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Chitown Workers… 333ft/hour!


1515,  Emperor Maximillian and Vladislav of Bohemia form an alliance between the Hapsburgs and Jagiellos. Ane we all know what that meant. Thet all became HapsburJagiellos. govtatwork
1924, Helen Spensley was born to Walter and Irene.
1934, John Dillinger was shot outside the Biograph Theater in Chicago. Yes, the weather that night was, in fact, hot ‘n’ sticky.
1938, The Third Reich issued special ID cards to Jewish citizens. Keep moving. Keep moving. Nothing to see here. Keep moving.
-The Daley penchant for privatization is long gone. Right? Not really. Rahmbikins and Paddy O’Feckless have leased the running of the Illinois Port Authority to a Colorado company.
This should be great inasmuch as Colorado is so well known for its international seaports and a company from there should be more than well-prepared to run ours. Right? No? Haven’t you ever seen the harbor in Denver?
This, most assuredly, will ease the pain of those laid off by Rahmbo’s most recent firings at CPS will also most assuredly take heart that Rahmbi’s gonna offset their job losses with those gained by this move.
But wait! There’s more!
To also offset the CPS firings, I personally witnessed Rahmbo’s other job-offset about a month – or so – ago. I was sitting in my kitchen looking out the window when I heard the sound of a large truck outside. Being that I’m retired and don’t have a D-E-F of a lot to do, I looked outside. What to my wunnerin’ eyes did appear but an orange, CDOT-truck an 4-shiny workers.
They were “cold-patching” potholes on Berteau Avenue. What’s wrong with that sentence? Oh! FOUR workers, you say? Uh-huh. There’s
a reason for that, which I am about to give yuze. Ya see, here in ChiTown, a truck driver is hired as an “equipment operator”…at Teamster scale, by the way…and because of that, he only “operates equipment”. So, he drives up…stops and while the others begin their, ahem, tasks (I’m getting to them), he flips open his newspaper and reads.
Then, two guys get out with a rake, shovel and hand tamper. Yes, TWO. Hey! Ya can’t expect one guy ta open a hatch in the tailgate; dump some asphalt into a wheel-barrow and patch holes, canya? So, they begin their, ahem, work.
But wait! There’s more!
Then, an older guy dressed in a polo shirt and Dockers and penny-loafers gets out, holding his “badge of authority”…a clipboard. He proceeds to, rather dutifully, count the number of potholes they fill; noting them with authority and a flourish.
But wait! There’s even morer!
It took those 4-guys: 1-driver drawing Teamster pay to sit on his arse and read the paper; 2-guys to do the work of one and, of course, a SUPERVISOR, to make sure they’re all doing their work as well and efficiently as it could ever be! They went from Mango Avenue, (5734 West) to Major Avenue, (5700 West) in an hour! Folks, that’s something! They covered 330-feet in an hour! To make that distance easier to unnerstand, that’s the distance from home plate to the let field wall at The Cell, OR, for those unfamiliar with The Cell perhaps this will work. Think “Bartman seats” at Wrigley Field and add 30-feet. 4-guys; all drawing top-pay; to patch, maybe, 30, smallish, potholes…in an hour.
If that ain’t efficient, I don’t know what is!
To paraphrase Dubya, “Yer doin’ a heck of a job, Rahmbi”.
But wait! There’s even morerer!
Ya see, those layoffs at CPS, which involved my wife and a Watette are OK. Why? Well, how the D-E-F-else can he keep paying for THAT kind of efficiency?
                                                                      DUCK SEASON
-Warner Bros. announced there will be a sequel to “Man of Steel” but this time, Batman will also appear. As Christian Bale had said  AMF to the role, a new Batman will be needed. Zwecker’s column in the S-T says Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jon Hamm are rumored to be “under consideration”. I’m leaning towards Hamm or Cooper.
