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See that little thing stickin’ out from that kid? Cut it off!”

Good morning. Our weather’s been rather ChiTownish lately, what with record-shattering warmth, yesterday and the forecast of an inch or so of snow this afternoon, as we celebrate the penultimate day of January. Father Zeus has done quite well in his cloud gathing, too.

That little thing?

That little thing?

Speaking of him, though he was quite the randy dog and not the nicest guy when it came to those whom he defeated, we never hear stories of how his adherents advocated snipping off the ends of little baby boys’ pee-pees. I mean, what kind of god goes around saying something like, “Hey! See that little thing stickin’ out from that kid? Cut it off!”

OK, let’s see what we can see.



The following appeared in today’s QT column:

News Headline: “How the Obama administration protected Wall Street from prosecutions.”
By shamelessly looking the other way.
Some news stories are very short.


News Headline: “Scientists build human heart from pigs and detergent.”
News Headline: “Obama: ‘I don’t know what’s in Rush Limbaugh’s heart.’ ”

At least now we have a hunch.



I awoke this morning to the coverage of former Guv-convicted felon, George Ryan’s release to a halfway house in Chicago. I saw the fraud of frauds aka Big Jim Thompson, another former-guv, taking questions. I say this as I recall when another former Guv and convicted felon, Otto Kerner was nearing the end of his sentence and rather ill who had asked for and early release, the prosecutor who had put him in prison advocated strongly against it. I do not advocate for either of these Guvs. I just note that the prosecutor who put Kerner in stir was Big Jim Thompson and I found it rather insulting for him to make mention of such stupid things as how Ryan still knew how to tie a tie; how he enjoyed seeing the lights on Michigan Ave., etc. Or, and not to sound like a BushEra lefty, but, “No one died when Kerner was bribed”.


What was worse, of all the inane questions, (asked as if Ryan were a returning hero), no mention was made of the Willis Family, who lost their children in that fiery crash; caused by a truck driver who got his license illegally in the licenses for bribes scandal, save Larry Potash of WGN Morning News. Kudos, Larry. It’s Busted-Clock Time.





The February Sweeps begin tomorrow, I believe. I can tell as Pam Zeckman, Chuck Goudie and Dave Savini’s investigative stories are being featured and touted.


Last night’s NCIS and Vegas were OK. DQN actually liked Vegas. I’m getting to the point, though, that I may find something else to do. For a first-year show, Vegas seems to rely too much on side-issues instead of storyline. Yes, Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis, Carrie Ann Moss Vegas in 1960 and an “easy on the eyes” cast make it watchable. But not unlike NCIS, it seems to be relying far too much on plot-gimmickry and/or some silly fluff issues. As far as NCIS, I do like Mark Harmon’s character, Jethro Gibbs. But it’s getting to the point where he may not be enough.


Tonight, we have -mostly – reruns. However, and I do intend to watch, we do have the Blackhawks starting at 7 on NBCSN. Which will bring us to…..




-It’s mid-winter 6-game road trip time for the Hawks and their 6-game winning streak, not returning till Feb. 11th. Hopefully, they will be able to, at least, split these and return home, 9-3. I do intend to watch some, if not all, of the game. Don’t know about you but the long breaks between periods almost beg for the channel to be changed. Oh well.


-DaBulls are also on the road, visiting the Bucks in Milwaukee, tonight. It will be interesting to see which team takes the floor. Being that they have a tendency to play down to their opponents, with the Bucks a mere 2-1/2 games behind them, hopefully they will be up to that challenge and win.


CTL had an interesting profile on Jimmy Butler, who seems to be stepping up his game. Let’s hope so.



A story out of Miami links SuperFraud-A-Rod, to PEDs, again. I had heard that the Yankees are looking to see if they will be able to void his contract, on which he is still owed, ahem, $114,000,000.00. Suposeably, too, this took place when he was in the process of getting the extension to his previous contract.


But Wait! There’s More!

Justice-Obstructor in Chief of the Socialist Football Collective, Ray Lewis also was accused of PED use, which he denied. Whether he did or did not is moot, as Sunday’s game will be his last. However, and I regret this as I may have fallen for it again, it was mentioned that if anyone wants to watch PED-abusers, all they need to do is tune in the SFC on any given Sunday. Heard a comment something along the lines of, “Come on. A 6’5″ 245 to 255# guy running a 4.5/40?” I can think of guys off the top of my head from my team who fit that description, amoing others around the Collective. I am not…repeat, NOT…saying they’re users. It’s just that the Collective is loaded with guys like this…bigger…stronger…faster. It begs the question: How could one sport have guys like this while the others do not? Just askin’.



The day after tomorrow is February 1st, which while being 2 days before the biggest sports event we have, is also a harbinger of what follows, the worst month of the year for sports. Just thought I’d remind you.


OK, time to go. Remember, no matter how schitty things may seem, at least we won’t get smallpox today. (Lewis Black).



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