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Ah, the Ideas of March… and the Cubs play the Sox!

Good morning on this brisk, Arian morn, which may presage some frozen precip, or not, later this afternoon. Perhaps it is telling us to “Beware the Ides of March!”, as on this date in 44 BC, Julius Caesar was assassinated in Rome. Recalling The Bard’s interpretation, after the blind soothsayer had warned Caesar, he is said to have stated, “The Ides of March have come”, to the soothsayer, to which he replied, “Aye Caesar, but not gone”. Perhaps this was the origination of the old saw, “‘T’ain’t how ya start but how ya finish”. The Bard’s “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” has two of moi’s fave Bardian quotes. “Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Lend me your rears!” and, “…the fault dear Brutus lies not in our stars but in ourselves…”, spoken by conspirators, Cassius to Brutus, he of the eenfahmoos, “Et Tu, Brute?”, while in exile, hiding from Augustus legions.


Since we’re discussing todays date, here are a few other historically significant occurrences from the Ides of March in…

The Cubs vs the White Sox... A House Divided!
The Cubs vs the White Sox… A House Divided!


1493, Columbus returned from his first voyage to The New World where he reported the roads were paved with gold.


1934, Henry Ford reinstated the $5/day wage. You read that right, $5/day!


1991, L.A. cops were charged in the beating of Rodney, “Can’t we all just get along”, King


2012, last but not least, Rod BlowJobOvich was carted off to prison to learn all there is to learn about the male dirt chute from a totally new perspective.


Whilst we think of March 15th t’day, as well as St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, yesterday was “Pi-Day”, as it was 3/14…3/14/13, to be precise. In two years, it will be 3/14/15, which will take “pi” out to 5-integers, 3.1415.


Ok let’s take a Rat’s Eyeview of what’s been in the news.





-Barry’ll be making a speech at Argonne National Labs, t’day. If memory serves, there’s a Nester-connection to Argonne. Hope it does not go against anyone’s grain as that connection is not with a BarryBooster, moi believes.


CHRIS ZORICH pled guilty  to tax charges regarding his former charity. Nice guy but a stupid mistake, nonetheless.




-Not going to get in to their rationale, just a-wunnerin’ why they announced it. I did see a blip which appeared to have been at some kind of congressional hearing, so that may be it. If not, and if so, why didn’t they just let it slide and not say anything? Just askin’.



-Say what ya will about Dems being as bad as GOPers, and no, this guy isn’t a pol, but a judge in Detroit agreed with Domino Pizza founder, Tom Monaghan, descibed as a devout Catholic, that he can offer helath insurance which does not cover contraceptives, as he considers this a , ahem,

“gravely immoral”. This is not for Domino’s as he sold that. This is for a much smaller company, Domino’s Farms Corp.

So, we now have employers dictating and projecting their personal, religious beliefs on their employees.

The thing is, none of these guv-regs don’t say anyone HAS to use them; only that they must be available to those who would like to. It seems Mr. Monaghan is forcing his religion on others. One can only hope this will be struck down and these holy-rollers are confined to rng in their own homes…and nowhere else.


They just don’t get it.



-Well, almost as the traditional onset is next week, Wednesday…the day after St. Joseph’s Day.


To our gardeners, Scott’s “Preen” mulch is something to consider. Yes, in relation to other mulches, it’s expensive. However, for those of us whose joints, backs and muscles ain’t what they usetabe, Preen has weed-killing properties which plain mulches do not. That said, make sure you have your reading glasses with you as you must…must…must…must…read the bag as there are plants garden plants which will be negatively affected, e.g., hydrangeas. After putting it down, there was a noticeable difference in the number of weeds among our plants. And, considering the drought conditions we experienced last year, that’s saying something, as weeds usually flourish whilst other ornamental plants do not during drought conditions.



-OK, never was big on it, still am not. However. We have Ray Harrington’s, nee Logan Square, now just north of us in Gladstone Park but for awhile, they were just a couple blocks away. My late father-in-law used to rave about their corned beef and we share his opinion. We won’t make the mistake we made last uear and go there on St. P’s day as it was a madhouse. We will stop by t’morra, though. If you are anwhere near Milwaukee and Austin, give them a try. I get a Reuben while TCLR gets the standard corned beef sammy.



