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Feel free to skip Dromedary Section as it’s going to be Ratitorially slanted!

Good morrow on this penultimate day of Spring…Nestwise, that is. And, it seems as if Mama Naturale is cooperating as it’ll be in the mid 70s today, while by Friday, the traditional first day of Summer, it’ll be warm, mid-80s ‘n’ humid, with the rest of the weekend warmer and humider. If you can, get out and enjoy this beautiful day. I know I will.


Have a couple seriosity-topics for today’s Dromedary Section, Syria and The Spy Who Loved U.S. but before that, let’s check on what’s happened on June 19th throughout history, shall we.


In 240 BC, Erasthones estimated the circumference of de Oit using two sticks. After which, seeing that this wasn’t very reliable; rubbed them together; starting a fire into which he tossed them.

Too Early to Talk Football?

Too Early to Talk Football?


In 1536, Henry De 8 had Anne Boleyn beheaded. Well, that could have been a way around the anti-divorce rules of DaChoich.


In 1846, the first baseball game was played between the New Your Knickerbocker Club and the New York Club. Can someone, PLEASE, tell me what in the hell a Knickerbocker is?


In 1848, the first Women’s Rights Convention was held.


In 1862, news of Honest Abe’s Emancipation Proclamation reached the South.


In 1951, Give ‘Em Hell Harry Truman signed in to law the  Universal Military Training and Service Act which extended the draft to 1955 and lowered the draft age to 18. Man, us Boomers sure have a lot of things to thank Harry for but this wasn’t one.

In 1965, Nguyen Cao Ky became South Vietnam’s youngest Premier. See how 1951 just feeds into this one?


In 1973, the Case-Church Amendment was passed, effectively ending our direct involvement in the Vietnam, War. It was followed later that year by the War Powers Resolution, which is being brought up as we seem to be incHing pour way, ever so surely, towards yet another war in another country.


In 1987, The Supremes voided the law requiring the teaching of creationism in Louisiana. Fear not, they found a way around that and are doing it again. Hey, ya gotsta have a well-rounded ejamacation in Luzianne.





*Feel free to skip as this sections going to be Ratitorially slanted.


Tuned in a few minutes of Bill Maher’s “Real Time” yesterday. Yes, he’s a real lefty-loosy but he always…well, almost…has righty-tightys on, too. They were discussing Syria and Uncle Sam’s Big Brotherism, which got moi thinking. A dangerous thing. I know. Here are moi’s thoughts, ANYWAY.




Yes, Assad’s bad news.

Yes, he’s presided over the deaths of somewhere around 93,000 deaths of his citizens.

Yes, it is appalling.

Yes, something should be done but that’s the rub.


Real Politik is a Machiavellian school of thought that is most simply explained in political thinking as, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. It puts aside ideological, theological, or political considerations/differences for the practical resolution of a complex problem. There are numerous examples throughout history but we need not call Mr. Peabody and Sherman to get into “The Way Back Machine”, as we have glaring examples of this which have blown up and covered our faces with feces…occurring under the leadership of both political parties.


In the ’70s, there was the Afghan Civil War between the Islamists and Russky-leaners. You may recall we boycotted the Russian Olympics over their war with the Mujahideen Rebels. So, what happened? Well, Gimme Jimmy Carter sent the Mujahideen Stinger Missiles, which helped them down Russky helicopters. Sly Stallone’s “Rambo” even took a tour there and almost single-handedly, brought down them Pinko Commies. Things seemed great. We DID something and it was GOOD! Uh-huh. However, the Mujahideen were the precursors to, ahem, the Taliban and their BFFs, Al-Qaeda, which was led by former Mujahideen leader, Osama Bin Laden.


Not enough? OK.


In the 1980s, whilst St. Ronald was our Prez, and after he obtained the release of the Iranian Hostages by paying off the Iranis through the Iran/Contra Affair, there was the Iran/Iraq War. It lasted from 1980 to 1988. Don’t know about you but I’m one guy who was cheering for Saddam and his guys as I had a burning, jingoistic hatred for the Iranis…still do, as a matter of fact. So, what did we do? Did we allow them to settle their own Shit-Eye vs Sunny Side of the Street Muslim differences on their own? Heck no. We, again, sent weapons to the “enemy of our enemy”, Saddam this time, who had used mustard gas and chemical weapons against the Iranis and Kurds, previously. Which was OK at that time, he was our friend and even though he invaded Iran over a border dispute, (See Kuwait, 1990), Real Politikally speaking, it was OK.


Of course, Rummy, who was photographed happily shaking Saddam’s hand at the time, became one of his severest critics in 2000. Yes, I supported Bush I in the first Gulf War. I did not with Bush II, Rummy, Cheney, et al. We have only recently seen our soldiers return from Iraq, while we still have them in Afghanistan. Thousands upon thousands of their lives shattered by their wounds, physical, emotional or financial, not to mention the trillions we’ve spent, which have had a direct, deleterious, effect on our economic lives.


So, now we find ourselves looking at Syria and the question before us is this: Who the phucque can we trust among the “rebels”?

