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Where Are the Black Baseball Players?

Good morning.  Yes. It’s cloudy and a bit breezy but as I type this on the morn of TAXDAY, the temp is anywhere from 53 to 57.


Not great but it beats the crap outta the 30s or 40s, no? Also, the sun rose at 6:11 AM<, in the morning and won’t set untiul 7:23 PM, in the evening.


Hope y’all had a decent weekend. We did with the more-decenter weather we’ve been having. Had some surprise visitors bearing bottles of Scotch stop by the Nest, the doors of which are always open to visitors bearing booze. Also, FINALLY, re-organized our entertainment center after two of DaRatettes had given us a Bose unit for Christmas. Yes. I know. It’s April 15th and we got it December 25th. Speaking of December, am listening to The Stones “December’s Children” album. While the title may not ring too many bells, “She Said Yeah!”, ( a newbie on commercials), “Get Off My Cloud”, “Route 66″, which is now vibrating DaNest as I type these words, “I’m Free”, and “As Tears Go By”, which Mick wrote for Marianne Faithful, should.


OK, let’s get to it, shall we?



1755, Samuel Johnson published the first Dictionary of the English Language.

1865, Abe Lincoln died from the assassin John Wilkes Booth’s shot to his head at Ford’s Theater.

1955, Ray Kroc opened the first MickeyD’s



Over this past weekend, I was pondering this. If patience is a virtue and virtue is it’s own reward, then why are there so many impatient pricks? Huh? Prithee?




Yes, ’tis here. Tax day. Make sure you’ve filed or your heinies’ll bleed.

With those words, George Harrison let his feelings towards G.B.’s tax-system be known, ditty shortly after The Beatles became superstars.



Was watching DaFlubs Friday when a commercial for “Christian Mingle”, a website for, well, Christian-singles. Ok, fine. So some folks decided to take the “God” angle to the dating scene. Why not? After all, how could religious folks be bad dates? I mean, just ask any Catholic priest. Yes…cheap and gratuitous. It was meant to be.


Here’s the thing. During the commercial, they voice-over dude refers to “God’s choice for you” for whoever is using the website. Are you fudgin’ kidding me? ”God’s choice”? Really? What if a guy winds up with some harridan? Or a gal ends up with some kind of Hannibal the cannibal? Are those God’s choices?


I envy those who still have their faith. I also despise those who try to capitalize on them, as well.


That said, you may want to take a spin on the “God” website to se what he has chosen ferya. If so, Dominus vobiscum.



Yes, another of our faves, this time, Jonathon Winters, passed. That guy was truly, inventively, extemporaneously, hilariously, funny. During one of the reports on the tube, they showed the scene from “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World, where he destroys that service station in the middle of the Mojave desert.


The closest we now have to him is Robin Williams, whom you may recall had Winters as a co-star with him on the old “Mork and Mindy” TV show.



WBBM’s Morning News “man on the street”, stopped by The Old Town School of Music, now located in the old Hild Liberry building and spoke with DaPrez of the Lincoln Square C of C, who extolled the virtues of several of our Nesters’ old stomping grounds.


Yeah, it’s gone a tad yuppie but it’s still home. (Memo to a certain-Nester, 5003 N. Western’s for sale.)



Some of you may have seen this on the Net or TV. Those store “loyalty-cards” which give us all nice discounts, etc., (Walgreen’s is really good), do track our purchases. Moi had an experience not too long ago with Costco, which not only issues but requires presentation of their card for admittance and again at checkout. I had a situation where I had bought a product for future use about a year ago; didn’t need it, so took it back 8 or 10 months later. While the guy checked the computer, I said something along the lines of, “I hope you can go back that far”. To which he replied, “Oh yeah. I can see back two-years.” No, I did not here Steven Stills telling me how “Paranoia strikes deep! Into your life it will creep”. But still, all my purchases for two years were there; for them to use as they will.



I’ll just leave that, as is, fer yer cognitive-cogitations. Is there another more deserving candidate to walk around with a permanent-hinder-binder?



