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We’re in Chiberia Comrades!

Good Lord! It’s 1, as in degrees, with a -15 wind chill in DaCity, while out in DaBurbs, it’s all negs with even chillier wind chills. But wait! There’s more! We have varying “weather-models” which are telling us we could…repeat, could…get anywhere from a total snow-accumulation from Friday through Sunday of 3  or up to 11-inches of new snow. The only good thing about that is, at least some of what was on the ground has dissipated some. Well, that which isn’t in any shaded areas. Those are still quite high.


This may spur a few more request for “Chi-Beria” T-shirts. As I had a request for several. Anyone else who may be interested let me know or email Emmanuel at:


All this cold is taking me away from musing on a couple “Spring” things, like:


-The Flubs first Spring Training game is on WGN-TV @ 2:05, Central, tomorrow. Based on the TheoCrats’ mantra, tune in during Spring Training as you ain’t gonna see any of their phenomenally-phenomenal-phenoms during the season.


-The Braidwood power-plant lake…read that fishing the nukes…opens on Saturday. ‘Sposetabe a-snowin’. That could be fun. Once saw a guy lock his keys in his car after launching his boat, while waiting for the launch. He proceeded to take a hammer and smash his window to get in his truck and get it off the ramp. See, some guys who fish when it’s this cold ARE crazy.


OK, let’s get started, shall we?




TODAY’S CARTOON…Inasmuch as I’d forgotten to include a cartoon in my last missive, I shall begin today’s exercise in exhortative-exhortation with this one. Quite serendipitously, I clicked on this one which should be explain the aforementioned description. Enjoy!


ALMANACALLY SPEAKING. Once again, we sally forth into the past to see what’s happened on this date in history according to and, in…


747 BC, Ptolemy’s Nabonassar era began. Nothing about this other than I get a kick outta typing ”Nabonassar”.


364 AD, Valentin I is named Roman Emperor. Too bad it didn’t happen on the 14th, huh?


1154,    Roger the II of Sicily was succeeded by his son, William the Bad…He’s bad! Bad! bad! He’s nationwide”.


1616,   The Spanish Inquisition delivered an injunction against Galileo based on his assertions of “heliocenticism”. Of course, we all know that was wrong…AND…”NOBODY expects The Spanish Inquisition”!

1848,   PinkoCommies, Marx and Engels published “The Communist Manifesto”, unwittingly providing grist for political-mills in the 20th and 21st centuries.


1901,   Chi-Hisn and Hsu-Cheng-yu were executed for being leaders of The Boxer Rebellion. They were both Bantam-weights, I think.


1907,   Congress raised its pay to $7,000.00. Something at which they’ve grown rather adept.


1919,   Acadia National Park and Grand Canyon National Park were “formed”.


1923,   Italian fascists and nationalists merged. Nothing to see here, but see below.


1924,   Adolph Hitler’s trial for treason involving the Munich “Beer Hall Putsch” began. After being found guilty, he spends his time in prison writing, “Mein Kampf”. Of course, this ended the once-and-future firebrand’s notoriety. Nothing much, here. See above.


1924,   The US steel industry found that an 8-hour day improved employee-efficiency and morale. Imagine THAT!


1932,   The Man In Black; the singer of numerous hits which included: “I Walk the Line”, “Folsom Prison Blues” and  ”A Boy Named Sue”, Johnny Cash, was born.


1933,   Ground was broken for The Golden Gate Bridge. Happened to have seen and ridden on it…after it was finished, obviously. Pretty neat.


1941,   Religious education is made mandatory in public schools by the Vichy government in France. Y’all’ll hafta look up “Vichy France” if ya don’t know what that was.


1953,   AvowedAntiPinkoCommie, Allen Dulles was appointed head of the CIA. See 1848 entry, above.


1964,   Tax and spend Liberal, LBJ signed a tax bill which included $11,500,000,000.00 in tax cuts. You read that right.


1974,   Gold hit a record price of $188.00/ounce. Not a typo.


1987,   Little Jujie was born.


1993,   In what may have been a “practice-run”, Islamic-terrorists detonated a bomb New York’s World Trade Center.


1998,   In what may have been one of the dumbest lawsuits ever filed, Oprah was found not guilty of defamation in the suit filed by Texas cattlemen.



                                                                DROMEDARY SEASON





-I do try to do some research before putting fingers-to-keyboard to try to keep from making dumb-mistakes, which I did not and was called on that.

Monday, I wrote about the Spelling Bee in Kansas City, Missouri where they ran out of words and wondered why they couldn’t think up or use any others? My point was a more a jab at the Kansas Cities in Missouri and Kansas not having the ability to have enough words on hand -  think, rubes. Well, I happen to cohabitate with a person who ran Spelling Bees and was taken to the woodshed on that, as they are not allowed to do that.

DaWat wegwets de error.



