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Happy Hump Day, with Ashes on the Side, er Forehead!

After what SkillfulTomSkilling’s description of the beginning of this Febiairy as the cloudiest in quite some time, PhoebusApollo’s chariot is a-streakin’ acros the sky as I type this, bringing much wanted warmer temps to the ChiTown environs. But, don’t get too-too comfy. He also said we’re on track to get quite a bit of snow dumped on us at the end of next week. By the way, Febiairry and November, generally,  are the two cloudiest months of the year.



Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent; proceeded by Fat Tuesday, as usual, however this year it is followed by Valentine’s Day. Note no, “St.” title, which makes it rather ironic that we just had a day of indulgence, foodwise, yesterday; have begun Lent, which to some is a time of denial, i.e., fast and abstinence,  only to be followed by the most hedonistic, basterdizations of a Saint’s feast day.

As a reminder, in the 3rd century, Valentine was imprisoned by the Romans for practicing his Christianity, who as legend has it, sent prayers tied to little birds to be sent to God in heaven. He, eventually was martyred for his faith. Now, a “valentine” may consist of a flimsy, red negligee accompanied by a matching g-string, to be enjoyed by a man who paid his tribute with flowers and/or chocolates. OR, watching a version of Al Capone’s eefahmoos near-wipeout of Bugs Moran’s gang in 1922 on North Elston Ave., in ChiTown aka “The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre”. Either way, it doesn’t quite fit, does it.


For those of you who still have your faith, I commend and bless you. Wish I could feel the same.

OK, let’s get to it, shall we?





-As I mentioned yesterday, did not watch it. I will forward a synoptical fact-check from YahooNews under separate cover.

I do agree with what I read in the S-T’s editorial about “manufactured crises” from the opposition. Yes, Barry’s far from perfect but these other dudes just have to get with it and pass some serious legislation. We may have the strongest military force in the world, with little to fear from being conquered. That, though, does not preclude our imploding ourselves. The sad and sorry state in which we find ourselves has much to do with lobbyists whose aims and purposes are not much above fattening their wallets and the coffers of their clients.


What about Grover Norquist and his “Americans For Tax Reform”?

Not enough?

What about the NRA?

If Congress…read that, both houses…does not get it’s schit together, we are in for a rude awakening.


-Saw that FiveDefermentDickCheney (before he dicks you) made those remarks over the weekend. He was referring to Kerry as SecState and Hagel as SecDef. There is nothing wrong with having a dissenting opinion on Presidential Cabinet picks. But for a clown like this; the guy who had “…more important things to do…”, during Nam, so he applied and received 5-deferments, while the rest of the country went; as Bush 41′s SecDef during Desert Storm, told us going into Bagdhad would be foolhardy, then as Bush 43′s Veep, lied us into doing exactly that; not to mention having his head so far up his arse in 2001 that he and his crack crew who never made a mistake…well, that’s what Dub said, in a way…presided over the worst intelligence breakdown which led to the 9/11/01 attacks, well, it’s just unseemly.

What’s worse is, both Kerry and Hagel actually were in combat, each receiving Purple Hearts for their efforts, while DickCheneyBeforeHeDicksYou was safe and warm back home in Wyoming.

Will these guys do well? Time will tell. I think Kerry’s better than Hagel, at least in public.



-Rahm was able to get the CPD Sergeants Ass’n. to agree to a new contract, which according to the FOP, deeply undermines their efforts for the rank and file cops.


As he tried with the CTU, he went around one group to another but this time, got his way.

The rank and file FOP and CFD are not taking it well.

Pet-peeve time. I have many, many, friends and neighbors who are among ChiTown’s finest for whom I have the highest respect. However, there is an issue which comes up every time there are contract negotiations…ChiTown’s residency requirement for all City employees. They complain that by having to live in DaCity, they are forced to pay more in taxes, tuition for private schools, etc., than if they could live outside the City. Maybe. It’s debatable with valid points possible on either side.


However, the last time I looked, CPD does not fill its Districts’ rosters via conscription.


Each and every ChiTown Police officer had to apply…a-p-p-l-y…for their position(s), as do all other City employees. Read that as VOLUNTARY. Yes, there are some who don’t have to and were grandfathered in but by and large, any recent hires are subject to this. Having a Ratette who applied to the CPD, I can tell you that besides that, it can take a very long time, not months but years…sometimes a decade…before they are called. In all that time, they know…know, know, know…once they are, they will be subject to ChiTown’s residency-requirement. So, to continually whine about it is unseemly.


Or, let’s say you apply for a job in the private-sector…a job you’ve always wanted…and you get it…but let’s say it’s, some 40-miles away. You don’t care! You got your dream job! Then after awhile, the commute begins to wear on you, and it’s beghinning to be costin’ you a wholebunchadough in gas, insurance and wear and tear on your car, not to mention the time. So, you meet with your boss and lay out your “grievances”…how it’s costing you so much more to work there than elsewhere and how you need more money because of that. Would anyone be surprised if that boss looked you straight in the eye and asked, “Didn’t you take that into consideration before you applied?” And if you were to say you did but didn’t think it’d be that much and how he still needsta pay you more just because of that, he’d be perfectly within his rights to tell you, “No.” And, if you continued to complain, he’d also be within his rights to tell you if you didn’t like it, you were free to leave?

