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thGood, FestivusForTheRestOfUs, day! Hanukkah ends tonight, I believe, and it is a Merry Christmas Eve-eve, too!


This is going to be a bit of a ramble, as well, as noted above, it’s Holiday Time! And, as it is Festivus, I will begin with airing some grievances, to which you are invited to add your own. As I am unable to reach, I’ll proceed with airing my grievances.


1. Barak Hussein Obama. I had hoped for change but have found it to be “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss”. He signed the “Chromnibus” bill, which re-opened the doors for “Too big to fail” to revisit, “To big to fail” and again, at our expense. How is that change? Where is the hope? Also, in that $1,100,000,000,000.00 budget, $550,000,000,000.00 has been designated for defense.I am all for a strong defense but are you finkin’ kiddin’ me? People are starving; can’t find meaningful jobs; are having their benefits cut and half of the national budget is devoted to  DOD?

He’s been a disappointment to those who voted for him as well as those who did not.


2. Seattle SeaCluck, Richard Sherman. Just play football and  STFU, please!


3. The McCaskeys and “The McCaskey Way”. They are to running a football team as Wrong Way Peach Fuzz is to Captaining a ship. They make incurable, explosive diarrhea seem maybe not so bad, after all.


4. The NFL, which under its rules, will allow a losing team to host a playoff game. That is just wrong.


I have more but will leave it to you to air yours.


-Joe Cocker died, yesterday. Though I truly enjoyed just about all his records, here’s my fave…




-”Homeland”, Showtime. This week marked the season’s end and haftasay, this was about as poor of a season-ender as I’ve seen…and I don’t just mean Hometime’s…I mean overall. SPOILER ALERT. So, we met Carrie’s estranged Mom; Saul, as usual’s never straightforward; Carrie excoriated her mom; Quinn? Really? So what?


Some new series are starting on HBO/Showtime, etc., next month.



-With our Christmas-craziness over, we will return to the show and see some big-screen stuff.





-The season’s ending episode of “As the Bears Turn” is next Sunday. After benching BadJay and starting Jimmy Clausen against Detroit; Clausen got his bell rung by Detroyit’s Ziggy Ansah in Sunday’s game; which caused DaBears to reinstate BadJay as the starter for Sunday’s game in Minnehaha. Even non-Niffler, MBH said, “That doesn’t seem like the Bears planned ahead very well, does it?” See grievance #2. It’s “The McCaskey Way”.


I had wished and hoped for an upset and the Lions did everything thing they could to accommodate me but  TMcCW, just wouldn’t allow that, what with their inbred hatred for MyPackehs, I guess. Dropped passes; stupid penalties; missed tackles…all ingredients for an upset, but it just didn’t happen. How bad did Detroit try? With their O-line hurting, their starting Center, Dominic Raiola, one of those DJ-You-Dirt-Guys, stomped on Bears DE, Ego Ferguson’s ankle. It was so obvious, it was outright stupid for him to have said anything other than that he was sorry. He’s suspended. He has a hearing but it’s doubtful he’ll win, as he is a repeat offender. That should  help the Pack Sunday.


-Speaking of MyPackehs, A-Aron and the O struggled in Tampa. Well, 20-3 with 431 total yards to 109, wasn’t much of a struggle, despite A-Aron’s  having the flu. Yes, it was Tampa with its offensively-challenged leader, LuveeKravezit.


So, Detroit comes to Lambeau with both teams having made the playoffs; with the winner having the possibility of a Bye, as well as home field, for at least one game, to the winner. The loser is a Wild Card.


FOX “flexed” this game to its 3:25 time slot, so as not to conflict with the Bears/Vikes game. Yea, FOX!


-Around the League…

The Rex Ryan era is over in N’Yawk. If it is NOT, I will be surprised.


The Pats have clinched their division and home field throughout the playoffs.


The Iggles blew it by not being able to beat the lowly ‘Skins in D.C.


How the hell Carolina and Atlanta are even thought of, much less, mentioned in playoff discussions is, well, see #4, above.


The 9ers. It looks like Jim HairBag is headed elsewhere. Some say to Oakland; others, Ann Arbor, where – supposably – $48-million over 6-years is awaiting him; or even ChiTown. Oh yeah Uh-huh, like TMcCW, will allow for a guy with his personality. 9ers need a win to avoid a losing record. Wow!


-Bulls won, 129-120.


-Hawks host Winnipeg, tonight.


Yes, I could go into more of DaBears  dysfunction-junction but it’s almost Christmas. I’ll do that next week.


Don’t forget to air your grievances. And as always, any day when we awaken not looking up at daisy roots, is a good one.


I may  see  you  Friday. I don’t know. Until then, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.




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