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Cubs become the tallest midget in the circus!

Good day. Tis a fair day, this 1st day of July, the 182nd of the year; leaving 183 to go. Instead of “hazy, hot an’ yumid”, it’s cool, clear and comfy. Skillful Tom’s telling us these are more May-like temps than July. Well, call me a pinko-Commie but I’ll take these May Day temps over Uncle Sam’s B-Day yumidity, anytime. Memo to Barry and NSA…just a joke, guys. midget


Let’s get started with a review of what’s happened on this date in history in…


96, Vespasian is hailed as emperor by the Egyptians. Not that I care but that I think Vespasian’s a really goofy name for an emperor. No? Well where the hell did the “Vespa” scooter get its name? AND, if you were an emperor, would you be caught dead…or alive…riding a most NON-Imperial-sounding motor scooter? Well, would you?


1863, the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg occurred. On a more seriosity note, that may have been one of the most pivotal-points in our history.


OK, let’s see what’s going on now, shall we?



This is a front page headline from this morning’s S-T. Funny, isn’t it? CPS and Ella Noise have been throwing millions upon millions of dollars into this charter school operation of a politically-connected family….$22,000,000.00 for their newest school, for which they threw a party which cost $143,000.00 but they haven’t paid their contractors and vendors, some of whom have filed liens to protect their positions.

Being a grizzled, old collections vet, this comes as no surprise. I cannot tell you the number of times I was told how someone took my client’s $$$ to pay for something else, which they felt was more important…and then cried poor to me. Eff them!


That said, they just got back in The Mighty Quinn’s good graces and more of Ella’s money’s flowing to them.


-”How can McDonald’s sell cheeseburgers, even though they’re banned in the Bible, which is fairly clear about not mixing meat and milk?”


This is the first sentence of Neil Steinberg’s column from today’s S-T, on how anti-gay bias has lost its legal position.


Here’s the link if interested:


As far as moi’s concerned, some of these so-called christians, (lower-case intentional) are more concerned about their politics and political dinero than the real teachings of Jesus.


Personally, I cannot hold with their thinking. How could I, then greet my friends and family who are gay or lesbian and tell them I “love” them?



I was going to do a bit of a treatise on the Paula Deen and  George Zimmerman matters along with Huckleberry Finn and language but just don’t have the time.


I’ll get there.



The Rev. Al Sharpton’s moving to ChiTown. Well, hoo-dee-hah! Don’t know how he and Jesse-Squared will be able to exist in one spot. Just be prepared to hit your “Last Channel” button on your remotes when he’s on…which he WILL be.



This was an interesting pilot-episode on Showtime, last night. It seemed like a mix of The Sopranos; The Departed; Entourage and maybe more. It was well done with Liev Schreiber playing the lead-role as an Irish-Catholic “Fixer” for a Hollywood law firm, who has lingering problems due to pedo-Catholic priests; his recently paroled dad, played by Jon Voight and his wife, Abby, whose Bahston accent’s as think as Carmella Soprano’s Joisey accent.


So far, the first watch was worth the time. We’re giving it another.


A side note. I hadta look up Schreiber as this may have been the first time a guy named Liev Schreiber has played a lead character with the appellation of Ray Donovan. Turns out, his daddy was a Protestant and his mommy, a Jewish lady who belonged to the Communist Party, (that’s in his bio.) It was she who named him Live in honor of her fave-novelist, Leo Tolstoy.




The last time our Hawks won The Cup, they then got rid of 10-guys, all in the name of the salary-cap. With this year’s reduced cap, it’s happening again…AND…one of those traded was the Cup-Winning-Goal-Scorer, Dave Bolland, along with the assistee on that goal, Michael Frolik; with Bolland to Toronto for 3-picks and Frolik to Winnipeg. They say, “NFL” stands for “Not For Long”. It would now seem, we can say that “NHL” stands for “Not Here Long”.


However, they did re-sign Bryan Bickell for 4-years @ $16-million.




Cubs fans, REJOICE! Thanks to a successful, west coast road trip, thus far, our BOHICUBS have surged ahead of DaSUX; DaBrewTurds and even DaMutts, the fave team of our newest Nester, Joe. Da BOHICUBS are now, 35-45 with a .438 W/L%;

putting them ahead of DaMutts @ 33-45 for a .423; DaSux @ 32-47 for .405 W/L% and Da BrewTurds @ 32-48 for .400.


Fear not non-BOHICUB Fans. It’s July 1st and we all know they ain’t no way in h-e-double-hockey-sticks that they’ll hold on to anyone who’s doing, even, OK.  Sic transit Gloria mundae.


A Tough Break.

Call it one of Uncle Lou’s “Cubbie Occurrences” or what but former Sox, Ryan Sweeney, who’s been having a really nice time of things lately, leading the team in B/A @ .295; along with 4 homers and 15 RBI in 44 games. He broke a rib the other day and could miss two months because of it. Oh well. You know it. Yes you do, B-O-H-I-C-A.


Don’t know what to say to Sox fans, Arnold, Bill and Nick but man, dropping all 4-games…at home???? That’s BOHICUB-style…speaking of whom, by virtue of their recent surge, find themselves only 10-games behind Cincy for 4th place in the division.


OK. It’s getting late and have some things to do. Have a great rest of the day. Oops! Almost forgot. As we are hosting DaFamRats for a BBQ on Woden’s Day and the 4th is on Thor’s, I’ll be posting Woden’s Happy Hump Day edition, on the morrow, with FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY on, well, Friday.


Remember, any day we can look down at a flower instead of up at its roots is a good one.





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