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Da Socialist Football Collective In General…

Good day. Too bad we’re to have such crummy weather on this Veterans Day, fka, Armistice Day. By the way, it’s pronounced ARmistice, not arMISTice. I hope you have a chance to review the forwarding on the National Veteran’s Art Museum in ChiTown’s Portage Park neighborhood. Right now, Portage Park is experiencing slate grey skies with a forecast of a “wintry-mix” fka, sleet.

Oh well.


Alright, let’s take a glance into our rearview mirrors via and see what we can see that happened on this date in…


1499,   A pretender to the throne, Perkin Warbeck, not Chrissy Hind, was executed. It does not say where nor by whom.


1889,   Washington became the 42nd state of the union. We all know where THAT is…right?


1909,   The United States Navy began construction of a Navy base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.


1918,   German leaders signed the armistice which ended WWI.


1921,   The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was dedicated at Arlington National Cemetery.


1925,   One of America’s funniest of funny men, Jonathan Winters was born.


1973,   Israel and Egypt signed a cease-fire agreement.


2004,   The PLO confirmed the death of Yasser Arafat.



-Not going to spend any time on the stoopidity of our politicians, today. Nope. I’m going to say a few things about our vets, of which our group has several…some having seen combat…some of whom sustained wounds…others who put in their time…some who are parents of service-members but all of whom have received Honorable Discharges of Service – or will - from their respective branches…Army, Navy and Air Force. No sub-species, aka, Marines, though.


Guys, one day a year is set aside to remember what was done by all members of the Services. It’s nice. Too bad it’s not every day for those in worse shape than us.


That said, haftasay I found the NFL’s “tributes” to be hollow at best…crassly commercial at worst.


At the risk of raining on our Vets’ parade, it should be told that the romanticizing of the military is bullsweat at its core. Folks,

the % of skivers in the service is about the same as in civilian life. They/we are no different than anyone else…just the clothes and the jobs…theirs many times more dangerous than others. Still, people are people.


Thanks, guys.


Here’s a link to two letters to the S-T, today. I found the second, “Veterans’ grim realities” more compelling…and shameful.



-”Paddle tennis flourishes in the suburbs”. OK.


-”Texas man fakes claim of being shot near Mag Mile”. He really didn’t think he’d get away with it, did he?


-”Hamas taps spokeswoman”. Yep…you read that right…s-p-o-k-e-s-w-o-m-a-n. Oh my! Oh my! Islam’s very foundations are being shaken as I type this!



I’ve decided to include various cartoons fer yer viewin’ pleasure or a few laughs as often as possible. If/when I ever “monetize” this thing of mine, I’ll probably hafta stop as this is all copyrighted/trademarked material, from which I cannot profit without their permission…or paying them a royalty. Just ask Plagiarizer-In-Chief, Ayn Randall Paul.


So, let’s close this section with t’day’s Bugs Bunny cartoon, in which he is menaced by “gremlins”! YIKES! Please enjoy, “Fallin Hare”.





-”Cloud Atlas”. Ever wonder why a film with Oscar winning actors just doesn’t make it? Cloud Atlas is a fine example. Last year, during its hype, it was purported to be on the cutting edge of film-making. OK. A synopsis on Wiki says the film spans six different eras with multiple…to say the least…plotlines. Here’s the thing. In order for that to succeed, the film has to show more than happenstance-like connections, sooner. Had I not seen some of the previews, I doubt I would have “gotten” it. Well, I would have but not without a fight. And there’s the rub. One should not have to “fight” nor “soldier on” to understand a film as the enjoyment is proportionately diminished.


Here’s the other rub, Aspercreme, I guess…I found it extremely derivative in that I saw “2001: A Space Odyssey” “Soylent Green”; “Kingdom of Heaven”; “Mutiny on the Bounty”; “Blade Runner”, among others. Trouble is, all of those were better than “Cloud Atlas”. This may seem harsh but we’ve seen Tom Hanks in multiple-roles in “The Polar Express”, so using he in a multi-role film, spanning eons didn’t help me. Yes, he was good; he usually is. My negs are more with the film and the directors than the actors. They – the actors – all did well. It was the length of time it took them to reach the revelation of the whole point of the story in a 3-hour film. After all, Gilligan and friends went on a 3-hour tour and we all knew what was going on in about 5-minutes.


To summarize, while visually stimulating, the telling of the story just didn’t make it. Maybe they should have left it as a novel.


-”Homeland”. Holy moley! Hellzapoppin’! Carrie found out who “set the bomb” at the CIA and who did not. You’ll hafta watch. Sol’s on his way out. Mandy Patinkin plays him as a George Smiley-type whose work is his one and only love, much to the  decline of his marriage. When he returned home after the “job” was completed, I thought he was an a-hole 1st class. And I’m a guy!

Still no Brody, so far. Moi’s guess is Damian Lewis may have had another commitment as besides that one episode a couple weeks ago, he’s been AWOL.

It remains to be seen what happens to Sol and company, which is the show’s “hook” for ensuing episodes. Gottasay, I’m hooked.