-There’s a blurb in t’day’s S-T which says Raquel Welch, Ms. One Million Years B.C., is a native ChiTowner? Yes, she’s had some work done, lately but considering she’ll be 73 in September, who cares?





-Last night’s wasn’t one of their best but it was funny nonetheless.

I haftasay, Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) is truly gifted. It takes a special talent to make an aggravating, socially-inept, ingrate – not only – funny but likable. No? OK, how ’bout ABC’s “Don’t Trust the ‘B’ in 23″? This is a show whose entire plot revolves around a beyatch…but it’s not funny.

One of the first things I came across in my literary criticsm classes - and throughout them, I might add and echoed by the late Gene Siskel - is that in order for any story, short, novella, novel, play, movie, etc., the main character(s) must engage the audience/readers; they must want to see what happens and care, as if they do not, they’ll put down the book; change the channel or if stuck in a movie theater, go on “auto-pilot”.


As aggravating as he is, Parsons makes us like Sheldon. In normal circumstances, the rest of the cast, all of whom are excellent, would find another “friend”.



-WOW! They needed the Brooklyn Bidge to suspend the disbelief of last night’s plot. Could be their running out of stories. Again, I don’t understand why every plot of every police-procdural show has to involve murder. Let’s face it, folks are beset by all sorts of problems which could use some outside help from the likes of Finch and Reese. That said, we still like them.




-TCLR was tired, so recorded it for viewing at a later date.






-Heard a report on The SCORE this morning that b/u MLB, Nick Roach is ready to sign with Oakland. Also heard that Urlacher’s t’g/t DaQueenies. If they both “take their business elsewhere”, that’ll leave a big hole in the middle of DaBEARS vaunted defense.


-NFL Network was touting its “State of…” show all week, with this week being moi’s Packehs. Moi made it appontment-TV and watched in eager anticipation. Talk about a letdown! Where I thought it’d be McCarthy, Thompson or team prez, Murphy, I heard wideout, James Jones via phone

say they’d miss Greg Jennings but that’s the way it is and they have other good guys. Gee, what insight. Then they asked ’bout the lack of F/A activity by them. His respose was that’s the way they do it. Don’t get me wrong. I like James. How could I not? He was tied for the most TD receptions in the SFC, with 14. Still, I was disappointed in NFLN.


-Back to #85…he, also, is being wooed by DaQueenies. It’d be nice if he stayed a Packeh but….

That said, how many teams could lose a Donald Driver AND Greg Jennings and not really miss them?, he asked rhetorically.


-DaPack missed out on Stephen Jackson as he signed with DaFalCoons. They STILL need a bona fide running back.


-Wes Welker is a Bronco? Really? The Patsies will “replace” him with Danny Amendola.


-The “Tuck Rule” may be going the way of the T-Rex. I never agreed with it from the time the ref made that call. Ironically, it was – then – Raider, Charles Woodson, who made the hit on Brady, forcing the fumble…or not after the review. Fine with moi.


-DaQueenies did sign Matt Cassel as a back-up for The ChristianPonderer, replacing Joe Webb. That’s an upgrade for them.


-Former Lion, Cliff Avrill signed with DaClucks. They seem to be loading up.


-Oh yeah, offensive players are being told they canot lower their helmets and pile-drive defenders. Well, if they’re gonna flag a pass-rusher when his helmet slides up rom hitting a QB in the chest, the reverse should receive the same.




-They play each other this afternnon and will be on CH-9 at 2, local. DaFlubs’ll also be telecast Saturday and Sunday. Spring truly is right around the corner, though I am anything but all hot ‘n’ runny over them. Still, baeabll’s on DaTube.


I’ve referred to them as this before but I believe this team is far more apt to take the moniker of “Question Mark & the Mysterions”.


-DaFlubs v The Rooftops.


