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Black and Blue Monday ._.or._.That’s Wack, Bro!

ID_by_Loves_Black_and_BlueOnce again, we have another beautiful, October morning, with a forecast high in the low-70s! It’s October 27th, fer Pete’s sake! Not that I’m complaining. I’ll take this and an El Nino winter…if it is in the cards…anytime. Anytime! Interestingly, from Bahstehn to N’Yawk, to Hotlanta, to Frisco to LalaLand, we all should have – really decent, if not downright, nice – weather! Unfortunately, most of us are reeling from a “Sunday! Bloody, Sunday!” of an SFC-weekend, too. More on that later.

OK, let’s get to it, shall we?




If there ever were a “National Day” which is more complementary than today…well, you tell me.


Today is…


“National American Beer Day”…let us all recall and celebrate that all day long..




“Navy Day”…see whaddamean? As much as I was against the Vietnam War and as much as I did not support it, I looked for a way to satisfy my military obligation without being drafted. I did…by pure happenstance…and was able to join the Naval Air Reserve, which to my good fortune, caused me to meet two T’s, John and Scott, with whom I have been friends for over 40-years. Oh yeah…Go, Navy!


We also have our almanac of occurrences on this date but like last week, we have something which occurred, yesterday instead of “tomorrow”, from As  I already mentioned that it’s “Navy Day” and while there were significant things which happened today, there weren’t any that piqued my interest. So, let’s take a look at what happened yesterday in…


1881,   “The Gunfight at the OK Corral” took place. The Earp brothers and Doc Holliday against the Clantons. Thing is, it really wasn’t at “The OK Corral”. Saw a post from local newsman, Paul Meineke, that it actually took place in a vacant lot; next to a photography shop and took about 30-seconds. According to his post, it was generally forgotten for quite awhile when many years later, it was resurrected and referred to as “The Gunfight at the OK Corral”. Sounds a bit more interesting than “Gunfight Next Door to the Photography Shop”, huh? I still liked the movie with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas.



-”CLOUT HIRES AT TOURISM TROUGH” Hmmmm. Seems there’s a pols-pals spot, the Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau, which was chosen by Rahmbi to take over the duties of DaCity’s  tourism office. Funny thing, though. It’s become a haven for the politically connected and not just Dems. Uh-uh. Guess who ran it  from the summer of ’10 to the spring of ’13? Uh-huh. Brucie. Yes! Dogs and cats sleeping together! God! No wonder folks are leaving this state!



GAWD! Is it as bad around the country as it is here? I mean, really! You cannot turn on any show…well, didn’t see any on the World Series but sure as hell did in that debacle by the Packers in Nawlins! I mean, I’ve gotten away from watching cable-news as this schitt’s gotten to the point of gag-reflex-inducement, that I just can’t watch them, as well as the national news…same reason. So, I’ve just watched local stuff and picked up on other news from different sources. Same thing. Hell, I was checking out a YouTube post and I had to endure a Rauner ad!


Don’t know if the Series ads were too expensive or not highly rated enough. I don’t know. But fer Pete’s sake, give us a break! PLEASE!



-DaFeds indicted a guy from North Carolina on charges that he ran an Internet-based Ponzi-scheme which generated $850,00,000.00 from “…more than 1,000,000.00 ‘investors’ “! You read that right…”1,000,000 investors”.


But wait! There’s more!


Paul Burke, the alleged head of the scheme, was no Bernie Madoff-investment-counselor-type. Uh-uh. He was from a far more trustworthy background. That of being a former nursing home magician and country music disc jockey. OK. I get it now.



Never heard of these outfits but, if any of you use, used, or know anyone who had used  ”TerraCom or YourTelAmerica, the Feds announced that these outfits inadvertently posted SSNs, Drivers Licenses and other sensitive data. They were involved in a government program intended to subsidize phone service for poor consumers.



