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Good day and ain’t that the truth! It’s 30-degrees cooler than in Lost Wages with an azure, blue-sky and a soft, Zephyrian wind

making for a beautiful day. These are the kinds of days for which we tolerate our winters.


Briefly, our stay in Vegas was great! While my sojourn into the gambling dens of the MGM/Mirage conglomerate of casinos began ever-so-painfully, I changed my strategery; switching from slots to Black Jack and staged a semi-decent comeback making my damages far less than I’d thought they would – or could - have. Though, I must say, when  I’d doubled-down on 10 and drew a Jack and my dealer hit 15 and drew a 6, well, that’s when I cashed in my chips. More on our trip in “Duck Season”.

Funny, we’re gone almost a week yet things are about the same.




-All y’all may be wondering how I came about this as my first item and I’ll explain. While at the pool ay the MGM Grand, we met two Canadians, one from Toronto and the other from Alberta. We chatted about what they and we did for awhile. I decided this was about as good a chance as any that I’d get to inquire as to their much maligned-medical system…by Lush Windbag, among others…as our Tea Party members of Congress have said they are going to do everything in their power to stop Obie Care from



They said it isn’t perfect; that there are individuals who “play the system”…we know that one…but other than having to wait a bit for certain treatments and folks who crowd E/Rs when all they have is a cold..aain, we know that one… it’s fine with them. They have “Health Hotlines” which patients can call when dealing with something more than just stay-at-home but not quite “see-the-doc”…kinda like a doc-in-the-box or a CVS-immediate care center…but the call and any recommendations are free.

So, we have a group of politicians so steadfastly against something about which we know very little for all the political obfuscation on the one-hand and/or the lack of clarification on the other.

Yet the question still remains. Why? I cannot recall any time when I have seen one, much less an entire political party stand so united against something…especially “on principle”, as the only principle on which any of them really stand is that of being re-elected.

Politicians, especially members of Congress, seldom do anything unless it benefits them. So what is it, then? What has bound one political party together so tightly. My SnideySense tells me it isn’t principle…but maybe it is, though that may be a stretch. Recall 2009, when CaribouBarbie railed against Obama’s “Death Panels” and all such claptrap; which Barry just let sit there, unrefuted, thus misunderstood till this day?

One may ask and rightly so, how can a political party which has made the defeat, or repeal, of Obamacare the cornerstone of its

policy-base suddenly backtrack? They may as well say Barry is a citizen and was rightfully elected. It’d be political suicide.

But wait! There’s more!

2014 is right around the corner and in October it starts another phase and then on January 1st, Obie Care starts in earnest. So, why should they be concerned? Well, 2014 is also an election year with House and Senate seats up for re-election or retention…AND…what if Obie Care actually works? What if we Amercians see that Mittsy’s plan for Massatoosits was good for them and is good for us, too? No politician wants to say he/she was wrong. Hell, no one does! AND, if it turns out to be a good thing, where does that put all those TPers who’ve railed and rallied against it? One could reasonably assume they’d be up the political schit-ditch without a paddle, which leads to their “principled” stand against it as it seems their political survival may rest on its. Why else would they be so dead-set against it?


We’ll see.


-A company has come out with a line of hot dogs using Anthony Weiner’s Twitter handle, “Carlos Danger”.


-Our FecklessLeader, Da Mighty Quinn, signed a new law regarding firearms being lost, stolen or sold to private parties. What it says to firearms owners is this. If your gun(s) have been lost or stolen, you must report that to the police. Also, in any sale of any firearm, the seller must verify that the buyer holds a valid FOID card.

I’m sure the INRA is/was/will be against this, as it makes sense.

This law was co-sponsored by State Rep. Mike Zalewski and State Sen. Kwame Raoul.

By the way, is Kwame the familiar form of Kwamo, like Richie and Richard? Or, is it a declinable verb, i.e., Kwame, Kwamas, Kwamat, Kwamavi, Kwamatus? Just askin’.



Saw the following in yesterday’s S-T. You may find it interesting; especially in that so many of us have…or will be…their “target”

age, this year.



So, while in the desert, we meandered over to see Brad Garrett, and two other comedians, at his comedy club. My dealer suggested we not sit in the first, two-rows and we were glad we didn’t. Brad came out; said hello; looked down at a rather buxom woman in a low-cut dress and said: “Lady, you gotta put those **ts away or I won’t be able to go on”.




