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-George Zimmerman, Alan Dershowitz and me.

Good morning on this “hot and sticky” 15th day of July; the 196th in the year of our lord, Zeus Almighty. It seems we’re back to Nat King Cole’s “lazy, hazy, crazy, days of summer”. You know, the ”…soda, pretzels and beer”, kind. It’s going to be the “3-H Club”, this week. By that I mean, “hazy, hot and humid”. All the weatherman, “to tell us how the wind blows”, are in agreement that we’re heading back to Amazonian temps and humidity. Hope your A/C units are all working.

Speaking of today, with it’s being the dead, middle of the summer-doldrums, they ain’t much that’s going on, or gone on. Nevertheless, there are some significant events which occurred on this day…and yesterday…which we’ll explore in our first entry, which we’ll refer to our ”Que pasa?”, section.
On yesterday’s date in…
1430, Joan of Arc was taken prisoner; prefatory to her being burned at the stake for saving her country. Yep. We sure don’t do things like we used to.
1789, the French “stormed the Bastille”, leading to the establishment of the French Republic and a hoity-toity attitude towards all things not French.
1964, the U.S. sends 600 more G.I.s to Vietnam. A real “Frenchy” kinda date, huh?
And on today’s date in…
1099, Jerusalem fell to The Crusaders and Rags, the Tiger.
1779, Clement Moore, author of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, was born and set the world to believing that all poetry is nothing more than a series of rhyming-couplets.
OK, let’s take a gander at what’s going on around us, shall we.
Not really sure why. Maybe they were hungry.
-Rep. Congressman, Michael McCaul wants Edward, “Not the Lord of” Snowden more done to get him back here in the U.S. of A.
Can I get an, “Amen”, brothers and sisters?
-George Zimmerman, Alan Dershowitz and me.
So, when the “Not Guilty on all counts” verdict was read, I was not surprised, though MSNBC went in to deep-sadness mode; while FAUX News was damn near giddy.
What follows are moi’s feelings, stated with the full-knowledge that I could feel just the opposite, had one of mine been in Trayvon Martin’s shoes. Also, that the local authorities were seemingly more, pro-Zim than the victim is not what I am focusing on. I’m looking at the trial.
Here’s the problem, and I felt this from the beginning. As is noted in t’day’s Trib, there almost was NOT even a trial. Why? There really wasn’t much evidence to support the 2nd-degree murder charge. But because of “public outrage”, they did. Folks, it was an overreach then. Being that my experience in this is limited to having watched “Law & Order” on the Tube, I understand, I’m no Clarence Darrow. Still, I DID watch quite a bit of the trial, AND, I do know that the “burden of proof” is completely on the shoulders of the Prosecution.
The Bard once said, “Aye! There’s the rub”, as that’s where they failed. Not only did the prosecution not really have enough evidence to convict; they did a piss-poor job of presenting what they had. For example, when the defense pathologist was on the stand, during his cross-examination, the chief prosecutor asked him several times if he, the witness, felt the evidence told him which party, Trayvon or Zim, threw the first punch? That opened the door for the jury to then infer that there was no evidence to show who did, so how could they convict? Remember, it had to be “beyond a shadow of a doubt”, otherwise, they were duty-bound to acquit.
Perhaps if they had charged involuntary-manslaughter or assault with a deadly weapon, or whatever, they would have stood a better chance of winning a conviction. They did not. AS the trail progressed, it seemed that they tried to separate their case from the 2nd-degree charge to manslaughter as they just weren’t making the case for 2nd-degree murder.
Quite honestly, I don’t think Patrick Fitzgerald and his band of Merry Men could have gotten a conviction based on the evidence.
So to those who say, “There have to be consequences”, a la Jesse & Co., I agree. There should have been; there could have been; there may have been, had the prosecutors not chosen satisfaction of mob-mentality over the facts/lack of evidence of their case. We used to do that sort of thing not very long ago. A group of folks got together; took whomever they thought was guilty of whatever they thought was done, out to a tree and hanged them. That Jesse’s and others complaining about all-white folks on the jury doesn’t hold much water, either, in that so were the prosecution’s team.
