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Feel Good Friday!

It’s a beautiful day in ChiTown. We have a threat of showers for tomorrow, which some Twackers, namely Bill, Tom an’ moi, hope do not occur till later, as we are planning our 60th anniversary of meeting in Kindergarten at Transfiguration of Our Lord School; in September, 1953, tomorrow; in our old neighborhood, at the Lincoln Square German Fest. There’ll be more ”Oom Pa Pa” than “Poppa Oo Mow Mow” but after a few “Deutches biers” we won’t really care.


Checked the almanac at and wow, is there the stuff from “yesterday and today”! So, let’s see what happened yesterday, shall we? In…


1664,   The Dutch of New Amsterdam surrendered to the Brits, who promptly renamed New Amsterdam, New York. No word as to when it became the axis around which the world rotates.


1792,   Robespierre was elected to the National Conference in France. Eyes and heads rolled afterwards.


1867,   The first shipment of cattle from Abilene, Kansas headed to “The Hog Butcher to the World”, ChiTown, on the Union Pacific RR.


1929,   One of the most subtly-funny comedians, Bob Newhart was born.


1934,   Raquel Welch, “Ms. Fuzzy Britches” from “The Shawshank Redemption”, was born.


1944,   Germany launched its first V2 rocket at Paris. Later, its designer, Werner Von Braun, became the “father” of the American space program.



394,    Theodosius, became the sole ruler of Italy after he defeated Eugenius at the Battle of the River Frigidus. Guess the water was cold, huh?


1422,   Sultan Murat ended his failed siege of Constantinople.


1522,   One of Magellan’s five ships returned from its trip around the world. Of the original 265 who left, only 15 returned, some of whom -possibly – begat the eventual founders of Princess Cruise Lines.


1937,   Sergio Aragones was born. Who? How ’bout the guy who did a whole buncha sketches for “Mad Magazine”?


1941,   Germany announced all Jews living in the country must wear yellow Stars of David. Keep moving. Keep moving. Nothing going on here. Keep moving.


1958,   “You may be a redneck…”, comedian, Jeff Foxworthy as born. In one of his bits, he asked how a redneck would use the word “mayonnaise” in a sentence but not as a condiment. “Mayonnaise a lotta folks here!”


1995,   Cal Ripken, Jr. played in his 2131st consecutive game, breaking Lou Gehrig’s record.




-Sorry, not Feel-Good but needsta say this. As Ts Bill and Tom may recall, from the 3rd grade on, the Sisters of St. Joseph told us we should “examine our consciences” on a regular basis. I’ve done so on this situation and in good conscience, cannot support it. Not now.

Not yet.

Part of the reason is, some of Sec. Kerry’s comments, one intimating the Arab League would pay for this struck me as overwhelmingly, Cheneyesque. Then there were his minimizations, which were strikingly Rummy-like, too.


Yes. People are dying.

Yes. It should be stopped.

Yes. The world should do something.


But, no, not when most of the world is treating us much as they did with Bush’s Iraq War.

I found his “Coalition of the Willing” to be intellectually insulting then, ergo, I cannot support this now, just because it’s DaDems.



AND, with the Neo-Cons doing an Irish Jig of joy over this, I cannot support it. Not now. Not yet.


My fears are we are like that hunter in California; about to strike a match near a tinderbox which may become a major conflagration in the Middle East to the extent as we have not yet seen.


That said, if/when we do whatever we do, I will support the warriors who will be putting their lives on the line but- probably – not the war.



-Guess she’s not a Tammy Wynette fan, huh?



-Ok, she’s already “…opened her personal life…”, a la Mrs. Robinson in Playboy for all the world to see; dated Brian Urlacher; been a bit-player on some TV sitcoms; so now she’s on “The View” and has her own column on

My question is, what woman would want to know  or care about – what she thinks?


Can say this. No guy’s interested in what she’s got on her mind.



-Rahmses nixed the privatization deal for Midway, as one of the two bidders dropped out. Not a bad move. Like we say, a busted clock is right twice a day.





-As  the game was delayed last night, we watched some Big Bang reruns on TBS, one of which was – possibly – one the funniest, “The Bath Gift Hypothesis”. It’s the one where Penny gives Sheldon a napkin from The Cheesecake Factory, where she works, which had been used and then autographed by Leonard Nimoy. That scene, despite having seen it umpteen times, still had us laughing out loud.


-”What the fast?”

Have you seen the new tortoise commercial for Xfinity, I think? The parent-tortoises hear their baby say, “Fast”, which they consider to be their “f-word”. The dad asks where he heard it, then recalls his using it, e.g., “What the fast!” “Are you fastin’ kiddin’ me?”






-No baseball yesterday and, really, in this town, who the fast cares? Accordingly, will spend this time reviewing, mainly DaBears and moi’s Packehs. While thinking about this, moi was struck by the similar issues facing both teams.



