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But wait! There’s morererer!

Good day, though that is more in the expression than reality in that I am gazing at a slate-grey sky, on a chilly mid-October-morn. Well hey, it IS the day after the Ides of October, isn’t it? MBH had me switch on the furnace…alas and alack…as it was a bit chilly in the Nest…or…there are only 74-shopping days till Christmas!


Not much in the way of local stuff, today as nothing compares to the ridiculousness of the TPers; their sponsors and fellow-GOPers for ripping. Will get to that but first, to the Way Back Machine, Sherman and let’s see what happened on this date in…


1555,   Protestant martyrs are burned at the stake for heresy. Obviously, the separation of Church and State was not yet adopted.


1793,   Marie Antoinette was beheaded. Perhaps the ultimate 1%er who on that day did not get any cake. Pity.


1758,   Noah Webster was born.


1901,   Teddy Roosevelt invited Booker T. Washington to the White House. Tea Party members might find that objectionable.


1931,   One of the “Watergate Seven”, Chuck Colson was convicted. It is said that he had the following framed and hung on the wall behind his desk chair: “When you got ‘em by the balls; their hearts and minds will follow”.


1946,   Ten Nazi war criminals were hanged in Nuremburg. Feel free to watch folks. Yes, those are the guys. See how nicely they swing in the breeze?


1958,   Andy DuFresne, aka, Tim Robbins was born.


1969,   Much to the chagrin of ChiTowners far and wide, the New York Mets won the World Series.





-As we teeter…again…on the brink of financial Armageddon, courtesy of the IdiotWing of the Republican party, with our futures being jeopardized, (“Thank you, Don Pardo”), it seems time that “…we few, we happy few, we band of brothers and sisters…” rise up and do something the TP-Enablers have not and shout from the highest mountain, “ENOUGH! YOU F**KIN’ IDIOTS! ENOUGH F**CKIN’ ALREADY!”


While I…and I am sure, you…am/are hopeful, sanity returns to Washington before we…and possibly the world economy…go over the edge, there’s no guarantee of that, now, is there?


I am not here to delve into the arcane details of this as if anything qualifies as a political morass more than this, I’d like to see it. Rather, let’s take a look at how this began.


In 2008, the GOP-Prez-nominee, John McCain was getting beaten in the polls. His campaign…and eventually he, decided they needed to shake things up a bit. So, what did they do? They brought us - possibly – the most  vacuous of the vacuous; the Holy of Holies of fatuousness, the Governor of Alaska, Caribou Barbie. Yes, they lost and the Senator went back to the Capitol but her royal lightness was swiftly signed as a FAUX-News commentator and has been a fixture of flatulent-simple-mindedness in politics since.

About the only thing she really was qualified for would have been if Playboy ran a “GovernorGirls of Alaska” pictorial. Other than that, she’s an empty Caribou Bikini.


But wait! There’s more!

Post-Barbie, came the Tea Party. Their patrons are rumored to have been the eenfahmoos, billionaire, Koch Brothers, among others. Even with that, they could have been controlled, marginalized, whatever, in that they barely represented 10%+ of Congress. However, and folks this is where the fit’s gonna hit the shan, the GOP (Guileless Obtuse Patricians), decided to “lie down with dogs and got up with fleas”.

Y’see, they…much like those who couldn’t stand SlickWilly…were hell for leather that the main focus of their political agenda was not to show us we made a mistake voting for him, by outdoing Barry & Co. with good legislation; thereby securing themselves a place in the electorate’s hearts for re-election(s) and retaking political power. Nope. They decided…and this can be looked up…that their main focus would be to undo Barry’s Presidency. Trouble is, their tactics have done nothing to help us. And, in an ironically, ironic, irony, got him re-elected. But what’s an election mean? I mean rally, what does it mean when 5-million more folks voted for Barry than Mittsy? Did that trigger a rethinking of their tactics? Like hell.

And in another I.I.I., the party of “strict-constructionists” of the Constitution belie its core…that our elections actually mean something…just not to them.


But wait! There’s morer!


