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Mighty Quinn and Concealed Carry…

Good morning. Tis a cool July Turd, with temps in the 60s. Yes, as it is the day before our country’s birt’day, it should be warmer and humider but, hey, we can’t control the weather. Speaking of which, take a gander at the following NASA Photo of the Day, courtesy of Nester Brewski. It’s of lightning strikes in Greece. No doubt, Father Zeus was pissed about something. T’anks, Brewski!

As I type this, the brats are a-swimmin’ in their beer bath; soaking up flavor for dinner tonight. The ribs have been rubbed and are also soaking

There's a Gun Here Too...

There’s a Gun Here Too…

up their flavors, and, the wood chunks are a-soakin’ in preparation for their job of adding their rich, smokiness to the ribs, chicken and corn which will be a-roastin’ over them. Nope. No burgers this time. Next time fersher…fersher. We’re celebrating today as the 4th occurs on a Thursday and some of the family has to work on Friday and, well, you know, can’t have as many brewskis or wines if ya gotsta go to work. Right?

So, for a week-and-a-half, now, we’ve had less and less daylight each day, as the summer solstice has passed. Also, as of yesterday, we are past the halfway point of 2013, which means each day takes us closer and closer to the end of it. Based on the year’s occurrences thus far; that’s fine with moi.
Yesterday, July 2nd in 1980, Jimmy Carter reinstated draft registration for men 18 and over. Hurrah! Hooray! Calloo! Callay!
And on this date in history, in…
1775, George Washington took command of the Continental Army. Those poor Brits never had it so bad.
1863, The Rebels attacked the center of the Union’s lines at Gettysburg but did not penetrate it, which would lead to a most ignominious defeat for them.
in 1945, The U.S. landed at Balikpapan and took the airfield at Sepinggan on Borneo during WWII. I put this in as I felt like typing Balikpapan and Sepinggan.
So, we’re doomed if Da Mighty Quinn uses his amendatory veto power to re-write the court-ordered concealed carry law. Tis doomed to failure as ’twill be over-ridden as, well it has some really…and I mean R-E-A-L-L-Y…lefty-loosiness to it.
Here are his six points as appeared in today’s S-T. I have done a précis with the first 5:
1. Home rule is preserved in ChiTown and other home rule communities, should they wish to enact future bans on assault weapons. Man, if that ain’t Pinko-Commie, don’t know what is.
2. Change the wording of the law which said businesses, churches and other private properties to say they “permit” concealed carry, rather than that they oppose it. This way, you’ll know if they think it’s a good idea ta let folks in who are packin’; no matter who they are.
3. Require that “concealed weapons” actually be completely “concealed”…not just “mostly”, as is now stated.
4. Limit a concealed-carier to carrying only 1 weapon and only 1 magazine with a 10-shot capacity. What? No Lone Ranger double-holsters?
How we gonna play “guns”?
5. Concealed weapons would not be allowed in the workplace unless employers give their “express permission” to do so and granting employers the ability to prohibit employees from bringing or carrying weapons on all private property.
The gun-nuts don’t want these and our gutless, spineless legislators won’t do anything to fight them. Here’s what I foresee. Some lunatic-fringie, a la, George Zimmerman,  takes his gun to work for no other reason than  he wants to. It’s his “Binkie”. While at work, he gets into an altercation with another worker-bee; gets so pissed off that he takes out his Binkie but instead of sucking on it like the baby he is; pumps a few slugs into his antagonist; killing him. Not only does the guy die on the employer’s premises; now the spouse of the deceased sues him/her…and it goes on and on and on. Hypothetical. Abso-effin-lutley. But all we need do is take a gander at any cable-TV news outlet and all we’ll see is George Zimmerman; self-appointed neighborhood vigilante; on trial for 2nd-degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin; mainly because, well, he had his gun and Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law behind him.
Yep. As we await Independence Day, we need to go back to those halcyon days of yesteryear, when men were men and women were women and one man married one woman and if some guy looked at you the wrong way, hell, you just plugged him one.
Even though I’d still be against this, if they at least made every gun-owner pass a Certified Police administered certification class before the
issuance of a concealed-carry permit there’d be an assurance that just any Tom, Dick or Scheisskopff isn’t packing heat. Of course, that’d make sense so forget that.
Here’s another point to consider. Up till now, cops only had to figure a bad guy would be carrying. Now, anyone can.
This is going to go bad. Some way…somehow…somewhere…someone’s gonna wind up on a slab at County for no other reason than they just hadta carry their “Binkie”.
It seems…again…Barry’s boys did not properly deliver their message about the Affordable Care Act, so now, they are delaying the bidniss requirements of their having to offer health insurance or face fines.
They’ve stuck their cranks into an electric outlet on this law for 4-years now. While I agreed with them, in principle, I also agree that they’ve done one, scheissy job of getting the word out on this. 4-years…F-O-U-R EFFIN’ YEARS, and they STILL haven’t made it clear! In this, they are in the same boat as Mittsy in that they can’t sell napkins at a picnic where ketchup popsicles are being sold.
Here’s the other thing. It’s more than evident that this is being done – almost as much – for political considerations and the Congressional races in ’14.
Wella wella. Local School Councils around ChiTown are not accepting the budgets given their schools by CPS. Unfortunately, two which struck at Da FamRats were. Oh well.
