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Burgers, brats, Itralian sahseege and dogs…

Good morrow. The icky-sticky humidity has taken off and we have a beautiful morning at hand, with a forecast high of 71 and partly-cloudy skies. Ahhhhh.


It’s been awhile and quite honestly, the Muse did not strike in the interim. We celebrated a milestone Watette-birthday; grilled burgers, brats, Itralian sahseege and dogs; did some chores and got pissed at the Cubs, yet again. (More on them later. After all, they are the gift that keeps on giving.) But a few things have occurred and provoked some thoughts, so….



Before we begin, I have made an editorial decision or two. As I read this morning’s almanac, I realized I’d written about these events a year ago. Really. Obviously I did but what I mean is, as soon as I read it, I realized it. So, unless there’s something really supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, that’s gone on, it’s pretty much over for these spaces.


Like for instance, the creator of “James Bond”, Ian Fleming, was born in 1908…OR…Dr. Joseph Ignace Guillotine, the creator of the chief method of execution in France’s “Reign of Terror”, was born in 1738.







Rahmer has introduced an ordinance to make gun sales in Chicago the most difficult in the nation, with videos of purchasers being required; records kept and inspections by CPD, a regular thing. These are all seen as deterrents to “Straw purchasers”, that is, folks who can purchase guns legally, doing so; then turning around and selling them to those who cannot. Read that criminals.


That’s great! I applaud the effort. Really. I do.


Some say, “Well, that’ll just cause them to buy their handguns outside the City.” So?


That’s the “Good News” but at the same time is the “Bad News”. Why?


Well, as long as Chicago and Illinois are not more than a loud fart’s distance from Indiana, which is like forever. And, with their extremely lax requirements regarding the purchase of handguns there, what ChiTown is trying, while well-intentioned, is easily circumvented by purchasing the gun(s) there; dropping them in your trunk and bringing them back to ChiTown/Illinois. There is no license required nor registration nor duty to inform, there.


So, as much as I agree with Rahmer’s plan, it seems that in actuality all it will be is nothing more than I nice-sounding election-year gambit. Oh well.



-A week ago, these folks came out with what they referred to as a “wake up call”, regarding some of our national landmarks, i.e., The Statue of Liberty, Kennedy Space Center and the Jamestown Settlement, noting that the rise in sea-levels; 2-feet in the past 2 centuries, are threatening these places; not to mention the millions of Americans who live or make their livings in those coastal areas.


We’ve been hearing these predictions for years and thanks to the petrochemicals folks and their toadies in Congress, have done little to abate these problems. One roadblock thrown up was from religious fundamentalists who said something like, “Only Gawd can change climate”. One of the scientists – and I wish I recalled his name – blew that away with something like this. “Climate change is upon us, whether it be manmade or not; man must make changes to abate the problems”.


It’s funny, isn’t it? How changing the terms from “global-warming” to “climate change” can change the conversation?

I mean, have any of you seen or read about the ice floes on Lake Superior last weekend? We are conditioned to think that when someone says the earth is warming, if anything, we should NOT be seeing this:


Memorial Day Ice on Lake Superior

Preview by Yahoo



Yet we are. Why? Because few of us are climatologists and while out in California, Rene and Bill are wondering where they’ll get their drinking water in two years, we do not have the necessary knowledge as to the dichotomies of what those climatologists refer to as “global warming”. That is, while the globe IS getting warmer, it sometimes causes craziness in cold weather as well.


We CAN do something or we can bury our heads up the Petros asses and do nothing.






-Gladys Knight, 70, who with her Pimps…I mean, Pips…did the original of “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”


-John Fogerty,, 69, who with his buds in Credence Clearwater Revival, covered Gladys and the Temps’, “…hoidin’ it through the grapevine”. Funny, as he was from Southern California, NOT Southern Alabama.


-Don’t know how I missed this one my friends but…Sir Mick became…ahem, ahem, cough-cough-cough…are you sitting down…a great-grandfather last week! Oh yeah. In less than 2-months, he will be 71.



-”HANNIBAL”. Watched the season-ender, which was teased in Episode-1. It ended in a cliff-hanger, which was semi-predictable as in order for it to continue, Hannibal needed to have been found out, which he was but also needed to escape, which is pretty much the format of the films; his “popping up” just about anywhere; living in his shadow-world of murder and cannibalism. With Abigail at his side, he leaves Will, Alana and Jack; all grievously wounded and in danger of “bleeding out” from the wounds he and Abigail inflicted on them. By the way, if any other area had THAT long of a response to multiple 911-calls, whatever the community, their EMS would be called on the carpet.


Don’t know if we’ll watch if NBC renews it. If it’s a pursuit of Hannibal, maybe. But if it’s another exercise in film-school final exams, probably not.



-”The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”. 2-1/3rd-stars.

As much as I enjoy/enjoyed Peter Jackson’s bringing to life, Tolkein’s “Middle Earth” through “TLOR” and “The Hobbit”, haftasay this one’s really…really…draggy.


Recall the book on which not one; nor two but three, (nearly) three-hour films, are based is only 180-some pages in length. OR, if a picture’s worth a thousand words; these would have taken gazillions of words. he Library of Congress would not have enough room to store the, fercrissakes!