-”Boardwalk Empire”. Whoa, Nellie! Chalky done done da deed on Dr. Narcisse…but nopt completely. Nucky found out why the good doctor has the “‘tude” he has. Things are closing in on Nucky from all sides but “Edgar” doesn’t seem to be much interested in him any longer, so are they, really? Al Capone’s getting closer to taking over ChiTown.


Here’s the thing about HBO, Showtime and other Premium Cable series. They are no way as predictable as broadcast network series. Over the weekend, MBH ‘n’ moi were discussing just how predictable they are. It could be that for some reason or other, “police-procedurals” seem to dominate programming long with dysfunctional-family sitcoms.


I have said this before and will say it again…not ALL crime dramas need center around murder(s). Some very famous crimes in history were thefts, kidnappings, etc. Yes, as an adjunct, there were murders but solving crimes is solving crimes and not ALL criminals are murderers. Oh well.


-We plan on seeing “Thor” some time this week. Once we do, will let all y’all know what we thought.



-Occasionally, I’ve been asked for recommendations for tradesfolk. Recently, we’ve had two occasions for which we’ve had to call a plumber. Midcity Plumbing in Franklin Park came highly recommended and we echo that. They are prompt; neat; and professional. They’re the antithesis of the “ya need a new flam-shooter”, types we’ve all met in one kind of situation or other. I don’t know how far south or west they go but if you have a problem, it’s worth a call to find out. I don’t know if there’s a “travel-charge”. They’re reachable at 630-860-1501.




-Will begin with moi’s Packehs and the genie-asses running things up there. Going in to yesterday’s game, I was hopeful their “D” would step-up, as would their running game and “O” line to help back-up QB, Seneca Apple Juice. Unfortunately, none of that occurred. Sad to say, their secondary looked awful,  again. I was left to wonder if their pass-rush was that good 3-years ago that it masked the deficiencies of their defensive-backs.


Far too often, highlight…or lowlight, depending on your perspective…films show opposing receivers wide open or in between hapless GB-DBs.


But wait! There’s more! They went into yesterday’s game with Wallace and Steve Tolzien, just signed off their practice-squad

as their QBs and…AGAIN…after their first series, lost their starter. This time to a groin pull. (Bears fans can commiserate.) Thing is, they’re now stuck. They didn’t go after Matt Flynn, despite his clearing waivers, last week. I do not know if it’s because of the cap or Ted Thompson’s ego but one way or another, they cannot go into N’Yawk with Tolzien as their starter. They just can’t.

Not with THAT defense…banged up or no.


FYI…that game is scheduled for the late game on FOX. Would not be surprised if they opt out of that one and show the Niners/Ain’ts game instead.



Had the sound off on their game as was listening to the Pack. After the ABA-like beginning with two TDs; no D from either team, it seemed like it was gonna be a shootout. Turned out ‘t’wasn’t.  Here are some of my notes…


After being faked out AGAIN, “Chris Conte must own stock in Bike Sporting Goods as he’s about run out of jocks. He’s their 21st-century-version of Marc Carrier.”


2nd-quarter…Jay seems hurt.


3rd…same thing. Sound was on then and found it interesting that the FOX guys…two-former players…were asking the same thing. Wondered what Bears fans were thinking…probably the same.


4th…”Why wait till e/o game to put in McKown?


“Roberto Garza looked like Nick Fairley’s shirttail”, on Fairley’s stop of 2-point conversion attempt.


“Nick Fairley’s fairly stoopid”.


“Trestman ‘QB-whisperer’ or QB-killer”. Jay needed to come out. This could be bad news for DaBEARS.


Here’s Rick Morrissey’s take on yesterday from t’day’s S-T:



- Where’s the Deef…ense?


-DaJags won? On the road? In Tennessee?


-Carolina beat the Niners…in Frisco????


-The Rams beat Indy…in Indy…by 30???? By the way, I really would like it if the Collective would crack down on the bullshit-afterplay histrionics. That a-hole who no one’s ever heard of who scored three TDs, won’t be again. Maybe if they take away the scores/plays and tack on 15-yards, it’d end. Coaches would stop it…in a heartbeat or less.


-Nawlins destroyed Dallas in Nawlins, 49-17. Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot! This seemed more like Ohio State/Northwestern. Again, where’s the deef?


-Tonight, other than Tampa Bay and Miami, doubt many will be watching…unless they’re chasing $$$ from yesterday, which by the scores, many may.



-Don’t worry, FlubsFans. Nothing going on here that should draw your attention. Here’s an update on the GM meetings from Gordon Wittenmyer from t’day’s S-T:


-Here’s an update for our Sox fans:




-DaHAWKS beat Edmonton, 5-4, yesterday and are open until Thursday when they host Phoenix. I just can’t make the “hockey” connection with towns like Phoenix. Sorry.


-DaBULLS host the Cavs tonight.


OK, that’s about it for t’day. Another, “Thank you” to our vets. Hope you enjoyed Bugs. I’m checking and there may be some other cartoons finding their way to DaTwacks, too. It’s my hope that they give all y’all sumthin’ ta smile about.


Remember, any day we can look down at a rose instead of up at its roots is a good one.





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