They look better on “O” but really, they ranked 28th out of 32 teams last year. Kinda hard not to, right? That said, they do have the “pieces in place” to do well with the West Coast offense of MarkyMarc with Cutter at QB; Marshall at wideout; Forte in the backfield, (He could be a second coming of Roger Craig); and a for real TE in Bennett. Question Mark and the Mysterions are the O-Line. So far, they also look improved; the rooks on the right side seem to have talent but have yet to play a full game against full-grown SFC D-linemen.


Their “D” is much the same, though they are sans #54.The full effects of that remain to be seen. D.J. Williams is a solid SFC/MLB

but he’s no 54. Bostic, the rookie looks like a hitter…see Pre-season snot-bubbling tackle against the Chargers.

They’re ‘sposetabe running the same “D” as they have. That speaks to continuity, which never hurts. Especially with this team, as without their “D” during the LuveeKravezit years, forget that S/B appearance a few years ago. They’re getting a bit long-in-the-tooth, true. However, that bespeaks experience, which can…not always…cover some shortcomings of age.


Biggest question out there is this. It’s a whole new coaching staff; with a whole new offense; with an “O”-line a work in progress

with the right side both being rookies and being in, possibly, one of the toughest divisions in the Collective. Sorry, I do not drink from the “Seattle is the best team in the NFC” cup. I do agree they may be the most irritating but that’s about it. The Niners are better.


I will be surprised if they repeat last year’s 10-6, mainly due to all the new stuff going on. 9-7? Maybe. 8-8 could be a possibility.


Almost forgot, the QB is a bit, hmmm, petulant. If he cannot control his emotions and play within the offense, that could be a problem. He is in his contract year, so if he knows what’s good for him, he should. We’ll see.


The Green Bay Packers.

-Again, questions abound. While the coaching staff is the same; as are most of the personnel, they do have questions, the most notable of which are:


The Defense.

In 2010, their last S/B trip, when they lost player after player to injury, the “D” asserted itself and kept them in games, which allowed them to get healthy and make their run. Since then, it’s been all downhill. Injuries played a large part in that but are no excuse. They’ve also displayed a distinct lack of a pass rush, which in League which is pretty much, “pass-happy”, doesn’t help.


The “D” also needs help form the “O” and Coach McCarthy, needs to do more than pay lip-service to committing to the run and make their running game effective as well. Too many times, on 3rd and short, they’ve had to throw the ball when other teams would have run. Also, they need to be able to take time off the clock late in a game when they have a lead. After all, the “Fail Mary” in Seattle was made possible because of their inability to run down the clock; giving the Clucks the ball back and, well, you know.



The “O” needs the run game to make opponents bring 8 in the box, which opens the passing lanes for James Jones, Randall Cobb, Jordie Nelson, Jermichael Finley, (is in his contract year), et al.


As DaBears, they are relying on many youngsters, i.e., Dat One Jones, DE; Nick Perry, OLB (injured last year); Eddie Lacy, RB; Jonathan Franklin, RB; Micah Hyde, DB; David Bakhtiari, LT…and he’s starting there. That will be interesting; hopefully not devastating.


Despite a shaky last year, they kept Mason Crosby as their PK. They brought Johnny Jolly back from his drug-stained past. No, not PEDs…the “recreational” kind. He’s looked decent in the pre-season and should help in the inside DL-rotation.


Can they repeat their 11-5 record? Well, objective observers have said their first, three games; Niners, ‘Skins and Bengals, to be about as tough a start as their is in the Collective. For some reason, their bye-week is in Week 4. My preference is 3-0 but realistically speaking, 2-1 would be fair.



-Detroyit added Reggie Bush, which should help. However, they still have a roster full of highly-picked draft choices who have historically underachieved. One need only look at the Niners, who were pretty bad for awhile, too. Yet they are a near-consensus pick to win the Conference. Why? Is Hairbag that much better of a coach than Jim Schwartz? Possibly. If Detrtoyit does not do well this year, watch for Schwartzie to be gone, despite the contract extension he signed after the 2011 season, which may e the only reason he’s back this year..



Former Bears DB, Leslie Frazier has done a credible job as their head coach. He has “Purple Jesus” in the backfield and as long as he’s healthy, with their “D”, they’ll be in games. They added former Packers WR, Gregg Jennings to replace Percy Harvin, which should be helpful. However, in a pass-first league, having Christian Ponder as their QB, could prove to be detrimental. Yes, he can improve and he may very well do so.


Their “D”line is still solid along with their LBs. They’re a tad soft in the D-backfield, though. Still, they play tough and could be a factor in the division.


OK, that’s about it. Have a great weekend, everybody. Take care and remember, any day we can look down at a daisy, beats looking up at its roots.









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