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MLB Hall of Fame, Morton Salt Girl, & Bieber Behind Bars!

Justin Time...

Justin Time…

Howdy. Sorry about the delay but with forecast highs next week of 0 or less, we decided to take advantage of today’s balmy temps in the teens to TCB. We’ve been home about an hour or so and I’m still a bit chilly.


It looks like yerztuly pushed some buttons again this week with the priest-schit. Let’s all recall, we can disagree agreeably.

Also and I only do this for clarification’s sake. The ass-clown who tried…repeat, TRIED…stuff with me did not succeed. Well, he did rub up against me and I felt “him”. OK? No, what happened to me is nothing like what we’ve been informed of these past 20-odd years or so. Still, it happened. Also, many thanks for those who’d sent me personal emails of support. They’re much appreciated.


OK, let’s start FEELING-GOOD!


“RAHM: CITY’S LIBRARIAN IN CHIEF”. This refers to the efforts to get Barrys’ Prez-liberry here in ChiTown. Let’s face it, whether we liked them or hated them, any presidential liberry is very desirable. Thing is, in this one, it’s “In Rahmbi We Trust”, inasmuch as, he’s not allowing any more than one, unified-proposal for it. Fine. What happens if Barry decides on Honolulu, though?


“Aldermen bemoan lack of control over medical pot”. “Have another hit! Of fresh air!” “Don’t Bogart That Joint, My Friend”.

Sorry…triggers, y’know.


“GOP rivals stress being ‘reasonable’, electable in debate” OK, who sent yesterday’s Twacks to those guys?


“Morton Salt Girl turns 100″. We Chiberians have had the opportunity to see this girl everytime we drive, inbound, on the Kennedy to downtown, as we pass the Morton Salt location. In a semi-related fact, were you aware that The Morton Arboretum was named after the founder of Morton Salt, Joy Morton? Now ya do.

“Lenovo buys part of IBM server business for $2.2B.” Normally, that’d be good news but Lenovo is a Chinese computer manufacturer. Other than money, one wonders why IBM would do that.


“Home sales up 23% in 2013.” That should need no comment. Just smile.


“Huckabee:Dems tell women they need gov’t to control libido”. Here’s a further quote: “they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government”. See? They’re gonna keep on shrinking government down to the size that can, now, fit in your medicine chest.


“Bieber behind bars”. Normally, I don’t mention anything about this asshole but I make an exception, today. Why? Well, wouldn’t it be somethin’ if this girlie-boy had to spend some time in the joint? I mean, “Squeal like a pig”, would be the kindest thing he’d hear. Oh yeah. His old man was in on the situation and involved. Maybe they could make him his dummass kid’s “protection”.

Come on. Doncha wish you could see that punk, all quivery next to Mustafa or some skinhead, white-supremacist? He’d never need a laxative the rest of his life.


LET’S STEP INTO THE WAYBACK MACHINE AND SEE WHAT says happened in history, today, in…


41,      Shortly after having declared himself a god, Caligula was assassinated. So much for HIS immortality, huh?


1848,  Gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill in Northen California, causing T-Bill to head that way in 1979, saying he’d about had it with Chicago winters. FYI, Bill, they’re calling it “Chiberia”. Not my word; wish ta hell it was.


1980,   Rebuking the Russkies, the U.S. decided to sell arms to the Chinese. See how well THAT’s working out?


1982,   U.S. Ai Force reports show the U.S. spayed herbicides on Laos. Read those herbicides as: “Agent Orange” and “Paraquat”


1986,   RJR




-Watched a DVR’d episode of “Modern Family” which was OK. It’s still funny and sophisticated, in its own way but somehow, the edge isn’t quite there anymore. That said, there were a couple LOLs.


-I see that “Moscow On The Hudson” is on one of the digital-broadcast HD channels, tonight. Man, if that wasn’t the most disappointing night at a show for us! What I mean is, the ads were all Robin Willams doing, well, Robin Williams, which he does, some, in the film. But, IT’S NOT A COMEDY! Not in the least. The RW-stuff is more comic-relief than anything else. Thus you are now caveated. RW can play serious stuff and quite well at that. Expect THAT RW, though, NOT the clown prince.


-AMC has Mel Brooks’ zany-Western, “Blazing Saddles”, tonight…”That’s HEADLEY!” It’s in a two-hour time slot so, the good stuff that they’ll hafta cut will be replaced by commercials.


-At 11:00, CST, TCM has, “It Happens Every Spring”, starring Ray Milland as a college professor who by sheer happenstance discovers a chemical which repels wood. No? Well just watch a Cubs game and that stuff HASTA be on THEIR bats! Which leads us to………




-This happened while we were away and, honestly, until yesterday, didn’t know. I am very happy that Greg Maddux and Frank Thomas were inducted, along with Tom Glavine, as were Joe Torre, Bobby Cox and Tony LaRussa.


Yes, Maddux and Glavine “lived” on the outside edge-of the outside edge-of the outside corner. But in their defense, the umps called them strikes and anyone who’s played the game knows part and parcel of any pitchers’ game is finding out just how far he can go before the ump calls his pitch a ball.


