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Hate Your Boss? (and DaBears and daPack signings!)

hatemybossGood morrow.
T’is a typical Arian (sp?) morn what with temps in the 20s, seeking a high in the upper 30s; edging ever onward towards the warmer trends of April, its showers, which bring May flowers…begging the question,  what do May flowers bring other than Pilgrims and furniture?
OK, let’s get to it, shall we?
-This is really weird. I mean, really. There were two, recent occurrences, one silly, the other truly sad which seem to prove the theory.
I’ll start with the sad and get it over with. ChiTown locals are  familiar with the story of the young woman, Liza Koziol-Ellis, who was found, stabbed to death, in her apartment by her husband when he retruned home from work. The late Ms. Koziol-Ellis is a cousin to a former Twacker. Jeepers!
On the silly, recall the “God Particle” link I’d sent last week, noting Dr. Sheldon Cooper probably had wet his pants? It turns out that one of the physicists who worked on that also happens to be an alum of my part-time employer, Luther North College Prep, and, will attend a fund-raiser there in the next week or so. No, THAT isn’t silly. But I’d bet if ShellyCooperIsASmellyPooper knew I was just across the street and able to attend this, his pants would be pemanently wetted!
-Sorry ya couldn’t be a-spendin’ it in DaWhiteHouse but then, you’d probably think you were slummin’ each and every day you spent there, anyway.
Man! I don’t think I’ve seen a squarer-peg try to fit into a rounder hole, EVER! Al-Jazeera Gore’s close but this guy’s DaChamp!
-The Sequester hits ChiTown. No, ‘t’ain’t SocSec. No, ‘t’ain’t fewer City services…don’t worry, locals’ll take care of that. Nope, it’s that The Thunderbirds have cancelled their appearance at ChiTown’s Annual Air & Water Show in August. The Blue Angels, flying the far-superior F/A-18 Super Hornets have only cancelled their appearances through April. Don’t know if The Thunderbirds are doing this to apply pressure but I can tellyuze this. I much prefer The Blue Angels over them and have – occasionally – decided not to attend some Show if the Angels weren’t there as I just prefer them. Guess it’s that Navy Air thing. That said, if there are no military jets, don’t expect many folks to attend.
Wonder what solution Rahmbikins’ll come up with if this happens.
I don’t know if he learned his negotiating, ahem, “skills”, from The Tea Party or what but man, oh man, it’s a fersher thing that he never read, “The Art of the Deal”. As he did with the CTU a year or so ago, he’s playing hardball again and using a slim item to void an agreement. It’s explained in Fran Spielmen’s column in today’s S-T. Here’s the link:
Here’s the thing…and please…I’m not getting into whether public employees should be able to strike as in the CTU matter or whether or not the positions being taken by these unions are correct. My critique is all on  “style”. Yes. You read that right. Style. Lemme ‘splain, Lucy. In just about every negotiation, DaCity’s come off as being run by a bunch of pricks! DaCity’s chief negotiator is a Mr. Jim Franczek. Sound familair? Should. He was also the Chief Negotiator whose leadership led to the CTU strike. OK, I’m getting off-point. AppyPollyLogies.
Here it is. From time to time, we’ve all worked for – at least one – prick or beyatch. The problem is, when bosses, managers, immediate supervisors take martinet-like positions when totally unnecessary, what do they really gain? You all have heard that many Americans work just enough to keep their jobs but no more than to keep from being fired. Why? Well, some are just lazy-assed-loafers but by and large, most folks are productive; take pride in what they do and how they do it. BUT, when they have a prick/beyatch in charge, they revert to the mean. Those little “extras” they’d do because that’s the kind of folks they are, lessen or no longer happen, e.g., making the extra phone call; being a bit more service-oriented; making their end users feel like they aren’t being an undue burden on their time; going the extra-yard. I  could go on but y’all get the pic.
I’ve had both…well, a prick and a beyatch, too, but hat was a long, long time ago…and a good guy.
