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I am the master of my bladder.

Good morning. I say that strictly in the “greeting” sense of the phrase, as I’m plum-tuckered out from clearing my little corner of the 9-1/2″ of AresSnow from DaRat’sNestOnMango. Haftasay, the snowblower I bought 2-1/2-years ago may have been one of my best investments in the

30-years we’ve lived here. It really “moves the merchandise” and with a new neighbor moving in across the alley, the extra power I have in Bessie is more than welcome. As I am feeling a bit achy…yes, even though it’s a machine, it has to be controlled, turned and backed up, which is no mean feat in that it’s heavy and controlling 9-1/2 HP, can be a tad daunting. Still, it beats the crap out of shoveling. Anyway, just some rambling thoughts as I really don’t feel like sitting at this computer for a couple hours.

OK, let’s get to it….



-The Sequester.

What? What’s that? Nothing seems to have changed, so what’s the big deal?

Patience children, patience. Unless something is done, we all should see them; feel them; touch them; (hopefully) heal them, though not quite yet. They have already announced that Fed employees are going to be forced to take an unpaid furlough day. As one of moi’s kids went through that, I can tell you, ‘t’ain’t no fun.

Not that it’d matter, but it would do moi’s heart good to see Congress and Barry all have to take the same 20% cut. I mean it’s these goofballs who have done this not the poor slobs who are just doing their jobs. Richie did it here, in ChiTown, when he ordered them.

Funny how DaGOPers are trying to get their pet-projects through unscathed by the Sequester.


What puzzles the crap outta me…and that’s a wholelotta crap, folks…is why they refuse to sit down and discuss making the equal amount of cuts but in a smart fashion. I just heard a GOPer member say he’d like that. Mebbe he should talk to NoBalls-NoBonerBoener.

-The DOW.

The DOW closed at a record high 14,253.77, yesterday! The problem though could be that it’s hit its high ansd we all know what happened after it went , almost, that high in 2007. Take a look at Terry Savage’s “THe Savage Truth” in t’day’s S-T. She warns that it could happen again.


That said, am I the only one asking how it could be at this point when the country’s being run by that Socialist-Barry?

Oh yeah, it’s still climbing as these wrods are being typed.


-The Twitter Universe, et al.

Part of the reason DaGOPers are basking in the glow of The Sequester and the DOW’s record is, alas, we now live in an instantaneus-response universe. In other words, all the warnings about the Sequester or the celebration about the DOW are fueled by the 24-hour news cycle, Twitter, Facebook,and whatever else is out there. We have become a worldwide society which expects results on actions as quickly as we see them on Twitter or other SocialMedia. Read that, shortened attention-spans.

Trouble is, and we all know this, things don’t happen quite that quickly.

Double-trouble is, being that the immediate result is not as dire as predicted, many just “go along”.

TripleTrouble is, once those “results” get moving…much like a snowball…it can be nigh-unto impossible to arrest them and their negative effects.


-Venezuela’s “President” passed away yesterday afternoon.



-He may not if/when he hears that advocates for those who have suffered from clergy-abuse believe that even though he, as a former head-of-state, could/would continue to retain legal immunity, some of those advocates think it should tested. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.





Do you experience your bladder being out of synch with the alarm clock? I mean, really! No matter what I do, I get a “Bladder is full! Bladder is full!” sensation 45-minutes to an hour before it’s set to go off! It matters not what to what time it is set! I’ve tried to not have anything to drink after 8; drinking right before bed; you name it. Doesn’t matter. The problem is, being that the “call” happens when it does, precluding getting back to a decent sleep before it goes off. Yes, I have tried the ShellyCooperIsASmellyPooper-mantra, “I am the master of my bladder. I am the master of my bladder” to no avail.There. I feel better now.




-Not much “new” tonight…unless you’re a fan of “Survivor”.

-TCM has  Kim Novak special, followed by “Bell, Book and Candle”. Ms. Novak is one of ChiTown’s many famous beauties who have graced the silver screen.

-Am I the only one who’s growing weary of Channell 11′s – seemingly – constant begging for dollars? Here’s the thing. The shows I watch are NOT those they choose to use when they do their beggaring. Yes, occasionally, they’ll have Clapton or other rockers in concert. Trouble is…at least for moi…I don’t know they’ll be on until they are.


