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It’s feel-good Friday! (unless you’re UPS)

upsWell Hi to y’all. Since the scheiss-storm a certain polemically-leaning guy set off Monday, let’s take it easy; sit back; relax and light up a Camel, shall we?


Sorry this is so late but, well, scheiss happens, and I been busy, OK?


Hope all y’all had a very nice Christmas. We did. It was great having the family together; hearing the laughter erupt from all corners for various and sundry reasons. Am sure many…if not all…did some praying, too. Prayers are kinda funny things, ain’t they? Some are said like an “Our Father” or “Hail Mary”. Others, just a few plaintive words to an entity we perceive to be above us controlling things, to just try to give us a break, please; and others on a more subtle basis as thoughts one might have…quiet, personal thoughts which are shared with no one but ourselves…and that omnipotent-being we are – hopefully – communicating with.




Anyway, Christmas is over but that is no reason to lose its “spirit”, now is it? No. That said there’re a few things we can use to lose after Christmas and one is the crass commercialism which accompanies it. Honestly, who gives a hair on Bugs Bunny’s heinie about how many people were at such-and-such-mall and how few parking spaces there were…and who got what bargain? That folks are able to do that, fine. But making it a staple of newscasts, local and national?


Another thing we can be Feely-Goody about are the commercials. Yes, we’ll have a few “…year-end deals…”, for, “… all makes and models…”, of whatever car you want. Think of it this way. No more Michael Bolton.



-I’m not trying to “have it both ways”, with this, as gift-giving is part and parcel of the Christmas season. One’s dislike of the commercialism while enjoying the “spirit” of the season should go without saying. However, UPS…(see how I worked “parcel” into that?)…laid a YUGE egg…I KNOW it’s Christmas not Easter…by not delivering packages by Christmas Eve. Am acutely aware of this as one of DaWatettes’ packages has yet to be delivered. Yes, Virginia, she paid the premium for “guaranteed on time delivery”.


Is there any one person – or more – you’d rather NOT be than whomever it was at UPS who had anything to do with this? It coulda been someone who decided they didn’t need as many “seasonal-extras”, working through Christmas, or whatever else. Anyway. is making good with its customers but having been involved in Zeus-knows-how-many-brouhahas over non-payment for goods not delivered on time, I would not want to have anything to do with the settling of this issue. What was that old commercials catch-phrase, “Helloooo, Federal”…as in FedEx.



-The USPS has announced a stamp will soon cost $.49. (Yes, we bought our “Forevers”, yesterday). Sorry. That ain’t FEEL-GOOD.



-”KKK fliers with candy canes in Tinley Park”. Ho-Ho-Ho!


-”Shoppers who braved crowds got good deals”…See what I mean?. By the way, we did a little shopping but not the kind in that headline. Got “rock-star parking” at Menard’s and Costco. Had to make a stop at the store we love to hate, Wal-Mart, but only got “Opening Act” parking, there.




-”Russian probe: Arafat wasn’t murdered”. Whew! Glad that’s over. Now I can get some sleep.



FINALLY…”The Inconvenient Truth About Snowden:…sub-head “We would respect Snowden more if he forthrightly acknowledged he had broken the law, gave himself up to American authorities and defended his actions in court”.





OK. TO THE WAYBACK MACHINE to see what we can see from on this date in…


1822,   Louis Pasteur was born. Go ahead, microbes. Ya’ll can run but ya’ll  cain’t hide.


1829,   Southern abolitionist, Hinton Helper was born. 142-years later, his descendant “Hamburger” followed and helped many an American family enjoy their suppers.


1944,   General Patton’s 3rd Army, one of whom was Pfc. John Rzadzki, a certain guy’s uncle, reached Bastogne to relieve the U.S. forces surrounded by Hitler’s Panzers.


2001,   China received “permanent normal trade relations” with the U.S…and we’re all seeing how well that’s worked out.



                                                                DUCK SEASON


-Here’s about a half-hour of my hero, Bugs Bunny, fer ya’ll ta enjoy.




-Here’s a link to Richard Roeper’s “best movies of 2013″:

http: //


-Not much “Tubularly”, in that most shows are in rerun-mode and have been, though next Week, we’re to get a new “Big Bang”.


Am glad of that as its become our fave-comedy show. Maybe as it’s not so much about a dysfunctional family, though an argument could be made that it is, with the group substituting for the family-unit. Still, they continue to make Sheldon’s Asperger-type behavior aggravatingly-acceptable with LOL-regularity.


