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Happy August! (where’s the year went?)

Ain’t no frost on any punkins t’day. Nope. Warm ‘n’ sticky are the words of the day. Once it rains though…maybe…it’s supposed to cool off and we should have a September-like rest of the week.
OK, let’s get to it, shall we? timeflies
-Remember when we were 3rd-graders and how we couldn’t wait for recess well, because, we just couldn’t wait for recess? Congress has “recessed” for the Summer but to refer to them as 3rd-graders would confer upon them a maturity level to which they can only aspire but worse, it would be an insult to the 3rd-graders of our country.
How can I say that?
Remember the “crisis” on the southwest border? I set-off “crisis” as that is how it was described by the folks in those states, of which many have now castigated the House for doing as it had the past 5-years; abdicating any positive action but not before making a grandstand play to their followers on the Lunatic Fringe. Huzzah! Huzzah!
OK, enough on those a-holes. Let’s see what says happened on this date in…
1790,   The Revenue Cutter Service, which was the precursor to the U.S. Coast Guard, began.
1879,   Germany annexed Alsace-Lorraine as a territory of its Empire. One of you may take note of that.
1964,   USN Destroyers USS Maddox and USS Turner Joy exchanged fire with North Vietnamese patrol boats, in what was to become known as “The Gulf of Tonkin Incident”, which LB used as leverage to step-up US involvement in Vietnam. Now before I get emails on the accuracy of this, in checking other sources. I’ve seen August 1st and 2nd cited, too. Suffice to say, it’s a day we should all remember, as it only goes to show how a factual situation can get twisted to fit into whatever shape the “truth/facts” need to be by anyone.
1979,   Jimmy Carter established the Department of Energy…that’s one of the former Al Gore political-operative; turned ’12-GOPer PrezCandidate, Guv. “Oops”, departments, which he  would have abolished if he could  have remembered it.
-The lakefront music extravaganza which drew folks from all across the country was a success. Save the one local critic who had said that, “…we’ve all seen…” and then went on to name about 8 bands which I know I had not, nor had many others. If it was so”familiar”, then familiarity must breed content…not contempt…as Platinum Super Everything passes for every single event were running around $3200.00 a throw. No, that’s not a typo. Kinda makes my $6.50 to have seen The Standells, “Dirty Water”; The McCoys, “Hang On Sloopy” and the Stones look awful good back in ’66.
My fave were the two CheeseHead girls who told a local TV reporter that Milwaukee’s “Summerfest” was better. Later, he commented that if that were so, why were they here?
-Rewatched “Skyfall”: over the weekend. Having seen it once, the “alterations” to the stories, if you will, were not a surprise, which was most of the story. The destruction of Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 to FUBAR-status, symbolically seemed to be saying, “that” 007 is gone. There’s a bit less obvious comment by “Q”, a youngster who would be right at home with Howard, Leonard, Raj and Sheldon, as opposed to the late, white-haired Desmond Llewelyn, who says something like, “You were expecting an exploding pen? We’re beyond that.”  “Miss Moneypenny”, is now a very attractive, young black woman. “M”, Judi Dench is killed and is replaced by Ralph Fiennes, (I really like his work), as her eventual replacement. One, whom Bond mistakes as a pencil-pusher, who “made his bones” fighting the IRA in Belfast.
Let’s face it, this is a vehicle that’s 50-years old. It’s time. I particularly enjoyed the transition from the almost maniacal attention to “English engineering” and their “exploding pens”, to what people; well-trained people, do under the extra-ordinary circumstances of being in MI6. It’s not all gone. After all, the opening sequence…besides being one helluva commercial for Buck’s old employer, Caterpiller…is pure James Bond.
That said, I did enjoy the second viewing. Can’t always say that.
-”World War Z”. Hmmm. Gonna take some flack for this but here goes.  As I am no afficionado of the “vampire as love-story” flicks nor have I ever had much of an interest in zombie flicks, for no other reason than, they’re just not my brand of vodka. Anyway, along with MBH and a Watette, I watched “World War Z”. Apparently, zombiism in this film, is spread by a virus. It may in others. I don’t know. Anyway, there’s only one guy in the whole world who can figure out how to beat them and that guy is, ta-DA, Brad Pitt.
It seems this was some Euro-flick, as besides Pitt, I recognized his wife but don’t recall from where; as well as a military-character…same thing. The easiest way to say this is, anyone could have played Pitt’s character…except at the very end…and that’s more for the audience than the film…without much difference…except Brad Pitt will draw an audience…it drew me…where some other schlub wouldn’t. Oh well. If you like zombie flicks, you’ll probably like this one. If you like Brad Pit flicks, you may like it, too.  Me? It was a zombie flick with Brad Pitt…or…if it were 1954, it would be appearing at the old Bugg Theater on Damen Ave., along with “The Creature From the Black Lagoon”.
