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Cubs win! The good, the bad, and the ugly! (and ‘ere comes the Stones!)

Good morrow! It’s a nice one, is it not? A bit brisk with a slight breeze from the NE, but with the sun rising and setting earlier and later each day, we are inching towards warmer temps. This helps with moi’s walking as t’ain’t no fun walking when it’s cold. And, since moi put a few more #s on, well, you know.
OK, let’s get to it.

To the Playoffs! (wha?)

To the Playoffs! (wha?)

1860 The Pony Express connects St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California.
1862 Slavery is abolished in Washington, D.C.
1865 Union forces occupy the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia.
1882 The American outlaw Jesse James is shot in the back and killed by his cousin, Bob Ford.
-Wella, wella. Just heard this, twice, on the ‘GN Morning News. It seems some docs are telling parents that they should try some behavioral corrections with young kids before going “…running for the shelter of Mother’s little helpers…”, Ritalin and Adderal. This is something moi’s maintained for a long, long, time, which has been met with some pushback from those in the fam who deal with these kids on a daily basis. Please, I’m not saying this stuff doesn’t occur. It does. What I AM saying is, there are many parents…too many…who’d just as soon pop open a pill bottle to be their kids’ “pals” rather than be their parents…which means they’d have to learn how to say, “No” or actually discipline them.
-With these words, “”Life comes down to who love and who loves you back – government has no place in the middle”. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear he was a DemLefty. After all, SuperLefty, Marc Begala’s the one who’s said the GOPers want to, “…shrink government just small enough to fit through our bedroom windows”.
To all those making the “slippery-slope” arguments about how we as a nation are going to slide into oblivion on our trip down the road to Perdition, THIS is where religion and the family unit step in. If this is anthema to you, then teach your children so. Really teach them in your “home-school” atmosphere. Again, no men are being told they have to take a pee-pee in the heinie, nor ladies, well, you know.
The ugly side of this may surface as it has been rumored for quite awhile that the Senator is a closet gay. Hope not…the going ugly, I mean. It took some stones for him to buck his party’s platform. One of JFK’s “Profiles In Courage”?
It’s being reported and was also part of his statement that his suffering through a stroke “liberated” him. Many of us have had such life-changing
experiences, which in an ironic way are liberating. They let us know that the old saw, “Don’t sweat the small schit”, is true.
Muchismo cojones, Senator. Now, if only more of your fellow senators would grow some so there could be a meaningful gun-control law enacted. Unfortunately, there are barely 40 votes in the Senate, which means quite a few Dems are gutless on the issue.
-The Sequester has claimed another victim. This time, it’s the Gary Air Show, which has been completely cancelled.
No, it’s not the end of the world. However, as it progresses, more and more guvm’nt services are going to be curtailed. When bidnisses are effected with layoffs of Air Traffic Controllers and/or TSA personnel making bidniss travel longer and more expensive as time IS money, we’ll see something happen. Otherwise, Barry and the 435′ll keep pissin’ into the wind. We should make them go barefoot.
-For the second time, this week, on its “NATION & WORLD” page, the S-T has shown a “word-balloon” regarding Korea with its tip pointing at the Malay peninsula…read that, VietNam…not the Korean Peninsula. Oh well.
-Ladies and gentlemen, the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band…The Rolling Stones!”, will appear in ChiTown at the UC on May 28th. Tix go on sale on April 8th, on, I believe. Top prices are rumored near $600.00. That’s a far cry from the $6.50 moi paid to see The McCoys, (“Hang On Sloopy”);The Standells, (“Dirty Water”) and The Rolling Stones, “Satisfaction”, “The Last Time”, etc., at the Arie Crown Theater at McCormick Place, nearly, 50-years ago. (More on that “50-years ago” in Sports.)
-Recall a few weeks ago when moi mentioned that it seemed like something may have been amiss with Roger Ebert in that Richard Roeper, Bill Zwecker, et al, had been “filling in” for him?
It was announced this morning that he’s had a recurrence of his cancer and has decided to take what he calls a “leave of presence”. More on this in the S-T as well as on, for those who are interested.
