’.

                                                                 WABBIT STHEASTHON

So, just what day is it anyway? It’s…

“National Banana Bread Day”. Mmm-mmm–good! Though some I have had has tasted like the next “Day”…


“National Dog Biscuit Day”. No, none of any of your banana breads have but there have been some purchased at “bake sales” which have.


Also, besides being the day after the Father of our country’s birthday, and list these events for this date…

303,     Emperor Docletian began his policy of persecuting Christians. Yet another reason to keep Church and State separate.

1455,   Johannes Guttenberg is said to have printed his first book…The Bible…which led to peace and harmony throughout the ages.

1540,   Spanish explorer Francisco Vazquez d’ Coronado set out on his expedition to find the “7 Cities of Cibola” in the American southwest. He never found those cities, said to have been made of gold. Though, perhaps “Glitter Gulch”, aka Las Vegas,  may be close.

1574,   The “5th War of Religion ” broke out in France. Nothing about its being waged over differing views on what was in Guttenberg’s Bible.

1778,   Perhaps as a belated birt’day present for George Washington, Baron Von Steuben joined forces with the Continental Army…and began a high school on ChiTown’s north side.

1836,   The siege of the Alamo began.

1861,   Texas became the 7th state to secede from the Union.

1886,   The first classified ad was published in The London Times:”Wanted…”.

1896,    ChiTown’s very own Tootsie Roll was introduced.

1903,   The United Sates and Cuba signed an agreement ceding Guantanamo to the US as a Naval Station. Now what the hell did they think they’d ever need THAT for, anyway…a prison or sumpin’?

1904,   For $10,000,000.00, the US acquired control of the Panama Canal Zone.

1915,   Nevada enacted its “convenient” divorce law.

1919,   Benito Mussolini formed the Fascist Party in Italy. He was just a guy expressing what he thought was right and good…and “right”.

1921,   The first transcontinental airmail flight took place…33-hours, 20-minutes.

1945,   United States Marines raised Old Glory atop Mt. Suribachi over Iwo Jima.

1954,  The first mass inoculation of the Salk polio vaccine took place. It just about put an end to a crippling, childhood disease. I knew a few folks who’d had it and would wager some/many of you did, too. I remember my Mom taking to the Welles Park fieldhouse, to get the shot. It hurt. But, I didn’t get polio, either. Nor did my sibs.

1998,   The late Osama bin Laden announced his fatwa against all Jews and Crusaders.


-Over the weekend, Buck asked why I hadn’t said anything about Mayor 9/11′s comments about Barry, to which I did respond, indicating my attitude towards the GOP as “Screw them all”, which I don’t like having said, as the entire party isn’t in this BS. However, and also over the weekend, The CheeseHead Guber said the same thing…along the party’s talking points lines, a la, “I’m no scientist…but….”, BS. Then McCain comes out with a similar line of crap. It’s one thing if these words are uttered by political-hacks. Quite another when they emanate from prominent, elected…or formerly-elected…officials.

Unfortunately, it seems the scheisskopfs have taken over their national-messaging, which does less than nothing towards resolving the problems we citizens face on a daily basis. One can only imagine if prominent elected Dems made those type comments about Dubya. Combat-reporter-Not, Bill O’Reill’d be on them like stink on scheiss.

There is something to be said about “political-correctness”, which, in one iteration could simply mean being courteous

and tactful, which most/many pols practice. They leave the hack-attacks to their attack-dogs. Not necessarily honest, no. But being above the fray isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In other words, show some respect for Pete’s sake!

That’s why I’ve stopped watching cable news.


-Continuing my thread from above, Rahmbikins’ PAC is running attack ads on his closest pursuer, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, dredging up votes he made 20 to 30 years ago, which by the way, were necessary when they were cast. Rahmbi’s ads are nothing but lists of what he refers to as positives he’s accomplished. See?

-Tomorrow, we ChiTowners are going to elect our mayor and closer to home, our aldermen. Mine is retiring, with no real successor anointed. This ward’s about as well connected as an outyling ward can be…at least it has been. We’ll see.

-No matter what, though, get out and vote. The weather’s supposed to be nicer. Even if it isn’t, VOTE! With 5 candidates running, if none receive 50% +1 vote, there will be a runoff. Do you want to be the one voter who was too busy/otherwise occupied/lazy, to cast yours, thereby allowing a candidate you oppose, win?

Also, if you don’t vote, you can’t bitch about the results. And that “All the pols are crooks” line, while perhaps being true, is till a BS excuse.

Vote, dammit!

-Speakin’ of the 5 candidates, they all attended the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown, yesterday, to celebrate the “Year of the Ram”.

The S-T has them listed as to what “year” each candidate’s Chinese zodiac sign says the are:

Rahmbie         The Year of The Pig.

“Chuy”            The Year of the Monkey.

Bob Fioretti     The Year of the Snake.

Willie Wilson   The Year of the Rat. Hey!

“Dock” Walls   The Year of the Rooster.


-Gas prices are creeping up. Uh-huh. You didn’t think they’d keep dropping, didja? And, a refinery just had a fire and, gee, I don’t know…aren’t they ‘sposetabe getting ready to start refining the “cleaner” gas as mandated by the EPA, which bumps up the price every year, just about?

-Caterpillar’s stayin’ in Ella. Am sure GuberDustySpringfield’s gonna claim credit for this, cuz of all his “wishin’ and hopin’, thinkin’ and prayin’; plannin’ and dreamin’ “, despite the fact that “Cat” is one of 18 Ella corps which have been designated as “Most Admired” by Forbes, it’s all due to Dusty.Just like anything good in ChiTown’s due to Rahmie.

