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Cub fans become Sox fans, Bulls, Hawks win, Dow hits 1500

I won't tell if you won't...

I won’t tell if you won’t…

Good morning…and it is, isn’t it? Summer-like temps are forecast. Heck, the FOX-Chicago Weather girl is touting her “bikini-workout” being shown on their 9:00 PM at night, show. Minds above your belt-buckles, men! Minds above your belts!

OK, let’s get Humpy!


In 1559, Liz #1 became supreme governor of the Church of England.

In 1886, Coca-Cola was invented.

In 1945, Germany surrendered to the Allies, making today, VE-Day. Also, in an ironically, ironic, irony, in 1884, President Harry Truman was born.

In 1967, Muhammad Ali was indicted for refusing to be inducted in the U. S. Army.

Folks, there were many who did the same but none made their living in the most violent sport in the world, then said their “religion” prevented them being drafted as said religion rejected violence. Not unlike HanoiJane, the anti-war-fringies applauded. I agreed with his being against the war…just not his reasons to NOT be drafted.



You may recall my questioning Rahmses having the $$$ to construct “bike-lanes” on city streets while at the same time claiming none for DaCity’s schools, teachers; police officers; firefighters, etc. I still do but in a BOHICA sort of way, certain things just become reality and we must learn to live with them. One thing he’s doing is he is making bike-riders be more responsible. Full-disclosure, I was a bike rider…obeyed rules of the road, if no cars/pedestrians were around. A Ratette is, as well as at least one Nester. However, there are those who seem to think the rules of the road are for motorists, only, and take unnecessary risks. They, now, will be subject to fines which are being doubled. Good idea.


Anyone seen some of the letters sent in support of J-Cubed? One said he was, ahem, “…a tireless advocate for the poor”. But wait! There’s more! He was, also, the “…highlight of karaoke nights”.

C’mon. How can ya send the poor buzzard to jail when he’s the “highlight” of some Congressional group’s karaoke nights?



So, what if I told you that a man who voted for the impeachment of SlickWilly; then later committed adultery as an elected official and while doing so was: 1) On the public dime. 2). Lied about where he was. (He was out of the country.)3). Used public funds to finance his international trip to his nuzzle his floozy’s cozy. 4). Was made to pay $70,000.00 in “ethics fines AND 5). Was elected to Congress in the special election for the 1st District of South Carolina over a Democrat?


Please, no Righteous indignation over anything SlickWilly EVER did…EVER…EVER…again. NO, I do not/did not condone Willy’s actions but the hypocritical-histrionics we saw 20-years ago…with Mark Sanford, the subject of the above, who voted to impeach Willy, then, was even worse saying, “…you can ask for a second chance…”.


The voters on the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina must be made to turn in their “ReligiouslyRighteously-Indignant” cards. No longer may they wag their holier-than-thou fingers/tongues at any transgressors. They volunteered to send a recidivist adulterer to represent them in Dumb-Cluck land. They asked for him. They got him.



For the first time in its history, the Dow Jones Industrial list broke 15000. Am wondering what some may be thinking if Mittsy were running things instead of that Socialist Kenyan?





“Mike and Molly” was pretty good. Started a bit slow but once it got going, there were some LOL-moments…especially when Vince and Mike were on the roof, cleaning the gutters.


Took a gander at “Blue Bloods” which we DVR as we’re usually doing other things on Fridays. MBH likes it as there’s no sex; little vulgarity and, well, Tom Selleck. I learned a long time ago to just roll with that. Besides, I like him, too.

My only problem with the show is that it is getting somewhat predictable. A difficult situation comes up at work; ethically; morally; whatevery. The Reagans sit around their Sunday dinner table; hash things out; Tom doles some sage aphorisms, and,

things all seem to work out. That said, we still watch.



“NCIS”  seems to be running out of ideas and directly in to Hawaii-Five-0-land. As we hurtle towards the end of this season, Jethro Gibbs gets arrested and, SAY IT AIN’T SO, JOE!, NCIS is faced with being dismantled! By Tom Hanks’ son, Colin! SAINTS



OK, I’m back off the ledge. No, I really don’t care…nor should anyone else. It’s a TV show; a very popular TV show at that but still, its a TV show, which will NOT kill itself off.

“Deadliest Catch”. Is Sig Hanson that ego-driven? As much as I like The Northwestern, the friction between he and Edgar really seems contrived. After all, they do what Edgar’s asking on The Time Bandit. That said, they doubled their nearest competitor for the season’s haul.

If there is an Achilles heel to this “reality-show”, this is it. The “star” of this show is The Bering Sea and how unforgiving it is. The beginning of the show is shot in the Fall, when the weather’s a tad better. It’s the winter season for Opilio crab where the “star” comes into play. Oh well.



