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Guess Who’s Back On Feel- Good Friday??? Hint… It Ain’t Donald Trump




Staind-It’s Been Awhile Unplugged

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?


I got a couple positive comments from readers who made me think, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! WTF am I doin’ letting my thoughts ruminate in my head like some old cud in a cow’s gut, which made me think, “Hmmm. Maybe I’ll go back to the old keyboard and tap out a few thoughts.” So. Here I am.


Oops. Thanks for the AttaWats.





As always, let’s see what National Calendar Day says this day is, shall we? It’s…


“National Cheeseburger Day”. Well, boy howdy! Is there a better food not conceived by the Intelligent Designer? I mean, juicy ground beef, covered with a slice of onion…or its grilled counterparts…some gooey, melted Amurc’n Cheese; a slice of tomato and some lettuce? And now you know why I weigh what I do. :-)




“National POW/MIA Recognition Day”. This is a helluva lot more serious and no, ‘t’ain’t Feel-Good, but hey, those folks did their parts and their families still don’t know what’s happened to some of them…the MIAs. Let’s hold a good thought for all of them.




“National Tradesmen Day”. Maybe it was this, which caused ChiTown’s Archbishop, (more on him, later), to issue his statement yesterday, telling CEO Carhart to take his attitude and shove it up his anal pore…all in the name of the Almighty.


And then, we have this date….this September 18th…on which to cogitate, historically, thanks to and So, let’s all go to The WayBack Machine with Mr. Peabody and Sherman, to see what we can see occurred in…



1789,    What would have been anathema to today’s TeaPartiers, the first loan was made to DaFeds to pay the salaries of Presidents and Congress.


1848,    Baseball ruled that the 1st baseman can simply tag the base, instead of tagging the runner. See, Bill? Baseball did exist < The Civil War, just like Tom said.


1850,    Congress passed the second Fugitive Slave Law, which required any fugitive who were caught, had to be returned to their owners. Come on. It’s only fair.


1851,    Selling for 2-cents a copy, The New York Times began publishing.


1885,    Riots broke out in Montreal to protest compulsory smallpox vaccinations. You mean Jenny McCarthy is THAT old?!?!?!?!?!?!?


1929,    The Chicago Cubs clinched the NL pennant, thanks to the Boston Braves defeat of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Hmmmm.


1938,    This’ll warm the hearts of Lake County Football Club fans, as their team defeated the Green Bay Packers, 2-0, on this date.


1947,    The United States Air Force was formed, replacing the USAAF.


1956,    Mickey Mantle became – only – the eighth MLB player to hit 50 home runs. That was pre-juicy-juice days, boys and girls.


1969,    Tiny Tim and Miss Vickie were engaged.


1971,    King of the JuicyJuicers, Lance Armstrong, was born.


1973,    Momofuku Ando marketed the first “Cup of Noodles”. Not that that matters. I just couldn’t resist typing M-o-m-of-u-k-u. And, I think I’ll stop there as, well, come on, Momofuku? That’s just too, too funny…like a brutha with a stammer. ;-)






Didn’t watch a minute. Why? Cubs game and I didn’t know they were on. Besides, this is all staged.

Carly Fiorina got her chance to challenge Frump over his “face” comment, which she did; getting her sympathetic moment. (That’s not meant to be misogynistic. Her dramatic pause is what did it.)


Then we had Jeb, say how well his bro “Kept us safe”, showing that he clearly is unfit to be President, as anyone who forgot what his bro didn’t do, prior to September 11th, well, you get it.


Trump was Trump. He’s just about burned himself out. I keep thinking, he’s a Dem-Mole, assigned to infiltrate the GOP; expose its flaws as “one of them”…with a flourish, no less…paving the way for DaDems…or not. As crazy as he’s been, he has said a few things with which I agree: Hands off Social Security; higher taxes for hedge fund managers and the rest of the 1%-crowd; take on China; reintroduce tariffs, etc.


Rand Paul is showing he ain’t ready for Prime Time; nor is Marco Rubio; Ben Carson trotting out the Us Navy is smaller than it was after WWI”, BS. Well, it isn’t BS, as the Navy IS smaller. It’s also more powerful and deadlier, by orders of magnitude now, than then.


Kasich won’t get anywhere, as he actually has some not-so-out-there ideas.


Ted Cruz? looks like his  shutting-down the guv’m'nt and costing the country $27B in 2013, caught up with him.