Many of us had the pleasure of watching Maddux pitch…note, I said, pitch, not throw. I doubt we will see many like he and Glavine anymore as it seems all scouts are looking for are mid-90+ fastballs and devastating sliders. What made Koufax the best I ever saw wasn’t just his blazing fastball. He also had the best “nose-to-toes” curveball I ever saw. Gibson was notorious for “owning” the inside corner and would knock anyone down who “trespassed”. But these guys were all “power-pitchers” and there’s nothing wrong with that. But watching Maddux throw a slider in the dirt on an 0-2 count early in the game, just to see how the batter reacted and if it was to his benefit, later do the same thing but make him look silly swinging at it, that’s an art.


Frank Thomas. What I’m about to type may seem like I’ve visited one of Chiberia’s marijuana shops but I have not. I recall hearing Sox fans piss and moan about this guy. Why? Because he wasn’t “swinging for the fences”. He didn’t have to. This man was the kind of guy who when he came to the plate, the entire room would quiet down, just to watch him. He’d set up pitchers, too. He might flail at some pitch and really look stupid doing it, only to hope the pitcher would try to throw him another and then, “POW!”.


Torre, Cox and LaRussa. Of the three, my favorite was Torre. I liked him as a ballplayer. He was an excellent hitter with a lifetime B/A of .297. Yes, he was on the Cardinals…Braves, too, for that matter. In comparison, my all-time, fave, The Say Hey! Kid’s was .302.


I know everyone says LaRussa was a genius and I’m constrained to agree. He’s the guy responsible for the “closer”. That occurred when the A’s got Dennis Eckersley from the Cubs. Eck liked the hops and rye and had troubles getting past the 4th or 5th innings

in ChiTown, occasionally. Eventually, they gave up on him and let him go to the As. It was there where he became, reluctantly, their closer. The stories I’d heard were that it came down to a “take it or leave” option from LaRussa. Eck took it and became a Hall Of Famer.

Guess that’s where the “genius” comes in.


On that same team, were “The Bash Brothers”; juicers extraordinaire, Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco, which is where I have a problem with LaRussa. He also had McGwire in St. Louis. Say what you will, his best years were made with cheaters in his daily line-ups. Sorry.


He also brought a baseball playoff series here for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long, in ’83, for the Sox, his first team as a manager. Here’s one. for the books. Sox announcer, Ken “Hawk” Harrelson, was at on time the SOX GM. Do you know what his most memorable act as a GM was? Hiunt, it has o do with a certain HOFer I’m writing about. Uh-huh. He fired LaRussa. Wonder if he’ll “crow” or “hawk” about THAT during one of his broadcasts.


Bobby Cox. What can I say? The guy knew how to run a team…well, with as good of teams that he’d had, one World Series doesn’t seem like much. But speaking as a Chicago Cubs fan, one World Series is a lot. At least Buck had a chance to see one down Atlanta way.

Also, they sure had one helluva scouting system, bringing up one good guy after another. As a kid, since the Cubs always lost, I’d become something of a Braves fan as they were right up the road from us in Milwaukee.

Congrats to all.



-Yes, I know. This ain’t FEEL-GOOD. Unfortunately, I can’t play ostrich with this. So, here’s a link to Rick Telander’s column in t’day’s S-T. He ‘splains it better’n me. This is more for our “coastal-readers” as I am certain that this is just all so, so, un-fuggin’-believable to anyone who does not live here.



-Yesterday, I said I’d show all y’all how the Cubs could become a .500 team, with the roster they have. It’s math.


Last year, they won all of 66-games. With a 162-game season, reaching .500 requires them to win 15 more than last year. A tall order, you say? Maybe. Let’s take a look at this an see how the numbers shake out.


The MLB season is 6-months and a week long. We’ll say 6-months. There are 4-weeks in each month and of the 7-days in each week, 5 are usually game days. With me? OK.


Now, I’m not saying “how” they’ll do this. I’m just saying by the following breakdown, this isn’t that much.


They need 15-wins over 6-months. That works out to 2.5 wins/month. Now, we divide that by the 4-weeks and we get .625 wins/week. And, if we divide that by 5-game days/week, we get…are you ready, .125 wins/day, or 1/8th of a win/day.


Obviously, we can’t get an eighth of a win, or 5/8ths of a win. But, if Renteria can get them to push hard enough and reach for that inner-something Thibs gets the Bulls to find, they could wind up being, mediocre.


Yes, under the new CBA, the worse they do; the more they can spend on development. So? I say let’s do a “Major League”. Get a poster of some local hottie in her birthday suit and put 81-stickers on it. very time they win, they get to tear one off. But they can’t tear any off the “naughty-bits”. Uh-uh. They’s only fer mediocre guys. ;-)



-It’s Soxfest weekend. Hope Arnold, Bill and Nick enjoy whatever they can of it. CSN/STL’s covering it, live tonight.



-Lost again last night. I’m gonna stop mentioning them.



-Have won my heart. Every coach in this area should use what they’ve done despite the adversity which has been visited on them.

I thought Mike McCarthy did a great job in ’10 and again last season. Thibs hasn’t won it all but he has these guys playing their hearts out every single game. We can’t ask for anything more.


OK, it’s gettin’ late and I needsta get this out so’s y’all can read it before Saturday.


Take care and remember, even though they’re calling this place, “Chiberia”, as long as we can look down at any plant and not up at its roots, it’s a good day.


Stay warm, my friends and have a great weekend.








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