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Chicago Cubs Set Record…

Good day. It is one finkinly beautiful day in ChiTown. Boreas is sending us cool breezes, while Phoebus’ Chariot keeps us warm. It truly is a sweet ‘n’ savory kind of day!

I’m going to change the format a tad, t’day and – hopefully – get some interactive-scheiss going with all y’all. So, while we’ll do our almanac-thing, I’m skipping Barry and the BustOuts in DC; Rahbi, The Might Quinn, etal…this means all of them…and will see if we can be a bit more FEELY-GOODY and have a little fun.
OK, first things first, Sherman! Get thee to the Way Back Machine and let’s see what happened…
1722,   Samuel Adams was born; paving the way for an artsy-fartsy beer to be named after him and making the brewery’s founder a billionaire.
1826,   The Russians defeated the Persians at the Battle of Ganja, after which they rolled some of the native flora and got as high as the Causcasus, where they fought.
1913,   The first boat – ever – was raised in the Panama Canal locks. No Ganja was reported having been used.
1960,   Displaying what would become widely known as his true personality, Veep Trick M. Nixon lost to JFK in the first, televised PrezDebate. No, JFK was not heard to say, “Proceed, Governor”, as, well, TMN wasn’t a Governor.
1961,   Bob Dylan made his singing debut in NYC…and the rest as they say, is history. A personal note. If – a few years later – had he not appeared on stage “plugged-in”, rock ‘n’ roll might still be wailing about how some guy “lost his baby” or some girl wanted to be with “The Leader of the Pack”…not Aaron Rodgers.
1969,   Speaking of which, the Beatles last album, “Abbey Road” was released.
1540,   The Society of Jesus, aka, The Jesuits, were approved as a religious order by Pope Paul III, only to face suppression by Pope Clement XIV in 1773. Fear not. They went on to establish schools and universities…DePaul in ChiTown for one, which by its unending search for knowledge recently was given a $100,000,000.00 arena by Chicago’s Mayor…who is not a Pope.
1669,   The Island of Crete fell to the Turks, eventually leading to the pejorative of one being referred to as a “cretin”.
1920,   8 Chicago White Sox players were indicted for throwing the World Series. As there were so many pennants won after, it was hardly noticed.
1998,   Google began. Nothing much there. Just thought I’d mention it.
I know this one has universal appeal…or revulsion. Let’s see.
Yesterday, I receieved an email from T-Brewski informing me he had just heard two songs he has hated all his life, “Radar Love” and “Groovy Kind Of Love”. What’s funny is, I have mentioned this to moi’s kids for EVER. Y’all know what I’m talking about…those songs which when they were released eons ago that gave you a catch in the throat…not a sentimental catch; more of a retch-catch. One of those which while you have your “oldies” station on in your car; all you need hear is the first note; strain of it, whatever…you instinctively reach for the radio button to change the station. (Right now, I am not, as Lynn Braemer’s playing LedZep’s, “Black Dog”.)
Anyway, I immediately flashed back to Bobby Goldsboro’s “Honey” and Dicky Lee’s treacly, “Patches”. (All y’all should get the idea that with LZ blaring loud enough to be heard in my Ratette’s office across the street and my disdain for the aforementioned, where I’m coming form. Fear not, “My Green Tambourine”.
So, what are yours? Please remember…nothing personal in this as, after all, one person’s treasure is another’s slop.
So, what is your cringe-inducing, retch-causing, skin-crawly tune or tunes? We have decades from which to draw. Hell, centuries. Let’s hear your fave unfaves.
You have Brewski’s and moi’s. What’re yerz? Oh yeah…no ‘splainin’ necessary, Lucy. Just the name(s).
-Here’s something a few Twackers will recall. An old buddy of ours from our River-Park-River-Rat days, has a bar on Elston Avenue, just north of Diversey. He and his sister are featured in today’s S-T. T-Bill, Tom ‘n’ moi spent a few nights there slugging down some Old Styles and a few others, too.