-Got caught up ,on “Ray Donovan” last night. Funny how MBH ‘n’ me simultaneously said there hastabe something that Mickey did

that had something to do with Bridget’s suicide, as the hatred Ray has for him, no son has for a father…unless there’s really something to it.


-”The Newsroom”. Only watched last week’s episode, last night. They had the situation which occurred at MSNBC when a producer left out the question by the 911 operator to George Zimmerman, “Is he white, black or Hispanic?”, to which Zimmerman said, “He looks black”, of Trayvon Martin; which led to an uproar and furor over which Zimmerman is suing MSNBC. In this episode, though, the producer was having “issues”, etc., and while the mistake was made; it was corrected at the end of the news show.


I am very hopeful that Mackenzie’s non-stop; absolutely-will-not-listen-when-she’s-told-something-once, inadvertent congrats to Will on his contacting his father, only to find out he had died, puts an end to her O/C-pushiness.


Will view last night’s episode, tonight, along with last week’s “Under the Dome”; then tonight’s.





-Of course, I refer to the denizens of 1060 W. Addison St. Since they traded the stiff in left, they’ve sucked worse than they had before. Oh well, right? In the race to avoid complete, total and utter futile-fecklessness, they are only eclipsed by their fellow ChiTown baseball team located 8.875 miles to the south. They have been passed by the BrewTurds in their division by 1/2-game, with a 54-70 record to the Flubs, 53-70, for a .431 W/%, which if maintained, (which may be doubtful), would lead to their winning all of 70-games; which translates to 92-losses; which compared to last year is an improvement. High praise, indeed!


Fear not FlubsFans. After a 3-game win streak, our SouthSiders are “up” to 49-74, which translates to a .398 W/L %; which works out to 64-wins…or 98-losses. Somehow, though, I feel they will improve, while DaFlubs will just sit there like some moldy old floor mop…becoming smellier and smellier by the day…possibly dropping a C-note again.


For our N’YawkehTwacker, DaMutts have improved to 56-66; or .459, which works out to 74-wins; or 88-losses, which is puts them as the tallest midget in the circus for now.



-We returned last Friday afternoon, at which time I tuned in DaFlubs hosting the RedTurds, a game in which they shut them out 7-0. How nice, thought I! Then they got their bats stuck up their heinies on Saturday and gain Sunday. But it is Saturday’s game which irked me. I did not see the play as it happened but thanks to my DVR, scrolled back and watched it. Folks, there’s no excuse for this kid’s lack of concentration. And, no, don’t tell me he’s “only” 23. This is his 4th season in the bigs; a time in which he’s played 567 games. Simple division says he’s played 141+ games/season! That should be enough experience for anyone. No? You still say he’s “young”. OK. Let’s try this. When a kid’s 14 having just finished grade school, he/she thinks their the cat’s meow. That is until they get into high school, where they’re suddenly babes in the woods. But in the 4-years they are there; they grow; mature and begin to learn from their experiences; no matter how slight; by the time they finish at the age of 18 or just shy of that. The cycle then begins all over again with college; a trade school or just joining the workforce. As they progress along; they are expected to improve, be it in school or at work and once they graduate; it starts all over again. But in each of these phases, repeat-offenders – generally – are not rewarded.


Those of us with kids; or who have worked with kids know this. So, why keep treating this kid with, well, “kid-gloves”? Yes, I got caught up in the 207-hit season he had two years ago. But he’s in the #7 hole, hitting .244. If he’s hitting .344; we see the mental gaffe(s) and say, well, yeah but hey, the kid can hit. But the past, two-years? Uh-uh.


Someone needs to sit him down and teach him that as the SS of the team, he’s the most important “D” guy in the infield after the catcher. And, if he can’t play the position; then start grooming him for left, where he can become the new and improved, “stiff-in-left”.



-Not too much to say, t’day, as I didn’t see DaBears win, nor DaPackehs, which I DVRd and will view later today. Did see some on the first series and did like what I saw of Eddie Lacy. Hope he can stay healthy and give them that effective running game they’ve lacked since Amman Green left town. One thing I did like was Jermichael Finley’s losing the hotcha-hotcha act after a catch.

Maybe as it’s his contract year. Don’t know; don’t care. Just glad he’s catching the ball and heading for the huddle.


That said, my Packehs are on national TV, Friday night on CBS, which someone’s gonna hafta ‘splain t’me as both teams are in the NFC and CBS is ‘sposeta cover AFC games…unless there’s been some kind of change in the TV contract. More on that later.


OK, babe, babe, babe, I’m gonna leave you now.


HaGooDay and remember, anytime we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots is a good one.





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