Scott Walker looks like he belongs on a snowboard. I mean, have you ever seen someone who’s looked so perpetually stoned than this cat?


Mike Huckabee. I’d use “Huckleberry Hound” with the name-similarity, but I like Huckleberry Hound, and Huckabee’s just, never mind.


The rest are but bit players. Well, there is Rick Santorum, who likes to tell the Pope he should stick to what he knows best.Pot meet kettle?


But wait! There’s more.



Hillary is Hillary. You like her. You hate her. You’re not sure. At times, she’s her own worst enemy, which could be considered surprising, as her having survived the ’90s, she should have learned, there’s nothing she could do that her opponents won’t turn into something it’s not…or actually, is. To me, she never just answers a question. “Hey, Hill! Noice day, huh?” She looks; mind turning over all the permutations and she says, “Yeah. I guess so. Well, i mean, if you like sunny skies and moderate temperatures. But then it IS September”.


Bernie Sanders. Kind of the antithesis of Donald Trump. A self-proclaimed Socialist, which has some Socialists seething, as they say he is not one of them! Hey, it’s politics. That said, he comes up with some interesting numbers when it comes to what we spend on some things compared to others. For example, the “1/4 of the Iraq War budget would fund Social Security for the next 75-years”. I checked. He’s right. There’s more, good and bad. But as was said of Trump, he brings up things which need to be brought up, which Hill will not.


James Webb. About the only candidate I support. Like me, he was a solid Dem, until Carter, (RIP). Leaned GOP with Reagan and became his SecNav; dropped the GOP like a bad habit once Dumbya came along. Like Kasich, he’s grounded, so he won’t make it.


OK, enough of that. It IS Feel-Good Friday. As always, feel free to respond,which I beleive you will to these thumbnails.


-Much like his boss in The Vatican, ChiTown’s archbishop is championing underdogs. here’s a great item from t’day’s S-T…



  Archbishop Cupich enters political battle over unions – Chicago

That was followed by columnists, Neil Steinberg’s excellent column,in which he admits, all union activities are not perfect but, hey, this struggle’s nothing new.







Steinberg: Cupich follows tradition in enlisting God for union fight – Chicago

Steinberg: Cupich follows tradition in enlisting God for…Follow @neilsteinberg “Masters and wealthy owners,” Pope Leo XIII wrote in his encyclical on labor in 1891, “must be mindful of their duty.” That duty, he wrote in …
View on







“Hercules”. We don’t epix(that’s how they spell it), on our cable plan but they had a “free weekend” so did some DVR’g. Didn’t see this version of one of my fave-heroes of Greek mythology…one on whom I think Christians may have based, JC…on the big screen. Glad I hadn’t. While watching, I kept asking myself why it seemed so much like some comic book; less in touch with the actual Hercules-myth than even Kevin Sorbo’s TV series. Turns out, it’s because it WAS based on some nouveau-comic version. How could I tell? Well, besides the fact that they said so during the final credits,  “The Labors of Hercules”, which – literally – are the stuff of myths, are dispatched in the first several minutes. His defeat of The Hydra, which according to the story was created by Hera with the sole purpose of killing Hercules, was considered impossible, in that The Hydra had 9-heads, which if one were cut off, two would grow back. Huh? Yeah, dude! So, how did he do it? His nephew Iolaus suggested when he lopped off a head, he immediately cauterize the neck with a torch, which he did. In this film, Not only did that NOT occur, but the entire story was told as that. Just a story; demyhtifying the beasts he fought. The Hydra, was a group of warriors who wore serpentine-masks. Yeah. What about Cerberus, the three-headed “Hound of Hades”, i.e, Hades watchdog? Oh. That was three wolves. get the picture?


Otherwise, physically, The Rock was about as good as good gets in what we’d think the greatest hero ever…no, not “Tom Terrific”…would look like. Had it not been for the nonsensical 21st-century smartassed comments.


The action was fine. They added Atalanta as a comely Amazon, whose prowess with a bow would make Robin Hood blush, which he should.

Unfortunately, Herc’s band of merry men and woman were, at best formulaic and derivative. Prior to the climactic battle scene, Herc & Co., are surrounded by Lord Cotys’ (John Hurt) men, al la “Calvera” in “The Magnificent Seven”. There’s only a slight deviation, as after they defeated Cotys’ enemies, they found out he was the oppressor, not the others. Cotys has them surrounded; releases them with their weapons and the gold promised them as mercenaries. They get to their horses and…uh-huh…you guessed it. Herc goes “Britt” (James Coburn) and just about says the same lines. Of course, there has to be a “Harry” (Brad Dexter) who in this is Rufus Sewell’s “Autolycus”…read that name again…who takes all the gold as the others  react like Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, Chris and the others. I did like Iam McShane as “seer” Ampiaraus, though I like him in just about any role.