Please understand, I know what a boss has to do. I was one… t’ain’t easy, McGhee. Still, a good boss knows how to approach workers, especially with bad news. He/she doesn’t, immediately, try to undermine them, a la Rahmbi’sGuys. Recall the extra-CBA attempts to divide and conquer the CTU and now the attempt at a separate deal with the CPD’s sergeant’s union. WHY? Really! WHY? Anyone with half  brain cell knows money’s tight. Instead of pricking their way through these situatrions, why not sit down and really…and I mean, really…negotiate in good faith. They already have pissed off the 25,000 CTU members and are in the process, if not already, of doing the same with the FOP’s 25,000 members. But wait! There’s more! It’s not just those 50,000 folks. They have spouses, kids, sibs, parents, other relatives and friends. Does this make them want to stay in  ChiTown; paying property taxes; shopping at city-businesses? Think about it. Now, add in the rest of DaCity’s employees and what does that do? Does it foster a workforce that will go out of their way to be more helpful than they are required by their job-descriptions? Not hardly. What’s worse, does this make someone want to stay in ChiTown if/when they retire? Hmm? Query?
Again, yes, no one’s right all the time; no one’s wrong all the time. But after enduring what I did with the CTU/ityCrappola, up-close-and-personal, these folks are doing the exact same thing which blew up in their faces last September. This is what we should call a stoopid mistake.
In the 20th (I think), paragraph of the link, there is mention of the City’s residency requirement and how anathema it is to the CPD; so much so that they expect to continue to receive an annual, $3000.00 “stipend”, “…for being forced to live and send their kids to schools in the city”. As some of what the CTU complained about that many on the outside questioned, so it is with this. That said, the last time I looked, I didn’t see, nor hear, of any kind of “goon squad” who went around DaCity Shanghaiing citizens into a form of indentured servitude as police officers and due to this, they are then forced to live in DaCity. Nor, is there a form of SFC/MLB/NBA/NHL/DOD “draft”. NO! Not only do they have to apply to become of of ChiTwon’sFinest, they may have to wait for years; decades, even, before they are hired. And, I am certain, one of the first things they are informed wheile applying that it is the fact that as City employees, they are subject to DaCity’s residency requirement. and accordingly will be required to live within its boundaries.
This is something about which they should quit complaining. Why? Well, other City employees don’t get that; it’s unseemly and worse, it’s whiny.
-In the event this has not been noticed, any political comments made - pro or con - about ChiTown, DaCounty O’Cook or EllaNoise, are – mostly -about Dems, as well, they’re about ChiTown, DaCountyO’Cook and EllaNoise. And – again, mostly – they aren’t often complimentary.
-The month of Ares seems to have more reruns than anyone would want. With that, will go straight to Sports, as, well, you’ll see.
-Not unlike MLB’s Winter Meetings, other than the regular season, this may be the most interesting. Yes, even more than the draft as one need not be a draft-geek to know these guys. By the way, the top 85 as complied by’s Gregg Rosenthal follows. I am providing this as, sadly, our town is so provincial, there is hardly any newson  of out-of-town players…unless they may wind up withy DaBears Don’t get me wrong, but I learned more in an hour about this year’s F/As on Green Bay’s website, than I have in however long the run-up to this had been covered by ChiTown’s sports outlets.
You may find it interesting that the two, #1D guys on DaBears and Packehs, Urlacher and Woodson are ranked at 79th, #54 and 75th, #21! More interstinger,  on NFLNetwork last night, Warren Sapp suggested they both retire! FYI, #54′s 35, this month & #21′s gonna be 37 during the season. Both are HOF-guys. As much as I like Woodson, it’s time. I was sure once he returned last year, the D’d be better. It wasn’t. In fact, it got shredded on National TV by a rookie QB in the playoffs. I will always keep a soft spot in moi’s heart for him as he was/is and always will be, a class act.