Here’s the link:
                                                                 DUCK SEASON
Some thoughts on season premieres we’ve watched thus far…
Whoa, Nellie! Are they going political? Was the blackout induced by DaPrez? Was it some kind of plot? Did DaPrez OK nuking American sites? This could become rather interesting. It caught our attention.
“Modern Family”.
Hmmmm. Their two-episode premiere was, well, so-so. The first dealt with The Supremes OK-ing gay marriage in California, which has a direct effect on Mitchell and Cameron. It was OK but the show seems to have lost some of its edge. Both episodes were OK. However, we found ourselves LOL much more while viewing earlier shows which are in syndication on USA and locally on FOX-32.
“CSI”. In 1964, Dobie Gray told us all , “…while other guys imitate us; the original’s still the greatest…”. OK, fine. However, it seems this original’s better days are nearly out of sight in its rearview mirror. Yes, I’ve been saying this all along but this carry-over from last year about a serial-killer, fascinated with the 9 Circles of Hell from Dante’s “Inferno”, while piquing my interest, at the beginning, was, well…read on. Normally, I would applaud such an effort as, well, it is quite a leap from the more base storylines presented on the tube…much less on the big-screen. And, yes, I did like that. Then they went all screwy, with such a Saturday-afternoon-B movie-resolution, it just defied any kind of logic. It was far more grisly than anything Jessica Fletcher ever dealt with in Cabot Cove on “Murder, She Wrote”, but, well, let’s just say the bloom appears to be off this rose.
Nice try with Dante, though.
“The Big Bang Theory”.
Another double-episode being portrayed as an “hour-long” show. The first was only OK, as was the second…for awhile. Then, just as I was about to say to MBH that I didn’t think we needed to keep it on the DVR, they went into a scene with Howard and Raj that, well, had us crappin’ our pants laughing.
Speaking of which, in an older show, the guys bought the “Time Machine” prop from the 1960 Rod Taylor  film. In it, while Leonard sets the controls for their first foray into time travel, Sheldon, Raj and Howard mimic the stop-motion-like movements used in the film to show the machine’s movement through time while remaining stationary. It was pretty funny. I asked MBH if she’d ever seen the film, which she had not. Well, it’s on TCM tonight at 7 Central. We’re DVR-ing it.
Sherlock and Joan travel to merry old England to help an old associate. While there, Sherlock meets his brother, Mycroft, who’s lost a “ton” of weight. I am far more tolerant of the – seeming – “out-of-left field” resolutions Holmes achieves as, well, he’s been making them since 1887.
By the way…have you thought of that/those song(s) yet?
“Don Jon”.
This is a new film from – possibly – the hottest young star in Hollywood, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. According to Richard Roeper’s review, he stars as the title character whose friends have given him that appellation as, somehow, he’s able to score a one-night-stand each and every week. He’s also addicted to Internet porn. OK, fine. But here’s what’s puzzling. He meets up with Scarlett Johansson, whose life view is just the opposite. She’s looking for long-term commitment, etc. Now, folks…mainly you guys…if you had Scarlett Johannson telling you she wants as long-term commitment from you; that a man needs to do what please her, etc.,  and you waver as, well, y’know, what about your “Radar Love” on the Internet? Are you kiddin’ me? It’s ‘sposetabe a comedy. If we see it; it’ll be on HBO, probably.
Speaking of which, in another review, Roeper closes with this: “It’s 2013. For every movie about two people on the verge of 50 falling in love, we get about 20 movies about superheroes”.
I signed up for our local theater, The Patio’s email list. Yesterday, received one informing me that due to rising costs and
their inability to absorb the losses if they book a film that just doesn’t draw, they’re only going to show “classic” films.
Too bad, as MBH is planning on retiring and we had planned on seeing first-run films there which did not necessarily require
the “big-screeniness” required for “superhero” movies. Oh well. Sorry. That wasn’t real “FEEL-GOOD”.
