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Bruce Torn in Two! (directions)

Good abend meine herr und herren, Our errand is done and we are back. Also, our plans for mid-week were changed this morning, so there should be a Woden’s Day post, as well as a FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY!

So let’s get started, shall we?

-Bruce Rauner released his “economic plan” for Ella Noise, if/when he’s elected. Interestingly…maybe not…our town’s two papers had different reviews. The Trib gave it a paragraph or two and said they supported it. The Sun-Times’ Mark Brown did a bit more delving and came up with the following.
Rauner will need to be a miracle worker to make financia…

Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner has a scary talent for telling people what they want to hear, but what’s most frightening is that voters will keep be…
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The Trib’s was on its editorial page and Brown’s was on p.24. Hardly “above the fold” coverage, eh? How bad is it? Well, in this morning’s S-T there is a full-page story on page 11 on, wait for it, the problems a man is having as he seeks visitation rights to the family dog, which is part of a bitter divorce. Now, I know many of you are “pet-parents”…excuse me for using that ridiculous term…but THIS is on page 11…a story about a squabble over a dog…13-pages ahead of a story from Sunday which has a direct bearing on every man, woman, child and even pets, in Illinois! WHISKEY! TANGO! FOXTROT!
It’s doubtful Quinnine’ll get re-elected but if we’re to have Rauner as our new Guber, then BOTH papers need to be much more penetrating in their coverage of BOTH candidates.




Over the weekend, I was thinking and wondering about why so many of us Americans vote against our own best interests. Think about it. Our Congress has a 7% approval rating, yet most will probably get re-elected in November.

And while some feel I have something against those who have money…which I do not…I think we all should have whatever we need…hell, WANT! What I am against are those who have more than they need; yet that is not enough, so they find ways to get more. But as we all know, it has to come from somewhere and that’s usually us. I mentioned the eenfahmoos “Death Tax”…whoa! that infidel of infidels…the boogey-man under our beds…that goblin that’ll get us if we don’t watch out!

So, I looked it up. Here’s what I found on the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’ website. Basically, 0.14% of ALL estates or 1.4 out of every 1000 is subject to the DEATH TAX!

Now you may wonder how much dinero that DEATH TAX entails. Well, I’m a-tellin’ ya. The tax is only levied AFTER an estates valuation of $5.25M-exemption is reached. Ooops. I meant $5.25M/Person. So, a husband and wife or married partners estate can be as much as $10.5M and NO…repeat…NO…not a penny of any kind of estate/death/inheritance tax is levied. That will only occur on any “gain” above that amount post-inheritance. Which is why it’s important to get your “tax basis” established if you are an heir.

I mention this as several years ago, I had the responsibility of Executing my late mother’s will. While the funds were being collected, I was remitting to the heirs. At one point, one asked me about having to pay taxes on it. I was not sure. Made a few calls  and was assured the amounts I was remitting on and to were in no danger of incurring any kind of DEATH TAX.

So, the next time you hear a politician make that an issue, recall that he’s only talking to 0.14% of the entire country…or around 45,000 people in the entire effin’ country! Now, if you happen to be one of those, good for you!

AND, if you hear someone bitchin’ and moanin about having to pay the DEATH TAX, tell him to shut up and count his money as no matter what he’s paying; he’ll still wind up with more than you. AND if he does, he’s only paying 16.6% on anything OVER $5.25Million…or…$10.5 MILLION!.

Here’s the link…


-First we had “Citizens United”, wherein the Supremes equated corporations withy persons AND that the spending of money by those corporations– somehow — abridged the free speech of the spenders. Yeah. I know.

Then, we were told corporations were not only people but they also were worshipping members of religions.

Much to my dismay, on each, yes.

But whilst enjoying some of the first picks of our homegrown tomatoes, that tasty, nonpareil July treat which has no

equal, that I found myself doing more research.

But first, the good news. For those who have only tasted the  store-bought variety or those found in a salad at a restaurant or on a taco or in Campbell’s Tomato Soup, you are missing something, which many Europeans had, as they believed that the succulent-juicy fruit of the vine was as poisonous as its cousin, Deadly…aka, Dudley… Nightshade. Tomatoes are easily grown in gardens or containers by anyone, be they possessors of “green thumbs” or as my Mom, “Black hands” when it comes to cultivating and growing any plants. Hell, Sam’s Club and Costco even sell semi-mature plants which can stay in their planters and provide weeks and weeks of fruit. All they need is some water. Yes, fruit. Which brings us back to The Supremes.

