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Bears Ticket Prices… OOPS.

What a day! Honestly, it feels more like September than August. Just watch, the school across the street starts classes a week from today. Wannabet it’s in the 90s? Hope for them it’s not but hey, it IS Chicago, right?


Sorry I’m late but unlike the Deadbeat Football Team from Lake Forest, (more on that later), we pay our bills around here. So, after we returned , that’s what I was doing…paying bills.


This week, in historical terms, is really something. I’m using among other sources to bring this to you. I think you will be surprised/interested at what’s occurred during the first 1/3rd of August over the years.



…August 6, 1945, the Enola Gay, a B-29 Superfortress dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. The plane was named after the plane commander, Paul Tibbetts’ mother.


…August 6, 1965, LBJ signed the Voting Rights Act.


…August 7, 1964, the Vietnam War/Conflict began.


…August 8, 1937, “The Graduate’s” Benjamin Braddock, better-known-as Dustin Hoffman, was born.

…August 8, 1974, Tricky Dick Nixon resigned his Presidency. Best re-election poster I ever saw was in ’72. It read: “Ya Can’t Change Dicks In The Middle Of A Screw!”

…August 8, 1988 — or — 8/8/88, the first scheduled night game at Wrigley Field was rained out.


…August 9, 1936, Jesse Owens put Der Fuhrer unt his “Master Race” in their place by taking 4 Gold Medals in Track and Field events at the 1936, Berlin Olympics.


…August 9, 1945, another B-29 Superfortress, Bocks Car, dropped a second atomic bomb on Nagasaki, as Japan did not respond to that which was dropped on Hiroshima.


…August 10, 1909, Leo Fender, the inventor of the Fender Telecaster, the first mass-produced electric guitar, was born. He subsequently introduced the ubiquitous most-readily-recognizable emblem of rock ‘n’ roll, the Fender Stratocaster. What a guitar!


I know. Not all Feely-Goody but some.


OK, let’s see what else is out there…


-CTU Prez, Kren Lewis says it’s 50/50 that she may run against Sly-Talker. I’d tell her not to. She’s quite a polarizing force in her own right. That she would “stir the pot” is a lead-pipe cinch.  Still, she has zero political background. If she won about the only good thing one could say would be that. She won. Once she would get there, the fit would hit the shan. Better she play the role of “Bokonnon”…the outsider constantly shooting holes in Sly-Talker’s balloons.


-Here’s one which when I heard it, almost made me want to “un-retire” and handle one, last collection. It involves the Lake Forest Deadbeats, who pay in Chicago’s Soldier Field as part of the NFL. A state appellate court affirmed the decision of a Cook County court that the Chicago Bears, from here on, the “Lake Forest Deadbeats”, owe the County an additional $4,100,000.00 in taxes, the Deadbeats said they had paid previous taxes “under protest” as somehow, they figured they could put one price on a ticket but any upcharges afterwards were NOT leviable.


Here’s a link…


Court sacks Bears ticket-pricing practice

Court sacks Bears ticket-pricing practice

A state appellate court on Wednesday sacked a ticketing practice used by the Chicago Bears that enabled the football team to duck paying a portion of Cook County’s …
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Jeez. You’d think getting a half-billion-dollar stadium built for them would be enough.


There’s a difference, by the way, between a “debtor” and a “deadbeat”. A debtor is anyone who owes a debt, e.g., a mortgage; credit card; car loan. A deadbeat differs in that…at least in my old business…they have the ability to pay but do not for any number of reasons.


Lastly, I did not refer to them as “Lake County” deadbeats, as that’s not fair to those of you who live in Lake County. Lake Forest, the posh, tony, North Shore suburb which is the location of “The Armour Estate, (“Hot dogs! Armour Hot Dogs! What kinds of kids eat Armour hot dogs!”), and the former President of Standard Oil of Indiana’s former home…as well as the home of the Lake Forest Deadbeats…connotes the, ahem, “ability to pay” but does that a bit better, no? More on them later.