Oh yeah…and where in Hades do they find those beggars? I mean, really! I recall watching a Chet Atkins special, which featured Emmylou Harris,

Marc Knopfler and the Everly Brothers, among others, and the dorkaleptics they had “in-studio” showed little to no knowledge of who these artists were and what kind of impact they had on music. I will say, they did have Lyn Braemer from ‘XRT on, once, as well as John Lanecker. But that was it for either. Once. That’s it. There. I feel better.


-Man, oh man. Forgot DaHawks were hosting “The Wild”, last night. What the hell kinda name is that, anyway?  I mean, what do their fans wear? Shirts with pics of what…bears takin’ a dump in the woods? Do they say, “Hey man, I’m a ‘Wild’ fan”! Again, what’s that?


Well, it seems DaHawks didn’t care as they’d built up 4-1 lead in the 1st period, which I saw when I tuned in at the 1st intermission. Seeing that, I switched back to whatever we were watching. When TCLR went to bed, I switched back; saw it was then 4-3 and in my best RonSantoMentalVoice,  “Oh, no!”,  when Kaner knocked in the rebound to make it 5-3, which as they say, is now history.

They host Columbus, tonight and, hopefully, the beat will go on.


-Our wounded Bulls travel to San Antonio which we all hope will not mirror the slaughter visited upon the Alamo by Santa Ana in 1836.

AND…am I the only one who’s grown tired of our local media’s seemingly-insatiable need to ask Thibs; or write columns about Derrick Rose’s return? Just leave it alone! Please!


-It seems they’re looking for a tight end off the unrestricted F/A list. Yes, it doesn’t start till next Tuesday but they’d better find one. Yes, they had one then let him get away. Being that they really don’t have one…one who can block and catch passes, that is…the time would seem to be right.

-Generally in the SFC, the new rules on using the “franchise” tag is making things tough. No? With the Joe Flacco contract and Cutler in the last year of his, if they want to “franchise” him at the end of the ’13 season, it will cost them $15,000,000.00 a year. (That figure is just for QBs. Each position is computed unto itself.) Think about that my friends. Yes, he’s better than anything who’s donned the blue and orange that we’ve seen but is he $15,000,000.00 better? Food for thought. It’ll all come down to how he plays and how well they finish this year. He does have a rep around the Collective that he can’t win big games.



-Read that they are committed to improving their running game via F/A or the draft. Also, they’re looking to shore up their D. In that, there’s a wholelotta solid D-linemen available, no excuses if they don’t.

-Greg Jennings is probably gone. He’s been hurt way too much. I mean, even the team website’s saying that, so y’all can figure that, “He gone!”.

He may really help yer guys. Hopefully, he’ll go somewhere else than the NFC North.





Heard Cubs S-T beat-writer, Gordon Wittenmier on Sports Talk Live say that if they are 2-out of the Wild Card with a full roster, they’ll (Theo and Jed), blow it up again. However, if they have guys on the DL; aren’t playing to expectations but are still 2-out of the Wild Card, they won’t. As moi believes the former, not going to get too attached to many of them outside of Rizzo, Barney or Castro…mebbe Smarj, too.


Also heard they are really trying to get rid of Marmol. Ok with moi. Though I may be doing my Brandon DeWilde, “Marmol! Marmol! Come back! Come back, Marmol!”, should Sukiyaki work out to be another Fukdupdumme.


What a way to look forward to a season!

By the way, NetserCoachTom had suggested that the true measure of a catcher’s effectivenss in handling pitchers is those pitchers’ ERAs while the guy catches. Makes sense to moi.


Hey, Tom, where do we find that stat?



Wow! I knew Paulie was “getting up there” but did not know he turned 37, yesterday! I have always liked him. He’s a class act. And, while he’ll never be considered another “Wes Parker”…read that, a vacuum-cleaner for a 1st basemen’s mitt…he’s really a solid hitter.

Here’s something. If he hits 33 homers…seven more than he did last year…he’ll tie Big Frank with 415 as a Sox! That’s nice company to be in, Paulie.

Other than that, it’s the usual Spring Training stuff in both camps.

HaGooDay and remember Lewis Black’s admonition that no matter how schitty things may be, at least we won’t ctach smallpox today.


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