As I said before, I really admire his critiques. They are neither pompous nor profane, they just make their point.
“Game of Thrones”. The season-opener was more of a getting-acquainted episode…bringing the viewer up to date and to fill in any memory-lapses from last season…than anything breathtaking. This is somewhat of a guilty pleasure for moi as it’s as much sorcery as swords and in many respects, is somewhat of a soap of The Dark Ages.
-”Revolution”. I really don’t know where I am with this show. One week, I think I’m getting into a story and then this, yet another episode of exposition. Without giving too much away for those who hadn’t yet seen it, are all the bad guys who are in charge disappointed nice, or well-meaning, guys? Also, now we’ve been intro’d to “The Tower”. That’s all we know as the show ends with that revelation. Oh yeah, am I the only one wondering if Billy Burke, (Myles), was wearing bright pink lipstick?
-”Hannibal”. NBC’s premiereing this newbie on Thursday at 9, CDT. It stars Mads Mikkelsen, (Le Chifre from “Casino Royale”), as Hannibal Lecter,
pre-Silence of the Lambs. It also stars Laurence Fishburne as the FBI agent who enlists Dr. Lecter in his efforts to find the serial-killer he suspects in the disappearance of several college girls. Ain’t HE in for a s’prise!  We’ll record it as we have shows we watch at that time. Thank Zeus for DVRs!
It got 3-1/2 stars from the S-T. The review also says that it, “…may be one of the goriest programs on broadcast television”. If so, it may not last long. However, as NBC is part of Comcast which owns many cable networks, this could be a way to “premiere” it and then shift it to one of them.
-Tonight’s fare….
We’ll do our usual, “Modern Family” as well as taking a gander at its following show, “How To Live With Your Parents For The Rest Of Your Life”, a show about a young, divorced mom who moves back in with her folks. What makes it worth a watch, at least for moi, is Brad Garrett as the Step-dad and Elizabeth Perkins as the Mom. That’s enough comedic talent to carry it…I hope. It only got 2-stars. Maybe it needs to get its legs. Watching a rerun of “The Big Bang Theory” pilot and then a current broadcast shows how that happens.
-”Jurassic Park 3-D” opens Friday at selected theaters.
-It’s been  few years since we’ve been assigned this quest but just as surely as Jason and the Argonauts sought The Golden Fleece; Hercules completed his “Labours” and Odysseus endured his 10-year voyage home to his beloved Penelope in Ithaca from Troy, we Flubs fans have embarked, once again, on ours…our quest of being mediocre, as defined by Webster meaning, ”…barely adequate”. Thus far, we are +1 and counting towards our goal of 81.
OK, on to Game #1.
-The Good. The Bad and The Ugly…ah-eeaheyaaaah! (That was sposeta be the yell when they showed Eli Wallach as “The Ugly”.)
The Good. Watched all of Monday’s game and oh, man, if one game were to make a season, we’d be in clover instead of the crabgrass which lies ahead of us when it warms up.
Parkay tossed a beaut. Everything he threw had movement. Yes, it was the Pirates and yes, it was cold. Still, he had more on the ball than just his hand. Other than Lillibridge’s muff on a grounder in the 1st, the D was solid.
Fidel, (Castro), made two plays deep in the hole which last year I wouldn’t have expected him to make. He planted; set and threw to 1st and got each batter. What was impressive about the plays was his lack of “rushing” the play. That’s the toughest thing to avoid. So far; so good.
Rizzo thwacked one out of the park and I mean thwacked it! I really like this kid. I truly hope he does not fall prey to believing his press-clippings,
which is a mistake made by many young players. More on that, later.
All in all, they made haste slowly…my old coach’s words…meaning to play fast while under control.
The Bad. This from Gordon Wittenmyer’s column in the S-T: “The Cubs victory Monday marked just the third time since the Ricketts family took ownership that the team finished the day with a winning record. If the Cubs win Wednesday, they would be two games above .500 for the first time since that highly leveraged sale.” Hmmmmm, seems we may’ve been on our quest for awhile…just didn’t know it.
The Ugly. Carlos LaddyMarmolAde.
Talk about day and night. I sat and watched 8+ innings of solid-starting pitching from Parkay and then Swami brings in LaddyMarmolAde. Too bad his jelly’s spoiled. He hit a guy; bounced in , at least, two pitches and was just hobo-butt-ugly. Worse, when Swami brought in Russell, he got his man and then KiujiFuji, (Is that Japanese for HoothcieMama?), who got his guy on 2-pitches!