-Speaking of Comic Book-flicks, “Wolverine” seems to be the most comic-booky of all the recent flicks. I hope not but from what I’ve seen of the trailers, it may be. Fear not. “Thor” returns this fall.
-Didn’t see this one at the show but did, finally, on HBO this past-weekend. As I had read all of Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne books a long time ago, I watch the films to see if the American James Bond of print is as exciting on film. I enjoyed this one. Jeremy Renner did a credible job as Aaron Cross, another Bourne-like bio-engineered-super agent. It deserves the  3-stars it received as there were enough plot-inconsistencies to merit them. That said, if you are a Bond/Bourne fan, you should like this one.
-Not that I really liked them as a group but “Joan Jett and the Blackhearts”, along with “George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers”, have to be up there, no? I mean for such a nihilistic art form as Rock ‘n’ Roll, these are two of my faves…names, that is.
How boutchoo? What name(s) do you think best embody the essence of what Larry Lujack once called an, “…eighth-grade art form”?
Your input is welcomed.
                                                               AND NOW…SPORT
-Remember Chevy Chase’s “Francisco Franco is STILL dead”, from the early days of “Saturday Night Live”?
I’m beginning to think the Cubs do, as this morning I awoke to, “Matt Garza Is Still a Cub”, on the news. Y’know your baseball team(s) suck when in mid-season, what’s going on OFF the field is more interesting than what’s going ON it. AND, t’aint just DaFlubs. Also heard this description of non-running-out-a-grounder-and-causing-his-team-a-run-White Sox, Alex Rios, after he it a grand salami that he, ahem, “…raised his trade value”.
Folks, you know your teams suck worse than black holes when that’s what you hear about them and it’s STILL July!
Our non-ChiTowners in N’Yawk and is CheeseHeadLand are about the same as us.
It really stinks when ya can’t even sit down to watch a game with an even chance at seeing a win, don’t it?
-For all the times I’ve ripped Phil…aka “GagBoy”, etc., he sure came on like gangbusters, yesterday!
I had been fishing with my SIL2B…son-in-law-to-be…(he got around 20; I got 8), yesterday morning, in the AM. When I got home, after being out in the 89-degree…maybe 90 but fresher; fresher, NOT 83…sun, all I wanted to do was flop into my recliner; turn on the tube and relax in my A/C with some ice cold Rolling Rocks. Fortunately, ABC was doing a replay of the Eastern Seaboard Promotions Network’s coverage of the British Open, from earlier in the AM, in the morning. By the time I tuned in, he was -1; on his way to carding 4-birdies out of the final 6-holes to overtake Lee Westwood, who did his usual implosion after leading after the first 54-holes.
The particularly, clutch shots I saw were his approach and birdie-putt on 18; putting him at -3 and just about cinching the win.
I have a love-hate relationship with Phil. I admire his gutsiness but loathe same when he should be making “smart” shots, to preserve a chance at a win but eschews that for a much lower-percentage shot; only to blow it. As a person, I have nothing but admiration for him.
Congrats, Lefty! Next year, get the big tuna, The U.S. Open.
-Believe it or not, the Socialist Football Commune begins its season in less than 7-weeks. At this time, I would like to extend an invite to all of you to join. (Don’t worry. Once I get the poop-sheet from Yahoo, I’ll send it out.)
The past few years, we’ve played a “Confidence Pool”. Here’s what that means. Generally…but not always…there are 16-games each week. So, of all 16-games that you pick; the game in which you are most confident of your pick, you assign 16-confidence points; and on down the line, with the least confident pick receiving 1-point. Whoever has the most points wins that weekend. Points are cumulative; throughout the season and playoffs. Once the season reaches the “bye-weeks”, there will be as few as 14-games played, so then your most confident pick gets 14 while the least still gets 1.
However, I do believe in democracy and if going to a simple “picking winners” format receives more votes, then we’ll go that way.
OK, time to go.
Remember, any day we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots is a good one.
HaGooDay, BigFatWat.

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