-Went fishing, Saturday, out of DaCity and Cook County. Decided to fill-up while “out there” and found gas for $297.00/gallon a the Costco in Lake Zurich up in Lake County. A Watette informed me that the Costco in Niles, IL…which had been the only one in Illinois without a gas station, but finally opened theirs…had it for $3.09/gallon. The street where it is located forms the boundary between far-north Chicago and a ‘burb, Niles. In ChiTown, in our neighborhood, I saw it for $3.43.


Oh yeah. Got 5…three “Ernies”; one, “Ernest”  and one, “ERNEST T. BASS”! Emmanuel got three nice ones…and a bike.



-I had forgotten to cancel my subscription to the S-T as was busy last week. So, decided to do it today. When I opened this morning’s paper, I find that with my subscription, I am now eligible for unlimited, free digital access to The Washington Post. Hmm. The jury’s out. One of the S-T’s  columnists responded to my email last week, telling me I’d be missing something. Maybe this was it. Ponder. Ponder. Ponder.



-According to his son, it is likely that Jeb Bush may run for President in ’16. If he can keep himself away from his party’s lunatic-fringies and be more like his Dad and not at all like his bro, I could vote for him. I know…lots of conditions, and yes, it could be another Bush/Clinton race.





-Watched the end of Hitchcock’s “The Birds”…I cite Hitch, as there is also a play of the same name by classical Greek playwright, Aristophanes …and then “The Haunting”, with Julie Harris, Claire Bloom, Richard Johnson and Russ Tamblyn. “The Birds” may be more terrifying with today’s CGI and less of that “damsel in distress” look actresses displayed in films at the time. Still, putting aside the cultural differences, it’s still a good one.


Watched “The Haunting” as we usually wind up watching what I like, so decided to leave the decision to MBH. Unfortunately, this film seemed really contrived…yes, even more so than “The Birds”…to the point that it was almost silly. At least to me, it was. MBH fell asleep at the end and had to rewind the DVR whilst I went to bed.


-Didn’t watch the final episode of “Boardwalk Empire” nor “yesterday’s episode of “Homeland” as was “otherwise occupied”. More on that in “Sports”. And, as MBH will be out, tonight, won’t see them right away. Semi-looking

forward to “Boardwalk’s” finale but then not so. It’s been very well presented; directed; acted; paced and their weaving of real-life characters and events into this “based on a true story”, story.



-Nothing to report as we spent Friday at Luther North’s “Friday Night Lights” football game across the street…and you know about Saturday…and then we have…





-As I’d mentioned to the BFW Football T’s, this is a whole lot easier for me to write after my Pack got a Wilson-enema from the Saints in Nawlins, in that had they won…which they could have…it’d be really hard to not gloat when referring to the Bears’ and Pack’s games..


I mentioned the Pack “could have” won in that, besides some really shoddy play, what with receivers dropping passes…or worse, letting them deflect off their hands into Saints-defenders’, which were converted into scores…they had a stupid-assed pass-play to Julius Peppers, who had the ball hit him right in his freakin’ hands but didn’t hold on and then, that idiotic onsides-kick. It would also have helped if their defense had decided to make a tackle every now and then. There are no excuses. The game looked as if it was going to be a shootout, but did not after they initially traded 80-yard TD drives. It settled into a field-goal contest for awhile until the Pack decided to give the game away.

And when they weren’t doing that, they just seemed to take off when on defense. I don’t recall seeing more penetration into an opponent’s backfield but missed or whiffed tackles or just NO tackles being made!


What’s depressing is, they knew that Detroit was presented with another gift; accepted it and won, moving them to 6-2. They’re down to them in tie-breakers, so even if they won, they were still in 2nd but at least they’d be tied! Now, and this is all hypothetical…they have to right their ship after the Bye to the extent that on their final game of the season, they can be in a position to beat them and if they’re still tied, do so to the extent that they can win the division.

More on the season’s second half later in the week.


Last thing on the Pack as a segue to DaBears. Did anyone notice how after he’d pulled his hamstring in the 3rd, Rodgers took himself out? Wait. he didn’t. I’m confused.