                                                                      AND NOW…SPORT
Here’s a question posed at the end of S-T’s Gordon Wittenmyer’s column, this morning: “Will the Cubs become the first team in history to watch three opponents celebrate clinchers against them?”
He leaves out that this would also occur in three, successive, series. The Braves last weekend; the Pirates, earlier this week and the RedTurds - with a win or Pirates loss - tonight.
Also, they have set the record for the most home losses in franchise history. Now that’s something!
They went 31-50 at home. Ya don’t hafta have a Ph.D. in math to see that’s just a hair under 5/8ths or 62.5%. That meant, Wrigley Field attendees had a 5 outta 8 chance of seeing them lose…AND…at an average ticket price of $42.00. Now while that figure may not seem like much, it includes all tix; for all games; all season. With their lower, “tiered” prices from early in the season, that’s still pretty high…not to mention $7.75/beer.
So, what’s the FEEL-GOOD? It’s almost over, folks. The next time we meet, our long, national nightmare will have ended.
A few words on SwamiSveum. My wanting Girardi should not be considered a rip on him. After all, he’s been given the thankless job of trying to develop young kids, while the front-office gets guys; then trades them and by July, he ends up with less than he had when the season started. One example would be Brewski’s “Stiff in Left”. Since they traded him, in 32 games with the YankMes, he has 12 homers and 35 RBI, which a YankMe fan has extrapolated to 61-homers over a 162-game season.
The last thing fans of any team want to see is one of their guys being traded and then going on a tear like that. So, whose fault is this? Swami’s? TheoJed’s? Whom?
What I’m getting at is this, the strip-job TheoJed have done to the talent…however meager that may be…leaving Barney, Castro, Rizzo and Smarj to play with no support, ain’t working.
Does Swami deserve to be fired? No.
Do they need someone who’s better equipped to deal with what they are doing? Yes.
That’s why I look to Girardi. They need to bring in someone who gives us hope for the future. Otherwise, all their plans about the ballpark; a new TV contract, etc., the ballpark marquee should show the crash and burn of The Hindenburg but it won’t have LedZep’s first album playing, “In the days of my youth, I was told what it means to be a man”.
As a CubsCrackBaby, I don’t care about all their machinations in, around, about MLB’s labyrinthine rules on free agency, arbitration, etc. I want to see Baez, Bryant and whomever else up here, playing.
Do I care about the Rickettses $$$? Hell no. Not when faced with $78.00 tix-prices. They can eat some losses, too. Right now, we’re being served old shoe-soup, with a calculated promise that if/when they get their dinero from the ballpark improvements and TV, well, then, everything’s just gonna be ducky and we’ll get Fois gras, instead. We just nbeed to be patient. Uh-huh.
Sorry, maybe not so FEEL-GOOD…but am ‘Feelin’ Groov”…(anyone getting that fingernails across a blackboard feeling?)…that this season’s coming to an end.
Yes, ’tis. They need to win a game…just one and one only…to avoid 100-losses.
Back in January, you coulda got some long odds that they’d have had a far better record than their northside brethren. Who’d a thunk things woulda gone this way? Not mois…nor many others, neither.
Another merciful end to a waste of another baseball season.
They travel to Detroyit to face DaLoins in a fairly important game, in that with a win, DaLoins will be tied with the 3-0 Bears for 1st-place in their division. This could be one of those games where the team which has the ball last will win as they each have fairly potent offenses with defenses that have question marks. The O/U is 47-1/2.
-My Packehs
They’re home; licking theior wounds; pulling their heads outta their heinies and – hopefully – preparing tomplay to their ability for the rest of the season.
They open their season Tuesday, hosting Washington. More on that next week.
OK,  have some things to do and as we’ll be out-of-town attending a family member’s wedding, a tad more needstabe done t’day. So, take care. Have  great weekend. Always remember, any day we can look  down at a daisy instead of up at its roots is a good one.

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