As some of you may know, we have quitre a few educators in or from DaWat’sNest. One topic which comes up with some regularity is the increase in the number of kids with, not only, ADHD but ADD and autism as well, from the time when we were kids. One thing we agreed on was the difference between then and now. If a kid wasn’t like the rest; if a boy was “fidgety” or had, “ants in his pants”, much was dismissed as “boys being boys” and that now, there’s much more scrutiny given to this. Another, which was espoused by MBH was “diet”, in that – again – when we were kids, foods weren’t so loaded with preservatives and other chemicals. So, also as kids, we were given aspirin…St. Joseph’s as kids and then regular. Later in the 50′s acetaminophen was marketed as a pain and headache reliever which was gentler on he stomach than aspirin and it began to be used more, especially when it began to be sold as an over-the-counter pain-reliever. There’s more on this but I don’t have the time nor space.


The study, conducted by a Danish research group tested over 64,000 kids of which 56% used acetaminophen from 1996 to 2002 finding that 37% of those kids were more-likely to develop ADHD-symptoms. This is just one study and the world’s largest distributor of acetaminophen, McNeill Labs which sells Tylenol, was quick to make that point, which is a valid one.


Thing is, MBH may have been on to something with diet and now this. After all, we ingest so any more chemicals in our food, drinks, meds, whatever, now than we ever did then, this gives one pause.




-Besides the apple of the right’s eye, Ted, “I crapped my pants to get out of the draft”, Nugent, AGAIN in the news, I saw a thing on Muhammad Ali, a darling of the left in the ’60s for his stance against the draft which caused him to be stripped of his title. He was quoted as saying, “No Vietcong ever called me a nigger”. He then made a defense out of his conversion to Islam, which prevented him from taking part in war. Think about that for awhile. Does the word “jihad” come to mind? Thing was, there were over 2,000,000 other guys who more than likely could insert any slur, a la: “No Vietcong ever called me a Dago”. No Vietcong ever called me a Polack”; “No Vietcong ever called me a Spic.” Get it?

The other thing is, if his religion barred him from war, how did it allow him to make his living by beating other men senseless?

Did not and still does not compute.


-SecDef Chuck Hagel announced cuts wich would decrease the total numer of Army personnel to around 480,000. Well, former SecDef and Cheerleader-In-Chief to re-invade Iraq, Five-Deferment-Dick Cheney, weighed in to rip on Barry, referring to these cuts as being made to defense in favor orf more money for food stamps. Of course, he said nothing as to his cuts as SecDef under Bush-41. Here’s a link you may find interesting:

And, here’s one to the Huffington Post as to how much military families depend on food stamps:


Keep it up, Dick!



-So while watching the Olies, Vlad The Impaler was constantly being referred to as in, “Putin did this” and “Putin did that”, which got me to wonderin’…is Putin the diminutive form of  ”puto”?


-It seems the ubiquitous, pose de-rigueur is: heads-together…smiling-faces…click. Well, putting all those heads together also seems to be spreading head lice. So, it would seem the next time someone asks you to do a “selfie” with them, make sure that A) you know them, and, B) you know they keep their hair/head clean.



-Honestly, I’m not against Republicans. Well, those who operate as if there have enough brain-folds to know they should stop doing things that folks without them do. The latest is this stupid law in Arizona where, again, their party is attempting to force its religious-beliefs into law. This is the one where any business-person can refuse to do business with a gay-person, as to do so is against their religious beliefs. Their Guber’s getting all sortsa heat from Arizonians who, apparently, haven’t spent as much time out in the Noonday sun as those who wrote this law.


So, let’s say a Jewish person wearing a mezuzah-pendant walks into a store run by a Palestinian. Under this law, is he allowed to refuse the Jewish-person service?


What if a Catholic priest or Protestant Minister comes in and the Atheist-owner refuses them?


-I don’t like having to make these stipulations but I will. Folks, when DaDEMS do something this stoopid, I’ll call ‘em on it and will continue to do so as long as they do. But, they are not the most-recent Barnum & Baileys of politics.


-Last thing. Again, now that there is marriage-equality, just as straight brides and grooms don’t ask anyone to join them in their honeymoon suites, neither are gays.



-Even our non-Chi-Berians may recall this one as it’s a goodie. In 2012, two inmates from the Metropolitan Correctional Center, aka, Federal Holding,  escaped from their cell on the 17th-floor by using bed sheets and dental floss to lower themselves through the window in their cell; which they’d widened; to the ground. They were recaptured two-weeks later.

Fast-forward to Monday’s sentencing hearing for one, Kenneth Conley. After the judge “awarded” him with an additional 3-1/2-years to his 20-year sentence, for the escape attempt, Conley said, “You can take your analogy and stick it up your ass”. Mr. Conley will be serving his 23-1/2 years at The Supermax prison in Colorado.



