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Deja’ Vu? Derrick Rose is Out For the Season!

droseWe’re experiencing January in November here in ChiTown and may get about a 1/2-inch of snow, today. Flakes are slowly wafting down from the sky as I type this.The weather’s gonna do more than have us humming , “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. It’s gonna affect DaTwacks, as Thursday is Thanksgiving. Normally, the Friday after, we begin decorating DaWat’sNest, which we will this week. We attempted to get most of our outdoor stuff up last week, while it was a tad warmer but some of the decorations had seen better days and so we had to replace them; which took time to find; which put us into putting up their replacements in the cool, cold, colder of November. ;-). Because of that, we will celebrate FEEL-GOOD Woden’s Day and then take a break till next Monday.


Ed. Note. I’ve made an editorial decision based on my own feelings. Uh-huh…I did. While political barbs will continue to fly from these spaces, quite honestly, I’ve grown tired of the D.C. Crap-Machine. So, unless the mood strikes, don’t be surprised to see less on national politics than you have. I make this decision based on an assumption that you feel much the same. That is, that the 535-elected officials entrusted to pass legislation…Yeah, I know. They’ve passed more gas than meaningful legislation…act more like high school freshies. AND, that is with a profound apology to high school freshies.



Let us begin with our stroll back through history. Sherman! To the Wayback Machiune and let us see what we can see which happened on this date in…



2348C, According to biblical scholars, The Great Flood began. It then presented Bill Cosby with one of his best bits…Noah speaking with God as to how and why HE should build the Ark…and then what he had to do whilst “at sea”.


1914,   Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio was born. Only saw him a few times as a kid but T-Nick’s Dad once told moi that he never saw DiMag throw to the wrong base. His 56-game hitting streak may stand as the one, unbreakable, record in MLB.

A couple stats some may find interesting. In 16-years, he hit 361-homers while only striking out 369-times. Not only interesting but that maens as a hitter, he only struck out an average of 23 times a year, which works out to one strikeout every 6.69 games! Contrast THAT to today’s Sabrmetricians, who don’t think strikeouts are bad. This guy’d make billions nowadays.


1923,   Transatlantic broadcasting began. It’s been said teen-aged girls swooned at the dulcet tones of the mop-topped-Brits of the era.


1955,   The Interstate Commerce Commission banned segregation on interstate travel. Activist regulators!


1986,   Former FAUX-News contributor, Ollie North’s secretary, Fawn Hall, was fired from her position, as Pres. Ronnie Reagan announced the findings of the Justice Department’s findings in connection with the Iran-Contra affair.





-OK, he has. Not unlike Trick M. Nixon, who swore he was, “…not a crook”; nor Ford, who knew anything; nor Carter, who lusted in his heart; nor Ronnie, who never knew anything about anything, especiallly Iran/Contra; nor Bush, 41, who was “…out of the loop”, on Iran/Comtra; nor Slick Willy, who “…did not have sexual relations with that woman”…wagging finger for emphasis; nor Bush 43 who, “…never made a mistake”.



-I do not refer to the Christmas…I mean, “winter holiday”…commercials. Of course, I refer to political ads.

Local Senate hopeful, multi-multimillionaire, Bruce Rauner’s have been running about two-weeks, now. That’s bad enough but, am I the only one who’s about had it with these Country Club types from either party, who does a pee-pee poor presentation as “just one of the guys”, in these? Rauner’s has him telling us how the first watch he bought for $18.00 is better than what The Mighty Quinn’s “time” in office has been. OK, we get it but come on. The guys loaded. Lose the insulated vest; forget the Timex and just be who you are. If you’re afraid to do that; then don’t run.


Recall SecState, John Kerry in ’04 dressed in his LL Bean hunting jacket over a flannel-shirt, toting a shotgun; as if he were about to head out to the corn fields to see if he could scare up some pheasant or quail?


Of course, the worst was Dukakis in that tank! JeeeeeSUS!


Who the flip thinks these things up?



-Last week, Senate Majority Leader, Reid, was able to pass a rules change to its “filibuster” rule from the 1975 adoption of a 60-vote supermajority to break a filibuster to a simple majority in reference to certain executive and judicial appointees, not including The Supreme Court.


According to Reid, since the “filibuster” began, 168 have occurred. Of those, 82 have since January, 2009. Go figure.


This hardly seems like a “nuclear option”, in that it only pertains to certain appointments. Also, Reid hath unsheathed a two-edged sword, in that his party will lose its ability to wield the filibuster as a political means to their end if/when DaGOPers retake the Senate and/or the White House…which they will…eventually…if they put their prayer books away.


OK, enough of that. Please enjoy the following clip:





-”A frozen turkey: Cold fit for January, not November”. Uh-huh.


-”Clout contractor drops out of deal over IRS troubles”. Ya think?


-”FAILED OLYMPIC DEAL WORTH MILLIONS TO RAHM’S PALS”…once again, no room at the inn for cops, firefighters or teachers.


-”Seller had to make ‘charitable contributions’ – to City Hall”. Hey, don’t charity begin “at home”?


-”Cairo: ‘Gov’t must OK public gatherings’”. Ain’t democracy grand?