Anyway, if you want two spend 98-minutes watching some escapism-action, enjoy. But…SPOILER ALERT…do NOT expect the story of Hercules which I loved; taught and consider to rank right up there with The Iliad and The Odyssey as among the greatest adventure tales…ever.


“Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”. Not a bad post-Cold War thriller with Chris Pine now taking over for Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin. It was a bit of a stretch, though, that he and his buddies and fiance all completed their mission…in Moscow, which involved some murder and mayhem but not a hint of any kind of stop by the Rooskie-authorities…finalizing in a Wall Street climax. Another “escapist” 90-odd minutes, without a felling they’d been wasted. Again, a solid cast. Kevin Costner as Jack’s “handler”…sorry, couldn’t resist…Kiera Knightly as his fiance and Kevin Branagh as the super-bad-Rooskie-dude, helped it along.




“Ray Donovan”, Showtime. Wow! Ray Donovan family-man? Maybe. He’s back with Lena and Avi but now has my fave, Ian McShane, as his patron. This season’s a bit different. It seems Ray and Abby have acknowledged who they are…for good or ill. The kids are being kids, which entails some teen-stupidity…which is really there. Bunchie’s gone and gotten married. Mickey’s gettin’ “adiosed”…not dead…and some of Ray’s old nemeses are back. Add to that, Katie Holmes as Ian McShane’s daughter, Paige, sporting braces but standing on her won with Ray, Abby, McSahne’s Andrew Finney among others. This Sunday is the second-to-last for this season. As precarious as things may seem…SPOILER ALERT…Ray will get out of whatever, as the series was renewed for Season 4 a month or so ago. So, No way will it run with our “hero” in the slammer.


Haftasay, I agree with the item I read that this show knows how to improve as it continues far better than “True Detective” did with it’s #2-season. (You are free to interpret that any way you wish. ;-) )


-Music folks…’XRT’s “Featured Artist of the Day” is Robert Plant.





-The Cubs…


OK, last February or March, I wrote that it should be easy-peasy for them to win 9-more games(82-total), as that amounted to 1.5-more wins/month…and for the $1/2B they’d put into salaries, park improvements, etc., that isn’t too much to expect. A little later, I said they might get lucky and get as many as 86-wins. Well, my friends, as of right now, they are 85-61, one short of my “lightning-in-a-bottle”/best-case-scenario.


But wait There’s more.


Of the 6-MLB divisions, only two are led by teams with a better record, the ‘Turds and KC, who along with Pittsburgh have better records. In other words, they would be leading any of four, other divisions! Nice, huh?


Despite having a so-so back-of-the-rotation and a questionable bullpen…even Jed Hoyer said so, last week…they’ve found  ways to win  24-more games than they’ve lost!


OK, T-Tom thinks I’m a pessimist. I’m not. I’m a realist. So far, Joe Maddon’s been everything even the “It’s Gonna Happen Crowd” thought he’d be…and then some. Can you imagine Ricky Renteria benching Fidel; moving Russell over to SS; bringing up Baez and plugging his glove in at 2nd or 3rd? If so, pass me whatever you been  smokin’ or drinkin’, Dude!


There’s also been quite a bit of serendipity with them, this season. Just about every one of their prospects whom they’ve called up has done decent…to well…to outstanding. From the aforementioned, Russell who’s blossomed since being moved to his natural position, to dismissing Bryant’s 181 Ks as he’s also a ROY candidate with 24 ‘taters; 93 RBI on a .274 B/A; to Schwarbs 67Ks in 56-games, who has 16 dingers in those 56-games, along with a .255 and 42 RBI. Not bad for rooks, guys. There is also Soler who may play today, as he’s just off the DL. We can only hope the time he spent rehabbing worked as well on he as it did on Baez, who’s cut down on his Ks to < 1/game. So, will Soler return more like Rico Carty or Pedro Cerrano? I mention Carty for a couple reasons. He was 6’3″/200. Soler, 6’4′/215. Both YUGE guys, who don’t seem to hit as many homers as guys that YUGE should. BUT, they knock the ball outta-round, they hit it so hard. Although, Carty only K’d 663-times in 5600+ A/Bs and was one, mean-momofuku as a hitter…when healthy. Wouldn’t THAT be something special!