DaFlubs needta get rid of this guy. He outsucks a NukeDyson. They aren’t going anywhere anyway. So what’s the sense in continuing to use him as a closer? Make him a mop-up guy. Gawd knows, they’ll be plenty of those opportunities for that. Or, just get rid of him.
This brings me to an oldie for these spaces. What I call “The Lou Brock-Syndrome”. Around 50-years ago, our boys of summer had a young phenom who had all the talent in the world playing right field by the name of Lou Brock. He could run like the wind and hit as well. His D was semi-suspect but he was so talented, that was overlooked. He only played with the Cubs for three years, his downfall as a Cub possibly having been hitting a home run to center field, out of the old Polo Grounds in New York, a feat only repicated by Babe Ruth, Joe Adcock and Hank Aaron. For whatever reason, he just wasn’t able to put it all together while with the Cubs. Jack Brickhouse extolled his abilities as a good house-shill and we all saw that he had “it” but he couldn’t seem to quite find “it” and then put “it” all together. At least as a Cub. Then came the eenfahmoos “Brock for Broglio” trade which rocked the Cubs. Y’see, Ernie Broglio was reputed to have the best curveball in baseball. The Cubs had Willims, Santo, Kessinger, Banks, etc. They felt they needed pitching and could give up Brock to get him. Thing was, Broglio had a bad shoulder and couldn’t have gotten moi out. On the other hand, maybe while adjusting his jock, Brock found “it” and wound up with over 3000 hits and 938 SBs; not to mention World Series appearences and the Hall of Fame.
My point is, sometimes it takes the harsh reality of being traded from the warm, fuzzy-feeling from the team which drafted and (possibly) pampered the ball-player to the realization that it’s do or die to make another, that brings out their best. If such is the case with MarmolAde, fine.
-Was a nice game. Tried tuning in but much like Stoney, I still can’t stand Harrelson. He made some stupoid comment about pitching which Stone left hanging. Didn’t say a word. It was obvious that Mr. Know-It-All was wrong and Stoney just let him hang.
When I did tune in, it was to see Addison Reed’s semi-shaky close. Still, he got it done and Sale was nasty. (Flipped over a few times).
-It seems our Bulls’ star will sit it out and come back next year. As I’m not involved in his inner-circle nor DaBulls, I don’t have any nor all the facts. That said, I do have an opinion. If he’s not going to play; then say so. If he’s going to; same thing. In either event, be a man; not a boy.
Contrast him with another guy the same age as he, Jonathan Toews. Toews is just about as important to the Hawks as is Rose to the Bulls. While he convalesced with his concussion, there was not such silliness provided by he nor his “crew”. Yes, he had the “cover” of the lockout. Still….Oh well.
-Only made one trip down to Montrose Harbor for the “smelt” run and that was many, many moons ago. Smelt are small, sardine-like fish which used to be plentiful along our lakefront. Dip nets would be hung over the sea walls in the hopes of catching them. They used to be measuerd by how many buckets would be hauled in. Of course, half of the fun was the cleaning and grilling of them right there. Again, never had the pleasure. The S-T’s outdoors writer, Dale Bowman relates how several guys had bought smelts at a store to grill as the “catch”…and I use that loosely…just hasn’t been anything to talk about. However, it’s a sign of Spring.
-Speaking of Spring, it’s officially the end of ice-fishing season. YaHOOOOOOO!
-Heard from one of DaRatette’s boyfriends and also on NFLNetwork that Aaron Rodgers and DaPack’re are looking at an extension in the neighborhood of $23 to $25-million/year. As much as I like this guy, there’s something screwy about a system where teachers are made to go a-beggaring for a few thousand $$$/year and a guy who can throw a football makes about the same as the budget for small towns. Oh well…..
Looks like DaBears’ll wait and see with Cutler. For MBFFFs, I’m sure you’d like to see a Joe Flacco-type secnario. Nothing personal…I hope not.
OK, gottago. It’s too nice outside to be sittin’ inside. Remember moi’s mentor, Lewis Black’s words to live by, that no matter how schitty things may seem; at least we won’t get smallpox today.

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