-POWER TO THE PEOPLE? Walgreens isn’t moving to Switzerland, after all. It appears the consumer backlash as well as political pressure, changed their thinking. Unlike Sen. Durbin’s opponent, Jim Oberwies, I applaud him. His job is to protect us! Oberweis’ characterization that Durbin “bullied” Walgreens instead of “rewriting the US tax code”. OK, fine. I’m sure if in any of his families’ businesses if they provided 23% of the bottom line profits to a customer and the pulled something similar which would adversely effect his businesses, he’d let it go and wait for an act of Congress. Uh-huh. Yup and a pig just flew outta my arse.


Let’s leave that turd where he belongs and stroll back over to the corner of “Happy and Healthy”, knowing our taxes will not be used to screw ourselves.


-The new V.A. law was signed by Barry. Contrary to what an Oklahoma politician characterized as “rewarding the VA for its failure”, Senator, it’s not the VA which is being rewarded. It’s our GIs, who now will be able to turn to civilian doctors and be covered by the VA.


I know two guys who waited and were finaly accepted to VA care. One, I took as a mentor after my Dad died. He was one of the finest people I’ve ever known. But in his “golden” years he began to have really serious health problems. Basically, his heart was working at about 35%. He was on his pension and SSA. He was “thrifty”. Hell, he’d say he was a “cheap Scotch-Irishman”. But his meds got so expensive, he and his wife were beginning to get concerned that those costs would lead to their having to sell their home and move to smaller digs. Finally, he got accepted into the VA. He did nothing but rave about the care he received and how much less he was paying for his meds. He was a WWII combat vet. He deserved this. I see no reason why he and guys like him should be use as political footballs.


The other is a Vietnam Conflict vet. He, too, was on one of those waiting lists. He’d fallen on hard times and didn’t know how he’d pay for his medical care, as he didn’t have enough to cover his co-pays, even though he had health insurance. Eventually, he was accepted. The last I’d heard from him was similar to the previous. He raved about the care he received and how relieved he was that he could now afford whatever little there was left for him to pay.


Are there cheats? Uh-huh. A few of us T’s know one, very well.


We need to remember that the overwhelming majority of our vets are honest and are only asking Uncle Sam to live up to the promises made to them when they raised their right hands and said, “I do”. Take care of them for putting their lives on the line for their country; whether or not that undertaking was something with which they agreed or not.



-I’m closing with this Op-Ed from today’s S-T, “Teaching is an art, not a science”. It is one of the best things I have read about “teaching” and how it just doesn’t fit into any business practices model. As a former teacher who’s married to another, who are parents of two teachers; as well as the few of you who are/were teachers, and everyone else, this won’t take but a few minutes. It’s very insightful.


Teaching is an art, not a science – Chicago Sun-Times

Teaching is an art, not a science – Chicago Sun-Times

BY JOHN PAULETT: Our national despair over the performance of our schools has fueled an industry of tips and techniques that are being mechanically applied to teach…
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Not a whole lot for this section, today.



-”Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” opened. This full-length-movie stroll down memory lane for 30-somethings is beyond my ken. Perhaps not. After all, they do have Megan Fox making far more than a token appearance.



-Watched the Kevin Spacey/Zachary Quinto, “Margin Call”, last night. Think of it as a follow-up-prequel to “Too Big To Fail”, with this being the first domino, which in turn, caused them all to fall in ’08….told from the bidniss side; not the government’s. I will say it does help to have some basic business knowledge as it can be a bit hard to follow without it.


-”Sea Trek”, better-known-as, “The Last Ship”, is heaving to; inching ever so slowly into “Star Trekkiness”, with Russian Admiral Ruskov taking the place of any Romulan commander faced by any commander of any Federation Starship in any Star Trek mode.



-”CSI: Cyber, the latest of the “CSI” franchises, has added James Van Der Beek as another cast-member, ably assisting CSI:Cyber-chief, Patricia Arquette. We’ll gve it a look or two.



“The Shawshank Redemption” is on AMC, tonight.


“Trading Places” is on VH1, which is a shame as it’ll be butchered and censored and that’s too bad as Eddy Murphy is damned funny, as well as Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Aykroyd.


And then, well…








-It never ceases to amaze me how some fans take these games so seriously. What I mean is, these are “practice games”, nothing more. Perhaps it’s because the Collective charges the same for these as they do regular-season games and they hype the bejeezus out of them, as well.


