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Gun Control, BOHICA, The Dow, 3D and More!

Good morning on this FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY! It really isn’t but hey, what’re we gonna do. It’s been more like late-October/early-November than the first month of Spring but they ain’t nuthin’ we can do about it on this 102nd day of the Year of Our Lord, Zeus, 2013. OK, let’s see what we can see, shall we?

The good news is, 68 Senators, 16 of which were GOPers, voted for it. The bad is, 31 did not and of those, 29 were GOPers with 2 Dems joining them.

Yes. No. Whoa.

Yes. No. Whoa.

But it IS FEEL GOOD FRIDAY, so let us accentuate the positive. The bill which is being debated was co-sponsored by Sens. Pat Toomey, R-PA and Joe Manchin, D-W.V., each of whom are considered to be Conservative members of their respective parties. Please note the capital “C”. Folks, these are Conservatives; not right-wing-fringies. Yes, Manchin is a Dem but that doesn’t mean he can’t have Conservative principals. Toomey is a dyed-in-the-wool Conservative, GOPer, but not one out of political-expediency. I have seen and heard him on TV. He’s the anti-Rand Paul/Ted Cruz/MarcoPolo Rubio.

Here’s the NOT-SO-FEEL-GOOD of this. The fact that there is a celebration of sorts that there will be a “debate” on the Manchin-Toomey Bill speaks volumes as to the state of dysfunction of DUMBCLUCKSVILLE, aka, D.C.

Here’s the FEEL-GOOD. The ball has begun to roll and, hopefully, there will be some real limits on the availability of weapons to those who should not possess them. Yes, I said “weapons”, as semantically, it has a much more effective connotation. Beware those who scream “Gun Registry”. This Bill is not a registry. No background check acts as one and there have been no, not one, instance of confiscation in our country’s history.

Last point. Why is it that city job-seekers must pass a criminal background check, to which there is no objection but in order to buy a weapon, the main purpose of which is to maim or kill people, there is objection? Just askin’.

-A WANNABE ChiTowner?

Today’s S-T has a letter to its editor which reads in part: “Congratulations are in order for Mayor Rahm Emanuel and our City Council for….”, which is signed: Jim Mullins, Oak Brook. I guess no one on the S-T’s editorial staff felt the need to mention to Mr. Mullins that in order for he to refer to the Chicago City Council as “our”, he would need to be a resident of Chicahgah. Last time I looked, Oak Brook was – not only – NOT Chicahgah, but not even part of Cooks Country…I mean, Cook County.

Has D.C.’s dysfunctionality become just so much “white-noise” to business? I mean, really. The election is over and despite dire warnings by the opponents, Barry’s re-election, nor his counterparts have yet to have driven us off a cliff…at least as far as Wall Street is concerned. Yesterday, the Dow closed at 14,855.14. That’s just a loud fart from 15,000!


Yes, I decided to go see one of moi’s fave “monster-movies” in the aforementioned formats. You must understand, moi spent many a Saturday afternoon at the old Bugg Theater on Damen Ave., just south of Irving in DaCity’s “North Center” area. The Bugg specialized in B-movies, especially “monster movies”, many of which in the mid-50s were of the resurrected dinosaur variety, e. g., “The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms” “It Came From Beneath the Sea”, not to mention, “Godzilla”.

Was it worth the $16.00? FX-wise, yes! Otherwise, no. Being that I’d seen this film gawd-knows-how-many-times, the “fill-in”, read that as the plot, was boring as, well, I knew it…nearly by rote. Michael Crichton’s theme from his book on which this was based, that “Life finds a way”, is still compelling and something in which I believe. Otherwise though, the rest is rather, “ho-hum”. That said, this version is not identical to the original. There are scenes from the first which are not in this. Specifically, the T-Rex “impact-tremors”, which are evidenced by the water in the glass on the dashboard of the tour-vehicle do not appear here. I know, picky-picky-picky.

Now to the special effects. The T-Rex Paddock scene is totally cool! The visuals are much more vivid; the sound compelling. I found myself trying to discern which growls/roars came from what predator(s). The Velociraptors were scary, too, keeds. In the penultimate scene where Dr. Grant, Ellie and the kids are crawling along the false-ceiling above them; one of the grilles drops and the Raptor leaps up after Lex, it seems as if it’s jumping at the audience. Really…I moved my head.

OK, this is moi’s pleasure, I know. I went by myself as, well it is that. I present this for those who think they may want to do as I.