It didn’t end with McCain and the Kochs. Uh-uh. As the Constitution states, the party which holds the majority in either House of Congress will elect a leader who will lead that House; the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader, respectively. However, the Speaker of the House is also second in line to the Vice-President in succeeding the President.

That’s quite a responsibility, no? OK, fine but where in the f**k has NoBallsNoBonerBoener’s leadership been since 2011? He’s hidden behind the non-binding “Hastert Rule”, which former SOH, Dennis Hastert now eschews with a vigor one associates with something evil, wherein he, NBNBB, says he can’t call a vote on something without the “majority of the majority” party behind it. He has gotten himself so boxed in by the TPers, he should be embarrassed. Never mind…no pride nor shame in the NBNBB House.


But wait! There’s morerer!


Lest we forget, any of the cockamamie votes his party has allowed him to bring to the floor; backed by the TPers, were – nearly – all supported by all their fellow Gutless Offensive Pansies. In lock-step fashion, they’ve all toed the TP-Line. We’ve all been exposed to poor-parenting at parties, airports, shopping, wherever. Bratty kids acting out while the parents try to bribe them with candy, pop but never putting the proverbial foot down. And what happens, then? Do the kids grow-up to be responsible? Do they “do their homework” or do mommy and daddy, while they text/video game the night away? Whatever, knowing there are no consequences for their actions; their succeeding actions only become bolder and once they hit 18, the parents ask, “What could we do?”


Think of the rest of the Goofy Oddball Parents…Senators as well as House members…as piss-poor parents, who by turning their heads or caving, thinking they’d ameliorate the situation, as abject failures of leadership. And that, folks, is a shame. One which will haunt these folks for a long, long time.

An even bigger shame is this. There are good legislators in their party, But how/why they allowed themselves to be cowed into acting as they have is something for which they will have to answer. That, also, does not bode well as once this plays itself out, they may find themselves on the outside looking in, while the Dems take over and Dems without a check or balance can do just as badly as these guys.


Anyone see that China is saying we should no longer be considered the world leader due to our political unrest? Ya think they’re kidding around? There were 21 countries at the Pacific Trade talks. 20 leaders were there…Barry was not. Why? He was stuck with some other idiot’s brats acting up, so he had to stay home.


But wait! There’s morererer!


This exercise in ridiculousness may very well have triggered the law of unintended political-consequences, in that by “seeming”

to be the party of calm, levelheadedness, the Dems stand to reap whatever political spoils remain once this matter is settled.

No? Think back to just 2009. With all the power in their hands, they were the fractious lot, with their infighting causing some of the problems getting BarryCare going. And now, with the launch of BarryCare having problems, what are we talking about? A bunch of spoiled brat-politicians, who do not believe in centralized government; voting in the heart of centralized government!

See what I mean? Had they not followed the Whizzer of Oddness from Tejas, Barry & Co., would be on defense…but they are not, thanks to NBNBB, Michelle Bachmann, Caribou Barbie and Company.


There was a new poll taken yesterday which showed 51% of the country considers itself “centrist”. It is quite interesting in that it encompasses folks from the extremes, both left and right, who also see merit in what the other side thinks. For example, a right-wing talk radio listener agrees with abortion rights…or a lefty-loosie also sees the need for a strong defense.

Why? Because it’s true. This “purity” bullshit is just that…bullshit. We humans are a complicated lot. Few of us live with views which never change.

Personally speaking, all my life, I have been an advocate for a strong defense and fiscal responsibility. However, I also believe that in a country as blessed and with so much as ours, no one should go to bed hungry nor should they be denied access to a good education, nor a decent job. Folks, these are not mutually-exclusive ideas.


I could go on but I won’t. Feel free to weigh in. Thanks for reading.






Watched this the other day, finally. It was rather easy to see how Daniel Day Lewis won for Best Actor and Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones being nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Actor and that it was nominated for Best Picture. That and it sure as hell showed that what we are experiencing today ain’t the first time this has happened. However, not that slavery wasn’t important, now, as they chanted in ’68: “The whole world’s watching! The whole world’s watching!”


-”The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”. As big of a Tolkien fan as I am, this film, while breathtaking on the big-screen suffered on the small…even on our “big-screen”.

Lesson…see this kind of film at the shows.