As have others who work for the City and fear for them, won’t be outspoken about it but when Rahmses runs, next, will support whomever runs against him…even a trained seal.
What really pisses me off is the lack of balls at CPS. None. Gutless phucques they are, instead of saying they’re implementing what their boss tells them to; they try to lay the blame on the “pension crisis” in Springfield…about the easiest target anyone could use. BULLSHOT!
Those of you who enjoy pomegranate seeds pay heed. The CDC and FDA have said the most likely source of the multistate hepatitis outbreak was from pomegranate seeds grown in Turkey and used in Townsend Farms; Harris Teeter Organic Antioxidant Blends; Scenic Fruit Company in its Woodstock Frozen Organic Pomegranate Kernels. Cook, Lake and DuPage counties have sold these items.
Not too long ago, it was determined that any felony arrestee in Cook County would be subject to providing a DNA sample. At that time, we stated while a good idea, having to do so before being found guilty was, well, Hmmmm.
Well, from that, a previous sex-offender was found to have also committed a rape in 1996 was sentenced to 60-years in prison for it.
They say it’s because the “refinery issues” which always seem to arise; every year; right when our area’s “reformulated” gas is due, have been resolved. So, even as we approach Independence Day, tomorrow, gas prices in ChiTownLand are a-droppin’.
Could it also be that due to the higher prics, folks just weren’t driving as much? Just askin’.
                                                                                 BACTRIAN SEASON
Hmmm. Richard Roeper’s review of “The Lone Ranger”, from Disney gave it 1/2-star. AND, the headline reads, “‘Pirates’ Cast Off For The Old West.” Hmmmm. Didn’t someone say that from his views of the previews, that’s exactly what it looked like? Well yes indeedy-do. ‘T’were moi. Also, Roeper says Johnny Depp does something he’d not seen before, saying, “…it’s just not very interesting or innovative or funny, and when was the last time anyone said that about Johnny Depp’s work?”
When I was a kid, I had no idea how that studio could eff-up a story as, well, I hadn’t read them as they were written. I refer to “Alice in Wonderland”, which when re-done with Johnny Depp as “The Mad Hatter”, folks said things like, “THAT’S not ‘Alice in Wonderland”, to which I responded, “Oh, yes it is!” Oh well.
No, haven’t seen it yet but we’re planning on doing so this week. Nester Brewski thought it was, “OK”, which would be a ”Thumbs-sideways”, it seems. Will let you know.
We’re gonna hafta get there as “Wolverine opens in 3-weeks.
                                                                            AND NOW…SPORT
Remember how sucky sports are in February? I mean, once the Super Bowl’s over we have hoops via NCAA and the NBA and the NHL. Yes, the Hawks are fun to watch and the Bulls, if The Poodle’s head’s on straight, can be Ok but really, nowhere near MLB and SFC seasons.
So, here we are. The Hawks have – just about – finished the “Cup” walk around Da City, leaving us with, ahem Da BOHICUBS and DaSUX.
The biggest headlines on the BOHICUBS were on Marmol being traded and the peddling of Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger to the O’s
and how they made a minor-league trade for “international slots”. Of course, being that they played in Oakland, the final of 8-7 on a two-out; two-strike pitch to a hump who was hitting .195, which he dumped into the seats in center for a 3-run, game winning homer, was delayed as it ended too late. That said, as we saw last year, this will only get worse before it gets better. In other words, BOHICA!
But wait! There’s more!
DaSUX. Though winners in yesterday’s tilt with the O’s, ain’t much better. In fact, right now they’re worser…recordwise. AND, Boy Wonder; Boy Genius, Robin’s being sent to the corner wearing one of those pointy-caps. BUT, unlike DaBOHICUBS, don’t have the promise that ownership will dump tons o’ dough on ‘em.
So, what does this have to do with the end of the SFC season? Well, on July 26th, SFC training camps open for DaBears and moi’s Packehs,
What does that mean? Well, MarkyMarc and his fun bunch better have their scheiss together as no one; not nobody; not no how’s gonna give two schits about baseball around here, which means a much shorter leash for them to implement their progam which ain’t easy to begin with. Now, as “the only game in town” for quite some time, they’re gonna be like ants under a magnifying glass, being burned each time the eff-up.
So, what does that do? It makes the Bears and their newbie coach THE sports focus around these parts. Not that they aren’t usually, but this year, BOTH MLB squads…and I mean that by definition, only…suck like black-holes. And, with that and all the hoo-dee-hah that’s been spread by Phil EmeryBoard and Company, they better be something else.
I guess they will, in that MarkyMarc’s reintroducing something which has been fairly devoid around here for like EVER, that being the forward pass. Yes, “The Offense of the Eighties”…read that 30-years ago…”The West Coast Offense”, is being brought to Halas Hall and its “3-yards and a cloud of dust mentality”. Which should be an exciting thing to watch. However, they also cut #54 and say what you will, what he lost physically, he made up with experience. They’re in for some fun until they get that “D” working as cohesively as it had under LuveeKravezit. No, this is not an endorsement of his coaching. It’s a statement of fact. While he couldn’t find his own arse with his hands tied behind his back on “O”, on “D”, he had his schit together.
Ok, it’s getting late; I have a grill to get to and some celebrating as well.
Take care. Be well. Happy Birt’day Amercia and I’ll see you on FEEL-GOOD Friday.
Remember, any day we can look down at a flower instead of up at its roots is a good one.

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