From all that I have read, heard or viewed, they are a ragtag group of “real politiks” comprised of ShitEye Irani Muslims; some Hezzbollah; some secularists, among others. AND, after we arm them, as many Conservatives are emphatically saying we should, how do we know we aren’t arming our enemies, as we did in Afghanistan and Iraq, pre and post-Dub? Who among them will seize them and use them to take over in the civil war amongst themselves, should they defeat Assad and then battle for control of the country and use them against us, directly or indirectly? No one knows and that’s the rub.


I have heard the knee-jerk, “Establish a ‘No-Fly Zone’” over Syria, which has been estimated to cost $50,000,000.00/day. Can we afford that? AND, if you recall, they said in 2001 or 2002, that Iraq’s “No-Fly Zone” was ineffective; that we needed to invade and we all know where that led. Also, will we then be getting involved in a so-called, “Surrogate War” with the Pinko Commie Russkies, as they’ve provided Assad with their sophisticated air-defense systems? AND, do we want…can we afford…to do that?


Last thing on this. I saw that Caribou Barbie and I agree on something, though I expressed myself differently, in that she stated we should stay out of Syria and let “Allah sort them out”, over the weekend at some right wing rally. Busted clocks are all over the place.



Maher had this idea. He brought up the Manchin-Toomey Gun Control Act, which failed, ,even though it contained a penalty of 15-years in Federal Prison for anyone who would have used the registry of guns for any reason other than tracking down a criminal.


He suggested the same penalty be attached to The Patriot Act and its Big Bro offshoot program(s)…PRISM, et al…that anyone found to be, or have used, any info gained from misuse face the same penalties.


I completely agree. That said, since all of this is under double-secret-probation, we’d never know now, would we?







Am I the only one who’s growing tired of the “Soaping Up” of “Deadliest Catch”? I watch this to view the awesome power of the Bering Sea in the Winter and how these guys cope with; survive and profit from doing so. I couldn’t care less if some dipstick’s sleeping around; denies it; then admits it…or…some 19-year-old is pining away for his girlfriend he left behind in Oregon.


Not much else to speak of as we are in the midst of the Summer Rerun Season, even though it’s still Spring.



Still haven’t seen “Man of Steel”, though we’re planning to this weekend. Will let y’all know what we thought once we have.


Not in any hurry to see “World War Z”, with Brad Pitt fighting Zombies, nor the Disneyfied version of “The Lone Ranger”. Why is it Disney thinks it has to take a classic and fart it up with silliness. I like Johnny Depp. When I saw his costume, I thought, “Hmmm, not bad”. Then I saw the previews and it seems all they’ve done is take Cap’n Jack Sparrow off his ship and put him in the desert Southwest; witty one-liners and all. Why? Oh well.


One good thing, Wolverine debuts next month.







Will passively watch the game tonight, as I do find myself getting more and more pee-peed off with their play. In particular, their Power Play. I am not as much of a hockey afficionado as others but I do have a better-than-basic understanding of the game, which begs this question. Why does the Hawks Power Play have such a striking resemblance to Dean Smith’s infamous, “4-Corner Offense”? They line up the same every single time and it’s one pass around the perimeter after another, instead of attacking the net. It’s as if all they want to do is kill their own advantage.


That said, LET’S GO, HAWKS!



This one’s getting closer and closer with DaSUX retaining the lead but man, it’s tight! Their 29-39 record, .426 W/L % has them a half-game ahead of DaBOHICUBS and their 29-40 record, .420 W/L% AND DaCheeseTurds’ 28-41 record, .406 W/L% only 1-1/2 games behind DaSUX and 1-game behind DaBOHICUBS.


AppyPollyLogies to Arnold, Bill and Nick, Sox fans all. Sorry but can’t rip on DaBOHICUBS and DaCHEESTURDS, without giving them a pejorative nickname, hence, DaSUX.


By the way, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, even with PooHoles, would be tied with DaSUX for the lead in this race but we don’t care about them.



Some idjit from Yahoo! Sports on Sports Talk Live opined, yesterday, that we should cheer for the Cubs to lose as they need to keep getting high draft choices and Cubs fans need to buy into that as they won’t get any better if they finish higher. Well, yes, maybe. As noted, that’s easy to say when one possesses a press pass. But for those who are paying Gene and Georgetti prices but receiving less than Oscar Mayer hot dogs in return? Uh-uh. It’s not only that they lose 58% of the time, it’s how they’re losing. Yes, I know, patience. Well, I’ll be 65 in 10 weeks + a day, which is a mere 7-years from the average male life-span. Get the picture?


The Sox? Man, I don’t know. It almost seems like Kenny kicked his own ass upstairs as he saw what he’d wrought wasn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Rather, with their being saddled with Mucho Dinero contracts to guys who are underperforming, how do they get rid of them and proceed? Ya got me.



Have said this before and am saying it again. This is the earliest I can recall being “ready for some football” since the Cubs of the Don Baylor era. The SFC begins in earnest next month, withy the opening of Training Camps. Locally, there’ll be “Hope Springing Eternal”, as it has – and is – each and every year from Halas Hall. Good luck to them. Not really. Sorry. Not really. Still, at least there’ll be something in sports on which to focus our attention(s), positively, once the Cup Finals end. Like how Mike McCarthy has pledged that the Packehs running game will be improved.


OK, have some stuff to do and a beautiful day to enjoy. Take care.



Any day we can look down at a flower instead of up at its roots is a good one.





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