Sure hope this one starts moving soon. Yes, I know, but I’m having problems dealing with Carrie’s bobble-head act with the story plodding along at a snail’s pace.


-”NCIS”. For all the hype regarding Ziva’s “leaving”, this show seems to have caught “Homeland’s” plod. That and moi’s original thought that this show has to be the worst recruiting tool for the Navy, ever. I mean, each week, some sailor or Marine is found dead or involved in some nefarious scheme or other. It does stretch credulity. That said, I really like Mark Harmon’s Jethro.



-”5 Outs”. This was a locally produced documentary on the 2003 Cubs season, culminating in the 8th inning of the 6th game of the NLCS on October 14, 2003, aka, “The Bartman Game”.


I relived that night watching that play. However, I didn’t blame the guy. As Steve Stone said, he’d never been in MoistHands Alou’s home but he doubted there were any Gold Gloves in his trophy case. Alou, though, still claimed he “had the ball”. Several folks, including Sammy, said Alou’s antics after that were the pinprick which deflated the balloon of the Cubs winning a pennant and – finally – going on to the World Series. That and the fact the DustBin Baker never came out of the dugout; nor did pitching coach Larry Rothschild; nor did catcher Paul Bako, make a visit to rookie-pitcher, Mark Pryor. The rest, as they say, is history.


This was a very good show, especially considering it was locally produced. They had Baker, Wood, Prior, Sosa, Alou, Derrick Lee, Ozzie, Jim Hendry, Aramis Ramirez, Steve Stone, Tom Brenneman and local sports-dude, Dave Kaplan. It was narrated by ChiTowner, William Peterson, he of CSI-fame. I did not like the funereal background music, though.

It might be interesting to non-ChiTowners but I doubt it, as, well, you just have to be a Cubs fan to have been a Cubs fan to have experienced/felt/known the utter sense of loss after they lost, when Lucy moved the ball on we the Charlie Browns of baseball fandom.






-Hmmm. Two teams with much promise; some weaknesses and also hurting. This is what makes SFC teams, folks. Can they win even when they are not at full-strength?


-The Bears should…repeat, should…beat the ‘Skins in DC, Sunday, despite their injuries. The question is will they? I believe so. To compound their D-losses of Melton and Collins, they lost MLB DJ Williams for the season, which will hurt as he was the “replacement” for Urlacher. His replacement, Jon Bostic, did not start as – reportedly – while he makes the occasional big play, he needs work. Still, the ‘Skins, who could win, should not be that difficult for them. Also, wouldn’t hurt for Peppers to be more than a condiment on Italian Beef sammiches.


-My Packehs, while winning the game in Baltimore, last Sunday, experienced what is often referred to as a pyrrhic victory. In 280/279 BC, Greek King Pyrrhus defeated the Romans. However, in doing so, he endured so many losses, while victorious, he was much weakened.


Last Sunday, the Pack lost James Jones to a strained shin but is expected to return for Sunday’s game when they host the Browns. Not many Bears fans will acknowledge this but he’s the same size and has the same speed as Brandon Marshall and while he did not have as many catches as Marshall, last year, he tied for the lead in TD-receptions with 14. Losing him was big.


What’s worse is the loss of Randall Cobb for 6-weeks with a knee fracture. Here’s a guy who had 900-yeards receiving to go along with 900-return yards, last year. Much like 2010, my guys have to play, “next man up” and win. That’s a tall order.


Their good news is, they finally are running the ball effectively.



-Finally won in North Carolina in a shoot out. Didn’t watch, though. Sorry. That said, Patrick Sharp’s goals in the 1st period and Shoot Out were the difference.



-It’s pre-season.



-I know few of you care about this but some do.

A 30-pound-+ Chinook salmon was caught by a local fisherman who was wading along a ChiTown beach!


But wait! There’s more!

Another ChiTownLand angler nailed a 23-inch, 6-pound, 2-ounce, smallmouth bass again out of Lake Michigan. That’s just shy of the state record.


OK, gotta go. Have a garage that needs cleaning and re-organizing. Might as well do that on such a crummy day.


Take care and remember, any day we can look down at a rose instead of up at its roots is a good one.









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