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EXTRA EXTRA! Urlacher goes the way of Favre?

As tomorrow is FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY and this, obviously is not, here’s an EXTRA! edition of DaRat’sEyeView.

Brian Urlacher Looking for a New Home?

Brian Urlacher Looking for a New Home?


It’s been said that NFL is an acronym, for Not For Long. After 13 years, perhaps that does not apply, unless we take it to new blood in the front office as well as the coach. Fans develop a deep affinity for their faves. Recall Russell Crowe’s Maximus in “Gladiator” and the “mob” sreaming, “Maximus! Maximus! Maximus!” before during and after his gladitorial contests. While we are separated from that mob by millennia, are we, really? We form bonds with our “heroes” of the arena, as unreal as they are. Such as it was in Green Bay with Favre and now, here in ChiTown with Brian Urlacher. In each instance, management had decided they were not what they once were and better to break the tie sooner than later. In Green Bay, it was sloppily, poorly handled by both sides, so much so, that I had less-than-nothing good to say about their management and coaches, as you well know. Thing is, they knew they had Rodgers, though I doubt even they thought he’d turn out as well as he has. The question, my Bears fan-friends, is this. Do they have their version of Aaron Rodgers as MLB on their roster? Really. Do they? Or, will this be a transition like that from Hall Of Famer, Dick Butkus to Don Rives, i.e., are we looking at the dawning of the Blake Costanzo era?

Listening to The SCORE this AM, has been informative and instructive, what with Brad Biggs, Mike Mulligan, David Haugh and Dan Pompeii giving their views. These guys have football chops. They’ve played tape of #54 saying he was given a “take it or leave it” deal, which he decided to leave. But, the queston still remains…who’s gonna cover the middle? Nick Roach? While he never was any #54, rather a journeyman MLB who could fill-in-the gap, somewhat as a transition guy, but they let him go. Their new D/C is the former D/C of the Jags, one of the worst teams in the NFL. So, are they gonna sign an F/A? Brad Jones of Green Bay is out there. Do they want a guy from a D which wasn’t much to take over the most important position when the D’s on the field? Are they looking to the draft, e.g., Manti T’eo, and develop him? From what I’m hearing, the opportunity to have kept 54 was there but in the scribes’ opinions, it was a fait accompli with the team. He was gone. They never really wanted him back. They pointed to the team’s responses when asked direct questions about his staying and their non-responsive responses, “We won’t slight him.”; “We love Brian”, etc.


The conclusion I am drawing from this, my dear Bear-Fan friends, is this. They won’t admit it but they’re doing a mini-Cubs move. They are transitioning to an offensively-oriented team, which they needed to do, but at the expense of the defense where they may have left themselves with a gaping hole. Right now, they have one, for-real-linebacker, Lance Briggs. It would not have hurt them to have tried to work out a deal with 54, if for no other reason than continuity and the time it would allow them to seek a repacement. Going back to the Brad Jones reference and as I note in the following item from Yahoo! Sports, if the Pack winds up signing 54 in what could be a swap-out for Jones, I will laugh my big, fat, arse off. As, in Capers’ D, the ILBs have to be able to drop back in coverage. That’s one thing he still could do.


The other conclusion I have is this. The more things change; the more they remain the same with the Bears. This break-up could have…should have…been handled much better. No doubt, he’s getting old. That said, there is some deference which should be given to the “face of the franchise” as 54 was called for 13-years. And it’s not like they’d never seen something like this. After all, the Favre debacle wasn’t that long ago and it happened with their nearest, nastiest, geographically as well as foreverically, rivals.  This was a situation which required the skill, deftness and finesse of a neuosurgeon, which they, the Bears handled like a leprous wino on a mid-winter, ChiTown morning. Well, a McCaskey is still in charge. It should come as no surprise…but it did…I guess. Not the cutting of the ties. Rather, the cutting of the ties with absolutely no real replacement in sight.


The next month, possibly, could be make or break for ’13, with F/A and the draft, April 25th.

Emery better hit on his draft picks and I mean bigtime, and Trestmann’d better be the second coming of St. Vincent. If not, Nesters Buck and Bill’ll hear the boo-birds all the way to Atlanta and SanFran.





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