“One Upon a Time”. It’s kinda lost me. Tried to watch its “catch-up show” last night with the show’s two-main writers but just couldn’t. I don’t now why. Could be their constant introduction of different fictional-kiddie-lit-characters, possibly to give them an easy out for some plot where they may be stuck. Well, it IS a Disney show.


“Game of Thrones”, this does click with moi, despite its equally unbelievable storyline(s). SPOILER ALERT-SPOILER ALERT.

Don’t think I was the only one who enjoyed Jaimie Lannister’s becoming dis-armed, so to speak. Next is Geoffrey, then the rest of the Lannisters. The DragonLady’s getting her army. Look out Tywin Lannister!








-OR -




Wow! DaBOHICUBS did it. They got – just about – all they wanted in the Wrigley Deal, which is fine. No taxpayer-dinero…maybe some easing of restrictions…not the landmark BS…real, city restrictions, which in exchange to a biz which has committed, out of its own pockets, $1,350,000,000.00, come on. Right now, Jerry Reinsdorf’s demand for all sortsa tax breaks for DaBulls to move their practice arena to ChiTown may have just been torpedoed.


Think about this BOHICUBfans. If they’d'a had that 5000 s.f. JUMBOTRON, yesterday, all present would have had the opportunity to watch Edwin Jackson and Michael Bowden()?) tie an MLB record by throwing, ahem, not one; not two; nor three; nor for, but FIVE…yes, as many sides as there are on The Pentagon; points on a Pentagram, fingers on ChiTowners’ hands, (unless they’re Rahmses’, then 4-1/2)…wild pitches! Imagine! Shown in HD on a 5000 SQUARE FOOT JUMBOTRON. (Well, what else would you call a 5000/s.f. TV screen? Sure as hell ain’t an iPod!) That’d be cool! Right?


But wait! There’s more!

They then would have been treated to yet another bullpen-implosion…this time by Shawn Camp, who entered the 9th with a 7-6 lead; gave up a solo, game-tying homer to Hunter Pence with 2-out; then blew it in the 10th by balking in a run  and allowing 2 more, for a 10-7 Giants win. They’re now 4-8, which I must say has required some real creativity in those 8-losses. Not that it’d matter, but they could be .500; keeping pace with our Quest For Mediocrity quite easily without having been so funkin’ creative.


There will also be  400/s.f. “see-thru” sign over the right field bleachers. I don’t know if that means it’ll be like a “see-thru” blouse or what some of the ladies wear while they’re in the bleachers. It’s said it’ll be more like the Toyota sign in left. To mollify the leeches across Sheffield and Waveland, they will be moving the walls out, which will be less of an impediment to the “views” from their perches, for which the Cubs will have to compensate DaCity.  I have no problem with the entrepreneurship of the rooftop leeches. Hell, in some circles it may even be applauded. As a matter of fact,I may attend a fund-raiser at one in the near future. Not to patronize them but to help the party which is sponsoring the fund-raiser. (Anyone interested, let me know and I’ll get you the specs.) But, my dear Nesters, entrepreneurship must have at its core the knowledge and understanding of said entrepreneur, that there is inherent risk in embarking on whatever endeavor is chosen. There are no – repeat, NO – guarantees it’ll work. Contract or no, they’re still stealing a copyrighted product. If they decide to sue. Go ahead. Sue. You think a buncha billionaires don’t have/haven’t had their attorneys poring over said contract looking for any “out” they might find?



OK, back to the deal. There’s a goodie in it for us fans on da e’tnic nort’wes’ side. Really. There is. Part of the deal makes not only the remote parking at DeVry, (read that, Lane Tech), free but the shuttle bus as well. Folks, I use it when I don’t think I’ll be over .08 and thought the $6.00 was fair. Now that it’ll be free, well, boy-howdy!


There will be 40 night games, as opposed to only 30; with 4 concert dates and the OK for more night games, if MLB decides to “flex” its TV schedule. Fat chance of that happening any time soon.