Speaking of Dinosaurs, Brookfield Zoo has “Dinosaurs Alive!”, an animatronic show of the giant reptiles which used to roam De Oit. Included are a T-Rex; Stegosaurus; Triceratops, among others. This was brought to moi’s attention by RatetteJanet and is in today’s papers. It will be there till October 27th.

A group which went from “underground/rock” status in the mid-60s to near mainstream-pop in the ’70s returns to ChiTown’s United Center tomorrow night. Moi was first taken with their “Oh Well”, which contains the line “But when I talked to God I knew he’d understand, He said ‘Stick by me and I’ll be your guiding hand. But don’t ask me what I think of you. I might not give the answer you want me to”. After that, well, there was “Rumours”, etc. , when they added Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie. The rest as they say, is history.

By the way, anyone know where they got their name? Fleetwood is drummer, Mick Fleetwood’s last name and the “Mac” is from bass-player, John McVie’s.

Dollar-wise, tix are $49.50 to $149.50, in contrast to The Stones, $85.00 to $600.00. That’s a lotsa mozzeralla for a couple aging-old-rock bands.

While not being old enough to have seen Jackie Robinson play at his highest level, I did see the Cubs first black baseball player, Ernie. Think about that. Robinson broke into the Majors in 1947…Ernie’s first appearance as a Cub was in September, 1953. That’s a view of history you youngins out there need to understand, which is if you think things are bad now…they’ve been worse.

Quite a few reruns lately, so not too much out there…but some….

Moved to Friday nights, which while that isn’t a good sign, last week’s episode was actually worth watching. Far less contrived and a story which was followable. Still, when shows begin to get shuffled around; looking for a workable time-slot, ‘t’ain’t good news, McGee.

This show is succeeding. (I know, it’s only on its 2nd-episode.) It does what a good story is supposed to…doing a plausible sleight-of-hand with the plot, getting the viewers to look one way, while coming back to them from another. Last night, we really thought we had something figured out, which we didn’t. It was done well and with a deftness that is usually left to well-crafted/well-written, feature films. While I hope this continues, it’s going to be hard to do so.

Again, Mads Mikkelson, (Phil’s Scandinavian-bro?), is the ultimate-creepy-not-so-creepy-creep. One thing is the near-absence of his eyebrows. It gives his face an eeriness which is difficult to describe. Laurence Fishburne and the rest of the cast acquit themselves rather well, too.

-The Campaign.
HBO subcribers will get the Will Ferrell/Zack Galifinakis take-off on our beloved political scene with their gifted-lunacy tomorrow at 7:30 PM in the evening.

Speaking of Galifinakis, The Hangover III is due for release, soon. Can’t wait.


We have a good news/bad news-situation from Clark & Addison. Let’s get the bad out of the way, first…yesterday’s game and their start to the season. You may, “Put the blame on me, boys. Put the blame on Mame”, I mean, me. Since I praised Fidel’s “D” in the first game of the season, he’s misplayed two, easy-peasy ground outs, which led to losses. Yesterday, with a 5-0 lead in the 4th, he booted an inning-ender, which led to a non-cover of 1st base by pitcher Scotty Feldman, which led to 4-runs scoring; followed by an additional 3 in the Giants 5th, which ultimatey led to Rizzo taking a 3rd strike in the bottom of the 9th, ending the game; leaving the tying run at second.

Need moi remind you of LaddyMarmol’s implosion last weekend in Atlanta with his show of Upton-brotherly-love-back-to-back-ultimately-walk-off-homers. These are devastating losses if they occur in a month. These took place in their 1st, 9-games, leaving them 3-6, keeping them on pace to win 54-games. I wasn’t expecting much but I was expecting batter than this. It seems miniscule but there’s a world of difference between 3-6 and 4-5. Really. There is.

Now for the – qualified – good news. It seems an agreement on the WrigleyRehab (WR), may be coming to – somewhat – of a positive conclusion. It involves the City allowing them to extend the outer walls on Waveland and Sheffield Aves., out as much as 10-feet, to allow for the installation of the Jumbotron/signage they are requesting. This is due to the egg-sucking-dog rooftop owners, who are sticking to their guns on the terms of their contract with the – then owners – Tribbies, now Rickettses for an “uninterrupted sweep”, view of the stadium inside and out. I, for one, couldn’t care less what those boil-suckers’ complaints are. Yes, it’s a valid contract, I know. That does nothing to raise moi’s opinion of slime being allowed to steal something; get a contract OK’g their continued theft for a modest “skim” of their ill-gotten-gains and then their desire to continue to do this beyond the end of said agreement in 2023. I may very well be looking up at daisy roots by then and if I’m still here, not be fully-facultied, so I will say, with all my heart, I hope by then, the Cubs have become The Yankees of the then MLB and tell these pus-filled-anal-boil-suckers from Sheffield and Waveland Avenues to go suck an egg. There. I feel better now.