Y’see, back in the 1800s, tomatoes were classified as what they are, botanically…a fruit. BUT, as the U.S. tariff laws levied a tax on vegetables and that as while botanically they are a fruit and since they were mainly used in salads as they were not as sweet as, say an apple, rather used more in dinners, The Supremes declared this fruit was, ta DAH, a vegetable.

So, the next time you think the Roberts Court is crazy…there is precedence for some of their idiocy.


-Saw an item over the weekend which touched  a nerve. It’s the misuse/overuse/self-interest-use of the word, “Heroes”. Oddly, as I am typing this, I have the coverage of posthumous Medal of Honor winners at the White House.

It is said a hero is just a normal person finding him/her self in the midst of extraordinary circumstances, who rise to the occasion and prevail. Or as noted in WIKI: “A hero (masculine) or heroine (feminine) (Ancient Greek: ἥρως, hḗrōs) refers to characters who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, display courage and the will for self-sacrifice—that is, heroism—for some greater good of all humanity. This definition originally referred to martial courage or excellence but extended to more general moral excellence.”

Some, though, those for whom simple recognition never seems to be enough, seem to want to equate the exploits of those honored as they are now at the White House, with just about anybody who said “I do.”, and enlisted in the Service, be it via the draft or to avoid the Army and join the Marines, Air Force or to be totally cool, the Navy. I know many of you served and for doing so, earned your honorary discharges. I also know that like me, few – if any –of you consider yourselves, ahem, “heroes”. Thanks for putting up with that.


-Last week, we discussed the possibility of two contenders entering the Mayoral primary against Rahm SlyTalker and The Farce. Just as they say with the weather in ChiTown, if you don’t like it, wait a bit and it’ll change. Last week, it was widely reported that CTU Prez, Karen Lewis was out-polling SlyTalker but even she wasn’t doing as well as Cook County Board Prez, Toni Preckwinkle. It was then been reported that some very powerful folks let Toni know there’d be hell for her to pay if she ran against the Leader of the Farce. AND now, Karen’s saying that instead of running against SlyTalker, she’s going to start a “Rebel-Alliance” of her own. She’s said she’s setting up a “hit list” of African American Aldermen…and I ain’t talkin’ the Kasey Kasem type…who’ve become Rombies…read that Rahm’s Zombies. She’s combing “photo-ops” of AAA with Sly; news reports; videos, etc., etc., etc. In other words, she’s taken a page out of the Tea Party playbook and applying it to AAA. If they’re cozy, i.e., Rombies, they’ll “Primary” them. And, that’s a lot cheaper than doing it to a member of Congress.

By the way, just like “The Walking Dead”, Rombies come from all races and/or walks of life.

Last thing on this. ChiTown’s “City Council” form of government is supposed to be built around a “weak” mayor with a strong Council. Uh-huh. As long as I can remember, any Mayir of ChiTwon…even Jane Byrne…was anything but weak.



-As I am running behind, just a quickie one of my fave, all-time cators, James Garner. While he’s possibly best known for his hit TV-series, “The Rockford Files”, one of my favorite characters of his was as “Hendley” the “Scrounger; a Yank in the RAF in “The Great Escape”, whose specialty was “scrounging” just about anything anyone needed. It was at the end of the film when he and Donald Pleasance’ “Blythe, the Forger”, who was going blind; were paired together. They find a Kraut plane; Hendley hot-wires it; they take off but as it’s low on fuel, they crash land. When they do, the Germans are after them and in that sequence, one of them shoots and kills Blythe, despite Hendley’s pleas for them not to. He was so sincere in that and when he got to his buddy…dyinggggg…that with all the scenes of their getting caught, that one stands out to me.

He was a great actor be it in comedy, straight drama; westerns; action films, whatever.

He’ll be missed.

BTW, there are many channels having “marathons” of his films.


Thoughts on “The Leftovers”; “Ray Donovan” and “The Last Ship” in Woden’s Day’s post. Maybe a few more.


Again, I’m way behind and as such, just this.

Since the July 4th trade of Smarj and Hammel to the A’s, the Cubs are 2-11. To that end, I heard Matt Spiegel on the SCORE this morning say something like this. “The Cubs with their telling everyone to check their minor leaguers and not their MLB club are like a woman wearing a low-cut top; showing plenty of cleavage but saying, “My eyes are up here”. I liked that but wondered if I could improve on it and think I have, since radio is strictly audio and I’m video. So, lodies and gentlemen, maybe this will help.

The Cubs are promising…


But from now till next year are giving…


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Sorry, they’re not in sync. You get it, though.
-Here’s a look at what the Trib’s Brad Biggs has to say about the NFC North…


OK, time to go and sorry about the blue type.

Take care…no frost on the punkins, tomorrow.

Remember, any day we can look down at plant but not up at their roots, it’s a good one.


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