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Chicago floods… where was Noah when we needed him?

Good morning…or afternoon. Fortunately, I had no need to release a dove to search for dry land, here in the Land of Noah. For those who are familiar with ChiTown’s north side as it butts up against its Northwest side at Foster and Pulaski, that intersection was closed due to flooding from the North Branch of the Chicago River. Some of you may recall how the river meanders under, along and around the area.

A camera shot of Gompers Park looked more like Gompers Lagoon. A few years ago, the south side of Foster Avenue’s portion of the park was converted to what it had been, a wetlands area…and just about a block or so to the east, the same was done to Eugene Field Park, which is also now a pond.

The Chicago Pool

The Chicago Pool

Yesterday, the Edens Expressway was closed from Touhy to Elston…TOUHY TO ELSTON! Anyway, the rain has stopped. Those of us in the non-flooded areas thank Zeus for sparing us from the wrath of his Thunder clouds. Fortunately, only one Ratette had some slight seepage. Not bad for a rainfall estimated by Tom Skilling to have dropped 88,000,000,000-gallons of rainwater – overall – on Cook’s County.

FYI…Yahoo shut down my outgoing email under the suspicion that I as a “Spammer”. I guess I’ll have to forward the emails you guys send to me as I receive them as their computer thinks I’m spamming. So, my FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY emails will have to be sent in a prefatory fashion. A couple of Ratettes mentioned about receiving “so many” at one time. OK, I’m listening.
Those two bomb-basterd-cowards’ uncle is on the tube, right now, decrying them and their acts. He referred to them as “losers”; is declaiming them and man, oh man, is he ripping the one who’s still alive. He referred as any references to Islam as BS. Hmmm.
I truly hope they get the survivor…and then chain his Chechen-ass to a rock for Almighty Zeus’ eagle to visit; tear out his liver; have it heal and have another visit the next day…and so on…and so on…and so on.
This is 19-year-old punk deserves nothing better.
A hearty, Hi! Ho! Silver! to the ATF; FBI; Homeland Security; Mass. State Police; Bahston Police and anyone else who has had a hand in finding these basterds.
As this is a situation which is in a state of flux, will leave it for now, as by the time you read this, what’s written here may be moot.
Also, this is THE dominant news story, so that’s about it for this section.
“Hannibal”. We are of mixed minds on this new show. One of us is having problems getting involved, while the other thinks it is one, solidly-written show…the level of which may be very difficult to maintain…but still about as good as one finds on broadcast-TV.
Guess who’s who.
“Vegas”. Watched last week’s show which we’d DVR’d. It was, at best, marginal and may fall off our radar. The problem is, the plot “twists”, if you will, are easily anticipated and seldom incorrect. Read that as “predictable”.
“The Big Bang”. There were two reruns last night. Must say, I do not know how they get away with what they do…and I’m not talking about sexual-innuendo. Quite the contrary. Yet, they do and we find it as a truly enjoyable, well-written and performed comedy.
Yes! You read that right! Not only did he NOT blow a 4-run lead; he put the Rangers down, 1-2-3, in the 9th, which allowed the BOHICUBS to win 6-2 Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot! Don’t worry…no “hope springing eternal” here. More a Dantean view to “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here!”, approach. But hey! It’s FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY, so, how about some interactive FEEL-GOODS? While watching yesterday’s game, I saw Anthony Rizzo hit what may have been as long as the longest homer moi’d ever seen which stayed in the ballpark, which was originally done by Orlando “Cha-Cha” Cepeda, when he was with the S.F. Giants, blasting one over the “batter’s-eye”, about halfway up to the scoreboard. Rizzo’s hit the chain-link fencing on the back wall just to the right of dead-center, as the wall angles upward towards the scoreboard. Len said it was estimated to have carried 475-feet. Seeing where it hit, moi’s guess is if there were no wall there, it might have hit Murphy’s at Sheffield and Waveland.
This got me thinking…yes, I know, a dangerous activity…about the tape-measure blasts and/or impressive homers I’ve seen there and on the tube.
I’ve already mentioned Cepeda and Rizzo. So, here are mine, in no particular order of magnitude.
1).The Roberto Clemente blast which went out; just to the left of the center-field bleachers; OVER the chain-link fencing as it angles up to the scoreboard.
2). Glen Allen Hill’s “juiced”…or while he was juicing…blast to left which landed on the rooftop of the three-flat, across the street, which now has the , I believe, 455-sign on it.
3). The Dave Kingman blast, which I can still hear Jack Brickhouse describe as “…bouncing down Kenmore Avenue…”.
4). Alex Johnson, Cincinatti Reds. Johnson was a journeyman outfielder who spent a couple years with the Reds in ’68 and ’69. I was at the ballpark for this one, which was impressive for the opposite reason as the previous. Those were all high-soaring shots, which took a few seconds to complete their flight. This one was the proverbial, “screamin’ Mimi, a la Bugs Bunny baseball. While the others drew a long-collective, Oooooooooooooo-Ah,after the crack of the bat this one was something like, “Thwack! Ooh-Ah!”. It only made the first or second row of the left-field bleachers but it was hit so hard, I’d bet the ball was a tad out-of-round. If that baseball could have talked, it woulda said, OWWWWWWWWWWWWW! A 1-iron shot.
OK, those are mine. There were others, which I have purposely not mentioned for y’all to join in.
They’ll face Brooklyn and I hope they destroy them for no other reason that it’s Brooklyn.
Yes, there’s the question about Rose’s return. I surely hope this is not some contrived situation by his “handlers” attempting to make him some sort of returning hero, a la MJ. He’s not at THAT level…yet.
Looking forward to spending some time at one of DaRattettes’ watching them over this weekend, along with some friends and family.
With mini-camp open and the draft next week, they’re back in the news.
On the draft front, one of moi’s fave past-times is the given-names of certain athletes. Earlier this week, in a draft-profile, the writer spoke of a LB-candidate, Barkevious Mingo. Y’all may recall moi’s wondering if some of these guys’ mothers may have felt it necessary to give the sounds they make during delivery of their children to them as names. Previously, there was D’Brickashaw Ferguson…a fine Scotsman.
But move over, D’Brickashaw…here comes Barkevious! And, of course, we still have Hosey Humanurine out there. Any other candidates?
Ok, as I got a late start; have a few things to do, will say TTFN…HaGooDay and remember, any day you can bend down to pick a flower is better than staring up at its roots.

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