-”FBI BROUGHT IN ON KOSCHMAN CASE”. Here’s the thing and the accompanying article says it. This is no longer about R.J. Vanecko and the death of David Koschman. The S-T’s Mark Brown says it well: “It’s about what may have been done to protect him from prosecution by
individuals withing the Chicago Police Derpartment — first in 2004 and again in 2011 when the Sun-Times forced a re-examination of the case.”

There are 6 police officers, not to mention County prosecutors who may be working on resumes or retirement papers.


-”Drink your beer in peace”. “Ever been out with friends but everyone’s attention is on their cellphoones? Polar,a regional brewer in Brazil has a cure: a beer cooler that’s also a cellphone nullifier.” It blocks mobile signals within 5-feet.


A good start. Now, if they could come up with one with a radius of about 20-feet, ah!


-And for our headlines wind-up…”Bet on Vegas for GOP convention”. Can just see their anal-retentive-wing being approached by just about any and every kind of decadence there is. That’d be a hoot-and-half!




-I have always liked him. He had that goofy-assed sense of humor that just never quit. For example, in “Ghostbusters” — one of my all-time-fave comedies–there’s the scene when they first go after a ghost and while they ready their weapons, Dan Aykroyd’s

Ray tells them NOT to look in the box. They start using their wepons, sorry, I forget what they called them, and Ramis’s

Egon Spengler suddenly and rather panicky says, “I looked in the box, Ray!”. I don’t know why but it’s one of my faves. The expression on his face and tone of his voice maybe? I don’t know.


There was “Animal House”, “Caddyshack”, ”Groundhog Day”, “Stripes” “Analyze This” and “Analyze That”, among others. The man was a comic genius. He truly was.


He went to Senn H.S. just a few blocks from where I did at St. Gregory. I am sure using the 6-degrees, I know some folks whom he knew.


Anyone else have any fave-lines? Feel free to share. I’ll get a laugh, I’m sure.



-The broadcast networks are back in full force. Took a gander at Monday’s “The Blacklist”. Found this one a bit shark-jumpy but it did leave us wondering just who the babe is who’s after Tom and why…and…who he really may be, too.


-NCIS, was pretty good. They took on what could have been two touchy subjects: paraplegics and moms who send their kids who are deployed what they think are working bod-armor, which is not.


-Tonight’s line-up…

“Revolution” returns with tonight’s “Dreamcatcher”. As with many others, I’m/we’re suckers for post-apocalyptic stories and this one has us by the throat. Hope they can keep it up but that’s doubtful.


-A & E, yes that’s cable, has newbies of “Duck Dynasty” and “Wahlburgers”.


-”Survivor” a show which I can say I never watched more than a couple-minutes or so, voluntarily, has its season-premiere.



-The hype’s beginning for the new “Godzilla” flick, starring Bryan Cranston and the big boy. I am a fan. My fave is “Godzilla vs The Smog Monster”. During their ultimate showdown, the big boy, who’s having trouble with Smoggy, sizes him up; does a little dipsy-doo-move; feinting to the left; then with his prodigious tail; whips a mountain-sized boulder at Smoggy, which leads to his defeating the polluting-pest. It opens in mid-May.




Not much going on in Da Midwest.


-After being throttled in South Beach, DaBulls won in Buck’s backyard, 107-103.


-As mentioned earlier, DaFlubs first Spring Training game’s tomorrow at 2:05.


-The SFC’s all combine/free agents/mock-drafts.


-DaHawks play the New Yawk Rangers, in N’Yawk, t’morra. Neither team’s played for 3-weeks. This could be interesting…or frustrating.


-March Madness approaches NCAA-wise, however, the originators of that phrase, the Illinois High School Ass’n. has had its regionals going on, one of which is across the street. LNCP’s boys team won their first Regional game. They play again, tomorrow night. Good luck, boys.


-NCAA-speaking, our teams stink. DePaul can’t win to lose; nor can the Fightin’ Illini. Too bad.


-MLB-speaking, former RedTurd, Ozzie Smith is heading a movement to make MLB’s Opening Day a National Holiday. Oh yeah. That’s got a chance.


-A nice note on Fergie…no, not the singer…Fergire Jenkins, being asked to come to Cubs camp and mentor some of their phenoms-in-waiting.

Some questioned his being inducted in MLB’s HOF. He 20-games, or more, from ’67 through ’72. And, he pitched over 300-innings in ’68, 69′ 70 and ’71. This was more the norm as Seaver and Gibson, et al,  did much the same, innings-wise, year in and year out. Yes, Virginia, this was pre-”relief-specialist”.


-If the Sox new CF, Eaton can play, he’ll have been a steal as the S-T has an item that his personality grated on his former clubhouse.


-Last thing, Adam Dunn may lead the team…hell, MLB…in swings and missing but as far as Lala-land’s concerned, he may be making the trip to The Oscars, Sunday night, as he was an investor in Best-Picture nominee, “The Dallas Buyers Club”, which has been a HIT!


OK, time to go. Remember, any day we can remember what it was like to be able to look down at a rosebush intead of up at its roots, is a good one.







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