Still, it is not a time to get too high; nor too low. I recall this time in 1985. The Bears didn’t win one game. They followed that with a 15-1 regular season and marched through the playoffs and annihilated the Pats in the Super Bowl.


These four games are used to evaluate players, schemes, formations, plays, player-combinations on offense/defense and special teams, etc., etc., etc.


That said, Bill’s Niners were bested by the Baltimore Wife Beaters, 23-3.

Joe’s Jets, led by Michael Vick,beat the Colts, 13-10 and Whitney’s Pats lost 23-6. Tom Brady, Darelle Revis and “most of the Pats’ starters” did not play.


THAT said, get ready for some football as 5-weeks from today, I will, either, be DebbieDowner if my Packehs lose to the Clucks in Seattle…or…BE SO EFFIN’ HIGH, YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT, if they win. That’ll be followed by the rest of the Collective’s start the following Sunday.


Speaking of which, here’s something for all. I guarantee, many of you may not be happy with what you read. I wasn’t.


NFL Preview 2014: Expert Betting and Fantasy Analysis, Predictions and Picks on Every Team from Paul Bessire @

NFL Preview 2014: Expert Betting and Fantasy Analysis, P…

In-depth analytical preview of the 2014 NFL season from expert Paul Bessire and the Predictalator.
Preview by Yahoo




OK, I get it. It’s two-weeks into camp and guys are getting itchy. However, I have yet to hear anyone question the hit around the neck on Bennett by rookie-CB, Kyle Fuller on his own teammate. I’d bet a Kennedy-Gold-Half-Dollar that if any Packer DB did that to Bennett, Bears fans around the world would be screaming that it was a cheap-shot and demanding a flag.


That said, there has to be more going on than what’s in the news. Maybe “The Black Unicorn” told Tresty to go “F” himself or something. Who knows?


-My guys play tomorrow night. Thank Odin for NFL Network’s re-broadcasting of all the pre-season games.



-In a word, no. DaFlubs have not. Yes, they’re 7-3 and have won their last, 3-series. AND, Joan’s maybe-grandson, Javy is making quite an entrance! The kid’s played in 3-games and in them has hit 3-homers…which includes an 0-fer.


Small sample size but this is what I see. Putting aside all the hoochie-koochie-ing with his bat prior to swinging, any pitcher who throws him a fastball better have more than his “hand” on it. This kid has raw-effin’-power. Of those three taters, two went to right-center and one was jerked down the 3rd-base line. That, and that he’s whiffer. Lotsa bat movement; big swing; generally leads to lotsa Ks along with those long-taters.


The other day, heard it mentioned that this kid’s taking all the “pub” away from White Sox, Jose Abreu. That Abreu’s having an MVP-quality year…he won’t get it but he’s a cinch for Rookie of the Year…with a .307 B/A; MLB-leading 86 RBI and MLB-leading 31-homers.


The problem is, White Sox fans (present company excluded) don’t seem to support the kid, much less the team. Sorry, that’s not FEEL-GOOD. I’m glad Abreu’s here. If the Cubs didn’t already have Rizzo, and they had Abreu, you can betcherass he’d be the talk of MLB. Don’t know why it is…it just is.


OK, game’s on. Our Japanese pornstar, Tsuyoshi Wada’s on the mound. No score; 1-out bottom of 1st. Baez; broken bat single to left. Rizzo doubled off the top of the right-filed wall…just missed  dinger…Castro up, 2nd and 3rd, 1-out; singles to right, one in, 1st and 3rd; 1-out; Valbuena up…K. Alcantara up. 9. 1-0, Flubs.





-I believe I said about him that, “…a leopard can’t change its spots” and what a mistake I thought having him as a minor-league coach was. Let’s see what happens with the rest of these kids from Iowa. If I was wrong, I will be gleeful to say so. So far; so good.




-They’re into Round 3. Not many Americans doing much. More Monday.


OK, I wanna watch the game.


Hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll sees ya Monday.


Remember, any day we aren’t looking look up at a daisy’s roots is a good one.



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