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turkeyGood morning…and a brisk one it is in ChiTown, 13-degrees as I sit here. It’s temps like this which remind moi of just how old moi is. Achy…achy bones. (Sorry, don’t know how anyone could do a “bad” précis of Billy Ray Cyrus but I just did.)


As I’d mentioned Monday, this will be our FEEL-GOOD edition as moi has a date with DaNest and some Christmas decorations for the next few days, with some copious amounts of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries and some veggies, I guess, tomorrow.

Oh yeah, can’t forget moi’s Green Bay Packehs are due for a national embarrassment in Detroyit, tomorrow, too. Like a car wreck, I’ll watch.


OK, courtesy of, let’s have Sherman go to the Wayback Machine so we can see what’s happened on this date in…


43BC,   Octavian, Antony and Lepidus formed the Triumvirate of Rome.


511,     The King of the Franks, (no beans?), Clovis, died.


1942,   A “Purple Haze” began to form as Jimi Hendrix was born.


1955,   Bill Nye The Science Guy was born.


1963,   Princess Desiree of Hohenzollern was born. I only mention this, as in our college days, a friend could not recall the “Hohenzollerns” on a final exam. Being that he was a History major, that was not good. He did put moi’s better half’s maiden-name down, which was similar and received credit for it!  It’s an old, Austrian appellation.


1967,   LBJ appointed Robert McNamara President of The World Bank, where he was much more effective as few would die from his ineptitude as did whilst he was SecDef. It was McNamara’s band which criticized our guys for using more bullets/kill in ‘Nam than their WWII counterparts. I mean, that’s the question, right? “Why does it take you guys so many more bullets to kill a guy than those other guys did 20-years ago?”


1973,   Following Trick M. Nixon’s resignation of the Presidency, Gerald R. Ford was confirmed to succeed him by the U.S. Senate.


2001,   The Hubble telescope, (the machine which provides T-Brewski with many of his “NASA Photos of the Day”), discovered a hydrogen atmosphere on the planet Osiris. The first detected on a planet not of our solar-system.




-Check this out:

Please note, those complaining are the candidate’s GOP-opponents.



-Am I the only one who, once an administration is into its second term, I find moi’s self pulling away from it after having supported it? What I mean is this. In 1980, I voted for Reagan. Yes. I did. As much as I disagreed with him and carried an animus towards him during Vietnam, especially since his being nearsighted kept him from serving overseas in WWII, though he strongly advocated for guys my age should be drafted and take our chances at dying in a rice paddy. Sorry. Not FEEL-GOOD.


Anyway, I voted for him in ’80 and again in ’84. However, it was after ’84 when I began to tire of his administration’s positions. I felt less and less tolerant of his policies on which I disagreed with he and his administration. I found myself tuning out news stations which favored them and went the opposite direction.


I did not with Slick Willy, as I did not vote for him in ’92. However, once I saw that what he’d been doing was helping me and mine, I began to support him. He is my biggest political disappointment that he failed to keep his Willy in its wonka as he had the smarts and communication skills to have been one of our best presidents. Because of that, they’ll always be that footnote…or “willy-note”.


Dub? The Wonder Years were just that. I wonder how we ever elected him in the first place but worse, how did we re-elect him?


Barry. Well, after The Wonder Years, just about anyone would have had moi’s support. However, much like St. Ronnie, I am tiring of his style of running things. He likes to give speeches but just doesn’t seem to get that his opponents are so staunch in that opposition, he can’t just give speeches and/or hold press conferences. He has to “mix it up”, which I expected from a ChiTownPol, but has not. Oh well.


Just thought I’d share that.



-It truly is too bad that this man only happened along now. As far as moi’s concerned, this is the way I was taught to behave as a Catholic…a few of yuze, too. He is pulling the Church away from politics and polarization and towards helping our fellow folks.

This “Vicar of Christ” seems to “get it”. Love of our fellow-folks; peace, understanding of divergent thought and/or lifestyles are all part of what and who we are as people. We ALL are God’s children…not just the rich or prudish nor especially the judgmental.


As a now “cultural catholic”, I give thanks for him and can only hope his message(s) are heard and heeded.



