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Guns, the NRA, and Holy Week!

Good morning. Yes. I said no posts this week. Things changed, some. You’ll hafta deal with it.



-My WeatherChannel app says the sun’s rising earlier, (6:45) and setting later, (7:09), on this non-snow-bothered morn. Man, they started this last week, saying we could be looking at 4.5″, or more, by 3 this PM. When I awoke this morning, all I saw were the faded-yellowish brown lawns of moi’s neighbors, in full view, as NO FUDGIN’ SNOW! Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. However, I did have to take it into account as all stations were pretty much giving the same forecast and our “plans” were of thge “A”, “B”, or “C”, variety. In fact, the willowy Cheryl Scott was still saying we’d have anywhere from a trace to an inch of snow. Oh well.

The good news is moi’s first sentence…the sun’s a-risin’ sooner and a-settin’ later each day. That’s nice. AND, the forecasts are for the 50s, mebbe, by the weekend.


OK. Let’s get started.

Holy Handgrenade Batman!

Holy Handgrenade Batman!



-On this date in history in…

708 AD, Constantine began his reign as Catholic Pope…

1634 AD, Lord Baltimore founded the Catholic colony of Maryland…

1655 AD, after their military victory over the Catholic colony of Maryland, Puritans jailed its Guv.



-They begin to hear arguments against DOMA, the “Defense of Marriage Act”, in a case filed by a gay woman. I’m not going into the details of the case. Just DOMA and the LGBT folks. My understanding is, all the LGBTs want is to be able to have the same rights and privileges under the law as other married couples do. They do not expect all hetero-men to leave their wives and begin taking other guys’ pee-pees up their heinies, nor do they expect wimmins to practice the arts of love taught on the Isle of Lesbos.

It would seem that if DOMA supporters are really looking to “defend” marriage, perhaps they should look to outlaw D-I-V-O-R-C-E. After all, isn’t D-I-V-O-R-C-E responsible for ending 50% – or more - of all marriages?



There’s a letter to the editor in t’day’s S-T from a reader who questions the NRA and Pepe LaPierre’s stated position that more guns in the hands of the citizenry = less crime. The writer states. “…two of the most notable incidents involving mass shootings occurred in states where people are allowed to arm themselves, Arizona and Colorado.” He concludes, “Having a gun and actually using it are two different things”.



-I ask this as a new “gourmay” burger joint opened over the weekend, just a scant, two-blocks down the street from DaRat’sNest.  Don’t get moi wrong. I’m all for da ‘hood improving itself. It’s this, I don’t know, goofiness that’s set in to our society ever since Antiques Roadshow and all the food “roadshows” on cable TV.  I recall a conversation at a Guitar Center when I mentioned I had what is now a collector’s item, a 1964, pre-CBS-Fender Stratocaster. One of the guys began raving about the inlaid dots on the fingerboard and asked me what they were like. I told him we only cared about what kind of sounds we could get them to make thru our amps and/or making peoples’ ears bleed.

Now, it’s food. Diners, Drive-ins and Dives presents a panoply of hash houses which aspire to be anything but that. Having spent a score+ of my years “on the street”, I had a few faves. But I didn’t try to elevate them to anything other than “good” or “bad”. I’m waiting for one to tell Guy Fieri that when they sweat, “…it’s real sweat…the sweat of a true labor of love…not that smelly flop-sweat that only comes from working at a job”.


Anyway, we’ll give this one a shot and will letya know. Just remember, it’s a burger joint.



-Wanna take a stroll down memory lane? While this David Mamet story is based around Spector’s first trial for murder, the background music consists of The Righteous Brothers; The Ronettes; The Crystals, with references to his famous, “Wall of Sound”, of which Glen Campbell, Sonny Bono and Leon Russell were studio musicians. The “secret”, really, was reverb. It enhanced monaural sound. I don’t care; it was cool.

It stars Al Pacino as Phil, with Helen Mirren as one of his defense attorneys, Linda Kenndy Baden and Jeffery Tambor as former-Gotti defender, Bruce Cutler. Mamet’s script leaves us, the viewers, with an unresolved ending, in that we are left wondering if he did it…or he didn’t. Unfortuantely, unlike O.J., we did not have a televised trial for our own, personal back-story. But that’s not the story…not to moi. It’s more about a guy who was, in Leo DiCaprio-ese, the, “King of the World!”…and then not.


Those who have HBO and have not seen this, it’s worth the watch if for no other eason than the back-story stuff on some of the best-known rock ‘n’rollers of our time as kids. Really! How many of you don’t get some kind of reaction when you hear Bill Medley’s baritone, “You never close your eyes like before when I kiss your lips.”?