The best thing…other than Maddon…has to be Big Jake. Man, that dude deals! He blew his chance for his 20th the other night on his half-arsed toss to 1st, a la Jon Lester, which cost him an unearned run, which ultimately led to extras, where they won.


I like Lester. He thrilled me the other day when he “stepped off” with a man on 1st and picked him off. FINALLY! Thing is, I taught my ballplayers that…14/15 and 16-year olds…that 40+-years ago!


After these guys, well, it seems Hammel’s-hammie’s peskier than we thought. Hendricks keeps showing why he’s “on the bubble” as we never know which Hendicks’ll show up, Kyle or Jimi…and Jimi’s dead. Good Kyle can be solid; Jimi, well, yesterday, they staked him to a 3-0 lead in the 2nd. By the top of the 4th, he’d given up 3-dingers, 4-3 Bucs. 63-pitches in 3-innnings!  Today’s starter is Dan Haren, their trade-deadline pick-up. Again, who’s gonna show up…the guy who stuck the ‘Turds bats up their heinies or some guy tossin’ BP? Let’s hope for the latter.


No matter how this ends, I’ve pretty much convinced myself we’re playing with house money right now as they’re a year ahead of schedule. I expect them to be in the “play-in” game, October 7th, as with an 8-game lead and 16 to play, blowing that’d eclipse ’69. They could overtake Pittsburgh. Mathematically, they could…stress on “could”…catch the ‘Turds but again, 16 left; down 7. Yes they’re playing the ‘Turds this weekend (more on that later) but again, unlikely. I will be disappointed if they’re 1 and done but will get over it. Again, they’re a year early. Yes, you never know if you’ll ever have another chance, but they should be even better as they get older. Chalk that up to “lowered expectations”.


-Cubs TV schedule this weekend: Today, ABC-Channel 7; 1:20. Tomorrow, FOX,12:05; Sunday, TBS…yes, you read thaat right, TBS…1:20. All times Central. Yeah, you read that right. No WGN. No Comcast. How these stations got the rights to these games is beyoind me. Should be nice bucks for those rights.



Going to go as easy on this as I can…

If Robin’s still managing them in ’16, something’s amiss.


Cubs P/C, Chris Bosio can’t be THAT good for Smarj to have gone from the hottest pitching pick-up of ’14, to 9-13; 5.27; OppB/A, .281. I mean, this is his “walk” year! He can’t have let whatever personal differences he has with his coaches. etc., do this to him. If so, what does that say about his “‘nads”?


Too bad Thompson got hurt. Kid has some skills.


I’ll leave the erst to the ABDN-crew.



As former Packehs CB,Charles Woodson usetasay, “We can always rely on Jay to throw us one or two”, which he did last Sunday. Thanks, Jay.



Well, “The Packers are who we thought they were!” Their “D” was suspect…again. They lost ILB, Sam Barrington in last weeks’ game against DLFFC, which doesn’t help. With him down, Clay Matthews, Jr. will be inside more than out, for now. We may see rookie ILB, Jake Ryan…no not, “Jack”…from Michigan, in Sunday Night’s game against the Bile and Blue. God, do I want THAT win! Hopefully, Morgan Burnett will be back to bolster the secondary. We’ll see.


-Patrick Kane…

Only going to say this. There’s no upside. Even if it turns out he’s innocent of being charged with rape, he’ll always be the dummass who put himself in that position. Yes. he’s only 26. Yes, he’s a multi-multi-millionaire and money does not equate to brains/common sense. 3-AM; drunk in a bar? Come on, kid! Oh well.


-Milo Hamilton, RIP.

The former Cubs/Braves/whomever else, announcer passed away, yesterday. He’s most famous for his call of Hank Aaron’s record-breaking 715th. homer. As a Cubs announcer, I don’t think I ever heard anyone use more baseball cliches before-during or since than he would in one game. ;-)


OK, time to go. Hope all y’all enjoyed this .This’ll be it for awhile as I have several commitments coming up the next couple weeks, which’ll take up most or all my time. See you then.


Have a great weekend. Remember, while every day is a gift, every day isn’t Christmas…treasure them.


Oh yeah…here’s one to put a smile on yer faces…


Bugs Bunny Ep 43 The Unruly Hare

Bugs Bunny Ep 43 The Unruly Hare
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“So I’m a BIG FatWat”


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