-”Archdiocese of Chicago: $2.3 MIL. FOR McCormack victim”. Then we are reminded of those who preyed on the weaker or helpless, like Fr. McCormack, who unlike our beloved Cardinal’s statement, committed his sins  not very long ago and during his tenure. Which is the reason I remain a “cultural catholic”.


-”New Ventra glitch: Pay $10, get $40 credit”. For our out-of-town readers, Ventra is the new fare-card vendor for our local transit system. Too bad Vegas doesn’t pay that well, huh?


-”City moves to let Cubs sell beer in plaza”. Actually, they’ll be able to sell wine, too. After all, they’re going to be so bad, the Cubs need to keep all fans; male and female; as numb as they can so as not to lose any more of them.


-”Beavers must report to prison Monday”. Just gonna let that speak for itself.


-”Warrant: Zimmerman had 5 guns, ammo when arrested”…”No new trial for OJ”. Is that an ironically, ironic, irony that two guys who – seemingly – got away with murder…should have their stories appear on the same page of the newspaper?


-In an echo of above: “Pope’s mission statement: focus on world’s poor”.


-And…”Thanksgiving shopping illegal in some states”. Somehow that and the above-captioned Papal message seem to mesh well, no?





Let us begin with this from Daffy, Porky and Tom, shall we?




-One of moi’s faves, Steve Martin and John Candy in “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”, is being shown on the CW Network, (CH-9

locally), tonight. The only problem is, as it’s on CW, one of moi’s fave scenes…hard to pick just one…after Steve Martin’s being marooned in the middle of the St. Louis Airport “remote lot”, where his rental car is not…and he throws a hissy; treks all the way back to the rental car kiosk; proceeds to F-Bomb the car rental agent; when asked by her for his rental agreement…which he destroyed during his hissy, she says to him, “You’re Effed”.


Lest we forget:

“I’m Owen”.

“She’s small but she’s wiry”.

“Her first baby come out sideways”.

“We’d have better luck playin’ up pick-up stix with our butt-cheeks”.

“That’s NOT a PILLOW!”


Enjoy. Obviously, if you have the DVD, all the better.


Might I add that I really miss John Candy. He was, truly, one funny man.



-Haven’t gotten to see “Catching Fire” yet. Probably some time next week…hopefully. Once we do, you can count on a review.

I have…and have had…a bias against these stories which is this: “The Hunger Games”, which consist of duels to the death among 16 or so, participants with the winner being the sole-survivor gets a film-rating of PG-13. Think about that. The wanton slaughter of kids, sans f-bombs, gets a PG-13 but one F-bomb gets an R. Mostly because they desensitize the deaths of the kids.

Guess I’m of the Sam Peckinpah-school when it comes to violence in films.


-Speaking of Sam, “The Wild Bunch” was on the tube last week.


-Speaking of last week, I was able to isolate and record the ultimate car-chase scene, that between Steve McQueen in his 350 Mustand and the hitmen from ChiTown and their black, ’68 Dodge Charger with 400 horses under its hood, up and down – literally – the streets of San Francisco, from “Bullitt”. There was no CGI then.

Like most guys in the ’60s, moi was a YUGE McQueen fan, having grown up watching him as Josh Randall on “Wanted: Dead or Alive”; then as Vin in “The Magnificent Seven” and on and on. Because of that, obviously, I wanted him to win that car chase. But if I had the choice of either car, it’s that black Charger…hands down. A guy I knew while I was in the Reserves…pre-meeting T-John and T-Scott…had one. Totally…effin’…awesome!






-In its inimitable wisdom, the SFC has stretched what once was one, SFC game in Detroyit; to two, including Dallas and recently a third at varying sites, at night, cuz who doesn’t want to sit outside, at night, on the last Thursday of November, right? The only one for which I have any interest, obviously, is my Packehs travelling to Detroyit. I do not look forward to it, as I truly don’t see them being able to stop DaLoins. They should do OK on “O”, despite no A-Aron, as they have. But, just like DaBears, when their “D” is sposeta “stiffen” and take it up a couple notches to help, well these guys have looked downright “ramen-noodle” like. As Julius “You Want Peppers on Your Sangweege” said, if 10-guys are doing it right but one is not…it all falls apart. It seems like there’s one on almost every D-Snap. Oh well. Not real FEEL-GOOD. Sorry.



