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Coldest Spring in 17 years…

Good morning on this chilly yet warming Spring morn. With apologies to our lone south-of-the-Mason-Dixon-LineNester, Buck, t’ain’t been very “Springlike” up here in YankeeLand. snow inspring


Here are a few things SkillfulTomSkilling pointed out in his broadcast, yesterday. 1).This is the coldest Spring we’ve had in 17-years. 2). 29th-coldest in history. 3). 73% of our Spring days have been at below-normal temps. So, whilst I gazed out the kitchen window at a budding lilac and a maple tree, observing to MBH that with the warmer temps they’ve forecast, they should be leafing out within a week. That said, all we have to show, thus far, are some crocus and daffodils. In other words…with apologies to any and all…ain’t been a whole lots to get all hot ‘n’ runny over…Springwise, that is…until now. We’re looking at 70s by Monday. Yahoo! In fact, later this AM in the morning, I’ll be conducting the inaugural-mow of 2013, in year of Lord Zeus, because as Vinnie Antonelli’d say, it’s a, “…nice day for a mow…”.


OK, here we go; striving for Feelin’ Goodies….



As moi types this; moi is reminded about reading something some guy wrote about how the slugs of the  DCComics’d make some kinda adjustments in the Sequester-cuts once travelers…particularly bidniss-travellers…began feeling the pinch. After all, time IS money, no?


Wait a minute. That was Moi. Hmmm. See how edificated y’all get readin’ this stuff.


Man! Oh, Man!! I’m a-feelin’ good. Knew that I would.


One thing. Was I the only one watching that pus-headed-fool Congressman from down Georgia-way giving a ream-job to the FAA-Administrator and Barry’s “Imperialistic” attitudes, for NOT telling anyone this would happen and wondering where the eff he was in February when the very same FAA-Administrator spoke to the very same Congressional panel; telling and warning them that this would happen if the Sequester cuts just went in as directed instead of being more-specifically-”targeted”.



I guess America MUST be the “Land of Opportunity” as a guy who may have been the worst president I’ve seen now has a $500,000,000.00 “library” named after his self.

Guess that makes for a FEEL-GOOD for rich guys, with limited-talents who has rich friends, and a rich-daddy.



In what may be viewed as a creative use of the law, the parents of a slain ChiTown police officer have filed suit against a Mississippi pawn shop which sold the gun which was used to kill their son, a ChiTown police-officer who was killed when they tried to steal his motorcycle.


Good for them. As the gun-lobby seems to have an anaconda-like grip on Washington and many state houses of guv’mnt, maybe a civil suit is what’s needed. It was filed by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. You remember Jim Brady, don’t you? He was St. Ronald’s press secretary who was very seriously wounded when St. Ronald was also shot. Read that again and think about that. St. Ronald, who could have been assassinated by that crazed gunman but survived. He the patron saint of all things sacred to Conservatives, (including those who champion the gun lobby’s positions), who could have died from an assassin’s bullet. His followers are championing keeping weapons of that sort free and open to any or all who want to purchase them. Perhaps they’re eager to hear another Al Haig-like, “You have been caveated”, remark. Go figure. Godspeed Brady Center.



This was on ‘GN Morning News, yesterday. Some woman, in Florida I think, used the $$$ from her SocSec check to buy some coke…not the beverage…but then had second thoughts. Who knows? Maybe she figured out she’d needta eat or somethin’.

Anyway, like any savvy-consumer she went back to her supplier wanting to return the coke. Probably figured she’d invoke her rights under the 3-day right of rescission and get’s her munny back. Well, her supplier done told her he don’t take no junk back an’ he don’t care what she wants. Undaunted, she decides she’s gettin’ her munny back. But who’s she gonna call? GhostBusters? Uh-uh. So, she calls 911 and asks for the police to come get her munny back for her! Oh yeah, almost forgot, the pic they had of her showed her in a bright-orange jumpsuit. Quite flattering, with matching pumps, perhaps.