It ain’t over. There’ll be an Orenthal James-style wrongful death, civil lawsuit filed eventually.
Last thing. No handgun; no gunshot; no death by same. Profiled or not; the worst outcome would have been a fistfight, prior to police arriving. Kinda sad in its seeming-simplicity, isn’t it?
-Richard and Aaron have me. They’re a “wheeler-dealer” and “maniacal-mechanical genius”, who run the “Gas Monkey Garage” in Dallas, Tejas, who buy, restore, or just plain “flip” old cars. It’s “Orange County Choppers” with some laughs and…at least so far…no drama. What I really like is Richard, the wheeler-dealer, finding ’50s/’60s, or older, cars, which he turns over to Aaron and his crew to rebuild. I don’t like everything they do but hey, I was raised in the era of “Muscle Cars”.
Yes. It’s a guilty pleasure. I’ve tried Duck Dynasty and, well, I find it a bit contrived. Maybe as it spends little time on what they did over what they do, now as they bask in their success. No problem that they are; just not as much fun as seeing a rusted hulk of a ’64 GTO being turned back to what it was…a fire-breathing; horsepower exuding; rubber-burning; strip-laying, monster.
-Yes, today, I am quoting the Trib. The reason for that is, my paperboy delivered it to me, instead of the Sun-Times.
-’GN Morning News had Michael Shannon, “General Zod” of “The Man of Steel”, on, this AM in the morning. Seeing him as he truly looks as opposed to his megalomaniacal-alter ego makes his performance that much better. This guy may be going places.
-Watched it over “The Newsroom” which we DVR’d last night as, well, we’re already well into Ray. Once again, man, is this a dark-themed show. Jon Voight’s Mick Donovan’s about as big of an a-hole as I’ve seen. Ray? Well, he’s about as bad of a good-bad guy as I’ve seen, too.
More on “The Newsroom”, Woden’s Day.
After Saturday night’s nationally-televised victory over the RedTurds, gotstasay, was hopeful they could go for two. Uh-huh. Not only did they waste a go-ahead 3-run homer from their own Bill Mazerowski, Darwin Barney, in the 6th; then, after they’d tied it in the bottom of the 8th; their closer gave up 4 in the ‘Turds’ 9th; 3 of which came on a homer by Yadier Molina, who’s playing on one-leg.
So, why should we feel pissed? Well, it woulda been nice to have gone into ALL-STAR break with some semblance of optimism. After all, Garza’s going; as is Gregg, for sure. After them, Schierhotz’ll probably go, among others. By the way, MBH took out her
German-to-English dictionary and with a bit of creativity, found what his name means. She couldn’t find the first half, “S-c-h-I-e-r”, at all, so she tried, “S-h-i-e-r”, with nothing, as well. Then  she tried, “S-c-h-e-r-e” and came up with “shears”. So, following Germanic tradition, we have a cutter of holtz, or, wood…a woodcutter.
-Sadly, the new Johnny Bench, Josh Phegley was hit on his bare-hand while catching and may be sidelined. The good thing is, no games for them till Friday…same as DaBOHICUBS…so he’ll have some time to heal.
Here are the ChiTown teams’ stats to date.:
Team B/A: Cubs, .243; Sox, .249; Homers: Cubs, 103; Sox, 94; Games, Cubs, 93; Sox, 92; Runs: Cubs, 384; Sox, 345; Hits: Cubs, 770; Sox, 7585; Ks: Cubs, 667; Sox, 700.
Pitching: Team ERA: Cubs, 3.92; Sox, 4.01; BB: Cubs, 287; Sox, 282; Ks: Cubs, 688; Sox, 737; Homers: Cubs, 92; Sox, 94; Hits, Cubs, 766; Sox, 781. While these may seem to be a tad skewed, recall, the Sox pitcher deal with the DH., which the Cubs do not, as they play for-real baseball.
-Congrats to the Giants’ Tim Lincecum on tossing his first No-hitter.
-Rick Morrissey has a pretty funny item on what the, ahem, shrine, that is Wrigley Field and its occupants in 2015. Old-timey BOHICUBS fans should appreciate it. Here’s the link:
OK, gonna get going as I have so much I’m not going to do today.
Remember, anytime we can look down at a flower’s petals instead of up at its roots…it’s a good one.
P.S. Have received so many emails from Nesters, et al, which I will be forwarding.


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