There will be 6, 3:05 starts on Fridays. The local merchantry shouldn’t bitch about that; especially if they should win…after all, there’s a one-in-three-chance they will…which will spill over into a Friday evening of patronization of the local pubs, bars and

eateries the area.


Sheffield Ave. will be closed during weekend home games from Memorial to Labor Days, for “street fairs”. Anyone who’s tried to negotiate that street at those times, knows for all intents and purposes, it is closed.


Anyone interested in more details, here’s the link to Fran Spielman’s column in today’s S-T


Last but not least, they lost Steve Clevenger to a pulled lat on a swing and a miss. To moi’s mind, (t’ain’t much, I know), with sports fitness having progressed to such an extent there’s no reasonable excuse for any professional athlete to pull a muscle.

They’re paid, at the minimum, 100s of 1000s of $$$. All they need to do is stay in shape. Come on, man.

Which leads moi to moi’s next thought….



Was I the only one who noticed the young Aussie’s “guns”? There was a time, like the early and mid ’60s when young men who wanted to play baseball, basketball, golf or swam, were strongly dissuaded from even touching weights. Why? Well, those sports while requiring strength and endurance, also required ease-of-flexibility, as opposed to becoming “muscle-bound”.

However, weight-training has progressed to the point so that we see athletes “cut” and “buff”, which is fine. It may also have something to do with how far current golfers can hit a ball…yes, the equipment has a lot to do with that but some still hit further than others.


That all said, for a non-USA champ. I’m fine with this kid. He’s a real gentleman. I only wish our guys would, collectively, grow some cojones and start winning OUR championships more often.



OK, yet another fan called in to report a rules infraction by Tigger on a “drop”, Friday. There was no penalty assessed after he did so, after his shot hit the pin and caromed into the water hazard. However, after he had done so, he was asked and he said he did it as he knew he had to “…take two-yards off that shot”. To the non-golfers out there, that’s “improving one’s lie”, and by “lie” they don’t mean yer recollection at the 19th-hole but “the lie of the ball”. I wasn’t watching but it was said announcer Nick Faldo said it was a “DQ”.

During Sunday’s round, Angel Cabrera was next to a tree and while taking his practice-swings, the announcers were letting the

audience if one leaf fell after his club touched it, there’d be a 2-strole penalty for, “improving the lie”.


Tigger lost and the discussion continues. However, for tourney officials to assess a 2-stroke penalty to the, eventual, low-amateur, 14-year-old, Guan Tian Lang, for slow play, also on Friday, then the same strictness applies to Tigg.


-DaSOX broke their 5-game, road-loss, streak over the Tribe, yesterday.


-DaHAWKS shut out the St. Lousy Blues, in St. Lousy, yesterday afternoon.


-DaBULLS got their lunch in Miami, yesterday. You really didn’t think they’d do it twice…in a row…didja?

That said, it’s being reported that Joakim and Taj may rejoin the team for tonight’s game in Orlando. They should help.



She acknowledges that basketball is a much cheaper sport. You betcherass it is! Have you seen what mitts, bats, spikes, etc., go for now? When I was coaching, we found a guy who would sell us Louisville Slugger “reject” bats for $5.00 apiece. Being that we played at this time of year and earlier, we leaped at the chance, figuring with the non-reject bats cracking about half the time, we may as well save the $$$. That was over 40-years ago…just before aluminum bats were being intro’d. Which by the way, we thought would seriously wind up injuring some kid as the ball seemed to rocket off them.


Back to the premise. Nesters Tom, Bill and moi are acquainted with an  MLB scout, whom I had seen about 10-years ago, at which time was lamenting the fact about how hard it was to get kids to sign with MLB…any kids. My point is, while “42″ is at theaters near you, the lack of blacks in MLB may not be a matter of anything more than disinterest on the part of younger kids – all younger kids -than anything else.


Ok, gonna pull the plug on t’day’s edition.


HaGooDay and remember, as long as you can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots, t’ain’t a bad one.





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