What’s funny is, some of DaWatettes have taken to watching the reruns of “Modern Family”, which we still enjoy in current-mode. However, the older shows seem to have more edginess to them, whatever. But the newbies just aren’t quite as funny. Why? Don’t know.






-The Green Bay Packers travel to Soldier’s Field to face the Chicago Bears in the final game of the regular season, with the NFC North title on the line. Other than 3-years ago when the Pack needed to win to become a Wild Card and then shortly thereafter, come back needing to win again for the NFC title, this hasn’t occurred very often in their 92-year history of playing each other 186-times! Winners go on to the playoffs…losers go home.

The Packers at 7-7-1 return with #12, A-Aron under center for the first time since Bears DE, Shea McClellin broke his collarbone on a sack in their November 4th game in Green Bay. Their record since then has been a lackluster, 2-5-1, with a late-game loss to Pittsburgh last week. They also may activate their #1 receiver, Randall Cobb from the IR, since suffering a broken leg on October 13th. That still may not be enough as, well, they still don’t play defense very well.


How much does Rodgers mean to the Pack? That’s hard to say as he may be rusty but even rusty, he’s better than Matt Flynn and Co., who all,” assumed he position” while vainly attempting to assume his. The Vegas line says he’s worth 6-points, in that home teams are generally favored by 3-points. However, the Vegas guys have installed Green Bay as 3-point faves, which adds up to 6-points. Not bad. Still, even if A-Aron’s not that rusty and even if Cobb IS back and Lacy can run, their “D” ain’t much better’n DaBears’. They’re not going to have their 1-guy who causes D/Cs problems, Clay Matthews, Jr., as he’s out with a broken thumb. So, it’s the CheeseHeads’ cheesecake “D” against DaBears potent O and vice-versa.


Speakin’ of DaBears, Jay’s back and should be a YUGE help to them. Their O’s been very good all season what with their being tied for #3 in scoring. However, their #3-receiver Earl Bennett may not play due to a “family-issue”, in Texas.


No matter what anyone says about Jay’s attitude, he gives them that downfield threat which gives d-backs fits. So, the Pack MUST mount a hellacious pass rush or dance to the music played by Jay and his NBA front-court-sized of receivers. Was that a waltz you asked for?


Actually, whatever we say or think one team must do; so must the other, inasmuch as they are very similar; top-heavy on “O”, and dang-near deficient on “D”. Of course, that’s just about SFC Football nowadays anyway. But in this game; between these two teams; so evenly-matched running, throwing; kicking and defending – or lack thereof – this looks like it’ll be a shootout. The Over/Under is 52.5, which under normal circumstances moi would think to be low. However, the weather may be a for-real factor. It’s ‘sposetabe in the mid-20s at kickoff, which is fine. However, the mercury’s also ‘sposeta start dropping at that time and we could see temps in the teens by the 2nd half kickoff…maybe some snow, too. Brrrrr. So, weatherly-speakin’, whoever gets the early lead, may wind up the winner.


Plainly speaking, Packers fans want them to destroy the Bears and vice-versa with Bears fans. We OWE you guys bigtime. Hope we’re able to pay you back…with interest.


That said, either team that gets in ain’t goin’ very far as, well, they’re “in the playoffs” but have been so nicked up with injuries anything positive beyond the first week of the playoffs is gravy.



-So Romo’s out. Back surgery this morning. You’d a-thunk they’d a waited a bit before deciding on which game they’d “flex”. So, how many casual fans’re gonna tune in to see high-flyin’ Kyle Orton take on the Iggles? Ya think there might be a few more interested in the oldest rivalry in football; between two, pretty evenly-matched teams? Huh? Prithee? Oh well. I’m jujst as glad that our game’ll be over by 6:30 or so and we can be about our evening without having to stay up and watch the “Polar Bowl” live, from ChiTown’s lakefront.



-Yes, the season ends for the entire League, Sunday. But as Whitney’s Pats have sewn up their playoff situation and Joe’s Yets!

are out of it and I’m just about out of time, I’m gonna leave it at that.


For those interested in all of them, here’s a link:


Some are really crazy.


Ed. note. I have a Doc’s appointment Monday morning, so DaTwacks may be dewayed a bit. After then, it may be awhile till we meet again as we’re getting ready for our next “trip of a lifetime”…this time to Spain. We’ll be gone till the 12th, so it may be an extended TTFN, next week.


In the meantime…in between time…remember, any day we can look down at a rosebush, instead of up at its roots is a good one.


Be well.





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