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Car 54… where arrre you? (hey Brian?)

Good morning.

It’s a chilly Aries morn; Apollo’s chariot rising and warming(?) us as we move towards warmer temps…we do?…when that is, I don’t know as we have snow in the forecast for Sunday eve/Monday morn. That reminds moi, no posts next week. TCLR’s on Spring Break and we’ll be gadding about wherever our gad takes us about. Hmmm. Spring Break?…Grammar school kids?…Really? Us old farts recall this as being called “Clean-up Week” and Spring Break, well that was for a few years later…like college. Oh well.
Short and sweet t’day as I have a contractor coming to finish our kitchen floor.

Have YOU Seen Urlacher?

Have YOU Seen Urlacher?

-”What good is a man who does nothing to better the world?” That’s a quote from “Kingdom of Heaven”; the film set during the Crusades with Orlando Bloom as its hero. The film was OK. I liked the line more.
“With freedom and justice for all…not all of the same kind”. Al Sharpton doing an MSNBC promo.
-Can anyone ‘splain t’me why DaGopers are saying “marriage is between one man and one woman? Can we not infer from that that if there is a divorce, there is no future marriage in the offing for the parties? After all, the second marriage is now with a second man or woman. Is that not more than “one man and one woman”? Or, is it meant to discourage any other Mormons from joining them? Just askin’.
-On a lighter note, have you seen the Oscar Mayer commercial where the little girl says: “Grampa, when did you know Grandma was ‘the one’?” And he answers, “When her sister dumped me”. :-)
-On a helpful note, saw this somewhere..don’t recall where…where they said if you separate a hand of bananas, they’ll last longer. We tried it. It works. For those non-Costco/Sam’s shoppers, this won’t mean much. For those who are but don’t buy bananas as they spoil before you can eat them, ta-DA!
-On DaTube…
Monday, Revolution returns to NBC at 9, CDT. Finally! An alternative toi “Hawaii 5-0″
Next week Sunday, Easter Sunday, Game of Thrones returns to HBO. Now, if there’s a show better suited for Easter Sunday, what with murder, incest, sorcery, murder, treachery, (Did I say incest?), I’d like to know what is. ABC will probably show The Ten Commandements. Perhaps TCM will air Ben-Hur, too.
“Deadliest Catch” returns April 16th.
Sorry. Couldn’t resist. Quite a bit was said and written about #54, “Yesterday and Today”…a pretty good album by the Beatles, by the way…some good some bad. Here’s a link to Sean Jensen’s article in today’s S-T. NesterJohn also sent one regarding 54′s regard around the Collective. Here it is:
Listened to Hub Arkush, moi’s SFC-Guru, who voiced the same concerns as moi and others. Who the pluck’s gonnaplay MLB…Shea McClellan? He said if Trestman wanted 54, he’d still be there. He also said they coulda done this in February and not dawdled around. That all of them at Halas Hall are complicit, McCaskey, Phillips, Emery and Tresty. He seems to think otherwise than all the naysayers, noting that 54 pulled his hammie in the 4th 1/4 of the Seattle game, after which, DaClucks marched downfield and scored twice to win the game. His point was, 54 was effective.
As far as Emery’s concerned about who’s gonna repace him is a mystery and that may be why nothing’s been said. Brad Jones re-signed with Green Bay, last night.
In another development…Hester being a return guy and a return guy, only, Hub pointed out that Earl Bennett’ #s weren’t any better than Hester’s and he’s a wideout. Yet, Bennet gets no grief.
The Miami Heat’s won 24 straight! Goes without saying, that’s something! Even the 72-10 Bulls didn’t do that!
Anyone see the new Sox commercials? Go to are hilarious! and that’s from a Cubs fan.
How appropriate is it that they open on April 1st? Yeah, MLB does that day but still, how spot-on is that!
Heard Rosemont Mayor Brad Stephens on The SCORE this AM. Again, I don’t care if they move to Rosemont…DuPage, maybe…buy Rosemont, nope.
-Hawks lost to DaDucks who are only 3-points behind them. So much for that “point-streak”. Only shows ta go ya that hype is just that…hype.
OK, gottago.
Have a great weekend, week Good Pesa, Happy Easter and remember…no matter how crappy things may be, at least we won’t get smallpox. (Lewis Black).

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