-”Ray Donovan”. “S-U-C-K”. Jeepers, just when ya think maybe he’d be a bit less morally bankrupt, BANG!, he bangs Toni Collette! Ann Margaret made another appearance and for the few minutes she was on; she was excellent. She could have chewed up the scenery; over-emoting her scene which would have been easy enough, based on what it involved. (Turns out Elliot Gould’s “Ezra” is a bit of a prick, too.) She didn’t. Her matter-of-fact dismissal of Ray is classic.
I did mention to MBH that Ray would find a way to get to Hank Azaria’s FBI SIC/LA, through his wife. Looks like I may have been right. We’ll see but it sure seems that way.
Oh yeah, this is “The Sopranos – Rodeo Drive Chapter”.
-”The Leftovers”. Hmmmmm. Last night’s episode, “Guest”, focused on Nora Durst’s (the woman who lost her entire family but recently learned her “departed” husband was banging their kids’ pre-school teacher before he, well, departed.),  trip to NYC for a convention. It begins with her calling an “escort” service which advertises “nothing taboo”; then asking the hooker to shoot her with her gun while she’s wearing her bullet-proof vest. Yeah. I know. Kinda hinky.
Anyway, once she gets to NYC; deals with some real crapploa; then gets “Wayned”, she returns and the show takes on less of a “Debbie-Downer” but a more possible hope-oriented story. Let’s say Debbie-Horizontal///minds above the belt-buckles, boys! From the previews, though, that doesn’t seem like a  long-term plot development.
-”Extant”. I’m kind of on the fence on this one. I want to think that a vehicle starring Halle Berry and produced by Steven Spielberg is going to be a good one. Don’t know. CBS switched its time-slot as it was getting clobbered by NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”.
-Speaking of Spielberg, AMC has “Jaws” tonight at 7 CDT; TCM has Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland in “Strike Up the Band”, same time.
                                                                  AND NOW…SPORT
-Most teams did their “Family Nights” or some such activities over the weekend as, the pre-season begins this coming weekend and the season kicks off in, ahem. 4-1/2 weeks.
Yes, The Hall of Fame Game was this past weekend.
-One thing different this season is that all Thursday Night games will be broadcast on CBS as well as the NFL Network, save the inaugural, Packers/Seahawks game, September 4th, which NBC has. (I am not crazy about their having to open in Seattle. Oh well.)
What this will do to the rest of the CBS lineup has yet to be seen. Obviously, Big Bang fans might feel slighted here.
Oh well, again.
No matter what, we are inching ever so closely to asking each other…
-Over the weekend, the S-T ran a pic of former Packers safety, M.D. Jennings, chasing former Northern Illinois QB, Jordan Lynch; Jennings’ arms flailing; fingers clenching and unclenching; grasping futilely for Lynch, as he runs away from him.
If Jennings makes the roster, I have four-words for you: “Get used to it”. For all the grief and agony heaped upon Chris Conte, well, you’ll see.
-Was it a matter of Rene’s Doyers taking our Flubs too lightly or are they beginning to play better baseball? I mean, going to The Ravine and walking out 2-1, ain’t bad ‘taters anytime! And, that loss was an extra-inning affair with Hanley Ramirez facing some guy I never heard of in the 12th, who hung him a curve so fat and sassy, it did a hoochie-coochie dance up to the plate with a “HIT ME” sign the size of the Titanic pasted to it backside; which he did.
And where in the hell did they come up with that Japanese pornstar, Tsuyoshi Wada, who may be on borrowed time as no one’s really seen him but so far, so good?
Anyway, I think I speak for all BOHICA Cubs fans when I say, BRING UP THE KIDS!
-They didn’t want to say “rebuild” but looks like they will be. I think they’re done with Dunn after this year…sure hope so. They do have Abreu, who just about every time I look is puttin’ one in the seats or driving in baserunners.
OK, some interstin’ stuff as shown in t-day’s S-T. here we go…
1929…This may possibly have best-defined that “the game is not over till the last man is out”. Trailing 6-5 in the top of the 9th, with two outs, the Cleveland Indians went on to score 9-runs and beat the Yankees, 14-6!
1963…”The Natural- The Prequel”?,  Mickey Mantle came in to pinch hit for his first at-bat after having been out with a broken foot for two months and hit a game-winning home run, giving the Yanks an 11-10 victory.
1985…The White Sox…and former Met…Tom Seaver, won his 300th game, in Yankee Stadium; on Phil Rizzuto Day, 4-1. Hmmm. Methinks more than Sox fans may have been happy to have read that one.
On that same day, Rod Carew got his 3000th hit in an Angels win over the Twinkies.
2007 & 2010…A-Fraud hit his 500th and 600th juicy-juiced homers.
-The PGA Championship from Valhalla, Kentucky begins Thursday.
TiggerFans may want to stay home as he had to withdraw this past weekend with a back injury. That said, it IS the final Major and I will watch…as long as it’s competitive.
OK, time to go. Remember, any day that we aren’t look up at daisy roots is a good one.

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