That said, hopefully, they will be on their way to making the ballpark less of a dump; bring in some more moola and continue to build a decent, contending ballclub. Hey, it’s FEEL-GOD FRIDAY, so I’m gonna FEEL-GOOD.

“Goat’s Head Soup” anyone?
It seems some pranksters sent a severed goat’s head in a box to Tom Ricketts, yesterday. No, it wasn’t sent by Sir Mick, Keith, Charlie, or Ronnie to promote their upcoming tour. It seems like it may have been more of a stoopid joke. Here’s the thing. Where it was dropped off, Gate K, is the gate across the street from the firehouse on Waveland Ave., which by the way has a surveillance camera which recorded the drop off. If the van’s plate is visible, somebody’s in trouble.
That said, I’m still up for a BOHICA game. Only need 5-others who are willing to bare their torsos to join moi, of which one must be a bit on the “round” side, as moi, for the “O” and “C”.

Jorge Soler the next Juan Marichal? This probably means less-than-nothing to you youngins out there but in 1965, Giants RHP, Juan Marichal took his bat to the head of Dodgers catcher, John Roseboro, after Roseboro “buzzed” a throw back to the pitcher past Marichal’s ear. Roseboro required 14 stitches and Marichal was fined $1750.00.

This week, Soler charged the dugout of opponent, Clearwater, bat in hand, for whatever a Clearwater player had said to him. He’s been suspended 5-games. No, I don’t think he’s the second or 3rd – coming of Zambo or Milton, The Game Of Life, Bradley. Yet. He’s a kid and kids, as we all know, do the darndest things.

Last but not least, ThatStiffInLeft got his first extra-base hit, a double in the 8th. He has yet to drive in a run.


Adding injury to insult, the Sox lost 2nd-sacker, Gordon Beckham to a fractured, left-wrist, yesterday. It will require surgery and they are speculating he’ll be out 6-weeks. Ouch!
I may have misspoke in the name of cuteness as it’s no insult to lose to the Nationals. They are reputed to be one of the best squads in MLB.
However, they now travel to Cleveland, where it would be an insult for them to lose.

They host the Red Wings, tonight, with Corey Crawford in the nets.

The NewYawkKnickerbockers…what the flip IS a knickerbocker, anyway…came to town last night, sportin’ a 13-game win streak, which DaBulls snapped, 118-111 in overtime.

This gives one pause, no? I mean they’ve been without Rose all season but besides him, they’ve been shorthanded most of the time. Noah’s been in and out; as have Deng, Gibson, Hinrich, Hamilton among others. Yet, they are still in the thick of it for the playoffs. No, they do NOT have enough to take on Miami in a 7-game series. But still, Thibs gets a tip of the cap, no?

We’ll wind up today with the first of the 4 “Majors”, though I am one who agrees that the TPC at Sawgrass is the 5th and may be more difficult than the Brit and PGA, leaving us with The Masters, U.S. Open and TPC.

So far, not much to report after Round 1, with a Marc Leishman, (Who-the-pluck-is he?), tied for the lead with Sergio @ -6; followed by Dustin Johnson at -5 and moi’s fave, Freddie Couples who along with several others, notably, Rickie Fowler and Matt Kuchar @ -4. Tigger’s tied with 9 others @ -2.

The “soup du Jour” this year is Guan Tianlang, a 14-year-old from China. Everything was fine about that until I finished typing, “from”. By the way, his mother’s name is, ahem, “Hung Yu”. Now, moi’s understanding is that Chinese names are last-name-first. So would that mean it’s “Yu Hung”?

Phil Mickelson, (Mads’ California-bro?), finished at -1.

Other than that, I intend to settle back and view one of the most beautiful golf courses, ever, make grown men cry when they blow a short putt on its glass-like greens. Don’t know if y’all recall but my CGCCS, bro, informed moi that if their azaleas begin to bloom early, they pack the roots with ice so as to have them at their peak-blossom for the tourney; that they have an oast – a YUGE oven – in which they bake the moisture out of the sand for their traps, in order to keep it fluffy, white and powdery. I will spend that time by moi’s self as I am the only one who enjoys it. No biggie.

Ok, take care, HaGooWeeken’ and seeya when I seeya.



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