This isn’t FEEL-GOOD but it IS in the news.  As so many “brick-and-mortar” stores are shutting down due to slow-or-no-sales,

while online-sites seem to flourish, our D.C.-comics have put 2 + 2 together and come up with 4. What I mean is, if someone in ChiTown can order something/anything from and NOT have to pay the 10+% sales taxes at a Costco or Joe ‘n’ Flo’s Haberdashery, who you gonna call? GhostBusters? Nope.

So, our DC-Comics are working on putting the Marketplace Fairness Act into effect. It would require eBay;, et al, to collect the sales taxes and remit them back to the states from whence the purchases originate. EllaNoise’ senior Senator, Dick Durbin puts Ella’s tax-losses at $153,000,000.00/year. The National Retail Federation says it’s $24,000,000,000.00/year,nationwide. It does exempt smaller online operators…read that as those with <$1,000,000.00 of out-of-state sales…from this.

From what I read, the software to collect and remit the sales taxes would be free.


Some states require this but Ella doesn’t. When I make a BassProShops order, there’s nothing said about Ella but I do see Colorado listed.


This isn’t FEEL-GOOD but it’s probably coming.




Saw it yesterday with MBH. Here’s a review, as promised.


First and foremost, it is NOT…repeat, NOT…a Tom Cruise movie, which is a good thing. Second and second-most, it helps if you’re a sci-fi fan or at least familiar with the genre. With that, there are bits and snatches of “2001: A Space Odyssey”; “Star

Wars”; “Star Trek” Star Trek; Deep Space Nine”; “Star Trek: Voyager”; “The Time Machine”, “The Road Warrior films, et al. The Special-Effects are top-notch. They have to be, especially in most post-apocalyptic stories. Obvious exceptions would be, “The Road” or “The Book of Eli”.

The story is set in post-apocalyptic New Yawk City where Tom Cruise’s “Jack” along with his teammate, “Vicka”, played by Brit-actress, Andrea Riseborough, are on “maintenance duty” where the “Tet’s” energy units which suck up sea water to be converted to energy for its eventual trip to Titan a moon of Saturn, where they will live. The scenery is an effective backdrop to their space-station in that it shows much of New Yawk surrounded by dry land, with the sea water having ebbed out about a mile, or so.


On a routine maintenance run, Jack discovers there are real people still living “on the surface”. Not “Scavs”, but real humans; real humans who need to be stealthy or be hunted down and killed by the drones used by the Tet to protect their water-suckers.

I’m purposefully being sketchy as this is a story which needs to be experienced. It celebrates themes of “life finding away”. That no amount(s) of technology can interfere or intervene with the human spirit; that many of us, when faced with having to make a choice, make the right one. I won’t say it’s “spiritually uplifting”, though it may be.


I give it 3-1/4 double-cheeseburgers.


Oh yeah…see it in IMAX…it’s well worthy the upgrade. Our local outlet didn’t have it in 3-D and I don’t know if it even is offered as such. That said, IMAX is the way to go on this one.



“The Big Bang”. Several laugh-out-loud situations involving Sheldon’s mania about “closure”; Raj trying not to be “feminine” and Penny and Lenny connecting on likes and dislikes. Really like this show.


“Person of Interest”. Despite Brewski’s and John’s emails about the for-real, “eyes-in-the skies”, last night’s episode really clawed the hell out of credulity in its attempt to fit its climax to the narrative.  For example, the wine-drinking scene towards the end was, well, let’s just say we still like the characterizations and leave it at that.


“Elementary”. Another one that disappointed some. Let’s face it. Any fan of Sir Arthur’s world-famous-consulting-detective has to be prepared for “…something out of left field…”, which is generally planted somewhere in the exposition or foreshadowed someway or another. Last night’s was  r  e  a  l  l  y, a stretch. Another one, though, in which we enjoy the characterizations and actors. Still, 1-1/2 cheeseburgers…not doubles…for this one.