-What does this mean for ChiTowners? Well, with Derrick Rose out for the season…again…and cold-weather making its winter-move into the area, after the December 29th, regular-season finale, hosting moi’s Packehs, we’re about done. I am truly sorry but I do not see either of our teams making it into the Playoffs. Well, OK, Detroyit IS in 1st and historically, they seem to find ways to play themselves out of them. That said, they own the tie-breaker on DaBears and with DaPack, sans A-Aron, well….

Where I am going is this. We’d better hope DaHawks can keep up their good play. Otherwise, winter will be so dreary around here, it won’t be funny.


Sorry, not FEEL-GOOD again.



-Here’s some Feel-Good for ChiTowners of whatever stripe. Two of our guys, Greg Maddux and Frank Tomas are on the ballot.

Though they played in the “PED-Era”, it’s obvious neither were juicers…especially Maddux. I mean, if you saw him in street clothes, you’d think he was some office clerk or something…but not one of the best pitchers in baseball.



-Maddux was the last of what was once called a master of the art of pitching. I’d often said if he came up now, scouts wouldn’t give him a first look, much less a second. Why? Because he didn’t throw in the +90s. And therein lies the rub. What passes as pitching nowadays is more throwing. Yes, I look up at the radar-gauge and say “Wow!” with everyone else when I see trip-digits. But pitching works this way: The art of hitting is timing, while the art of pitching is messing up the hitters’ timing. Of that, Maddux was a master. He knew how to “set-up” a hitter; not only for that at-bat but for later in the game. He used his head as much as his arm and won 355 games; had an ERA of 3.16 and struck out 3371 over 22-seasons.



-While he was in Atlanta, he and fellow nominee, Tom Glavine, lived off the outside corner, especially against right-handed hitters. OK, I didn’t like that it seemed that the strike zone sometimes seemed to extend to about a foot into the left-handed batters box.

But, we all know it wasn’t they who called those pitches strikes. Any pitcher is going to see just how much “give” there is in any ump’s strike-zone. The further they get; the further out they’ll go…until the ump calls it a ball. That’s baseball.


As a CubsCrackBaby, one of my enduring regrets was the fact that the Tribbies let him go…even after he asked back. He may have been the best pure-pitcher, I ever saw in a Cubs uni. The other was Fergie.


-The Big Hurt. I hate myself for using a Hawkism but that’s his nickname. Defensively, he was, at best, adequate, which is why he became a DH. But at the plate? That man was awesome…and I’m not a Sox fan. I can say this. If their game happened to be on, I wouldn’t pay much attention to it but if he was at the plate, I’d stop and watch. He may have been the best overall hitter we’ve seen in this town…yes, even better than Sweet Billy.

In 17-1/2 seasons, he compiled a .301 lifetime B/A; hit 521 homers; drove in 1704 runs; had an OPS of .974; walked 1667 times vs only striking 1397. That BB to K ratio is something not generally seen from power-hitters. No? Then why is Adam Dunn still playing?

As Maddux worked and set-up hitters, Frank did the same to pitchers. He was selective and when he got his pitch, he generally hit it.

As far as “juicing”, well, he got screwed out of the MVP in 2000 by YankMe, Jason Giambi who eventually confessed that he was using.


After last year’s zero-entrants, it would seem these guys should make it. Glavine may, too.


I liked Don Mattingly, too. His .307 lifetime B/A may get him in. But the voters have some personal criteria that are mind boggling.


We’ll know in January.


OK, time to get going. I’ll close with a Happy Thanksgiving wish for all and a Happy Hanukkah wish for our Jewish friends as well.


I have  Doc Feel-Good appointment Monday and may have some other stuff too, so if I’m not in your mailboxes Monday, I’ll be there Tuesday.


Enjoy this Holiday weekend, your time with family and friends and remember, any day we can look down at a rose instead of up at its roots is a good one. We have much to be thankful for. Yes, I know. I ended that sentence with a preposition. It felt good, that’s why I did it! ;-)







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