-In that I am not really a MarchMadness afficiando…Final Four, somewhat…but the rest, not really…I watched several episodes, yesterday, of The History Channel-series. After getting past some of the accents of the actors, again, TCLR, without wathcinhg, looked up from her book and queried, “He wasn’t Scottsih, was he?”, about Noah. So, ‘t’weren’t just moi. Anyway, it was OK. I didn’t find it “compelling” but it held my interest. Perhaps more for my awaiting to see what I knew would happen and how they’d portray it. I’d give this 2-3/4 stars as, well, like I said, it wasn’t really





-It returns tonight at 9 CDT. I am hopeful that the writers/directors/actors have now gotten their story-legs under them and will begin to - well – tell us the story. Basically, they spent their 2012 episodes giving us plenty of exposition. Now, it’s time for the plot(s) to unfold. I, for one, am hopeful that Charlie as gotten her schit together and will be a tad less impulsive, as enough folks suffered because of it. Here’s hoping.

At least there’s a 9PM, CDT alternative to the forgettable, “Hawaii Five-0″. Yes, I know some of you like it. Enjoy





-Well, OK, I’ll give MBFFFs (MyBearsFanFriendsForever) that, what with their signing of F/A  LBs D.J. Willams and James Anderson, who are not zackly yer “best and brightest” as, honestly, unless you were a fan of the Broncos or Panthers, not too-too many folks’ve heard of these guys. Which leads moi to suspect they are mere patches in a rebuild of the D, which they, DaBEARS. are not admitting to. No? Well, gaze northwesterly to 1060 W. Addison Street and look at who they’ve gotten rid of and their replacements.


Let’s face it, 54 was a 6′ 4″, 255#-freak, who could run like a deer and hit like a sledgehammer. Note, I used the past tense, “could”. Still, he knows the “D’, which they say they will continue to run. OK.


MBFFFs, I hope they are not sacrificing their D for their O. Yes, I have repeatedly said they need to get into the SFC and its newfound reliance on O. Still, as moi’s Packehs have shown, unless they have a decent enough D, the playoffs are there but finishing at the top requires a D which on occasion can impose its will on an O. I do not see it with these players. For you, MBFFFs, hopefully things will get batter as they play out. For moi, you know where moi is on that. ;-)



-Believe it or not, a week from t’day and they toss out the first pitches of their seasons! For Sox fans, what seemed to be their strong suit, pitching, may not be quite as strong as at first blush. That said, it’s still better’n DaFlubs. Chris Sale’s stuff is filthy.


I don’t see any playoff-finishes in ChiTown, though…some excitement at 35th and Bill Veeck Dr., but it looks, again, like DaTiggers are odds-on faves to take it…DaSOX could get in…maybe.


However, there’s little to none at 1060 W. Addsion. Up there, well it’s almost like my second childhood. All sortsa excitement over the next-best-thing, a la Castro, Barney or Rizzo but overall, not much. I see Steve Clevenger has a chance as a back-up catcher/utility man. That’s fine. I like the kid. Don’t know why…just do. Still, they’re not much to watch. Sat down, Saturday, and heard Len intone how the Angels’ “real” guys, PooHoles, et al, were up the road in Tempe, leavin’ their - mostly – minor leaguers to play our – mostly - major leaguers. They had a 5-1 lead, which dissipated and DaFlubs finally won but coming back and winning in S[ring Training is about as important as coming back and winning a pre-season SFC game. Still, I’ll tune in for the opener if for no other reason that, well, it’s THE OPENER!



-Just for the halibut, I did a bracket. It took me all of, maybe, 10-minutes. As of yesterday’s games, I am 36 of 48, with 12 of my pix in the Sweet 16. Not bad.

By the way, are y’all aware that the terms, “March Madness” and “Sweet 16″, began rightchere in EllaNoise? Yep, it did. The NCAA co-opted it; EllaNoise fought them but lost. Still, an interesting item, no?



-Yes, there was a single-ticket winner of that $300,000,000.00-odd PowrBall Jackpot, in New Joisey. Whoever it was, I truly hope they don’t get on TV and say how they’re going to “keep working” at their jobs.


Don’t know if will post Wednesday or Friday, yet. A Good Pesa to our JewishNesters.


Ok, gottago. HaGooDay and remember what Lewis Balck tells us: “No matter how schittyy things may seem, at least we won’t get smallpox today”.



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