-Am going to leave most of the commenting on DaBears game to our Bears fans, as, well, it’s their team.


I will say this. My Dad’s old saying, “Keep your words short and sweet as someday you may have to eat them”, came to me as I watched The Big BM…as in Bowel Movement or Brandon Marshall, whichever you prefer… take himself out on a 4th and 10, saying something like, “…players get winded” or words to that effect.


REALLY!…or…REALLY? Leaders stay on the field unless they are unable to play…even if they are hurt to the extent that they cannot. After the game, he was recorded as saying how they, “…give it their all”. Really? Then what the hell is he doing on the sideline? Heard Rodney Harrison take him down for this as the Packers/Saints pre-game coverage was ending.


-Matt Forte showed why he’s earning what he’s  getting paid what he is. He’s worth it. Now what he did on that field was leadership. He never gave up; never slacked off; never gave in, despite them also getting a Wilson-enema from the Pats. That’s how you lead, Mr. “That’s Whack, Bro!” ? “That’s unassettibow!” What a huge bowel-movement.


As much of an a-hole that Dennis Rodman was, one never wondered about his performance on the court. He was 100%-effort; 100% of the time; no matter which team they played; no matter whom Phil assigned him to defend.


Back to Forte. Recall how they played hardball with him when he said he wanted a new contract, but how they caved to Cutler and the Big BM? Just something to think about. I have always liked Forte. Until they got Lacy, I’d hoped they’d reach an impasse and the Pack might have gotten him. Oh well.




Chicago’s Lamarr Houston injures himself celebrating sack in blowout loss

Really? No word yet but have heard that the Bears are fearing the worst…a torn ACL.


As I told someone who takes umbrage with the “Lambeau Leap”, he has no basis from which to complain any longer.






-Whitney had to have been in 7,777th Heaven, with her Pats disembowelment of DaBears. Maybe even Emmanuel, whose 2nd team after DaBears is the Pats.



Don’t know how many saw Joe’s email that his “Yets! aren’t even that anymore; that they are devolving into the “Shets”, which all y’all can pretty much guess at as the replacement vowel. Of coure, it’s “o”.



Rene’s guys let one slip away to the Cards on a 75-yard pass play with 1:21 left. Will leave it to him to grouse as I didn’t see anything but the scoring replays.




-AND WHILE THEY’RE AT IT, WHAT ABOUT THE COLTS? They shut out Cincy last week; travel to Pittsburgh and get a XXXL-51-34 jacket hung on them? WHISKEY – TANGO – FOXTROT?



Dallas, 6-1 hosts Washington, 2-5, who will be starting Colt McCoy. Never heard of him? Well, I had, around draft time when he was in college. Since then, well he’s been a highly paid clipboard-carrier.



-The Giants took Game 5, 11-4, sending it back for the last two…if necessary…games in Kansas City, Tuesday and/or Wednesday, again, if necessary.



-Again, the Cubs are making more waves than during the season. Not with the renovations at Wrigley Field. Uh-uh. Now, with former Tampa Bay’s manager, Joe Maddon exercising the opt-out clause of his contract…rumors are flying that he’s interested in managing the Cubs. Of course, that’s all over all the papers, TV, radio and the Internet. Who knows?


We Cub fans “of a certain age” have seen this before. We’ve seen the “best guy available” so many a times, with so many leaving town much as Lou Piniella when he exercised his opt out…wait a minute, he just quit, right?


Anyway, while I believe Maddon would be an improvement over Renteria…which would be unfair to him…the same old bugaboo is still there. Will he, Joe Maddon, be able to get all these promising, young studs coming up through their system, to get us to The Promised Land? I don’t know. That said, I think they’d do better under a more experienced manager, just not letting my hopes go any higher.

OK, that’s about that. It’s a beautiful day an want to get some outside stuff done, so will sign off.


Remember, any day we awaken NOT looking up at daisy roots, is a good one.



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