Damn! The Brownies took Barkevious Mingo with the 6th-pick of the SFC-Draft. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, when a team has a group of fans who call their seats, “The Dog Pound”, well, do I need to draw a picture? Instead of “barking”, now

they’ll be “barkeviousing”!


Still, being able to have fun with that name woulda been cool. Oh well.


However, moi’s Packehs chose “Datone  Jones” from UCLA. It seems Ted Thompson really developed an affinity for Pac-12 schools as he’s taken Clay Mathews, Jr., Nick Perry and now Datone in 3 of the past 4 drafts. I think I know how this year’s choice was made. At the Senior Bowl, one of his scouts says, “Look at dat kid”; “Which one?” “Dat one”. Moi can only hope that he doesn’t get hurt, a la Perry and also plays his position a tad better. Moi’s Pack’s leaking oil on D. There are several rounds left. They need a banger of a running back and help in the secondary. Huib says, “He’s an accomplished college-player”. That’s about all.



OK. They took a 6’6″ 313# OT with a famous surname and a year or two’s worth of college experience as an O-lineman. He was also drafted 28th by the White Sox as a pitcher. Am sure this’ll get him on their mound to throw out a first pitch sometime.

Just heard Hub Arkush say that “Emery blew it” on this pick. Do have toi say, there were some pretty good, more-experienced guys there. He better be a hit or Emery’s gonna get hit…over and over and over, again.



As mentioned on Woden’sDay, every team got: “the guy they wanted”; “couldn’t believe he was still there”; “is just the guy they were looking for”; etc., etc., etc., etc.


Of the 32 picks, only 5 were “skill-position” players. The rest were linemen…both O and D…corners and LB’s. Speaking of LBs..”Oh, Manti! You were there and  they came but were not taking!” Oh! Manti! Your girl was a boy good at faking! And he took her away!”…AND YOU’RE STILL ON THE BOARD!



OK, haftabe careful as whenever I get all wet an’ lathery over one of our teams, well, it’s the kiss of death. I’ll just say that they won; hold a 2-1 edge over Brooklyn; heading in to Game 4 at the UC, tomorrow night.



So, did someone forward a copy of to Q? I mean they went up to Edmonton, eh. And done paddled their poopies, eh. So, eh. Waddaya think, eh?



Yesterday was a big day for them. No, not that one of their old draft choices is a Bear. Adam Dunn, not only homered in their win but, he did not strike out, at all. THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME SINCE APRIL 12TH THAT HE DID NOT STRIKE OUT IN A GAME! I know. The Stiff-In-Left’s-On-Addison’s a bit of windmill, too, but no one’s in this guy’s league.



Well, it IS FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY and they DID win; in Miami; MarmolBad got a save AND, they bumped up their W/L % to.333! So, we got a road win in front of 3…maybe 4…dozen fans in the new multi-million-dollar stadium Miami built for their Marlins on Homahs from NateTheSkate Schierholtz and Luis Valbuena. Gotsta have those lefties. Speaking of which…look out, Looie. Ian Stewart, which is Scottish for “I live on the DL”, is due back in a week or 2…AND…they’re now on pace to win 54…f-I-f-t-y f-o-u-r…games. Hubba! Hubba!


-S-T HEADLINE: “Birdie binge boosts Barnes to 1-shot bulge”. OK, I get it. Some headline-writer wansta make an impression with his alliterative ability. Trouble is, a “1-shot” lead is hardly a “bulge”. Maybe an edge but a bulge? Nope. Now, that constant, overwhelming overflow of belly over the waist of moi’s pants? THAT’s a BULGE.


With that, moi’ll leave you Bears fans with moi’s bet wishes that you get: “Just the guy you were looking for”, who, “Meets our needs, exactly”; who” they couldn’t believe he fell to them; or ” was a real-value-pick”.


Take care. HaGooDay and remember, any day you can pick a flower instead of looking up at its roots is a good one.




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