Y’know if Steve Goodman were still alive, he’d probably write a song about “The Wrigleyville Pirates” (the roofers) instead of “The Lincoln Park Pirates”. As many of y’all know, I have no respect for the roofers. They are parasitic leeches; feeding off a trademarked, copyrighted product. That said, the Rickettses bought the team with full knowledge of the contractual agreement DaTribbies made with the roofers, which, I believe, has another 13 years to go. And, ‘t’ain’t like they made their money selling lemonade outside the ballpark or parking spaces to fans who drive to the games. Nope. Their billions came from stock-trading, most notably through TD Ameritrade. If they did not have their attorneys do their due-diligence regarding the covenant with the Roofers, and anyone else, then shame on them.

So, we come to a possible solution to the “signage” issue from the S-T’s Herb Gould. The other day, he related as to how he had been acquainted with someone who lived in one of the apartment buildings on Waveland or Sheffield, years ago, how he/they, in order to save a buck or two, would go “up on the roof” with the Drifters singing back-up as they got there. His description was not enthralling. He mentionjed how the players looked like ants and how the regular wall obstructed most of their view. So, with that in mind, and, Da Flubs wanting to put up their signage and the roofers wanting to retain their parasitic position, he suggested this solution. Let DaFlubs erect their signs facing the field and on their back, facing the roofers, put jumbotrons for those who want to actually see the games.


Yes, too simple.


Yes, won’t happen.


Still, it just shows how stooppid the entire situation is.



-So much for the “losing-streak”. They won; in a shootout; in Columbus; on a nifty Kaner goal.



-They lost by 42 to Sacramento. Couldn’t score…didn’t defend…nuff said. BUT…if Derrick were back, maybe they’d only have lost by 22…right?




-I have purposefully left this for last as some may feel it is not FEEL-GOOD material. However, in that it effects 1.2 billion people, and moi, I can’t ignore it.


Cynicism is the by-product which results when the romantic notions of the youthful crash/clash with the frigidly-cold, hard harsh realities of life. Mine came about after having been exposed to The Church in Catholic School in the 1950s and early ’60s. A time when, at least in my mind, things were much simpler…or at least they seemed to be to my young mind. I believed, as many others may have, that The Church, truly was the Champion of the Underdogs. (Sorry for the sports reference.) I believed that in years gone by, bishops, priests and monks were the only protection the poor had from being taken advantage of by the unscrupulous. The concept of “Sanctuary”, where fugitives were immune to arrest, a very general example of which would be “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, though it is somewhat flawed as the bishop’s motivation could be considered questionable. My point is, especially in Feudal times, the only power Feudal Lords respected over a force of arms was that of the local Church priest, bishop, cleric, who would threaten them with eternal damnation if they did not mend their ways.


As Luther pointed out, through the millennia not all that The Church did was exactly “saintly”. There was greed, avariciousness, a failure to live up to the teachings of Jesus. Fast-forwarding to the 20th and 21st centuries, we have all witnessed the “fall from grace” by pedophile priests and bishops who protected them; the internal financial scandals of The Church and the fall-off of the ”faithful” attributable thereto, directly or indirectly.


So much so that Benny 4 x 4 is implicated in the pedophile cases being covered up, again, indirectly.


Continuing to hit the ff-button, they have now chosen Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a Jesuit who has taken the name of Francis I, this being Francis of Asisi, a man who dedicated himself to the helping of the poor; after whom the Jesuits patterned themselves, as champions of Social Justice. Could it be that The Church is returning to its roots? That the trappings of princeliness adopted by so many in its heirarchy will be discouraged? That it, The Church, will refocus itself to helping the needy? That The Church, will stand up to the rich and powerful feudal lords of the peresnt and tell them all the money/wealth they have amassed means less than nothing unless they do good works with it?


The Church in which I was raised preached that the last go first. I recall my 2nd or 3rd grade nun, Sr. Imelda, I think, telling us, “Last in line; first in heaven”. Obviously, this flies in the face of the “Me first” attitude which has so-permeated society the past several decades.


As a Cubs fan, hope springs eternal. While I have nowhere near as much as I did in 1957, there’s still enough there that maybe, just maybe, the Church will get back to what it once was. After all, John Paul II is credited with being instrumental in the fall of the Soviet Union. Change for the better can be effected and I am hopeful it will. Sorry to bother you with this.


OK, remember what Lewis Black tells us, that no matter how schitty things ma seem, at least we won’t get smallpox,  and, have a great weekend!






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