In other words, quitcherbitchin’. I rest my case.



A “barista” in Seattle was fired after posting nasty comments about his boss and customers he didn’t like.


Am I the only one who wonders how many idjits lose their jobs over this kind of thing? At one time or another, just about all of us have worked for someone whom we did not respect or had to deal with customers we couldn’t stand. BUT, we didn’t go online and rant about it, giving that boss all he’d need to bounce our heinies out!

Just how many Alexander Dummasses are out there?





-Watched the Amanda Seyfried/Gary Oldman flick with CLR last night, in lieu of the SOU. The Guide gave it 2-stars. I’d give it 1-1/3rd. This was one fairy tale which did not make it on our list. The Big Bad Wolf, (I know, that’s The Three Little Pigs), was a werewolf. I watched it more to see how they’d interpret the story, which I didn’t like  much. Ms. Seyfried’s haunting, blue-eyes are a sight to behold. So was Julie Christie who has to be in her 70s! Otherwise, not much worth seeing here. You may like it…you may not.


Received a few negative-responses on moi’s comments re: Battleship, with which I did not disagree. Let’s face it, pointing out that the source-material was a nerdy-board game from the ’60s isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement. I responded that I watched it more beacuse of my love of Naval ships, especially the Battleship Missouri. I built three models of it when I was a kid. If/when we ever get to Hawaii, I will tour it. Also, the Arleigh Burke class destroyer on which our hero, played by Taylor Kitsch, is one bad-assed ship. Oh yeah, with a surname of “Kitsch” what should we expect from this guy?


-CBS premiere’s “Survivor”, tonight. Never voluntarily watched a minute of it. For thoose who do, enjoy. It’s followed by a Big Bang rerun; then a new CSI, which this guy thinks is on its last legs.

NBC has “Whitney”, “Guys With Kids”; “Law & Order SUV” and “Chicago Fire”

ABC has “The Middle”, which lost me a long time ago, though it does have its moments; “Neighbors”, a poor rip-off of “3rd Rock”; “Modern Family”, tied with “The oig Bang” as fave comedy at DaRat’sNest; “Suburgatory and “Nashville”.

AMC has high-comedy in Adam Sandler’s “Happy Gilmore”. That was sarcasm. Other than hearing “The Hannukah Song” for the first time, I don’t think I’ve laughed at anything else this guy’s done.

TCM has, “I Remember Mama” and TNT has “The Dark Knight” from 5:45 till 9:00. A 2-12 hour film stretched out to fill a 3-hour 15-minute time slot! Read that 45-minutes of commercials.


It seems I am drawn, much as a moth to a flame, to the so-called “reality-shows” involving hunting for gold, i.e., Gold Rush; Bering Sea Gold, as well as Ax Men, which involves modern day lumberjacks.


I guess I watch these as some do horror flicks, saying things to the TV like, “Todd, how stupid are you?” Why do you keep making the same, stupid mistake(s) over and over again”? These can be applied to most any of these shows. Oh yeah, almost forgot “Full Throttle Saloon”. There are some with which I just can’t be bothered. However, as these creep to their seasons’ ends, I watch.

Speaking of reality TV shows, Deadliest Catch begins in April. I watch this one more for the danger than anything else.





-As we were watching RRH while the game was on, I only flipped over occasionally. 0-0 after Period 1; 2-1 after Period 2, so decided to watch the end. What do I get for my efforts but the game-tying goal with 2-45 left; then two blown power plays which seemed like they needed the EnergizerBunny; then a shootout, which they lost. I still don’t get it and would appreciate a ‘splanation. If a team loses the shootout but still gets a point, why have it? Isn’t the shootout-idea to eliminate the tie? I truly don’t know.



After hearing what Derrick Rose said, yesterday, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t play this year…or even if he does.



-Yes, I often laughed and poked fun at DaBears receiving corps under LuveeKravezit, especially one Johnny Kox, who really wasn’t an NFL caliber receiver. That said, he suffered a broken back in ’11 which caused him to miss the end of that season and ’12 which now has resulted in their cutting him as his injuries don’t seem to have healed to the extent that he can play anymore. From what I heard, there’s nerve, as well as structural-damage. He’s a nice kid who gave everuything he had when he was on the field. Quite a contract to Hester and his crybaby act. Too bad for the kid. It’s doubtful he would have remained with the team even if he were healthy enough but it’s a tough row to hoe in the NFL.



-Heard this the other night on CTL. Did you know that in his 1st-three-years, Starlin Castro’s 529-hits thus far in his career has him ahead of the pace of Pete Rose, MLB’s all-time hits leader? That’s the good news.

-In that same time frame, he also committed 83-errors.



-Seems their strength’s going to be their starting pitching, if they hold up. Funny but heard Robin turned down an extension after last year, saying he’ll finish his contract and will see what’s what at that time. Now isn’t THAT refreshing?


OK, gottago. Remember, as our mentor Lewis Black says, no matter how schitty things may be, at least we won’t get smallpox today.





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