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Gun safety…and the 14-gutless fux on the GOP side!

Note…Sen. Majority Leader, Harry Ried just succeeded in getting the filibuster-threat to be dropped. Sorry bit after spending all this time, I’m not just deleting this. rad if you like…or don’t.

Hey Honey...

Hey Honey…


Howdy. I have a few minutes, today, so decided to do a RATITORIAL on the Gun Safety – or whatever they’re calling it –  issue and the 14-gutless fux on the GOP side who are threatening to filibuster any debate on it. Go ahead and write back that I am “speaking like a true Democrat”, which I will debate with you till death do us part. This is ridiculous!


Led by TurkeyWattleMitch McConnell, along with Marco! Polo!-Rubio, Rand Paul and how can we forget Joe McCarthy’s bastard grandson from Tejas, Ted Cruz and PepeLePew LaPierre, among others. What angers me most is their refusal; to even DISCUSS anything! Talk about wearing their NRA-patches on their sleeves, showing they’ve been bought and paid for and by whom! Folks, I completely understand this is NOT a simple matter. There are different folks from all over the country who have different views of the issue from the “NoGuns” crowd on the Left to the “Anything Goes” crowd on the Right.


OK, that’s why there should be a reasoned discussion/debate and, hopefully, a positive result afterwards. So, why are they refusing to even discuss anything about it? Could it be that the know they are on the wrong side? That they’ll be found to be nothing more than water-carriers for the NRA…that their positions defy reason? Yes, there are DEMS who have not exactly been “Profiles on Courage” in this matter. However, the real buttheads for the purposes of this item are the aforementioned ass-clowns.



Reasonable folks could/might/would(?), agree that…

1) Military-weapons are unnecessary for hunting purposes. Unless one wants to “butcher” one’s quarry after the kill sans knives. The .225-caliber ammunition has been in existence for years and years. It was used for “varmint” shooting; in bolt-action rifles; mostly for long-range shots but not solely.


2) There is no need for anyone, other than law-enforcement officers, for more than a 10-shot magazine for any weapon.


3) That any person who, knowingly, purchases a weapon, legally and then sells/gives turns it over to another for criminal-purposes needs to be prosecuted as an accessory to any crime committed by the actual perpetrator, e.g., in Illinois, a possessor of an valid FOID-card can purchase a 9MM handgun; walk out and sell it to whomever for whatever use with no thought nor concern as to any kind of repercussions to the seller. So, even the handgun ban in effect in ChiTown really is meaningless as long as the purchase can be made across a street in a suburb and then used in a crime in Chi.


4) Most hunters are responsible folks; teach gun safety to their kids and are law-abiding. They know an AR-15 is more for shooting “fun” than hunting.


5) No law stops ALL crime…none. If we were to adopt the NRA and their crowd’s logic, we should have no laws as, well, hey, we’ll never STOP those law-breakers from jaywalkers to murderers. What laws do is provide a framework of rights, responsibilities and punishments for those who are irresponsible and/or break them.


6) When it comes to “deadly-weapons”, shouldn’t there be a more reasoned, factually-based argument made in support other than, “Because I want one!”


7) We’ll be on a slippery-slope to gun confiscation! Really? There currently is…and has been…a gun registry for the purposes of owning machine-guns. Only collectors and licensed owners may possess them. Now, when is the last time you ever heard of any machine-gun owner’s guns being taken from them? Never mind as it hasn’t happened.


Here are some facts you may find interesting and enlightening as to my rhetorical questions and views, above.

1) There are 30,000+ deaths by gun violence in the U.S. every year.

2) Which work out to 577 deaths by gun violence/week.

3) Which work out to 82 deaths by gun violence/day.

4) Each day.

5) Every day.


But wait! There’s more!


Deaths by gun violence are projected to exceed traffic fatalities in 2015! That is scary inasmuch as far more folks own/drive cars than own guns.


But wait! There’s more!


While deaths by gun-violence pale in comparison to the number 1 & 2 killers in the U.S are heart-disease, @ 597K/year with cancer @ 574K+/year, a close second. Do we see/hear our political leaders saying, “Give us Heart Disease!” “Give us cancer!”, a la, “Give us Barabbas!”. No! To the contrary, we have been actively seeking cures…read that, ends…to them.


Look folks, after those 20 little first-graders in Newtown; the folks who decided to see a “Batman” movie in Colorado; Gabby Giffords; NIU; and on and on and on…it’s time.


Politically-speaking, those 14 and their NRA-GOA-pals may be shooting themselves in their right-pointing-political-feet. Even though the country overwhelmingly supports all sorts of restrictions on guns, their positions of not-nuthin’, not-no-how, while balm to their fringies, may bite them in their asses.


Had they sat down and had a reasonable-discussion, taking the opportunity to reasonably express their side, they could have held out for their core beliefs and maybe even soften some of what might have happened. Now, they have given unrestricted-capacity-magazines of political-ammo to their opponents for the ’14-elections, which are – normally – anti-incumbent-presidential party. However, this is such an explosive issue that it could shift the House back to DaDEMS and also allow them to hold the Senate. What do you think will happen to DaGOPers if that should happen? Do you honestly think any Dem will give a schit what GOPers think?


What NoBonerBoener has to say? They saw what “cooperating” with the minority did to them in ’09 and ’10. It won’t happen again, as they won’t get fooled again. If that should happen, these folks may find themselves without even being able to own a cap-pistol. They’ll owe that all to PepeLePew LaPierre and his NRA. By the way, this NRA is not the same as that when I was a kid. This NRA is nothing-more than a trade-group/Right Wing-PAC mainly interested in their clients’, the gun manufacturers, and keeping their $16,000,000,000.00 in annual sales right there, or higher.




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