A few years back, on the island of Puerto Rico, demonstrations were held on “Isla de Vieques”, to put an end to the US Navy using it as a bombing range. The protestors won. The Navy no longer uses it.


You may be asking why I bring this up. Well, not unlike Ed Grimley, we hear at DaRat’sNest are die-hard “Wheel Of Fortune” watchers. You may be aware that they give away trips to exotic locales and locations. This week, they had one to, you guessed it, Isla de Vieques. Think any of the swimming pools may have been pre-dug as bomb-craters?





Yep, it is. You may recall that this writer has no use for Hawk Harrelson as an announcer. That said, I heard how he went at it with a stats-nut and came up with his, “TWTW”, standing for “The Will To Win”. We have an excellent example of TWTW in ChiTwon in DaBULLS. More on that later.


Here’s the deal. If a player does not possess TWTW, a la Corey Patterson, then his talents will be wasted. I recall having a conversation with a Nester about Walter Payton and other NFL runners. We agreed that the physical differences between he

and they was his TWTW, as in order to be a starting RB in the NFL is a statement on any RB’s abilities. But to stand out as he did came from his heart or The Will To Win. It wasn’t all numbers. Yes, they explain some things but not all.


For example, through Monday, DaBOHICUBS’ starters’ ERA was 3.61. Pretty good. However, their bullpen’s was 4.71! That would help explain how a team is 4-7 in 1-run games and 9-17 in games decided by <3-runs. Those numbers help ‘splain things but provide no answers, other than they need better relief-pitching and better hitting. Where they get those, well, isn’t THAT the real question?

So, yes, I agree with Hawk on the TWTW-angle.



Honestly, I figured they’d get swept by Miami. I still think their win, Monday, was about all they’ll get. I’m sorry but I am a realist. They were overmatched even with Deng, Noah, Hinrich, Hamilton being healthy. Hell, even with their regular-starting point-guard, they would be.

So, as far as I am concerned, our hats should be tipped to Thibs and company for their efforts in the face of impossible odds.

A few years ago, a certain NFL team won the Super Bowl after enduring numerous injuries. That said, the NFL has 45-man rosters; the NBA’s are 15.

In order to not put the kibosh on them, my viewing will be via “flipping” over to their games.

Go, Bulls!



Last night, the better team showed who they were by shutting out the Wildings of Minnehaha, 3-0 for a 3-1 lead in their series,

returning to the UC, Thursday. Hopefully, the Coup de Gras will be implemented.



This doesn’t happen very often but when DaSOX play Da Mutts in inter-league play, this BOHICUBS fan pulls for the Sox. Unfortunately, that did help them from being shut out, 1-0, in Flushing, N’Yawk. Am I the only one who thinks the town where Da Mutts play should be named “Flushing”?


What had to hurt more was the fact that Sox-starter, Hector Santiago struck out 8 and gave up only 4-hits. Problem was, Mutts starter, Matt Harvey was just shy of perfection allowing one, measly hit to Alex Rios. Ouch.


Also, bad news for DaSOX in that Gavin Floyd will undergo Tommy John surgery, missing the rest of the season.


Good news? At this time, a year ago their record was the same.



As disgusting as they are and as disgusted at their – seemingly constant – fecklessness, there are certain times when all of that is put aside and my CubsCrackBaby kicks in. When I become a for-real, fan-boy…not just a fan but a fan-boy, a la Sheldon, Leonard, Raj or Wolowitz. Those are when they play the Cuckin’Fardinals; Muckin’Fets and the White Sox. That’s when I care…well about as much as I can work up, which ain’t much.


Last night…and I didn’t even check the listings for the game, hence didn’t even know who they were playing…they beat the Fards 2-1. AND, I don’t believe this, Laddy Marmol did NOT screw things up. (Note, no “BAD” attached to his nom de plume.) In fact, he caught Yadier Molina trying to steal 3d and tossed him out to end the inning.


They get Hoochie-Kuji back in  a few days. Can’t wait. You?


They continued to get solid pitching from their starting staff. This time it was Travis Wood.




Today’s S-T has an item which takes up – nearly – half the vertical space on a page with an item about how Carrie Underwood has agree to replace Faith Hill in singing, “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night”, to open their Sunday Night games. The “nearly” is filled in by another item informing readers that Packehs QB, Aaron Rodgers will appear on “The Office”, tomorrow night, playing, “…a judge for a singing competition”.

Doesn’t THAT get you Jonesin’ for SFC?


This is not SPORTS but somewhat important. Moi’s fave, Lewis Black is appearing at The Rialto Square Theater in Joliet, this Saturday. If you are interested in seeing one of moi’s muses and don’t mind making the trip to Joliet, tix were still available the other day.

OK, gottago. HaGooDay. Remember, any day when we can pick a flower instead of staring up at its roots is a good one.




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