                                                                DUCK SEASON


-Watched the SNL 40th show we had DVR’d. The clips of skits from those 40-years were great. The “Celebrity Jeopardy”, was too, as was “The Californians”. But that’s about it. There was no need whatsoever for 3-1/2 hours. They could have done it in 2-hours. Eddie Murphy was about as funny as a dose of an STD. Sorry but I still don’t think Andy Samberg or Adam Sandler are funny.

Almost forgot…Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot! was going on with Miley Cyrus even being on the show?


-As we did not see: “Birdman”, Boyhood” nor “Whiplash”, I have no idea as to whether they deserved their awards. If any had seen them, please, let us/me know.

Did see “Grand Budapest HoteL’, which I’d read about as being described as an excellent vehicle to describe the years leading up to The Holocaust in Europe. It was obvious it was between WWI and WWII but The Holocaust? I need some edification here. I saw the “State Police” from one country to another, yes. I got that. But that’s the way it was. Perhaps whomever it was who’d written that came away from it with that. We didn’t. It was good, though am still trying to figure it all out.

Also saw “American Sniper”, and you saw my review. I didn’t think it had a snow flake’s chance in hell of winning any acting, directing, etc, awards. Hollywood’s not a fan of this type of film. By the way, Which cradle did Clint Eastwood rob?

Also, did see the previews of Julianne Moore’s “Still Alice”. That’d be a hard one to pay money to watch. Anyone who has gone through dealing with a loved-one with Alzheimer’s knows what I mean. That in no way lessens her performance. In fact, it compliments it as it is so real.

-”Everything Is Awesome”. The lyrics from this little ditty give “Nana Na-NA! Nana NA-NA! Hey! Hey! Goodbye!, a run for their money.

-Neil Patrick Harris was solid. The “briefcase” thing was dumb. Otherwise, he was pretty good.

-No, I wasn’t bothered by Sean Penn’s “green card” comment, especially when it turns out that he and winner, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu are buds.

-Was nice that ChiTowner, Common, along with John Legend, won “Best Original Song” for their “Glory”, from “Selma”.

-Patricia Arquette’s winning surely won’t hurt her new TV show, “CSI: Cyber”, which debuts next week, Wednesday.

-”Fifty Shades of Grey”. Only have this. If this series of books and now a film, based on a fabulously, wealthy, older man taking an innocent, young college girl into the world of kinky-sex, had been written by a man, he’d be called everything but a child of God…more like a “prevert”, a la Col. Bat Guano from “Dr. Stragelove” which we watched over the weekend…as well as “The Producers”.

-Speaking of “The Producers”, it’s among my top film-comedies. “The Pink Panther”, “A Shot in the Dark” and the other “Clouseau” vehicles are there, as well. “Young Frankenstein”; “High Anxiety”; “Blazing Saddles”, are there, too.

What about you guys? What’s your spit-inducing; snort grape soda through your nose, laugher? I’m serious. Please let us know.


-New episodes of many weekly shows are about to go by the wayside as the Feberwerry sweeps period is ending.

Will have more on those, later this week.

                                                                  AND NOW…SPORT


-Have said this before but mean it, now. I’m done with watching the Hawks. From now on, I will read the papers; watch the sports news but that’s gonna be it. Whenever I start getting interested, they suck.

-Feeling similarly about DaBulls but at least they’ve been injured.


- Seems DaCubs are working with wundernino, Jorge Soler to, “..balance his muscle mass a bit…”, as he seems prone to muscle pulls.

Here’s one from Cubs skipper, Joe Maddon on Soler in particular and Latino players in general: “A lot of young Latin kids have come up, and plate discipline is not part of the game because the aren’t going to walk off the rock. They come up swinging all the time. And this is a guy who’s a bit more mature in his approach to hitting. I’m really eager to see that.” Me, too.

More humorously, he likes new ctacher Miguel Montero for this reason: “This guy is really a bright guy. He uses adverbs. Not man people use adverbs all the time..He’s an ‘L-Y’ guy.” Definitely…most assuredly…indubitably.

-While on Da Sout’ Side, Smarj says this about the  “analytics” crowd in Rick Morrissey’s column, this morning: “Sabermetrics, nyeh. Sounds like a lot of hot air”. Rick goes on to say this, too: “I’m sure the analytics people will argue that some of what Samardzija is saying is analytics-backed, whether he knows it or not. He remembers what he did against hitters in past matchups — isn’t that part Sabermetrics? Yes, but without feeling like you had to spend the summer at math camp. Kidding!”

I’m not kidding. One should not have to feel that having been an “athlete” as opposed to a “mathlete”, should be some kind of impediment to being able to enjoy baseball.

While old-school stats, i.e, W/L%; B/A; RBI, etc are not perfect; nor are they complete, they still are solid indicators of a player’s performance.

If a pitcher wins 20-games, he had to have done something right to get those 20-wins…,or 2/3rds of the time he takes the mound. What manager doesn’t want that?

If a hitter drives in 140-or more- runs…one every 10.5-innings…you mean to tell me, none come in clutch situations?

40-homers…one every 4 games?

.330 B/A…a hit 3 outta 9 A/Bs…or 1 per game?

Come, on!


-Some may have heard about Miami Heat F, Chris Bosh, being out for the season due to blood clots being found in his lungs. This is no laughing matter. Fans of “Deadliest Catch”: will understand me when I say “Capt. Phil”. He had them; didn’t listen to his docs after a year and is now no longer among us. This young man needs to fully comprehend what he has; that they will not go away and he has to take care of himself for the rest of his life.

OK, it’s lunchtime and my butt’s sore. Sorry about he political brouhaha…well, no I’m not. It just would be nice to see some common decency back in them. I know, I’m a daydream believer.

Do your best to stay warm ‘n’ toasty. Hope all’s well and remember, any day we wake up not looking up at daisy roots is a good one.


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