Much like Jaws”; “Godzilla” and “Jurassic Park”, it takes awhile till we get to the requisite monster(s). However, we’ve already gone through a complete film to have gotten to this point. And THEN, once Bilbo actually meets/faces/ the film’s namesake, Smaug, there’s an inordinate amount of time spent with him. I don’t know about you but when I watch a film about a fire-breathing-dragon, I want to see said dragon, breathe some freakin’ fire; have the good guys do battle with it and get through it. Not this time. Nope. We watch as Smaug, Bilbo or Thorin Oakenshield engage in word-battles, bordering on battles of wit, which are fine in a Noel Coward flick but this is a battle between good and evil…not “The Devil and Daniel Webster”.


We watched this as our AT&T Uverse gave us a coupon for a freebie rental. Don’t waste the $6.00 on it. Wait for it to hit HBO or whatever. There are plenty of lulls in the story, so making a head-call won’t cause you miss anything.


This is one where having read the book would help. That said, even though I had, I still felt it dragged. Had the CGI not been as good as they were…Smaug is really believable, guys; as is the origination of Sauron; the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood…well, let’s just say they tried to stretch about 60-pages of text to fill 160-minutes.


A quick-note on film lengths. It used to be that most films were around 90-minutes long. A bigger story may be longer but 90 was the norm. Then we began creeping towards 120-minutes and now, most, if not many, exceed 2-hours and are closer to 2-1/2 hours…or longer. Why? I don’t know. Maybe they are including more footage reconcile the cost of a ticket/popcorn and a drink. Oh well.


-Speaking of which, we plan on seeing Spidey or X-Men, tomorrow. If we do, a review will follow.






-They’ve done it! Finally, we ChiTowners are able to use a  superlative in describing our NL member of MLB.

After being shutout by the Giants’ Tim Hudson, 4-0, and Houston’s As-stro-holes winning its 4th game in a row, DaFlubs are now 19-31, which is the absolute, worst W/L in MLB.


But fear not CubbieFaithful. While Theo and his Crats are – not only – finalizing what they will do in next week’s MLB draft. Uh-uh.     I believe we can surmise/assume/guess/imagine/presume/hypothecate that they are already deep into making their plans for - what else, Cubs fans – next year and their draft position.




But wait! There’s more!



-In yet another in the continuing BS that is the RickettsCubs, we have another “improvement plan” for Wrigley Field, contract with the Roofies be damned, which is fine with me. This doesn’t change my disenchantment with the team and what they’ve done’ are doing and plan to do. I just could not care less about the Roofies and their claims, nor the contract. This is going to court. OK.


Yes, the guy who ran the presser yesterday is the same guy who signed the contract. I know. That is not lost on me.

Though he did mention that the Roofies have made, “…a quarter-billion dollars, so far…”, so don’t feel sorry for them. Whatever.


I can just imagine Joe, Rene, Whitney and even Buck’s expressions of disblelief as they read this, as I don’t think any other city in MLB has these kinds sillinesses surrounding their teams.


Here’s a link…


Cubs showcase revised expansion plan with $575 million pricetag – Chicago Sun-Times

Cubs showcase revised expansion plan with $575 mi…

The Cubs on Tuesday showcased their revised plan to add more signs, seats and lights at Wrigley Field and said if the team is not allowed to “control our ballpark,”…
Preview by Yahoo



-Whoops! Joe ‘n’ Whitney’ll hafta wait till Thursday, maybe longer, to sit back, relax and wait for the Kings or Hawks, whose Game 5 is tonight, in ChiTown; do or die for DaHawks; do or wait for Friday or Sunday for DaKings.


If DaHawks rebound, I will be surprised. They’re still very good but have yet top have played an entire game this series.



Mark Buehrle, (remember him Sox fans?), won his 9th game, yesterday!




1951,   After going 0-12 in his first three ML games, Willie Mays hit a moon-shot of a home run off Warren Spahn in the old Polo Grounds in New Yawk. I could not find a film-clip Spahn’s comments after the game but did find this quote in Wikipedia, where he cites the distance between the rubber and home plate being 60-feet,six-inches: “Gentlemen, for the first 60-feet, that was a hell of a pitch.”


1956,  Former Cub, Pirate, Giant, Yankee, et al, Dale Long hit his 8th homer in 8-consecutive games. Another “claim to fame” for Long was his once being used as an emergency catcher; while having to use his 1st-baseman’s mitt as he was a lefty.


1968,   The AL split into two divisions.


1979,   George Brett hit for the cycle. For non-baseballers, HE was the focal point of the pop-hit, “Royals”, by Lorde. He may be one of the best-most-overlooked-hitters in MLB history.


2006,   As we’ve discussed “Juicers-Extraordinaire” lately, the King of the Juicers, Barry Bonds hit his 715th homer.



-OTAs have begun. By the latest reports, DaBears are on their way…as are The Pack; Yets!; Niners and Pats!


At least we’ll have some sports to care about. Oh well.


OK, time’s about up and I have other things to do. What they are, I’m not sure, but I do.


Take care and remember, any day we can look down at our plants; not up at their roots; it’s a good one.








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