Urlacher? Well, when they played The Pack last September, Cedric Benson blew by him like he was standing still, as his lateral movement just wasn’t there. He could still help them but as of now, there’s been nothing about his signing anywhere. This may be his Ray Lewis year. What I mean is, last year, Baltimore told Lewis to go ahead and test F/A, to see what he could get and get back to them. He di and found the market wasn’t there. So, he re-signed and went to the S/B, where they won. Not thatDaBears will go all the way but they may be letting him test the waters. We’ll see.
You may find it interestingerer that OL, Andy Levitre is getting many looks as it’s said that he’s “constantly up”. ;-)
-Following the above, the fact that DaBears signed Jermon Bushrod is just way too, too,  funny. Canya imagine if they sign Levitra? I mean, Levitre?
Man, would THAT be fodder for Nest-after-Nest!
Before then, they also took a TE, Martellus Bennett, who caught 55 passes for 626 yards for an 11.38 yds/catch average. Brace yourselfs, Bears fans. You may have an offense that fits the current mode of the SFC.
Anyway, these are good pick-ups for them. Not only does Bushrod protect Jay’s backside, (I don’t believe I just typed that..Bushrod protecting backside),it allows them to move J’Marcus Webb to RT; where he may be more comfortable and productive; Carimi to G, etc., but it lets them approach the draft with a BPA-mentality more than before. It’s always better to be in that position than drafting for need. And, that’s without them taking any defensive guys…yet.
-As of now, none. Zip. Zero. Nada! Not that that’s much of a surprise as Ted Thompson’s not a big believer in F/A. That said, there’s a wholelotta guys out there to pick from. It is being reported on NFLNetwork that Greg Jennings may re-sign with them. That’d be nice. No, he’s not a “stretcher” but he doesn’t need to. They have others. Still, he knows their system, Rodgers, etc. He will be 30. It may be that and the injury-bug which plagued him in ’11 and ’12 are proving to be detrimental to his getting as much in F/A as he thought. Also, the Pack is in the hunt for the S/B, too. Unless he’s only in it for the $$$, why take less to play for a team which is in less of a position to win? Minnehaha is sposetabe interested in him. REally? MinneHaHa? That’s Favrian.
I really want them to address their pass rush, better, or lack thereof. Yes, The Terminator,  Clay Mathews is a beast. But, in the Reggie-era, they did not dominate until they added Sean Jones and Santana Johnson to the DL that they eventually won S/B XXXI, when they had the #1-O and #1-D.
There’s also a rumor that they’re interested in RB, Stephen Jackson. That’d be nice, too. Obviously, any help Rodgers can get makes him even more effective. Making and “D” load-up the middle to stop the run with that guy leaves the passing lanes more open and if there’s anything that team knows how to do, it’s exploiting open passing lanes.
-I like Jay. I do. Don’t know why as he can have an aggravtin’ way about him. I guess it’s due to the fact that he’s the only, real and for true QB, I’ve seen under center wearing the blue and orange. Sorry, JimmyMac was a leader and was exciting but as I have said before, he was never more than 12-feet from Walter and his passing ability was decent, at best.
Back to Jay. Ok, he got his bigtime wideout last year in Marshall. Then they re-signed Matt Forte to a long-term deal and now have given him a ProBowl LT and a pass-catching TE, so far. Can they use more? Yes. Do they need more? Yes. Still, other QBs have had less and done more. He’s in his “contract-year”. Time to do a “Flacco”, Jay. The question is, can he? He has no excuses.
-Wow! Did Baltimore get thwacked in F/A, or what!  Pittsburgh lost Mike Wallace to Miami. The Niners lost TE, Delanie Walker. Minnehaha traded Percy Harvin to DaClucks for picks, taking him out of the SFCNorth, which may explain their interest in Jennings.
In the “back-up” QB area, RyanFitzPatrickFitzRyan, was cut by Buffalo.
Ok, going to wrap things up as have a hot date with a paintbrush and as far as moi’s concerned, whatever-else’s goin’ on in sports is secondary to this.
So, please recall Lewis Black’s thought that no matter how schitty things may seem, at least we won’t get smallpox, t’day.

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