Before we get started, please enjoy this:



-”Boardwalk Empire”. Its season ended with: Al Capone taking over ChiTown’s south-side; Nucky helping Richard’s attempt  to put Gillian away at her murder trial in exchange for assassinating Dr. Narcisse, which turned  turn into the killing of Chalky’s daughter, when she leaned across the good Dr.’s head and took the bullet intended for him, with Richard then being shot and dying; Narcisse becoming a “rat” for J. Edgar Hoover against black-activist, Brother Garvey; Eli murdering Agent Knox, then being spirited away to ChiTown to join Capone and Nucky being approached but not arrested by Agent Selby, regarding Eli’s murder of Knox. That scene, my friends, was unbelievably brutal. Worse than the beating to death of the hooker on “The Sopranos”. Speaking of which, this show makes “The Sopranos” seem like “The Sound of Music”.


-”Homeland”. My notes say: “Curioser and curioser”. While the episode had its moments…they mostly all do…was I the only one wondering why they felt the necessity to spend so much time on Brody’s “detox”, as they had a few weeks ago with him in Caracas? It’s stuff like this that begs the question that the writers seem to have “hit a wall” in the plot, so they decided to fill in the void with their version of Frank Sinatra going “cold turkey” in “The Man With the Golden Arm”?

If you’ve DVR’d it; feel free to f/f through the Brody detox. You won’t miss much.


-”Person of Interest”. WHISKEY! TANGO! FOXTROT!

Only watched last week’s, last night. Looks like Taraji P. Henson’s pee-peed off the producer(s) or has another bigger role as, well, they done killed her off. Does that open the door to “Root” becoming an “asset”, what with her ability to “talk” to “The Machine”? Ofcr. Simmons is still at large and the guys who comprised “HR” didn’t all go straight, so????


-”The Blacklist”. Still haven’t viewed last week’s, so until next time….


No big screen stuff this week. Sorry.




-When I’d heard that he was going to have surgery and would be out an undetermined amount of time, I began composing my headline that he’d be out till January or February, 2015. Then, I heard that he’s gone for the season…again. Know what? No use in dwelling on it. Without him, they’re ordinary, at best. Too bad.

Heard one of the SCXORE guys say he doubts we will ever see this kid at his best. That whatever we’d seen is about it. He may be right.



-Green Bay Packers fans across the country and around the world would like to extend a very heartfelt “THANK YOU!” to the Chicago Bears and Detroyit Loins for keeping their rudderless/Rodgersless team to remain “in the hunt” to win the division, despite the fact that the Packers could not win; at home; against the ViQueens; settling for a tie after overtime.

The question remains. How does a team amass 494-total yards, yet only manage to score two TDs? How does a team-defense play like a sieve when most of its guys are now able to play and expect to make the playoffs…especially when their O needs them to do so?

Their coach, Mike McCarthy, finally admitted that they haven’t played very well without A-Aron. Thing is, he doesn’t play defense, so why their letdown? Yes, he does buoy the entire team but Juniper berries, make a freakin’ stop in the overtime period!

They travel to Detroyit for Thanksgiving. I’m guessing they’ll lose…even if A-Aron returns, which I doubt. Oh well.


-DaBears. WOWZERS! Been using that “Inspector Gadgetism quite a bit t’day but, well, it fits.

It’s one thing to lose; even getting doubled in score, as in 14-7 or 20-10 but 42-21!

Watched the whole game and gotstasay, moi was the only BFW guy to take the Goats. They play solid D and are quicksilver fast.

DaBears’ decision to defer on the opening kickoff, which saw them drop to 21-0 after the Rams’ first, 3-possessions, kinda blew that decision outta the sky.

Both our teams are showing how tenuous…at best…their chances at prevailing are. For the past few weeks, folks around here have been having thoughts that Josh McKown may be as good as Cutler. He is not. That said, until McCarthy decided to put in Matt Flynn for Scott Tolzien, yesterday,  he (McKown) was – and may still be - the best back-up in the division. That said, they just got beat…and badly.


Being brutally honest, if…and I should have said, “IF”…either your Bears or my Packers should – somehow – wind up winning the division and making the playoffs, if either are more than one-and-done, I will be surprised. Neither play good defense, at least not regularly and they both have holes on offense. Between now and their last game which pits them against each other at Soldier Field Decembr 29th, the Packers are: @ Detroit; host Atlanta; @ Dallas; host Pittsburgh, while DaBears are: @ Minnehaha; host Dallas; @ Cleveland and @ Philly.

After recent performances,  while any of these games could be characterized as “winnable” as they are all against teams in much the same situation as they. However, they are just as equally “losable”.


Joe’s Yets! got thwacked by the Ravens. Speaking of which, how ’bout that Joe Flacco contract after they won the Super Bowl, now? Jeepers!


Whitney’s Pats prevailed in OT, 34-31. Interestingly, one of my tie-breaking scores was NE-36; Denver-34. Awfully close, huh?



NO loss nor season-ending injuries to report. Only that they are at Edmonton, tonight as they are in the midst of their annual, “Circus road trip”, while Ringling Bros. takes over the UC for the rest of the week.


OK, time to go. Haven’t had any breakfast and it’s past lunchtime so, TTFN.


Remember, any day we can look down at a rose instead of up at its roots is a good one.








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